Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic

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Pepi Hospital 2: Flu Clinic – Explore a modern medical center and create your own story as a doctor, patient or scientist! With the help of a unique game, you will learn to prevent infections with vaccines, masks and hand disinfection in a fun and interactive way.
This game takes you to a flu clinic of the future where you meet seven kid-friendly robots as doctors and nurses. This state-of-the-art medical center is packed with the latest interactive technologies in every part of the building, so you can explore and create your own stories: from a bacterial laboratory to an ambulance helicopter, from a lobby full of mini-games. to a science lab.
As the first edition of Pepi’s Hospital, this flu clinic of the future encourages you to create your own stories and is also full of new activities: become a doctor and treat patients with the latest interactive technology. equipment and prevent infection with antiviral vaccines; play the role of a scientist and experiment with different science lab equipment using bacteria; or take on the role of a patient and receive treatment from the cute Pepi robots.
We loaded Medical Center with unique game elements to make your future flu clinics even more enjoyable and unforgettable. Each room has several interactive areas to explore, including smart screens that help doctors identify the needs of different patients, state-of-the-art science lab equipment for testing, and a mini-game screen in the lobby.
Game encourages family play and cooperation by combining educational elements! Join the kids as they explore the exciting features of the medical center, guide their exploration and help them learn basic medical information about the spread of disease, the importance of vaccinations and prevention. At the same time, help them develop stories about different characters, explain the purpose of different medical devices and expand their vocabulary.
Key features:
• unique game that simulates viral infections;
• Colorful and attractive graphics introducing the flu clinic of the future;
• 30 amazing characters: doctors, patients, robots and visitors;
• 7 friendly robot doctors to help with patient care and more;
• Experiment with different bacteria in the science lab;
• Minigames screen with 3 fun games;
• Explore dozens of medical devices, objects and machines to experiment with;
• Helicopter ambulance brings patients to hospital roof;
• Learn about hygiene: use hand sanitizers and masks to prevent flu.

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Update time: 2023-02-24T09:25:42.000Z
Current version: 1.0.1
Require Android: 5.1
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