Paint by Number: Free Coloring Games – Color Book

Author: Fun Games For Free

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Paint by Number: Free Coloring Games – Color Book – Color pictures by numbers in this coloring game! Free artwork painting pages app

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File size: 41M
Update time: August 20, 2021
Current version: 1.16
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Fun Games For Free
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mabel Figueiredo

Nice game

Hamza Ali

This is a good app

Na Almtyri

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Pedada Gowri shankar

Noob game

A Google user

Very good

Grace Jones

So fun

Natalie Prentice

Free paint by mumbers

Matlotliso Moabi

l love this app

Phyllis Jacob

This one is the same

janice jones

My device won't let me add any paint number. It will if I discontinue other games on my home page which I do not want to do. I'm using a Nook & the nook is the only device I have ever had. No I do not use the Nook for ereader as I prefer paper books from used bookstores. It's paint by numbers. I prefer to paint by numbers that have homes or interrier of homes. The more to paint is my favorite. I had to delete add ons numbers & alpha to add a paint by numbers, solitaire & daily crossword.

Farhan Khatri


Gamer hit 999

This very amazing game , we can play this in free time and it is offline that is more better for our mind

Melissa Wendtland


Kurt Mackenzie

A fantastic mindfulness application.

Delia Alexander

Love this game. It reminds me I was good at art in school many moons ago LOL xxx

Monique Oakley


Vern Wildman

Takes to long way to hard no fun.

Aeriel Seel

I like the app but it would be nice if I could paint pic 9 of Nov 2021 keeps saying unknown error. Also if I could change the shade of grey.

Ginny McAfee

The coloring app is very relaxing. I enjoy this before I go to sleep☺.

Linda Streck

It's a great app and the paint goes on easy. But l like to pick out the picture l want to paint and the pictures aren't that great . If it changes with different l will give it 5 stars.

Ruth Sprouse

It is pretty easy but fun.

Teresa Dominguez

paint by Number

Lelita Biatriz

I really like this games i rate this 5 she is so amazing.

Margieanne Moskowitz

Beautiful choices and easy and relaxing.

Tiktok Mushup

😈 😁 so I have no 💡 where that at least one person to get it from me for my family to the 💪 now I'm just gonna have the money I can see you in my room for me too 👶 👧 I love the fact is a great time with you guys are going to be a famous person who is the killer in true life

Anil k thakre5okay a


Janet Arnold

To many ads very annoying

Kathy Foley

It's fun n relaxing

Madhura Pacharne

Very nice game I love it 😍😍

Naveen Naveen

Uhh the opportunity and I have

Mar Miles

Fun and easy coloring and since it's new the different pictures are interesting!

KRistianna westbrook

Ok but not great, will not keep me coming back, elementary pictures, plus make it possible to hold down color palette on the pictures to color without having to choose the number every time.

Ana Chastain

Great setup and pictures.

Barbara Wisch

I love this, it's a real mind relaxer.

Jamie Shelton

Have not colored 1 picture. And you want a writing and review!🤣🤣

Mary Anm Daroy

Ilovethe color

Margot Rasch

Very relaxing ;)

Teena-Miree Folesi

Love this app but ran out of space on mob to continue having the app. It was a real shame to have to delete it out as I really enjoying doing the daily colour ins

Jessica Harbin

I love paint by numbers

nina thompson

This is New to Me So I Can't Say I Totally Love This Colouring App. Just Yet, Anywho. However, In General I Love Coloring and Art Pictures. So, I'm Going to Spend More Time on It. Then I'll Know for Sure! N~

Idamae Layne


Kinza Doll


Balu More

A wonderfull game 🎮 a offline game 🎲 I a lovely number paint color 🎨

Terri Gensler

Awesome game

Sharon Hanner

Awesome enjoy painting it keeps my interest for hours at a time

Tree Black


Rina Venter

Great !!

Leta Bray

Great photos good way to pass the time inn the hospital.

shelley sargent

Please stop sending notifications. I no your there.

Michelle Sargent

Love it

Michelle Sargent

I no this sounds crazy but i love this coloring takes alot for me to say im hard to please i guess.but can you please put some smaller ones on there and some that has makeup you can color?

Shaimabel Andres

I really like this game the Colors the pictures of the paint I play a lot of games but this game is awesome 💗❤️🖤❤️💗❤️💗

gene edwards


Johny Silver

Very cool. Loved it

0live Kilmurray

Iam only new at painting by numbers painting

Stephen Chandler

I cant even update it

Norma Keevy

I enjoy this, however there's room for improvement with picture selection and hints.

Lorraina Goodwin

Love painting pics

Linda Arnold

Needs more colorful paintings

kamaljeet kour

Very nice

Lillian Black

My son jonathan love it so much

Lillian Kingsley

Really fun activity

Karnail Singh

Thanks Thanks for your

Vicgill Morales

The app forces you to watch ads every 20% of completion of a drawing. Way too many ads. Vibration isn't really turned off, keeps vibrating.

Krystal Keeter

I love y'all color apps but I wish you had more of color swipe

Savina Carter

Colors are too dull.

gulshan salmani

Shaikh gulshan

Betty Claphan


Dora Serna

Doesn't have the option to auto select when you press a section

Jackie Fourie

Good relaxing fun

Mohd Radzuan


Robin Coffey Palmer

Love this app I can not get enough of it and to my paintist thank you

Kathy smith

on my phone n I'm playing,páint by number s n every day n night aswell. I really hate hard level's n asking for money aswell.

Leonardo Gomez

Loved it

Dodiya Pallavi

Best app for me but advertising bahot ati hai wo kam kro

Monica Carli



Love this game, but would. be nice if the long press option were on it.. also would be great to have options like different shade colors, music, sound.

Vanessa Göransson

I love it

Jacquewyn Naval

Allow and manage this app

Taylor Mauga

This is a wonderful game it helps me with shaped items

Scott Reed

Settings doesnt work cant turn the vibrating feature off plustoo many ads

Judy Ann Liogan

Wow J

Vikasparmar Parmar

This game is very owsome😍😍😍😍


Just wanted to try something new tonight

Neha Santra


Bijay Kumar

Good game

Joy Sammut

It great

Sweet sweet

Game itself is entertaining. No way of transferring or saving progress and too many ads. Also quite additive so can drain battery very quickly

Stacy Bowen

Fun game to play.

Diana Duran

Love all paintings by numbers especially the free ones. 😆

Dorothy Knox

No sound like coloring with sound and music

Hamodi Hamad

Really nice fun game

Lucy Galvagno


Richelle Offerr

Love they paint work, numbers nota shore off

Wanda Wilcox

I love this coloring app

War Daddy

I used to have this and i deleted it on accident and i was sad cuz all of my art was gon so after when 2020 i still didnt remember it but then on 2021 i remember to not give up on it and now look at me loving it again

Mary Coffey

A fun book to color and I love it

Still Body


Anne Devaux

Just started , and already too many ads😡

steve wyse

Great time playing