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Peggle Blast – Shoot and pop pegs with an exciting saga of magical levels in Peggle Blast! 🦄🦄

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File size: 50M
Update time: August 16, 2019
Current version: 2.23.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

IReapz Ecx

The controls are horrible, too sensitive but also unresponsive. At least you got the tap to fire part right

Dayn Rees

The game is fun, the ads are unacceptable.

jose bustos

Ads get worse

Randolf Buckhorn

Hey! EA has been taking down all of my previous reviews so ill be quick. This is a poor attempt to make a peggle game and is purely just to make money off of the name. There are also two game breaking glitches. Firstly, you have a chance that when you start a level, you're locked by having only blue pegs when you also need 25 orange to win. The other benefits the player, as when you lose a life, instead of clicking to break the heart, close and swipe away the app and then you wont lose any lives

Adrienne McKay

The game is fun, but the app often crashes. Even just now ive tried multiple times to open it and it crashed over and over.

B Dubs

They can do better

Madeline Hunn

I used to play this game on a pc when I was grade school aged and now I can play it on my phone whenever I want. I've always loved this game.

Melissa Cunningham

I've always loved this game so I was excited to have it for my phone. However it's not as good as it used to be. The app is glitchy, sometimes taking a minute or more for the board to properly load, as well as it has an insane amount of micro transactions - want to get extra lives? Buy it. Want a few extra power ups? Buy it. Watching ads would be fine to get more lives/powerups but I refuse to pay tons of money for this.

David Donaldson

This game was almost worth keeping with the intense microtransactions and constant pestering to spend real money. Then they ADDED an absolute hurricane of unskippable ads. Now 60% of the game is watching ads, 30% is being pestered to spend money, and 10% is the actual game.

Mr. Hitchens

When PopCap owned this title it was a one payment transaction. EA just ruin everything they touch and this is no different. Adverts, analytics, micro-transactions (loads of them $$$) dumb wait times, pay to win. Even angry birds released the original for one price! People have had enough of being fleeced! Great game, ruined by EA.

Sean Burke - breaks / house

Finished it in a week.. For all the reviews that state that it's "too hard" and you "have to use all your powers lives up early"...NOT TRUE. You have to be patient and work on your skills and accuracy shots. It's super challenging and satisfying when you beat levels..keep on it! Hint: when you lose, immediately close the game. Don't click anything.. just close it. When you reopen it, you'll still have the same number of lives left. Infinite Play!


They deleted my progress, I won't recommend to play this because it doesn't save your progress.

Олег Петришин

The game drops on Blast with 50%

Will L

It's addictive but it's painfully obvious it's designed to be unfair and difficult to encourage micro transactions. The game inconsistently applies game physics to work against you and is more luck based than skill based. Still, very hard to put down when you're trying to beat a level.


I love the idea of playing peggle wherever you'd like to, but the fact that the game has some levels that are impossible and require you to get micro transactions just to complete the level completely ruins the game. I love playing peggle deluxe and peggle nights that are fun to play without having to buy anything, but I extremely dislike this game. To anyone that wants to play this game, don't do it. It's not worth it at all.

Fred Head

The 2nd half of this game is pure adverts. It let's you enjoy the first half with optional ads if you want bonuses or extra lives, by the second half you can't select anything without being forced to watch a 30 second ad, and some of them are unskippable. 30 seconds to play a level compared to about 1.5 mins of ads is ridiculous

Dedra Woods

Love this game but it is not working such a shame one of my favorites game


It's peggle, but with worse level design, less charm, micro transactions, lives, bad sound design (which makes the game a lot less fun), some strange redesigns of the characters, but some really nice graphics. It's not great. If possible just buy the originals on steam.

