People and The City

Author: Dygames.Inc

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People and The City – Experience a whole new city building simulation game Now.

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File size: 76M
Update time: August 31, 2021
Current version: 1.0.605
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Dygames.Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

David Moore

Said I had to wait over 40 minutes to start. Really?

Gabrielle Williams

It's ok it's better than most building games no ads that's good BUT!!!!!!! We should not pay for any building with gems unless it's the 10th that your buying everything should be bought with the money on the game I don't see a button to move items can't buy what I want when I want it I should be able to decide if I want to buy or not buy buildings of any kind it should be up to the players dont find it interesting very boring

Aarti Gupta

Not a good game. Gems are very hard to earn. It takes a lot of time to complete a task. The collectibles are very hard to collect.

ruth payot

Its fun

sachin shetty

BEST GAME EVER !!!! U hardly even get ads and don't have to pay for anything ( unless u want more coins) but u keep on getting coins from the tax so ya. LOVE THIS GAME

belinda berry

this game is really nice and graphic.


Enjoy this game! My own pace,and lil missions!

Donghae 28

Need less diamond items and more cash item.need more people, other then it a great game

April Kennedy

Fun game

Kaherangm Manok

So nice and very entertaining!


Long chain of quests to begin with but totally worth it, a lot of fun! best on a tablet

Angerica Hermosura

I love it. So addictive! You can't be bored in this game. More power.

Eris Agustin

This app is enjoying and thank God that we doesn't need to watch annoying adv, thank you ❤

Daniel Ciseau

Do not download this game if you want a game with freedom of play. The 15 min long tutorial is like ALL OTHER GAMES. except the idiot designers don't realise we know how to play games and just let us figure it out from the beginning. I hope this review turns others away so the developers take a hint to stop adding excessively long tutorials in games

Douglas McInroy

Just Happy To Play Along With City Major .

Brown Eye

I love this game and used to enjoy watching the celebrities use their vehicles. I lost my phone last year, lost my account because I didn't link it and didn't play this game since last year now I'm back but I can't see the celebrities using their vehicles why? I loved watching them drive to their destinations please bring that back 🥺🥺

Jacobus Vanstaden

So far good wil se how far I go

Steve Moore

Fun game. Great for wasting time.

Sujay Debnath

No new city

michael hamill

Excellent game.easy to understand adds ruining the game.devs well done.

okay po

I love how i play this game and the character1s are so cute i love this

Jumana Tamimi

Good game 😍

Moses Nwachukwu

It is cool building game and my favrite is city hall

Gregory Pappas

Really njoy it

Kevin Calkins


Nusrat Nowrin

Amazing game, I like it very much.

Bobby Reyes

Ok Ang graphics Kaya lang dapat mas Malaki ung vehicle kesa mga tao

Robert Rowley

Great game

Peter Paul Ferraris

Good this game

Виктор Волк

Tedious city "simulation" hardly TheoTown, boring and repetitive.

Alpon Tamba

No working

Stefan Collett

Awesome game

JM Conde

Nice game

lesley whibley

Broken game so deleted.

Raja Das

I'm quiting this game. The develover of this game are really bogus while updating the game. Earlier we have Paris city but again they have implemented the same. After spending for a year almost in this game, I'm quiting this time. The developer sucks about new ideas.

Sofia Greco

Its honestly the best city building game I've played. I'm having so much fun, no need to pay for anything. You get lots of rewards and the quests are not hard to complete. Thank you for a great game ! Edit: taking one star off. the letter gathering is ridiculous. I log in often and I'm always missing 1 letter.. I'd rather not have any events than this kind. Edit2: its getting impossible to achieve anything. My last quest took me weeks to finish and the new quest.. is again gathering 400x2 item

Caroline Loewer

There is lore in this game, which automatically makes it 5 stars. Some quests are tedious to complete though. I will also point out to people besides the devs, this game, like all games, performs better on newer devices. So if you are having issues, it might just be the device being used, not the server. And can you add a feature to remove the comments? It's very distracting.

Kelli Walcutt

I like it alot

Alicia Taylor

5 stars because of the stories and challenges, but buying, way too expensive

Ye Hang Yeo

It's getting way too difficult to progress

Lyn Mendez

I like this game so much but I only done 4 star because I would like the package thing to be more money so I could like get bigger buildings and yeah but still I love your game!

Wilvin Danao

It's amazing city

shawn Orr

It won`t let me play it.

Benjie Lacaba

Please no online

Nil Love

Good game

rutik koravi

Best games it's a good

Fahrizal Nugraha

I'm quitting the game now. The new update has become way too overwhelming for me. I need to have a lot of crystals to buy shops and celebs. Let's just say I can gain 2000 crystals in a month, and the next city tour needs to have more than 3000 crystals in order to complete it. Even the new celebs they add are even way more expensive each updates. I've come to a realization that I'll never catch up with each updates


I love that game just imagine you are the Mayor of your own City. From Cebu Federal States

Narumon Thiangtam

Good app fun game

Azubike Ibeh

Love the game and graphics it as trend I love but make it offline

Molao Law

The game is such playful..❤

LIndi Meyiwa


Nelbert Beron

It's a really grate game one of the best game I've ever played in whole entire life

Game on The world

Oppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp 🇧🇩🇧🇩game

Tariq Ah

nice game

Jordy Sifs

Amazing and ii relay love how you have live citizens that you can interact with. Update: Reduced a star because you guys are ridiculous when it comes to stalling someone's quest progress. How can you expect someone to collect 200 characters from 14 tourist facilities when not every one will give you one. I love the game. But whatever you're using to randomize character collection for quests will scare most loyal people away. And please add a level up reward. Thank you.

