Party Battles

Author: Arbalest Studio

100K+ install


If you want to challenge your friends on the same device, this is the game you want!
However, if you don’t have friends for a while to play multiplayer on one device, you can also play against the AI alone!

Challenge your friends with this mini game, there are many different modes waiting for you.

Choose one of the Party Battles (remember, if you can’t do multiplayer, you can also play against the AI alone):
Ping pong:
Move the racket with your finger and challenge your friends!
Penalty shootout:
Move the football with your finger and score, get the football into your friend’s goal!
Clap Game:
Hit your friend hard before he reacts!
Japan’s famous sports, use your belly to let the opponent out of bounds!
Table Tennis:
Be the first to remove all the billiards!
Drag racing:
Drive your car, throw your friends away, but be careful of slipping!

Party Battles contains quick and short 2-4 players games. They are really addictive! The Party Battles online challenge consist in being the fastest! Some mini games consist of several rounds of play so you can offer revenge to your opponent.

Compete with your friends! Only one of you can be the winner!

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Update time: Aug 17, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Arbalest Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alicia Carulasan

Good beucuse i love this game thank you

Mohd Sarib

Very nice game 🎮🎯🎮🎯

Nelly Marcelino


Ayaan Ansari

op game

Mohit Gupta

Add battle name The game

Sanju Mishra

Best game in the world 😉

Bryle Lumayno

This is the worst game ever

sanil kumar

Super game This my fawrat

Rinku Datta


Payal Tyagi

It is nice but more when there was a option of 2 player VS 2 Bot

Anu Sitarah


Aidil Samsuri

I'm new

Zinnirah Helmi


tt thomas

This app is full off add why didn't u name it add battles the world's baddest game no one should play this stupid game

Radziah Yusof


Sohan Lal


Sparsh Garg

You should get aword

Sudesh Devi

is game classic

Bhuwan Adhikari

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Mindzy Here

Though it's good but there is ONE problem I have problem with ads so please remove some ads cuz it's very annoying

ruchi singh

So amazing I had never see a game like that I would like today that please try it ones

Herbert Kankee

Nice games

Vidya Srivastava

Worst while recharging

mukesh sani

Kana saini. I love you

Radha Sadhu

This game has become worse after the update plz change it back to the older version

Prasi C

This game is a copy of 2 player games made by Jindoblu

Jewelanne Verin

This game is so amazing for children 2 chilld is amazing in this game


Who made this idiot game

Cartoon Bot

Copy game of 2player games and a bad version 🤢

Natalie SUMMER Martin

Stop putting 1 star and pls dont say if they copy anything IT DOESN'T MATTER

Ratheesh Nair

The game is very bad because the computer always won the game

Rein Ignacio

This game it's so fun 😊



Sameer Parab

Did not enjoy at all. Controls are pathetic.

Broken Madness

Best game. Love it

Jad Cabarreno

Complete ripoff of a game that i played there are bugs and its freaking ripoff hope you no players

Azon kiel Belarmino

This copy from jindoblu

Naal Jenny

W as I am withweessay essay q WA q st want a good iooo🧡🧡ioo❤W\we we aww💚w

Raul Mangalindan

Copy from 2 player games