Pair 3D: Match 3D puzzle

Author: BrainZ

100,000+ install


Pair 3D: Match 3D is a free matching puzzle game for everyone. The game doesn’t limit time, you can play it very easy & enjoyable. You must remove all object pairs as fast as possible to get more stars. Enjoy the collections of lovely animals, delicious sweets, yummy fruits, cool vehicles, interesting professions, exciting emojis and more.
The game has tons of challenging well-designed levels to train your brain, exercise your logical thinking and memory. It is the best time killer for you!

● Find two IDENTICAL 3D OBJECTS and move to the Hexagon to matching them.
● The number of wrong connections are limited. Game will over if you have many failed matching!
● Use HINT button to auto find a pair.
● Match the 3D objects in the wish list to finish game quickly.

● Well-designed challenging levels
● Easy to play
● Hint boosters
● Revive after fail
● Auto-save, continue playing where you left off.
● Various object collections
● Improves memory, focus, attention and concentration.
● NO ADS – package purchase removes the banner and interstitial ads.
● POLISHED – with satisfying and stimulating visual effects.

Everyone can solve Pair Matching Puzzle game.
Let’s play Pair 3D: Match 3D game – PAIR MATCHING GAME with challenging levels.

Detailed info

File size: 100M
Update time: March 26, 2021
Current version: 3.5
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: BrainZ
Price: Free
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Customer review


I LOVE that the length of time I get to play is based upon the number of my moves, and NOT a timer counting down. This way it is so much more relaxing!!

Judith Berry

I love this game. Yes the ads are a bit too much, if one thing could change, it would be nice if you didn't do an ad when you pause the game I tolerate ads but is a bit too much. Thanks!!

Linda Prescott

This app is great. It draws you in and you want to find all the symbols

Vanessa Rodriguez

It was fun at first but once you get to level 21 it doesn't let you collect your coins and it freezes on you

Eleanor Lopez

Great love this game

Ian Ayling

Fun graphics, no timer stress


So far so good. Very enjoyable and relaxing as this game has no timer. Hope it will keep running without any problems. 👍

Karen Turnbull

Finally no timer, it means my 4 year old and I can play together!

Daisy Rocha

Love it I am already hooked to this game...

Shelly King

Fun without time

Marea Howse

They give you 110 moves to remove 150 objects forcing you to watch an ad to get more moves to finish the level. Stupid. Uninstalling

Annie Hart

Stop asking to a rate at beginning of game. UNINSTALLING

Shelley Durepo

I like the game, but it won't let me log out, I shouldn't have to force stop, uninstalling.

Beau Wingo

What is a pair?

Missy Ann Whitaker

I like it so far kinda slow tho


Good game

Samantha Freeman

It is a good game but i do not like all the adders

rosella queen

It cheats

SB Lim

💖💖 fun game.

A Alger

Like all of this kind, timed play with long ads during game prevent playing for long . Deleted. I don't know how much money they expect to make from a game that is copied as much as this one but it seems unrealistic to me. Ratings don't tell how many delete these games after getting fed up either. Save replying to this. We've heard it before.

barb basel

Nice Game!!

Stephanie Gerrard

Not sure yet

Phoebe Mac

This is the best 3D match game I've ever played (and I've played a lot!). The shapes they use are unique. Most 3D match games regurgitate the same shapes. I have never seen another game use these shapes. I also like the fact that the game uses a move counter instead of a countdown clock. It really allows you to investigate the puzzle. But most importantly, the ads are very fair. I hate most 3D puzzles because they put ads IN THE MIDDLE OF A PUZZLE. Sometimes even if you buy it. I love this app.

Joan Leilani

There is a stupid ad between EVERY LEVEL EVERY TIME YOU PASS A LEVEL THERE IS AN AD NOT WORTH THE TIME TO PLAY THE GAME...I actually enjoyed the game but due to the Ads I'm uninstalling it

Beverly Randall

Love it

Nancy Stewart

I love this game

RebelAnne Landers

I love this game... It challenges you... Love it!!!

Carol Gillinger

It seems to be a fun and relaxing game to play!!

Troy Helton



at last a matching game without a timer!!!

Dale Fendley

Good. I am 75 years old and hate games with time limits!

Teri K

Don't like having to drag pieces down to bottom of screen. Would rather just touch them.

Michelle Showalter

It keeps freezing but I like the game

Cynthia Spence


Chana Small Small

Relax stress relief

Maggie Gowen

Love the brain challenge

Karen Lawson

For reviewers saying you don't get enough turns, you have to have some strategy and use the bombs. Bombs blow up 3 or 4 pairs without using your turns. After you've used several bombs, you'll have enough turns remaining. This is a fun, no pressure, game, good for distraction.

Elizabeth Harper

Nope. Ads during game is a no go for me. Uninstall immediately!

Karen Carlton

Love this game

Cecilia Amy Östergren

Ad after every level...