Anna Carmela Abella

Looove this game, so detailed and very reasonable tasks. I just hope more updates will come :)))

LaLa C

I actually like this game. But recently, I've noticed my coins (in game money itself) have disappeared, like somebody stole them. So...hate to say it but I will end up uninstalling this game.

Antony Whibley

Don't bother with this game it dose not load.

Yusri Tanggote

The game is great but the problem is I can't play it offline which is a hassle. hope you could make the game offline not all people has access to the network.

Ryan Holt

I really enjoy this one. Takes a while to get twists and mini challenges are super fun..

tanya paterson

I like this game but as your town grows it takes so long to upgrade and get resources. I like the storylines but dont always know how to accomplish things with dpecial holiday quests there is no explanation

Paul Tzen

why it show only chinese ad? isnt it chinese app or co-operated with chinese company? 왜 중국 게임 광고만 보냅니까? 중국 어플이나 중국 회사 협찬 아닙니까?

Alyssa Cook

I love this game and have never had any problems.

dalillah azfa

sangat menyenangkan. cocok untuk dimainkan adik adik sekalian. sangat family friendly dan tidak membosankan

Angel R.


Av Geeker

The Game is pretty amazing by itself but I have a suggestion to put more traffic and high rise building.

Helen Baker

I like so far

Peter Billy De Leon

Great storyboard

Kellye Starr

Love it

Alynna Pamplona

Good game

tina baloo

چرت ترین برنامه ممکن یه دونه هم از سرش زیادیه

Sandy Wright

I've been wanting to play a mayor its nice to have a game to play a city mayor love it

Mahmoud Sebah

Really cool game so far

Samuel Sample

It is fun and easy to play

iM Cloüd

The game itself is Suprisingly good. A City management game but in Sandbox is kinda Unique..You did a Goodjob on this Game. i hope on the Next update you will add a Day and Night Cycle and that might be perfect addition for a Sandbox City building game

April Schultz

Doesn't flow, too many moving parts to keep straight


Game is good for kill time. However, I can't play the game smoothly when switch to cellular data network. It will constantly pop-up a bad connection reminder but my cellular connection is in a full signal of 4g+ which can load a video smoothly but not the game. This stopped me to play the game when I'm not in WiFi environments. 😢

Raven Black

This is brained game!! Simple and easy to play. Excellent example of 'gaming' at its best!! SIMPLY FUN!! FUN! AND SIMPLE! I really appreciate that! DEV's ..ya rock..ed.. NOW...not so much.... maybe the prior complaints were higher in level then I??. Maybe.. EVERYTHING .. malfunction?.. whatever sucks now... Loadtime?? Seriously?? ITS ALREADY CONSUMING MASS POWER.. NEVER "UNLOADED".... DURING THEE GAME PLAY..IF/WHEN IT LOADS AT ALL!!!

Zul Kifli

Unstable connection ?? Are you kidding me. First time I play it, until level 70 this unstable connection come.. then I uninstalled it then download it again, now I reached level 89 it's come again.. UNSTABLE CONNECTION !! Come on man, are you kidding me. This game will be one of the great game ever but your server is so poor. Fix it !!!!!

Sarah Cynthia Singh

I love this game..i stay super entertained for a long time

zafirah Salleh


Tommie Lee

So fun so far having fun learning how to play good fun so far

justin spadano

Fun game

jenna doll

I've made it to level 30 before I decided to review. The game lags.. A lot. That is my biggest problem. You collect then you have to wait for collection to be counted or it thinks you've tapped the same house. it opens the same house only for you to have to close it to collect from another but the X to close doesn't always work because of the lag in game. Wasting time waiting for the game to catch up is just not what I am looking for.

Unknown Girl

I don't really rate apps but this one I must... This game is very good keep it up guys 👍👏👏 I need more games like this... 💙💙

Nareswari ICM

Used to be good but after latest update, it keeps shutting down, i can't even get pass the start page. The updates make the game crashes

Adam Chase

It's ok but trying to buy land is harder all the time when land price keep going up.

Antony Wijaya

After the last update " network unstable" become severe, thus making the game slow, so annoying, my connection has no problem at all, will give 5* when it fix

Kyle Ravington

Crashes after a few seconds

Craig Hill

Good gameplay, am enjoying the game, these are the kind of games I like, more like this please

Aye Chan Myae Moe

I'm so picky when it comes to games. But, this game, really amazing and entertaining. The updates make the game getting better. There is no bug as well.

Jesus Enrique Lopez Valles


bal erwan

Such a very entertaining game,love the design and everything

Tudor Stoi

Great game, I realy love the playstile, but please, add a 360° camera, but in rest, I don't have any problems whit it


Giving 4 star now as the developer solved the problem after taking holiday break on weekends. Game is very good and attractive. But city transportation management, airport and seaport should be incorporated


I rarely rate games because I easily get bored, but this one, is sooooo enjoyable and relaxing. They are very generous in giving bonus coins, gems, and points! In addition to that, my sweeter (one of the game's features) broke or something, but I contacted them and left a message on messenger, they responded to me and it got fixed! I'm so elated to have discovered this game!

Bernadette Subido

Great simulation game.

All About Us

This is a city building game I really love. I tried lots of games like this but this is the best for me.. I just hope I can play this offline..

bre Patterson