T.F. 88RenoNightmare

My favorite game for a while on XBOX

Andrew Haddock

AD AD AD. Great game, easy to enjoy, until the adverts start and don't stop. After every level, an ad, you fail, an ad, you sneeze, an ad. They are also extremely intrusive ads trying to get you to interact and if you click the wrong thing it will open the play store. I'm guessing they've abandoned this classic game, stuck a pile of ads all over it and use it for beer tokens


I WAS having a lot of fun with this game until the game started constantly crashing on me. preventing me from progressing any further. Unacceptable

Cassandra Martini

I started off really enjoying this game, but hit a point at which after every attempt I was shown an unskippable ad that then led to an ad screen I had to stare at for 5 seconds before I was allowed to X out of. After. Every. Attempt. I used to really enjoy Peggle, and this game carries the same sense of humor. But like others have mentioned, the levels hit a wall early on where, while not impossible, are clearly designed to eat lives and use items so players are tempted with microtransactions.



pia karmark

Love it!! Thank you level master!!

Jack Minshull

Better than anything similar, ad free offline. Need Peggle 2 now.


Peggle was my faverate game growing up. You ruined it. 😒 having found you must pay to play then pay to win what u just paid to unlock. I'm sorry 0 of any of the other peggle games have this feature. That's just the tip of the ice Berge😔 all levels should have stragity and fun. You have ruined and embarrassed their franchise. Everything they worked hard on you threw away. Did you just stop caring or are you not trying. You should be ashamed. I'm sure previous owners of the company are. 🙄

Jake Mitchell

Pay to win or repeat until you get lucky levels later on. Waste of time and utterly shameful pricing model. Steer clear even if you enjoyed peggle in the past.

Ryan Parkhurst

Fun game! But I have one suggestion, would you be able to add "Ice Pegs" into the levels? Thanks. Ice Pegs, would work like the pegs that have goop on them. Meaning that you will need to hit those pegs twice, inorder to clear them from the board. They could be on the blue, orange, purple, and or green pegs. They could also have goop on them as well, meaning that you would have hit those pegs 3 times, inorder for you to clear those pegs from the board.

darcy oneil

Played this on my pc 13 years ago and loved it so glad I found it. Would like the Facebook button to actually woek and be able to add friends to share lives please fix that bug.

Mitchell Carter

Adds just adds soooo many adds

Kyler Noongwook

I Loved This Game, When There Was NO ADS! And It's Very Sad There Is A Bug, Where The Color's Don't Show Up For Awhile. That Messes Up The Game. Please Fix These! I'd Add 5 Star's If You Did. AD'S Are Unbelieveable. . It's Now Not Entertaining With The Ad's. . I Will Uninstall Until All This Is Fixed.

Carla Mallison

Don't know yet

Kirsty Soper

Buddy stage The bucket wont drag.


There is now an ad after every time you need to retry a stage. Before the game was tolerable and now it's uninstalled.

Alicia Gonzalez

i loveeee this game it reminds me a lot about poptropica.

P Ashour

Peggle is awesome! Constant ads with no removal option are not

Marcus Moraru

Holy guacamole I used to play this and it was fun! Tried it again, ads have completely ruined it. Super invasive ads, spammy, and terrible experience. Instant delete and never playing again. ✌️

Kristi Gualco

Great game, but freezes on the "loading" screen 7 out of 10 times and also during game play. I have to close the game and restart it several times to get it to work. I am using a Galaxy Note 20.


Cash grab from EA. Who would've guessed? It's PopCap's classic formula perverted for monetary gains by EA. Lives are "energy", which recharge overtime, or for a small small fee of 4 dollars you can buy the premium currency to get fully charged! Woo! Powerups also cost money. And not to mention what everyone else in the reviews are talking about... THE. DREADED. ADS. luckily for me, I have a network wide ad block, so I don't even know how bad it is. EA won't get a cent from me though.


Really fun some levels get really hard, if you don't wanna be bothered by unwanted ads then play offline


Ads after every level and every failed attempt. After a few dozen levels, they become perfectly engineered to make you spend money on items. A shame, because peggle would make a perfect mobile game and the original is so great. Get it on Steam or Xbox, it's only a couple bucks!


Not like the old peggle back in the day but still a great game! Make more please 🙏 Edit: extremely mad at the fact that I can't beat a dang level. What happened to peggle being satisfying to play? Like tells me about a storm and fire ball but I don't have neither (I don't have the peggle coins to buy it either). I just can't beat a level for a week straight... sadly I'm going down from 5 stars to 3 stars..

