Pechka – Visual Novel, Story Game, Adventure Game

Author: MazM (Story Games, Interactive Drama) Adventure

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Pechka – Visual Novel, Story Game, Adventure Game – Historical Story, War Story Drama | MazM’s Visual Novel, War Story Text Game!

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File size: 63M
Update time: June 22, 2021
Current version: 6.8.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: MazM (Story Games, Interactive Drama) Adventure
Price: Free
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Customer review

Blue Ice Playz

its a Good game but Its not for me to Subscribe when most of the people dont want to spent on it

Gajendra Bam

I love 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 it bro and sis

Prabhjot Kaur

It looks so cool but my game isnt showing all the options that i saw in a game walkthrough videos, and it isnt telling me any instructions the way its meant to in the beginning. Im also not able to walk when i press the screen

Hector Hernandez III

You little worm you better run to class right now.


It is a good game

Mwase Jana

Love the story and the contents 💖

Alex Städter

The story is amazing! Only thing I dislike is the fact that you either have to pay for a subscription or be ok with just playing 1-3 episodes per day. It's also quite sad how most of the gameplay is just 'go to location x, talk to character X, go to location y, talk to character Y, go home, have a nightmare, repeat... but I do see how it would be difficult to add more variety to the gameplay but a couple mini games would be nice.

Анна Туркевич

I looove the story and I even bought a subscription but everytime I'm trying to open the game it says "network error," like for no reason, cause my internet connection is good, and this bug only fixes when I reinstall the game. I'm sick of deleting and putting the app back to play the game, do something or I'll change to 2 stars

Rida Z

I loved this game! It was really fun to play and there was a lot of action and thats what i want to see in these type of games

BonBon Kennedy

Me like

Raj K


mobina salehizad

This game is absolutely awesome. But the ads works so hard, please fix this problem. I mean you give us 16 coins every day by ads, but if the ads doesn't work well so we cant play the game. By the way thank you for this awesome game. But fix this problem, please.

Nicholas Arifin

First of all the story its really good and pretty nice art work too. Well for f2p i need to patience to get coin from ad every day to continue the story so one day i decided to buy the handfull bag gold of 70 and remove ad one but it got error. i have try press restore purchase few times already and my budget report been said the transaction is cancelled but until today i still havent got the restore purchase. i know i buy it on april 1st but pls dont make joke that i got error when i buy it.

Ryy Akward



don't know why, but I just can't watch the ads. accordingly, I can't get coins, further passage of the plot is simply impossible because of this. and i'm not the only one who’s faced with this problem. although I really liked the game :(

Mayan Alaa

Love the story

Jaime Alonzo

Very intense story

Teresa Nguyen

I was way more moved by the story than I thought I would be. Also did not feel like the affection system really change the story much... Great story and good art work.

Elsha Karen Eirene

Game dengan storytelling terbaik, meskipun ceritanya didasari dengan cerita sejarah, tapi gak bikin bosen. Seperti belajar pelajaran sejarah sambil bermain game

Bendy Brine

Very you are given 60 coin in the beginning and they run out very quickly and you have no way to play the next level bc you need more coin...and there only one way to get coin and that's with ads which doesn't even work

Saton Sophie

This is very interesting story-line and history that most of Japanese wouldn't know. I feel lucky to find this, and enjoy playing. But. Japanese texts are not good. There are many mistranslations or something.Most of them are not high-context mistranslations but elementary or expression native Japanese speaker never says. Though I'm not good at English, I guess I should play this in English texts.... I wish there was a kind of form for users to feed back natural Japanese texts to developer.

Trisha Chakraborty

Getting coins have become too difficult.Not everyone can afford to purchase Edit:Thank you ❤️

abdullah habib

The game has an interesting story but because of the latest update you can't get gold by watching ads and the gold they give you to start is only 60 which is only enough for 6 stories and the stories are super short. So because now you like the gane but you can't continue to play itcuz of the gold matter you will be tortured to download mod apk so these guys made an anti cheat wow you guys are so so so greedy all you can do now is buy gold to unlock ch#2 you need 180 gold btw Greedy people.