The game is relaxing and has no timer, but I paid for "no ads" and, while there are no ads between games now, they still often intentionally don't give enough moves to clear the board and I have to "earn" more moves by watching ads or I can't advance. Kind of a cheat in that regard.

Toby Elsie Rivera-Cruz

First off I just like to poke at picture not drag each item

Cindy Webb


Kerry Morse

It's a fun game, but after a couple of levels, there is absolutely no way to progress: you have a number of pairs to create with insufficient moves available to do so. I'm deleting it.

Pamela Herndon

I like this game because there's no clock to beat but you only have a certain amount of moves. More relaxing!

Laura Fergus


Valerie Milne

Satisfying and not repetitive as other similar games can be


Great fun!

Tina Morse

Really good ga6

Juanita smith

Love it.

Kim Adrian

I like this game and haven't had issues with ads or freezing up. However, several times after I've found the items requested at the top, when it sucks away all the pairs that are left it will leave 2 that aren't pairs. There is nothing left to do but close it and start over. But it's still one of my favorite games!!

Margaret Stephens

Awesome game for the whole family

Amy Morris-Dudley

I paid for no ads but when I downloaded the game again, I still get the ads AND had to start back at LEVEL ONE. Not cool.

Cynthia Leshinsky

Fun, fun. Fun

Shannon Elledge

Fun and very fair. I just started and I didn't catch on to the games very fast but once I did learn how to play I have been smiling.

Glenda Cash

Just started but I'm having fun so far!

Evie Marie

Update.. I still have to watch ads just to finish a level even though I paid $1.99 for no ads. I feel I should not have to watch ads at all. I'm thinking of deleting but then I waste my two dollars... Great game! I love that it's not timed. However, even though I paid for no ads, I feel that I'm still forced to watch ads just to finish a level. They deliberately don't give you enough moves so you have to watch ads to finish the level. I'm kind of annoyed by that.

Teresa Tolifson

Fun game, it gets challenging.

Ellen Cunningham

A fun, exciting matching game!

Annette Jones

Like this game

Timothy Rogers


sandra wayne

Played 3games and it's froze

Martha Dailey

This is a good game to play when everybody's asleep at night and you can concentrate I love it

Riki Grove

Love that it is not timed!!

I Love God

HATE the porno LUST ad. I'm out!

Ruth Ann B

Easy to play




too many ads! also it's really inaccuracies and keeps kicking out the items even when they're right. there are a ton of other match games that are soooooo much more enjoyable. Clunkiness needs to be fixed before I play with this game again. 👎

Jasmine Ng

Nice game

BA Traband

I like that the game isn't timed.

DeWayne Bowers

Love it

Rosarea Sanchez

Love it

Carmen N. Santiago

Us fun and very easy are least for now...anyway I recommend you to have it in your table game. You have to use your mind your eyes and your brain very quickly. I like it.

Christine Guerrero

I like it another but when it comes towards finding the last few it switches out

John Wickham

Nice game to while away the time

Gentle Braider

So cool put it on phone

Andrea Noren

Although the graphics are cute, the ads are unrelenting, as are the ads that open in my browser when not even visible on the page. It also freezes a lot. I'm uninstalling it and will try another.

Brittany Clements

Love it

Virginia Jean Savage

Love it !

Susan Palmer

Ok so far

Kiersty Miller

So much fun and you can opt out of ads but I say 'bring em on for free bonuses'

farida abdul hamid


David Simkins

Great pass of time

Dianna Black

Somehow they even made the ads fun. o_O!

Cloacinus Paden-West

Forced to rate! That equals false advertising! You cannot go by ratings when it forces you to rate to continue in the game. Ratings are completely inaccurate then. I encourage everyone to give one star reviews until they stop this.

Tien Huynh


Anne Walker

Great for passing time, and Fun!!!!

V. Kalaitzi

Wish I could rate it higher but the ads in the middle of a level ruin gameplay completely. There are too many bugs to mention, one being that the screen freezes at the end of some levels and at other times the game goes to the loading screen while playing. It's a real shame because it could've been a fantastic game and a great deal of relaxing fun.

Sherri Younger

It doesn't have a timer thank goodness I would rather do it at the right idea than when they have to tell me to do it so I'm so happy I found this game

Sherry Vero Sullivan

Was fun a few times, but after watching a few ads, the screen froze, so I'm deleting. Why can't these games work?

Angela Simkins.

Love this game .play it for hours BUT far to many adds they drive me crazy.

Carmen Puente

Fun to play this game

Ron O'Neill

Not a copycat match game with ads inserted into the middle of matches. Yes there are ads but only between games. The gameplay is varied and not just a rush to win in increasingly faster levels.

Linda Hardgrave

Fun to play. Glad to see more levels added!

Jen Murphy


Suphatta Keawwansa

No ad during game

Willem Nel

Great time killer


This is a fun and surprisingly addictive game, except for the constant freezing. After uninstalling and re-installation several times, have given up in frustration.

Shelia Stephens

Nice game with less interuptions

Marirae Mathis

Just downloaded and played a few games. Now it's locked up