Marco Riviello

Good upto about level 55 then too many ads (atleast 2 every level). Uninstalled now. Shame.


Very fun, 9/10

Monika Hughen

Get rid of the annoying ads. How many people play this game? An u can't give it up for free? Marketing and marketers SUCK. How do i give it zero stars? Now we have to watch videos in between every level? And after all my lives are gone? This is so lame. Way to screw up a perfectly good game. You guys ruined it.

Jacob Farley

Fun game, lives are pointless. Just let me play the game.

David P

Peggle is actually great as a phone game. Unfortunately, it falls into the usual trap where you get a few dozen levels in and run into levels perfectly pitched to eat through all your lives and items. That's the point where I just get frustrated and delete mobile games. Just let me buy a full version of it, it would be a legitimately great time. I'm just never going to link my social media account or put any money into microtransactions to keep playing any of these games.

Rashad Jones

I Love This Games

Nicolas Correa

It's peggle, except with unskippable 30 second ads everytime you beat or lose a level. You might think there's no ads for a bit, but as soon as you play enough ads will start showing up. Pretty shameless

A Google user

Difficult to play.

Inferno Bandit

The game is fun, but i uninstalled it because the time-based lives system makes it annoying to play after failing a couple of times

Andrew Franklin

Way too many ads (after level 30) uninstall

Petra Kiss

This game is disgusting..! Ads ads and more ads and the 25th level is impossible..! Dont download this game sooo bad..!🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬😡😡😠😠😠

Joanne McDermott

Great game I have completed all levels and I don't get many ads

Dylan Weber

Fun game, if you can even open it. It'll take me 30 tries to start the game before it gets me to the level menu, and even then it might crash and send me home. Frustrating to deal with


1 of my favorite fun apps..

Lincoln Antonino

this game was a total loss in my eyes the game is the only free peggle on my device without spending time to make an account for some shady website then i played it for the first time and i got to almost level 20 without getting a game over but it is kinda fun and i have to say that the magnifying glass is annoying because it gets in the way of the rest of the stage while im trying to play and the sound affects are really anoying and they got rid of the satisfying sounds from the original games.

Isty Johani

Peggle Blast

Korilyn Owen

Can't continue playing the game because level 27 is bugged and won't count half of the pegs I hit. I have completed it multiple times and watched as the game does the slow-motion finish, then proceeds to tell me I did not hit all 25 orange pegs. I used to love this game and was excited to retry. Irritating.

Em Jones

Really surprised by the ad complaints. Perhaps I'm just lucky. I might get one ad when playing online, and it's certainly not as intrusive as your average game. Plays smoothly, and has huge depth for a game that is free. Granted, some levels are difficult, but it's addictive enough that I wanted to keep at it. I completed all 200+ levels without the need for in-game purchases, and there's still collectibles to keep me playing post-completion. A masterpiece of mobile gaming.

Zac Wilson


John Parker

The game is still good but I keep seeing 2 rectangles and it says loading info loading loading info loading over and over again 😠😡👿 plz fix

Phoebe Elizabeth

Peggle Blast is Pay to Play after level 70.

casey person

Too many advertisements.

Theo Beaven

Best game ever !


Level ended

Thomas Nyelang

Nicerrr games I ever seen

Melissa Howard

Fun game 🎮 2 play

Annie Mann

I really liked this Peggle, unfortunately all my progress has been erased. I have been playing for years, racking up literally a million peggle tokens and hundreds of power ups, and completely beating every single level. The game just stopped loading, and after trying to reinstall it still isn't working but now it's deleted all my progress

Brittany Elliott

An extreme amount of ads, including Bible ads?? Uninstalled because of all of the Bible ads. I used to love this game but the relious ads ruined it.

John Collier

Unplayable due to the amount of ads. Great game otherwise. Why no premium options?