Lp Ng

I like the atmosphere , the story, it makes me more interested in the original history.

sarah and Dragon

Interesting story but the gold system makes it tedious. Given you usually only have enough gold for 1 or 2 episodes a day IF you watch all the ads, you don't really get a lot of content per episode. I mean, there was literally an episode where all he did was run out of the door and then get dragged back in. Riveting. Also wish there was more agency, all I've chosen is what trivial thing to say to a couple characters. A more diverse soundtrack is also needed. The same one song gets old quick.

tharun m

Story game i game love game

Devanshi Srivastava

Do you love mystery? Artwork that is beautiful? And would you like to transport yourself to world war period in Russia through appropriate settings and background music? Then play this- the only problem- you can't play all in 1 go as everyday there is a limit to your coins unless you give some money But honestly that is healthy enough for those who just play continuously and will help you fully enjoy the mystery and wait So please discipline yourself just a bit and enjoy this! :)


I love the story line but it seems very pay to play. I really hate the coin system. You have to watch ads order to play the game. It's really annoying and it ruins it for me. How much rather have it be a paid game instead of this :/


The stories blend so well with the era itself and I love how every single characters act like an actual person. The game is just amazing.

Andi Fatwa

Should be offline



dan villanueva

Good game, but the ads don't work but the pop-up ads works.

Bagus Arief

its a very interesting narrative game, the people's expression and action clearly defined, the story is intriguing, but with one flaw, which is its impossible to play freely, i dont mind doing a couple of ads if i can play at my own pace, but the coin obtainable freely is very limited, not even enough for 2 sequence (which isnt that long to begin with), if you wanna play this better just buy the coin, its pretty much is subscription oriented game, not a free game

Zack Gotsis

Incredible experience, I have had some trouble with network connection apparently not working, but now the game is good. I highly recommend this game. It is great.

T Thunder

Nice game

cristalite harbingeroftruth

Too many ads. It would be nice to have a function where you can redo an episode or have more than one saves

Kim nora

Wowwwwww 😯


It seemed interesting but it couldve been done better

Brittany Cramer

This is more of a visual novel than it is a game. Nothing you do impacts the story, despite the first ten or so minutes of playtime and UI implying otherwise. Idk, feels like I was scammed into an adventure/mildly open world type of game with multiple endings and instead got a money sucking subscription pay to play game. Two stars because the art is beautiful.

Nandika Sahni


Kawaii Animations

Wish more interactions with the world were allowed, and more information on environments and characters could be given, found or explored. it'd also be very nice if the chapters were longer, some are way too short. Otherwise great game, cute art, lovely story!

clast company


Hsu Linn Htet

I love all of the games developed by MazM.

Nour Borno

One of the best games ever keep it up looking forward for the next games you make


Have loved all your games so far!! Engrossing re-telling of old favorites. So far Frankenstein is my #1.

Ma. Cristina Villagracia

Nice game concept but it needs to be more acceptable access to without money itself like for example increase the ads for in exchange coins or daily login coins to play to increase the gameplay experience for user whose want to enjoy this game keep up the good work

Hina Chan

The story and chara's are nice, if not for the occasional errors and the money system. I suggest you increase the ads and their value since the story is really long (its 140+ eps x 10 gold each eps) and it can bore people (and uninstall it) if they have to wait for the next day just to get the money. Of course you can pay for it, but for me the ratio of eps vs. prize of gold is pretty meh. Pls make it accessible to even those without money, I think it'll boost your donations.

Ain Hazira

After i've played this game for a few months, i really enjoy the storyline a lot!! it's kinda relaxing to see the way the stories presented to us!! all of the characters and how we could learn about them is even more interesting!! the only thing that bothers me is coins. it's kinda hard for me to get more coins since my mom won't let me buy anything in a game. i really hope there could be a daily reward where we can get more money and enjoy this game much more!!

Mohamad javith

i like the game and its nice. more quests can be added


the game will exit by itself,, fix this.

Joe Anthony

Another Incredible game from MazM, the story is very engaging, the coins for ads system ensures you don't play too much per day and it'll keep you playing for as long as the stories last

Meilisa Aura Setiana

I love the story and the chara's expressions they're detailed, but the ads are too much I know we have to buy the whole game but I still don't understand the monthly subscription system, aside from that the story is interesting

Amir Ahmed

I love this game the story is very interesting but i need to wait to get coins and there are a lot of episodes it could take me a year to finish this game when if i wouldnt need coins i could finish it in one month and i know that that it is a store to buy coins to make money but it would be great if i watch the adds from the menu from the episode it would be 15 coins not 8 so that if i watch two adds i can play three episodes.


