OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

Author: Sigono Inc.

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OPUS: Rocket of Whispers – *Google Play Global Feature* A sad game that lingers in your mind

Detailed info

File size: 39M
Update time: July 27, 2021
Current version: 4.6.8
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Sigono Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

La Joie Luyeye

Literally love this game, I get that the controls are a little bit confusing but I promise you that the game play surpassed the hard to use controls and the amazing thing that I couldn't believe was that It doesn't have any ads (at least I haven't seen any) I really recommend this game if you like want to play something different and probably one of the best free games ever.

Stephen Buerkert

So good

Owless Eighty-eight

Love it

Adhi Anand

One of the best story based game ever. Loved it good job

Almighty DeeMust

THIS IS THE MOST EMOTIONAL GAME I EVER PLAYED and yeah you should try it. its worth it to try

Adlam Davis

really a game for me i like the story line you get lost if you dont read because it says what way it is but yea i personly enjoy a game that challenge me and let me get lost like real life but that is my prespective i will by the full story usely i pirate games that cost money but i realy wanna suport this small studio so they can make better games like this but more voice and sound they need money to do so so yea thanks developers

Ghazal Javan

Amazing art and storyline


I love story games and you can play offline

Oishi Chan

Okay. It's a good game. But. Too much talk. No audio for the storyline. It gets boring after some time especially reading THAT MUCH of texts. There are parts like "..." texts you can't skip by pressing. Its a 2 sec wait.. yet annoying. At times you have to do something over and over again without knowing much. Just not for me.


Best game i say....and good quality too thanks 👍

Lol Li

Very good game and great story plot

Prateek Mittal

Please Add it to google play pass. It looks like a nice game.

UnknowFamily Hamburger

I really love this game its so beautiful and very aesthetic. I really like it!

Daniel Lopez

I have no idea why this would be free on the appstore. This game probably has the best story and best music I've personally seen in a game on the appstore. I'm happily purchasing Opus:Echo of Starsong on steam right now because this game was so great.

Rishabh Rawat

Very nice and relaxing game ever

Wainee yak

Good game, very fun good story

paul C.agot

I love this game thanks

Billy CoosBye



Seems interesting from the prologue, but can't tell what kind of gameplay it'll be but the visuals are good and the story appears interesting

C'est La Vie

good stuff

Aswin Ap

I am only giving low rating because they are asking money to unlock full game. Developers should do some in app purchases to make money not like locking the entire game somehow there are no annoying ads . now about the game.. Wow a good game. Soo minimalistic and the musics are soo calm and peaceful. I think there should be a zoom in feature on map to get a clear view and enjoy graphics

3rty 6ix

It's good

Rat Corpse


R.j Shohel Tv


Hossein Farajpoor

Good game.i like this game.verrryyy good game

Angela Lovegrove

Enjoying the story and building a space rocket 🚀

Christine Mccullock

interesting but hard to get your character where they needed

Andrew Brockman

This game is great, a truly unique game with an incredible story and great graphics and music. I wish the developer would release more.

Mohammad Hossain


suphal santra

A nice game

Miss Jannat


Hamvu Iswas


kurama tlm

I love this game


Beautiful game ❤️

Ashu Bindu

Very nice game honestly

Nayon Mondal

Nice story ... Scantanious animation .. . Outstanding 🤧❤️❤️❤️

A Google user

A really lovely game. Well done


I like it

Dennis Laguna

So emotional. Def a great way to get invested in a story. Dialogue is very believable.

Ko Ar Lue

Wow I wasn't expecting that. This game have enjoyable gameplay, beautiful visuals and a great story. Devs did a great job

Drew H.

Nice game until I got to a point where I had to purchase it to continue. I NEVER buy the full game, but I was enjoying this enough that I went ahead and did it this time. And it ended. Lame.

mushtaq khan


Chrissy H

Quick to get you interested and then want to charge you to continue playing.

Malik mozamil


Md.Annaf Mridha

The game is just mind blowing ❤️❤️

Amanda Farliana

This game is really great. The story, the soundtrack, the gameplay I love it all. I just bought the full game story and it's pretty cheap, keep it up !

Lidia D

Really thankful for everyone who made this game :') really pretty and guys this is worth every penny you spent 👍🏼

yahya mod

i love this gama


I'm really enjoying the music and story thus far!


I love it ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

belle phillips

I love this game a lot, i love the story line, the music, the visuals, everything about it is great! I think you all fid an excellent job with this game and hope to see more like this in the future, keep up the amazing work!

