Overcrowded: Tycoon

Author: ZeptoLab

1M+ install


Build the best theme park ever and become the roller coaster tycoon in the new game from creators of Cut the Rope, C.A.T.S.: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, King of Thieves and Bullet Echo. Enjoy the ride!

Manage your visitors’ emotions by constructing the most thrilling rides, tasty restaurants, and hiring the funniest mascots. But watch out: your guests are very picky about their experience, so plan your strategy carefully!

– BUILD ATTRACTIONS: From bumper cars to the craziest coasters!
– MANAGE EMOTIONS: Visitors can get sick (and puke), get hungry, angry, fall in love, and more!
– PROVIDE SERVICES: Where you place food stands, rest areas, and WCs all matter.
– HIRE MASCOTS: Hire mascots to cheer up the angry or tired visitors.
– EXPAND YOUR PARK: Go bigger and wilder!
– SPECIAL EVENT PARKS: Manage time-limited special parks with a unique theme and fresh gameplay and unlock exclusive attractions for your main park!

Design the most awesome theme park in the world! Your imagination is the limit!

Customer review

Emran Almajid


kaha mck

Great game. I hope this game will be update, make this game optimize than now.

Oneil Ramkissoon


grint devereaux

The Ads and the game is totally different ! I hate that. Thanks


Fun for a few weeks then gets super mundane


Nice game only problem is once your park gets big, games starts to lag. Estimated rev is more than 1 mil but real revenue is only 200k due to lag pls fix


This game is very addicting, tbh. Although, there are some things that should also be added and fixed. Regarding my concerns, please add a sell/remove option on decorations and services. It's very hard and it takes time to transfer objects to a different place especially the barriers. I've also experienced some bugs, maybe. About the small visitors getting stuck beside decors and buildings when it's not even in their way. They sometimes wander around away from the exit too.

Suzette heavenlyqueen

Aku suka main game ini

norzihan amatramli


Vitoria sa moreira

A genuinely fun tycoon lost to predatory monetization. As far as ad-ridden games go it's delightfully fair. All ads are voluntary and rewarded. Unfortunately, it's also painfully pay-to-win, as evident in the special parks. Pretty mad I just lost 3 hours of nonstop grinding only to calculate that even grinding for 2 days, spending 880+ gems (saved, not bought) and watching all ads available it was still impossible to get the last reward in time. Zepto isn't worth a cent of your money.


Game were addictive but in-game I am annoyed that keeps asking me to spent money. In order to have more Attraction, you need to spent $$

Mia Padelatou

Not a bad game at all , i'm kinda addicted but these events are IMPOSSIBLE to finish. Also the fact that i need to leave my phone on for them to get the amount of money i need is annoying

Andries Grobler



ga sama kek di iklan si, p2w parah.

Zyron De vera

Making it 100% offline will be better

Haru Ka

I like this game and this is my second time instaling it, I would love updates for placing rides where you want and less stuck visitors! I like to play long tearm so maybe you creator's could make a second level where you start again to make another park ! maybe add an aquarium level where all the rides are instead tanks with fish for when you get to like playing a long time then you make another park that's a aquarium! also love the game but can't give 5 stars until I feel satisfied that's fair

Brittany Czech

This game is fun and entertaining, but it is definitely a pay to play game. It pressures you into inviting friends (I never received rewards for having friends join like it claims) and to buy gems. There are large parts of the game you can't play unless you pay money.

Yew You Chuan

It is a great game eventho the price kinda overprice, but it great to spend time when you have nothing to do!

Thang Pau

So true and is just fun

Junhua Seow

Super addictive. Do take note of the timing when playing, really good time killer game.

Isaiah Givens

It's fun and there's not that much for ed ads

Mega Crab

Please fix the overheating issue! I can't even open this game for 5 mins long due to overheating!

Monirath Eang

Good game 🎮🎮🎮🎮

kyle smith

Game is entertaining but very limited. Some features don't work including the refer a friend attraction. Offline collection is also useless as it collects far slower than you do in game with an hour offline being worth three minutes in game. It's very easy to reach a point where you have to just leave your device on and do something else in order to progress

Ashley Sasak

Fun but takes forever to evolve

07_Aryani wido

Fun mechanism, bad server "something wrong with your connection" and throw you away from game back to loading screen

Xarif Khandkar


thomas Christian Wood

Really fun game to play, untill you have issue with the firework display, were it all of the suddens disconnects you and then to say, you have lost all of the money from that display.