The best visual novel i have ever played. I did not regret spending my money on this game

Nicole Juan

Well-written, i just wish i had more coins :p

Dragonvoid 27

Pls dont be laggy

Sushiami Cat

I pre-registerd this game when it wasn't out yet and I love everything about it! The visuals, art, story.. EVERYTHING!! Though, the gold system is a tad bit annoying.

Shakeel Musaddique Laskar

Awesome....thanks for keeping it free...if possible, please increase the number of coins from ads...



Kevinpaul Bulla

One of the best story games Ive ever played...the best game after murder in the Alps... perhaps...more than murder in Alps..Loved it

MV2 439

This game is great. I dont have anything to report bug or something that wrong... good work i enjoy this game.

hatake Kakashi

Dont worek


Игра весьма однообразная, довольно скучная, но главное — это убийственный (это не похвала) геймплей, не оставляющий желания раскрытию сюжет. Однако радует наличие нескольких языков

Elyzza Corain O. Alberto

I really like the story

Hymns for Christ

Good game! When I started it, I thought the simple graphics would drag down the story. I was wrong! Fascinating and somewhat dark story, and the cutesy graphics offer a necessary relief without overwhelming the dark tone. Lots of history and highly recommended.

Taqi Mishbah

pretty good story and gameplay, only give it 4 bc the gold system is kinda annoying


Playing halfway, ads would appear out. Despite there's an exit button, seems like I can't close the ad. Quite disappointed with it


A lot of fun and the history of the past.I totally recommend download it


Great game

Delton Musicboi

Great storytelling, mechanics, music, characters, setting and the good ending was beautiful, it's a non-fiction choice game masterpiece. The only thing is that if you really want to play through the whole entire game, get the membership and keep it until you beat the game.

Sidhesh Bankar

Okay okay


Good job making this game. The art sure is good.


완전 재밌었습니다. 근데 한가지가 아쉽더라고요. 12세 이용가가 아닌 15세 이상 혹은 청소년 이용불가로 해주셨으면 어땠을까 합니다. 사실 주인공의 행동이 중학생 이하인 이용자들이 이해할 수 있는 수준이 아니거든요. 성인인 저도 어..음...이런 장면들이 은근 되는데 연령이 어린 이용자들은 더 의아해했겠죠. 지금 1점짜리 평가 보면 주인공 왜저래 이런 댓들도 많아서 드리는 말씀입니다. 연령대 선정 미스가 이 게임의 장점을 좀 깎아먹은거 같아 아쉽네요

Sam Just sam

This is really great! The graphics.are cool can't wait for the new game Mazm!


Love it 😘

Kala Kala

Verry slow


The story is Soo great


Why does it ask for permition of files and photoes?


Hello! I have just started the game but after playing it for sometime, I actually like the game but I can't move on the episodes because I can't watch the ads neither on wifi nor network what should I do?


I love it! I could interact with many things! And the perfect!


Игра интересная. Много доната, который влияет на прохождение истории, но потерпеть можно.

Leow heng yi


Bruh Moment

Good.... that's it

Ehsanul Hoque

They will just drag you for their own profits plus its like reading books better read books.

ghaem azimi

بازی خوبی

Just Anim3

The game seems really good but everytime i try to get into it, it just kicks me out? I am confused, why can't get into the game? Maybe it's to my device but honestly i don't know myself. If you can fix it i would be really glad.

Hanun Az‐zahra Mustafiana


Mellon plushie

I love how Petya gets his redemption. Overall good storyline and amazing destinations !

Its Mizie

I didnt bored actually playing this game cuz its awesome games... Gotta admit

Vichita Fongmala

Interesting story

Süleyman Emre

Storyline going so slow so boring gane


This game is really emotional the storyline is also amazing loving the game so far u can do ur own choices and have an ending based on what u choose to do

Muhammad Nazmi Bin Nordin

p2w game

Kina aaa

Oh my god the story and the artstyle is amazing

Acedia Gaming

please add Indonesian language in your game

Satria Dio

Pay to Play. also full of ads.


I adore how the game depicts the melancholy of Pyotr in a deep way. The time that is spent on the game worth it.


Dang man i feel bad for the dog

The last One

This game is amazing loved it already and I found a bug

Do Sang Hee

I feel like you could make a chapter longer or give us 5 ads to watch per a day instead of just 2 ads