Pasha Fencer

Author: 4399en game

500,000+ install
Role Playing


Pasha Fencer – A magical world of sword and magic, hurry up and adventure with your brothers, fight side by side to defeat the evil boss and the enemy.Take up the sword and fight!

Get BIG REWARDS by pre-register:
Fashion-Martial Exploration
Tittle-A warrior Rises
Bubble-Lord’s Glory
Offline Grinding Card
XP Potion

[Exclusive benefits for New players] Special for you! New Players can choose new exclusive fashions when they register; Plus exclusive pre-register fashion, people in the rivers and lakes, Mafia Style fashion; and other exclusive gifts.

[Simple vertical operation] Breaking the traditional two-handed limitation, the first vertical RPG, original vertical screen operation UI, so that you can enjoy the game with just one hand. Play anytime, anywhere.

[Cross-server battlefield] Breakthrough server restrictions, enjoy PK with all players; Fight with your brothers, defeat all enemies. Have fun, have victory.

[Leagues and Close Friends] Diverse League daily gameplay, rich League rewards, create legends; close friends gameplay, real social, real friend; Leave an unforgettable friendship in the game!

[Gorgeous Fashion] Different styles of exquisite fashions, cool and domineering mounts, cute pets, gorgeous wings, powerful and sharp weapons, match them with a unique outfit! Show your style!

[Super Visual Enjoyment] Super picture quality, comprehensive upgrades, super-real 3D effects and exquisite details, super cool skills and special effects, give you gorgeous visual enjoyment .

[High off-Line income] Intelligent AI free for all, ultra-high offline income, easy to upgrade and get equipment. Easy retrieval of equipment and experience of daily tasks. You will never fall behind.

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Detailed info

File size: 67M
Update time: January 12, 2021
Current version: 1.0.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: 4399en game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Plack Plus

Havent played it yet and never will Im only here to give you 1 star because of your lame awful adds

Connor TT

I never had a heating problem in PUBG and similar games. But this game makes my phone hot. Either there is an optimization problem or the app is doing something in the background. You should pay attention. I deleted.

Kanoonya Joshua

It's bad

Muhammad Shehzad


Jen the Nosey Cow

Same as Crasher Origin. Arabic or Turkish servers only

Bismark Nyarkoh

Dis app is not good korraa too bad

Benedict Kateinor

Benedict Kateinor Fast Heriy

Bests Regards

Despicable. Game simply stopped working, without any reason, I reinstalled game , logged in with my Google account and all my progress is gone. I spent quite a few € playing this game, and I want either my character or money back I don't understand what you are saying, I can't even copy paste your reply to translate it. "Amazing" player support 🤬

punju squad mohammed azaan

BRo it is not coming to loading what we should do

Emmanuel Olamilekan

It is very interesting

Md mijanur

Can yaman

AK killer


Kamaljit Kour

How to play this game

iam ykcam

Its good

Anam Shaikh

Baray Kılıçarslan

Best game

AkAInkSans Z

yancaman how

Georgina Quaicoe

It requires a lot of bundle to install the game

Wisdom Rowland

Thanks Thanks for letting me know about the next steps

Malik Tabish

Best game

Jessia Mae A. Cuevas


Renuka Wasanthi


Jain & Jessica

The reason I downloaded this game because am absess with can yaman

Bleeping Bobby

It looks like it has its source code from Age of Wu Lin...I don't like copy-paste programming....

Kitwana Kondo

Its good

Baylsan Omar


Junaid Rahman


Pumi Pumi


Cletus Ogbuniro

Love it

Junior Tsikira

How to get in

vincent alzate

spencrr mangupag

Oliver Smith

Incredible this is the best game ever made i my life

Purnika Ranjan

Asla oyun oynamam ama burada sadece CAN YAMAN💙💫 için ... Bu oyunu INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳'den çok seviyorum

The H sh

It was expected to be much better than this

Klea Begaj

I like this just beacouse... Can Yaman...😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Adriel Guido

this games very Good download now


The server is so bad wth i keep getting stuck in loading screen even though i have good internet?

Tik Tok Videos

Highest level best bad game

Tsinat Zelalem


Daniel Uche