Sai Yang

I love this game I play this every time now this is one of my favorite games!

Miranda Gibbins


Heather Winters

I'm only giving this a three because it is a fun game but every time that I try to watch a video or every time that I try to go on I get kicked out and I have to restart all over again which means that I have to watch another video to get my rewards other than that the game is pretty fun and not boring

Randy Stannard

Worst cash grab I've seen in a game like this. Ad after ad, and always pop ups of purchases. Stay clear away.

Cody Alestri

Its pretty average. But nothing to conplain about.

Azizah Thery

Its always freezing in 10 minute.. I cant play it more than 10 minute without restarting the app :(( this is a fun game tho.. :((

Diego Pozzolini

Nada ver com a propaganda

RL Technician

Awesome! Fun gameplay, great design, great mechanics, and overall the best game I've ever experienced. Note: Please bring back space park!

Ricard Fredin

Too much ads


Don't like it at all. Not as described in the ads as well. Uninstalling.

Raychele Napue

Simple but exciting game. Hard to explain really.

Phil Behrenberg

Game does not match its trailer. The gameplay is practically non-existent. It's just a race to see how much money they can get you to spend before you get bored.

13th Evergreen

I've now dropped my overall experience with this app to a one star, but wish there was a zero. After talking with customers service about their bug's and me paying real money and not getting what I paid for, they tried to make it my own fault that it didn't work or said it did work. Even when I have proof that it's not working and it's still not their fault.. worst customer service and they pass the blame on you when it doesn't work, all while asking for more money... Greedy bad service.

Eren Erdemli

Too many ads to progress unless you pay

Louie Gutierrez

Early games are fun but late games are just unplayable due to the sheer amount entities causing lags. Please fix it.

Jm Anonuevo


munkhbat batbayar

Idk Dki Kdi


Its a real fun game and when your bored you can always play it

Zadoc Angell

Not like the ads even kinda and such a cash grab

Bing Chow


A Google user


Alvin Joshua Laceda

This game is very addicting but I have one question. How does the friend referral works? I connected both devices to Facebook just to sure that the count of "friend referral" counts, but I just don't count. How to fix this? Thanks


Finally a game that captures my attention and meets my expectations I am very pleased with this game. So come on give it a try I love it and recommend it to all. I give full credit for the creator of this game and his or her team you really out did yourselves.

memer meme

"Whoops something went wrong check your connection" i see this every 3 minutes and its annoying fix it!!!!

John Daly

Was enjoying but purchases then bugged out, was trying to purchase the Ultimate Ride the "Doom Tower" but the game bugged then out but charged me?.. I did not receive the ride and game says already purchased. Update: rated the game higher as managed to get the ride by a Restore Purchases option within the game.

Maulana Nur Ardian

It was fun, but i got error on my payment twice...

plug walk



Really fun. I originally had issue with the amount of things you had to pay real money for. But the games still really fun with out paying any money. Theres no random ads, Only ads in return for things if you choose. The side land game they have once in a while keeps the amount of game play pretty high aswell. They've done really well on this game

Nancy Quintanilla


Marie Jade Abando

Maganda sana tong game na to super lag. Nakakainis lang maglaro.


Lots of potential! Ruined by ads, time limits and always-on connection.


I downloaded this because it said it was offline but come to realize it's not it should allow you to play offline or remove the offline tag off of it this is frustrating.


Like it kinda love it

Nolan Brandenburg

Required internet. Uninstalled

Minea Um

So good

Mary Bonne Rosales

This is a very addictive game. But one thing i'd noticed it tends to get disconnected more often while i'm playing, I don't know why? So I'll check my internet connection it's ok it's working!. And other thing there was a bug in the spooky theme park the ghost get stuck in the entrance of the attraction rides so the result no one can enter the rides it really frustrate me because it keeps repeating and my theme park earnings get affected 🤦😠Can you please check this bug and fix this. Ty

Squigges 1967

Was playing and seemed nice but started having issues, the "collecting like" parts seems busted and it does not give me any progress to unlock the like trophies, also invited my wife to play and the "invite friends" system does not work either, and weirdest part is my screen has been freezing on the game and only works by quickly opening it again but only works for a few seconds.

philip o'dwyer

Early game is fun, about an hour in then it's just waiting till the next day to click twice and repeat. Not gradual incline at all which is a shame


It's a really good game but I can't figure out how to sell the things if it's even possible.