Taylah Lovell

Love it

Diana Forbes

Been playing it forever .. awsome game

steven labarbera

Ads are extremely intrusive and the micro transactions are ridiculous even for a mobile game. Impossible to enjoy


Play until no 'lives' then wait ages for refil, or pay... No thanks.. stop with limiting games to p2play only!!

Tiberio Rodriguez

Ads destroyed this rather very cool game.


Unskippable ads that crash the game after completing levels, looses progress. Incorrect orange block counter, says one left when all the orange blocks are gone.

Jo Gonzo

Gex is better go play gex


So many ads, but what's really frustrating too is that I've beat levels, and they have the check marks. But a gem may take a little long to fall down and it tells me I failed the level instead of winning it. It will literally say failed, but have the score and goal checked off


Are you serious with the extreme ads?!

Blue dragon

Game itself is really fun. But there's so many bugs it makes it unplayable. And unfair. Too many times the orange pegs don't load. Or the count is off. One time I hit every single orange brick after trying a level 100 times only for it to say there was one brick left when there wasn't. I even got the slow motion shot so I know it was the last one. But the game didn't register. Really wish they would fix these bugs because the game is so fun.

Reghardt van Rensburg

Forced ads, with no benefits. 99.9% the extra ad give the lowest "random" bonus. Impossible to get past level 50 without spending money. Uninstalled.

John Simpkins

The game is fun the amount of ads are not.

Joe Kentucky

This is pay to win on the highest level, I might have rated it higher if i had the chance to buy regular peggle and play to win. Why not give that option?

Ryan Robertson

Love the actual peggle games that are you know, complete and you pay a single price. This game is so riddled with micro dlc it's ridiculous. You can buy special abilities that make the game super easy. You only get a few fails an hour or so. Or you know you can buy some. You get pop ups suggesting you buy special abilities to use on the level. Some levels are set up to try to get you to buy certain abilities by being super hard for no reason. And then pop up video ads too???????

Astrid Moore

Once you finish theres no more levels been waiting years tried to reinstall but theres no way to reset the game so i can replay

Nicholas Poole

Classic EA ruining a classic game it's not like Peggle there is other ways to win, LIVES and power ups I assume get an emulator or something to play og peggle

Christian Connolly

The egg levels are absolutely terrible, designed to get you to use premium powerups.

Mark Hobbs

Pay to win. Some levels are impossible. Adverts now ruin the game plus they are glitched so show up in random corners of the screen you need to restart the game after every level.

Nick Ouellette

Game is fun (nowhere near as good as the originals) but the constant 30 second ads are infuriating especially since 90% of the time the X to close them never appears which forces you to fully restart the game.

Bryce Conklin

Peggle has always been one of my favorite games. I would recommend it to anyone!

Steve Wilkinson

Way too many ads. I'd pay to have an ad free version, but that's not an option. Instead, after each attempt, the game gives you an advert that you can't skip. After a certain point, it seems that you can't complete the levels without power-ups or 20+ attempts (with each attempt needing you to watch an advert). Such a shame.


The games fun at first, but then after a while it just becomes downright unfair. There's some levels where you NEED to buy items/or more turns to win and if you don't you'll be stuck for who knows how long until you do manage to beat it without buying anything.


As many of the other reviewers have said, the amount of ads almost ruins an otherwise fun game. Wish I could buy this game outright, like on the pc.


The game is fun but I feel like the game forces you to buy things to get through levels also lots of ads

August Enthoven

1. EA sucks and is gross 2. After around level 50 for me there is a fullscreen unskippable 30 second ad each time you try/fail a level, meaning you'll be watching more ads than playing the game 3. game is pretty badly designed on purpose to try and get you to spend more money

Kris Bennett

The original Peggle on Android was great!.. but the levels in this just seem like a money grab

Joshua Grubbs

Peggle used to be great but now there are far too many ads. Why not put an option to pay for no ads? It's ridiculous.

William Humphrey

This is supposed to be a kids game or for all age levels and they had ads on there of sexual content not something that should be able for kids to get access to I immediately deleted this game because I don't want that type of content in my games

Rachel Biggs

Soooo fun