PAW Patrol Rescue World

Author: Budge Studios

5,000,000+ install


PAW Patrol Rescue World – Ready for Action? Play as your favorite PAW Patrolâ„¢ pup and save the day!

Detailed info

File size: 43M
Update time: August 19, 2021
Current version: 2021.3.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Budge Studios
Price: Free
2 votes

Customer review

Iman Rana

You are best game

Manas Das

Paw patrol ruscue world

Subbhanshu Kumar

You can give me 713 mb I can download this game

Mandeep Kaur


danielle wilson


Keerthi Mithra

Good game I like it but every unlock pay money

Md Rubel


Faried Najam

Pricing for characters is outlandish. Would get more stars when you are able to unlock more characters by completing of missions

iAm miesterVan

Too expensive for a children's game..

Nathaniel Ray

It sucked

Sandra Fuller


Dharry B

PAW Patrol Re...

Asrial Jenkins

Fun but it always glitches on my tablet.

Lma El Shazly

I love you too you can find do you

Onuoha Chidinma

My son loves this game

Divine Tamunomiete

This game has to many money!😡booooooooooo shut 😒 up

Sankar Oraon

Rehanť oraon

Lhen Villarez

This is so good stress reliever

Diana Bangcuyo

I can Find any pup treats in Ruff-ruff Pag Pawpatrol can you fix this game?

Oparaji Favour

I think this game is good like I love it it the best game ever made .

mecury limited

my screen on the phone is black

Priya Subba

It is very cool game i like it very much

Gretchel Tubalado

Love it

Janet Jorge

My kids love paw patrol 🐶🚔🚑

Dileep Verma

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rama karigi

Game us wonderful.but pups are not free.And in gifts pup treats are coming.Not coming gifts.only super treats

rosa gabato

I like it so much

Jacki Harrison

My son loves playing this game. He enjoys checking to see when new pups will be released. It's $5 per pup but they usually release 2 at a time so it normally cost $10 when new pups get released! He always gets so excited! He asked to rate it 5 out of 5 stars! We can't wait for wild cat to be released!

Juliet Ogudu

Very good but

Tapas Dabnath

Tapas Debnath Udaipur town Sona Mora This is boy name is Souman Debnath

Komal Tanwar

Good good game

Zoe Griggs

Amazing Very fun Learn lots

Sean Poncin

Predatory greed. I got this for my kids to play and they can't go 5 minutes with an ad popping up trying to get them to download another app. I'll gladly pay for a game without content you don't have to buy.

Zahid ali


Honben Kambal

chase and skye and marshol and rubble and rocky and zuma and everest

Shambu Kabir


Who Ti Ni

It was BORING 😴

Izet Batijar

Can I have the full refund ASAP so that I can pay the deposit balance amount I have paid for paid for my 838rg4o3ehb wire I have now paid the full the deposit and I have seen your payment and for your money to be paid for my 838rg4o3ehb wire I have been trying my hard work for the past month or have not been paid yet and have not been paid been charged by my bank for the last three weeks or so have not paid for the last few days but I have a hard week to get paid for it so I will not have paid t

barbie Castillo


Jlaws Jlaws

Expensive. But my kid is happy, so im happy.

Key K

Uuk I like this game

Fadi Allouche


Cj Rangga

Its fun for the children

Georgina Marboah

I love this game

Wafi Wafi

good 👍👍👍👍

Ahmad Omar


Toktam Safari


Jan Revo Espanillo

Awesome game!

Aryan Joshi

Yguhjkvgj t8ijio000dollopkoi you are a lot to 1update off to bed early and the

Latta Devi

This game is very amazing but mb is very very high

Oma Meyer

Krass teuer (25€ aufwärts), wenn Mensch alle Charaktere spielen möchte. Dazu nochmal 25€ wenn weitere, spannendere Spielewelten freigeschaltet werden sollen. Das finde ich frech!

Azhar ali Khan



Super paw partol very juiop jklp gwe uji gsafvvbjjjhhjkkkopppppijgfddddfggyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiuuuuhhgggghhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuujhhujujjjjuuujjjujuuuiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooojhgddcvbjkjgf

Laurenze Marasigan

i like it but i only have two characters

Brandon Hudgins


Charles Tank

64475 Terig Ge

Rajveer Singh

I love 😍 ♥ ❤ 💗 💙 💖 you.

Bila Aslam

I like 👍

md rahi


Guelle Laurito

I hate this game but I get 1 star cause I Dont like it to buy can you pls get free

Prinsu Kushvaha

गूगल गेम वाला गू खा ले

Hari Groenewald

Game is buggy but my daughter loves the game.

Surekha Bodade

Jrrevm do ee

anika's world

yes i love it I'm 7yrs old

Ohadul 02

Pito kg weep

Lauren Van Homrigh

It is taking so long to load

Asare Lydia

Paw patrol

faryalkhan kakar


Mitchie Lacanilao


sushant das

Good game



bernardo banquerigo

I dont know

Carlton Miller


Anna julia Sabino oz

Janine Evangelista

I give this 4 stars cuz why cant i just unlock a pup from a chest why do we need to buy a pup please can we just unlock it from a chest?⁉️🤔

Xalyn Wilson

We like our brand new paw patrol rescue world game our fans word is we love it

banele khumalo


Chris Whyte official

The best game ever

Riya Cauhan

Rishbh singh

Sassafrass Tuna

It tastes like chicken

minionfan 23145

I like this game but when I started playing this game, there was video issues with looking at Ryder and The Pups, I need help to fix the aspect ratio for the black borders and a little pixelated. I love the Paw Patrol pups!

Jeffery Hobbs

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Tyler Moulds

Doesn't work at all

Pakistan Pakistan


Nikki Smith

It is so fun and cute I 😍 🐕 🐶

Noor Jagpal

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Liam Beltran


vankadara swapna

It s a good 👍 game pre-school

Cyrus Githaiga

It is a very good game but many adds

Hanshu Verma


Pooja Advani

Distribution UT dus UT yiugjyuhhbnn bbvvbnbnmmnbvbkniyyrwqwwey you have started talking to everyone that

Marc Xian Resurreccion

Wow! 🤩 I like it!! Five Stars

Casemiro James Gonzaga

Hurry up is so duper slow please hurry up your sucks hurry up slower

Mohau Mjikwa

Hart the game

k rajakumari

it is fun

John Michael Miranda


Rahul Kumar


Angelique van niekerk

Sorry for the late notice but it

Chanthia Raphael

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Lisa Cilliers

Unhappy about paying a lot to unlock pups, unhappy child, so uninstalling