Leslie Thrasher

For the events, ANY upgrade should get you like 10 event tokens, and 1 for every "like" up to 1000. The lanterns have little to no effect on ghosts and there are WAY too many to deal with. The chill bench NEVER attracts scared visitors and you guys charged me $5.37 for a $4.99 item. That may not seem like much to you but every penny counts in this $5+/per gallon of gas lgb world. Fix it.

Betsy Strausbaugh

Good game! The thing is it keeps freezing up. It needs a few more fixes, but good game. 👍

Melanie Paasikoski

Too many ads. Pay to play.

Faridul Islam Sardar

nice and funny Good app add free thanks i am daily play this game i am pubg Mobile plyar

Thatgirl Nya

This is not as bad as I thought it was it dosen't bombard you with ads and it isint ALWAYS begging you to pay for something sure it takes a litte grinding but its not half bad.

Benvie Kiddos

I love Tycoon games and this game looks really fun I also saw a ad about this game that made me download it

Love 1 Like1



It seems like your servers are more overcrowded than your parks. I'd be happy to come back to this game once I don't get kicked every 2 minutes for a "lack of connection" and don't respond with, "We've fixed it" when there have been 0 app updates since I downloaded. Update your servers, update the app, actually fix the bugs Edit: but how could I expect any better from the "Cut the Rope" guys. We downed to 1 star cause this is clearly a stupid cash grab. I will not come back. Good try 👍

Maximus Renton

It's gud

Just A Simple Nobody

I really wanted to give this a 5* rating because it's genuinely fun to play... when it works. It insists that the connection is unstable and keeps booting me out of the game, which really breaks immersion and makes it hard to track individuals thru the park. I couldn't even see my first fireworks show or its effects because of this. It is not my wifi as it's been 3-4 bars of service throughout my playtime, so I think it's a server issue or something similar. Other than that I'd happily give it 5

Özgür Yıldız

Really good tycoon game i really recommend to play it

Gavin Gavin

Hmm, a single player game but you can't play without internet

dareen ahmad


Collier Lee

The app was updated. Still laggy but playable at the least. Added 2 stars now that I am able to see the features and do a bit of gameplay, tho very laggy at times.

Amelia Safuraa

The lag is terrible.

Mattia Fabris

This game has potential, but it is designed to convince players to pay real money to advance. This is so annoying and at the end stopped me to play

A Perdana Putra

Too many ads and the game is buggy. As a Microtrans game, it's easily gets boring after hours of play since it requires you to grind a lot.

Wilson Ilagan

Invitation function dont work

jakethe zach

I love this game this is very addicting and so much fun!😅

Raj Thapa

I dont want to update

keng lee goh

This game is so cute and kid-friendly I do recommend that you should play this game because it is so fun and the quality of this game is very good and I love it and uhh yeah yep. 😍😍💕💕.

Gavin Quinn

Just designed to waste your time basically. Just buy RCT classic instead.

steph hill

the developer are smart they want to take all my money for a game 🤣

tammy valisno

I hope you can lessen the payment..

An Keo Chi

i try to log.in a another account...then i tried log.in my main account my progress is gone...what the heck i enjoyed playing this game but i lost my interest....

Jiang isms

Game is okay, but it's pretty buggy and slow. Would like that to be improved

David Tremblay


Adrian Halliday

Promising game but terrible business model and scaling. You're limited to 1 hour offline earnings without paying. Fine. But in one hour offline, you earn roughly what you would earn in 3-4 minutes playing the game. That sucks when you earn 2-3m offline but the ride evolutions cost 50m and upgrades are 3m each. This is pretty dishonest and goes against the established mechanics of the game. I played enough that I would pay for an upgrade, but upgrades are just too expensive to justify.

Sanket Amatya

It's good there is no forced pop up ads but there are also never ads available for upgrading and similar.

Indian Scammer

This is the best game I have ever played in a long time with no random adds and lots of strategy but can be simple to do too I don't think anything I said makes sense but it is good.The developer is a great man/woman with many games that built my entire childhood 6/5 stars if I could

Sim Song boh

Nice game but very buggy. Keep getting unstable connection even though connection is working well... Game lags badly and slows down greatly when there are many visitors. Please fix the game.

Arthur lee sing he


Sonny steel