Paint the Cube

Author: Popcore Games

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In Paint The Cube, it’s your job to navigate colorful paths through a maze by painting lines. But here’s the tricky part – the maze is spread out over a cube, and you can’t see where the end of the path is!

Swipe up, down, left and right to spread colorful paths around the cube. It’s super satisfying to watch the cube twist and turn as you paint it with color. But watch out – it gets trickier as more paths appear! So make sure you don’t leave any path unpainted, or else you will need to retrace your steps to solve the puzzle!

Which direction will you take to make it to the end of the maze? It’s your job to think outside of the box (or cube!) to make sure you complete each tricky challenge. As you complete more levels, you unlock more beautiful colors and patterns to paint with.

It’s you against the cube – have you got what it takes?

Detailed info

File size: 91M
Update time: July 21, 2021
Current version: 0.42.1
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Popcore Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Josephs RandomGameing

Fun to play. Good time killer.. but too many ads

Kyrene Voyles

Paid for no ads I'm getting ads... So uninstall and I was on level 1500 thanks, update: developers obviously don't give a f***

Leslie Wetzel

I hate it is was a crazy person would say. But I love it . it's so fascinating and satisfying

Justin Cook

I love this game but even after purchasing it, I still have ads constantly.

David Mcgovern


Kayel Daten-Shi

It is very therapeutic save for the adds, especially the un-skipable sudoku adds

Debbie Adams

👍 great game

Miri Tallstag

Its a fun time killer, but it always makes me redo the last level i played. Also, im 331 levels in and it has hardly made me use any brainpower. Also ads take more time than gameplay does and im nowhere near the level shown in ads.

Dan Gravelle

Paint the Cube Rate this app Paint the Cube and you can used 500.

Beth Martin

Great game for a quick time killer



Natalie Reid

There is no point to this app, don't be tricked by the ad I got to level 550 and it's still something that a 4 year old would say is to easy.

Luka Hatake

It's alright but it is mesmerizing.

Michaelann Calhoun

Does what it's supposed to but I suppose that they can make things a little bit more difficult or puzzling more of a challenge but it works good for anxiety and help call me down

Nate Hoppie

Waaaay too many ads and the game reset my progress when it updated. Not worth wading through ads after every level

Jed Dailey

Great mind strengthening. Needs more harder levels with limited moves.

Christopher Snyder

This game became boring after a while

Sabrina Martin

Its a nice, simple game. It does require some thinking on the harder levels. Its fun and great for passing time.

jacob Hardgrove

Too many ads

Sherry Turner

On certain levels you have to skip it because it makes you stuck

Liz Blue

This app made my phome over heat. Now i have to get a new phone!


WAYYY too many ads.

Lyssa Zamora

Starts off a bit boring and then it adds a strip here and there but have not been able to get to the point where I can paint the whole cube. Already went through a number of levels.

Thomas Kunik

Good time waster

Haven Otten

Too many adds

Terry McGarrigle

Minimal skill required but very satisfying. Matte colors and soothing sounds, oddly calming.

Sarabeth Jackson

It really destresses me

Dave Thomas

It's a good puzzle game just need to make it to when you touch the screen the brush stops instead of going all the way to the end

Tyler Gardner

In. N. Bu

Tricia Reid

I just started playing and am having a blast!

thatcrazeykid 118


Dametia Jo Woodruff


Walter Jay

Too many ads and no challenge in the game

David Corey


Linda Talley

I really like the basic concept of this game but I have so many questions that are not clear. How is it Scored? How are the coins awarded determined? Is there always a way to solve without any Backtracking? What is the purpose of building? What is ultimate object of the game? What are penalties for backtracking? Given these questions I would rate this much higher.

Lu Lu

Sorry but this game will never Make me smart.

Justin Hodson

They jacked my hard work and effort cheating bastards



Charles Dam

A fun relaxing game.

Amy Garcia

I Do Enjoy The Game!1!!

Amy Foley

I paid for no ads...yet I still have ads. I go to purchase no ads again thinking it didn't go through but it says I already bought it. Please give me what I paid for.

Alan Abramson

This game used to be sooooo awesome. Why does it really act up. I never hear stuff act up for apple technology. I'm going by ack to apple. In so sorry

Kenny McAleese

Kills time at work, the ads are extremely annoying as they are very frequent. If only I could find a mobile game with no ads..

Shana Patti

Love the game

Sandy Ashcraft

I like being able to select harder puzzles

William Bradford

Pretty fun game

hx smith

Too many commercials

Smiteish Sprout.

I can't even get into it!

Kenzie Heimbach

I love this game

Carisa Farley


joe gregor

Click bait

Nicolas Noble

Game wouldn't close, nor its ad. Had to force stop everything. Obnoxious.

Pegathee Too

Too many commercials. May uninstall due to this. Game is fun but I can live without it.

john smith

Bought the "no ads" option - still getting ads!

Jeffery “Blôôdy Phôêñîx” Shipley

Man, I can't even beat the ad. It always brings me here before I can even do anything. I have no chance in beating the game itself!

