Passionate Creatures Series

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As a young writer, you receive an invitation to compete for what you think is an artistic scholarship to DIE for… LITERALLY! The Countess, your hostess and the program master, has her own agenda… of human sacrifice.

As soon as you arrive at Finisterre you start delving into all sorts of artistic pleasures, for inspirational purposes, obviously; extravagant nights out, exclusive parties and passionate encounters.

Your goal: meet The Countess’s challenges and keep up with your competitors. But soon, the air starts to thicken around you…

Some artists start to disappear… Others start behaving oddly. There’s definitely something wicked going on. Saving yourself and your new friends is up to you… EVERY DECISION COUNTS.

We can only tell you that the key to surviving this nightmare lies hidden on the castle grounds…

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Update time: May 20, 2022
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Customer review


Can I Choose to become a Lesbian or?? I only play Lesbian Stories no boring straight stories?? I am waiting for your answers??

Parisa Moosavi

This is a good game thanks💗

Richard Liquigan

Bawal magiingay sa hating gabi lahat umalis na

Hitesh Kumar


Mercy Anari


Andras Havas

Always interested in what would have happened if made the other choice..

Vikrant Puri


Rotakala Mabunga


Desi hard Bond pounder

This is 2 dude is has tied up her up and sexy girl I will pounde big one for 3000 kr .


Its nice

Dominion Odion

The game is very annoying you need a gem for most answers in the options and please gameloft why don't you guys create an interesting game like march of heroes the java version for Android just like you brought modern combat 4 zero hour to android

Fyre Goddess

Has potential to be good

Wely Banda

This game much good and nice romantic comedy I love it..

Prasann Gaikawad

Nice story.. every gameloft stories are legends ...🤗😇😇

Zahid King

I don't like this app

muhmmad hanif

M h


Awesome 😎😎😎😎 Superb 😎😎😎😎 Fantastic 😎😎😎 Developers make real life love and Romance

Ali AjazRafiq

Sexy game

Nagapandi editing 143


Ram Soran

Ramsoren Hiii

Dhrabbi Dhrabbi

Ajax 4400



Temoteo Noya


Parbati stha

I am10

Oldman Baby

The dark Prince is not dead...

Lysa Stormborn

I like the premise and character ideas, it's a fun sorta cliche, but I have a bit of a beef with the premium currency for anything interesting limitations. I get it people need to make money, but putting a more glam outfit for a party behind a paywall is just nope, aside from the obvious kiss him choices. Cool concept limited application

LaMonica Hill

I'm loving this game very much, but the only thing I ask is please have better hairstyles for the MC

Dip Nath

I thought this game would be a little different but it's the same as before, hopefully we will find something new, and arrange and update the daily reward in the game.

Pro Rider Subhojit

Game is excellent, but reduce the time to get free tickets.

md lekhon islam

Plice giv me 1 doler for 10 shear this game

Universal Truth Entertainment

So amazing 🤩🤩😍😍 🤣

Dnyanesh Kharat

As expected of you always making it hard for free to play players progress just like other choice narrative games around the store. After one chapter you only reward one diamond why bother to give that much? Instead of spending diamonds on choices you should have rather kept a complex puzzle or task to get that exclusive choice. Change this overly used style and see the ratings go from 1 to 5.

Vipin Gupta

Best apps for romance ❤️❤️

Nayan ahmed orko

I want Male version Character. Uninstalled it. Damm



Mehedi Hashan

fast download


Why did my account get blocked? It says it has been automatically blocked, I unnistalled it and installed it again and it still says it's blocked