Piyali Das

Great story line and the music is perfect.

Krishna chutiya


James Hetfield

To much reading, be better if words was audio

Joseph Windle

A true spiritual Successor to the point click adventure games of your child hood.

Rawan Ashraf

A full-blown amazing game

teezzzy tzchit

Storyline is too simple

Otsu Panjaitan

Amazing, so emotional. But I have to pay for full story, it's okay.

Luke vincent Lagura

I like it because its a store game and its all about the rocket and the ghost and the two main character and it's just like a puzzle finding the missing part of rocket i really like it

A random potato on a couch

Very good story and ost

Abdulrahman Turky

I like the story telling, but it's a bit slow, still it's a pretty good game

jerome speed

Hey I really love the gameplay story is amazing one suggestion would be to include voice actors to capture audiences who prefer to listen. That way people won't be bored of the dialog and keep some of the short attention spans in check.

yeasin matters

Really the best story game

Sai Sankalp Das


EREN Yeager

Storyline is amazing Graphics are unique Love the game

Aya Tahawi

Good 👍🏼


Toooo much to reeeeeeeeaaaad!!!

Sourav Das


Kinia Eldwita

(I can't bind my account either to google play or facebook!!!) This is beautiful. But I feel like it missed some part, because as told in the story, only engineer can build the rocket and the witch only say "goodbye" to the ghost. But in the end of the story, Fei success to build the rocket, did John finally decided to help Fei??

Oussad Ahmed

It's just wonderful 😍😍

Aniketh Gorty

Beautiful game

Gideon van den Berg

Plainview moving around d totally different from promotional video

Jonathan Sayago

Great game, but can I complete all the artifact repairs without buying more soul stones? I paid for the full game and finished it already.

Corona Plays&Draws

The story is just too sick. I recommend the Prologue version first and then this. I'm around the dpot where you get Snow Gear for the 13 Rocket Shell and I'm having a blast. The small stories with dead characters like Roger or IDs stuck in cars are too sick. By small stories I mean like two rows or smth lol. Very good game! I will totally finish it and then play the newer one too!

magic 592

Love the game, really relaxing game

Jayden leon Dsouza

Love it but idk every time i press continue story it take me to review 😂

Rajashree Bordoloi

Very good graphics

Fauzan Abdurrahim



I haven't finished the game yet but the moment i saw the premise of the story, i was so into it. I played this game a few years ago but i didn't finished it due to it having some sort of payment but now that i can pay it, i'll finish it and will uncover this masterpiece!


(EDIT - March 24, 2022) I love this. Everything in it! I am glad that the Cosmos have guided me to find this game once again since the last time I have played it few years back but this time I have been able to buy the story to fully experience the story! The OSTs, characters, artworks, everything made me attach to this. Thank you for making this game. I will treasure this and will look forward to play the other OPUS games soon! ❤

bhuwan dugar


Itz An Emotion

So relaxing ♥️

PoCanDo _

Not for people expecting a fast paced action game. 90% text reading and waiting for conversations to end. But if you know what to expect, it's quite the experience.

Iskandar Shah

It's was quite got game

Άρτεμις Τζιόγκα

The controls are a bit rough but the story is great!!!

Gautham Prasannan

Adipoli sanam..🤩🤩

Czan Dra

ama namin

Ravi Shankar Negi

Good game with pretty graphics. I like it very much. The story is good too.

Lourd Ganub

The story is unique

Ryan Fenner

Great story line 👏


The developers clearly put a lot of effort into making this it's not like the stupid games you see on top of the charts that look like they were made on scratch jr in 45 minutes this is a masterpiece :) idk how I found it I was just searching random things but I'm so glad I did can't wait for another game from this studio 🙂

Calvin Phone



Can't help but hate the character John.

Srinivas Gurrapusala

There are no words to describe the game it's out of limits! I had never seen such heart touching sound design, characters, background and the story in any other games! I will be waiting for the other game. I really love to see how your games are going to be in the future. I really love the soundtracks of your games too it fits the story and the atmosphere. Sigono whatever you are doing it's great and it won my heart so good luck with the other games!😊

Khun Tun Oo Hlaing

This story is feelings good

BookNerd 321

It is so beautiful and I love the story

pinkman DS

nice so far

cheese ketchup

One of the best story games I've ever played

Andrew Talidong

What a beautiful and awesome game. Why 4 stars? It's because I have to pay for full story. In conclusion, this is one of the best games I've played so far here in the play store.

Shoji Ng

To Be Continue..