Alythyslariel Frost

Bought no ads, game acknowledges I have it, won't implement it due to "no Internet connection" when I have 5 bars of 5G. 👎👎👎👎👎

Drako Dragon

Forced ADs at end of levels.

Carol Litchfield

I love popcore games, this one is no exception

Sarah Alexander

Doesn't deserve a star. It has so many ads. After watching the ads, it doesn't return to the game so you are forced to restart the game.

Matthew Perra

Decent game. Paid to remove adds and it didn't. No word back from developers either. 9/2/21 update Still not a word from the developers on this broken game. No help from Google either!

Amber Harper

It's very awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LF Santa Cruz

Paid for add free. Still getting ads. Otherwise fine . Will change rating if that's fixed.

Tricia Batter

Fun & challenging...different from other games! Try it...

Michele Halliwell

This is a great game. Sometimes mindless, sometimes you really have to work at it. I got to around level 500 and app failed, so I had to reinstalled. I was angry, losing a lot of things I worked for. But thinking about it, I enjoyed getting to where I was. Now I get the chance to do it again. Hey developers! Can you please make levels that cover more of the whole block instead of only small sections and lines? Maybe, please, multiple sides, please? Did I mention please? Thank you!!!!!

Kirsty Miller

Too much green colour. Out of 10 games 6 of them were green. Need to mix the colours up more.

Sherry A. Smith

Fun, but tons of ads

Britt Roobies

Mind numbing boring. I had to force myself to level 30. The designs are plain, the puzzles just as plain. Hell, I'd have been happy if they had a mega massive cube that was so big you couldn't tell your progress. It's still decent even with the lack of inspiration.

Marie Coe

This game is fun.

Jessica Wessels

I tried to purchase no ads because I enjoyed this game enough to spend a few bucks on it, and my purchase always fails. I'm not allowed to try again as it says I already purchased this item, and the restore purchases button does nothing. Too many ads otherwise, and it's really disappointing.

Silverwave 21

A game with no real challenge that is nothing more than an attempt to get you to watch a ton of ads while the company puts in no effort to create and entertaining game.

Pete Palmo

Way too many ads for such a simple game

Jody Patrick

So much funny.

Kai Lyons

Honestly was in love with this game for a while. Then I hit two levels in a row that were completely impossible to pass, and the hints proved it. Not only that the ads are crazy common. Level 108 was the final straw for me.

Tina Harnish

This game would be exciting but for the ads. You can't spend a little to get rid of them. Every time you really get going, ads. Ads and more ads. It is a lot of fun, otherwise.

Lilian Duvall


Loumos (lou34964)

Bought no ads but never worked.

Hunter Eelman

Too many ads in the game, one after every other levels. The level shown in a lot of its own ads also isn't in the game.

Mayjia Mushi


joy burd

Fun but far too many ads

Madelyn Smith

I liked the game, but the ads are crazy! The game is glitchy a lot.

Its Me

Too many ads

Devon Phillips

Would be okay if there was a challenge. All you do is follow the path and you win.

Mary Purucker

I enjoy the game but am angry that I'm still getting adds when I paid for no ads. Can you fix that?

James Williams


Allysen Durtschi

Too many ads, there's one after every level. And it takes to long to get challenging. The first ten levels or so are literally just one or two moves. And the next 20 don't get much more challenging. Altogether boring and annoying.

Ashlynne Zigler

Really easy, great time passer, u can play it without internet, I completely turn my data and WiFi off on my phone and play for ever on it. At lvl 800 right now. Yeah their easy, but the challenges aren't. And u do have to turn it back on if u fail a challenge, to watch a video to restart. But besides that it's fun, really easy tho. Like super easy!!

Alice Garcia

F U N !!!


Its fun until you get past super far in the game and it mostly stops rewarding you for getting further.

Dalithia “D W” Woods

I really like this game. It's very good for just passing the time or just to have something to do. I play it all the. I love the different colors under the block and the different little markers that color the paths. I don't even mind the ads that play every so often. Add a few more different shaped markers to color the paths and the game will be perfect.

Monique Wallace


Andrea and Philip Zabel

I paid to get rid of ads, but even though the payment processed, it's continuously telling me that I need to make sure that I'm connected to the internet and then couldn't process the request .... and then plays another ad.

master of the cattle

Its good and all but it just dosent keep my intrest

Garrett Kaye

Fun very

zachary tucker

ur add woke my doggy up so I installed the game just to write a review plus the game sucks

Frances Hunter

Soo fake af cuz I have played over 2000 levels and it's to easy and the advertisement is wrong don't bother to play this

Caz Lowe

The levels are way too easy, ads after almost all if not every level. The town seemed interesting, but it's not worth my time with that many ads. I'm going to try it for a bit longer, but will probably delete.

Patricia Zeman

Don't bother, major false advertising. After they suck you in with their cool "only 1% can solve this", guess what? Only 1% are willing to play dozens of hours of easy levels and hundreds of commercials to even find it. I was stupid enough to play over 2500 levels and never saw anything close to what they show to get you to install their game. What a waste of time.

Lily Schroeder

its like poop and cheese add a little papricaand delish

Brennen Mullenix

Smooth Thinker

Steven Connell

Fun game