Ooga Ooga!:Tribe Simulator

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Welcome, Chief! You are the one mighty leader of the Stone-age world.
Send your tribesmen to the hunting grounds to obtain various supplies.
Oof, did they get hurt? No worries! If they’re injured, all you need to do is make them recover. (told ya, they are invincible!)

Train your members with your supplies. Who knows? One day, one of your tribesmen could be stronger than a giant Mammoth!

Your Tribesmen await your command!

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Update time: Jun 17, 2022
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Developer: gameduo
Price: Free
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Customer review

nobodie particular

still can't play the game because of crashes...I'm losing patience fast...

jey fern

the game is very good i enjoyed it for the time i played it but now it does not even past the loading screen and i still wamt to play it, would of given a 5 star

Aka Scrimz YT

My game jut won't work

Hardik Bansal

Loved the game and I wish for a day when the game stops having any issues. A new issue with attendance and check in has made it difficult to claim certain rewards now. Looking forward for these issues to be resolved and enjoying the game once again.

Sir Snorlax

Buggy as hell, 2d style game but it is not optimized so run very laggy and buggy

Abitameem Ujjain

It doesn't work it just remains on loading screen at 100% but doesn't start the game

Erica Wise

Gets to 100 on load screen then crashes

BenzunalikE v.1

สำหรับใครที่ค้างหน้าโหลด วิธีแก้สำหรับเกมนี้และหลายๆเกมให้ลองเปลี่ยนเป็นภาษาอังกฤษก่อน มันชอบมีปัญหากับภาษาไทย บางเกมก็บัคเล่นไม่ได้ บางเกมก็เข้าไม่ได้แบบนี้ครับ

Andrew Gitzlaff

It's okay for a time killer. I really haven't understood a point to it yet? Seems like they have a decent foundation for what could be a good game. Just lacks some structure and content. Time will tell.

Григорий Курмаев

Another useless update, infinite loading screen still not fixed. upd. Latest update still doesn't fix the issue

Syukri Izka

Uninstalling for now. Too much headache for a game that's supposed to be fun. Might check back later when the reviews start looking up a bit.

Chris Bowman

Game still loads to 100% freezes for a few seconds and then crashes. It has not been corrected.

James Deffenbaugh

Game is difficult to look at. My eyes feel strained after 10 or 15 minutes. This game might be fine on a 14 inch or larger tablet but definitely not on any phone.

Tom Watson

A good concept, but simply not ready to be released. Also I find myself with millions of stones and not enough ways to spend them. I'd suggest a better way to trade stones for xp

Marwan Sakr

Its one of the games ever. Can confirm its a game

Liam Smith

Infinite loop has not been fixed! Messaged support about this days ago, no response as usual. Been unable to play since day one.


Trash Still can't log in I pre registered and have not been able to open the gam 3 updates and it's the same can't load the game 4 updates now y can't I play

Hayden Hardy

Buggy, glitche and right as I get in the game it crashes or it goes to my home screen please try to fix you game developer's

snow fall

Now the daily quest is fixed, nice. Please also fix the hit points bugs which is not full even after finished healing. Thank you so much.

Jacob Smith

Yeah don't delete my review because was critical of a game that doesn't even work! Instead of telling the dozens if not hundreds of people saying the game crashes before getting passed the first loading screen, fix your damn game?

R. Adam Johnson

So, on initial release the game had a few bugs, but from what I can tell they've fixed them. It's a fun game with Idle elements to help you get items and exp. Cute, fun and simple.

ivan lang

force exit after return tribe man tutorial and open game again wait to load, then force exit again


Decent concept. Shows potential.

Suicidal Gamer

It's a good game, I am not fond of playing games all day and would roughly spend an hour or two, But with this, I am emersed so much that when I take a look at the time an hour had already passed by without me knowing I did experience some bugs or glitches which are I sometimes cannot connect to the server somehow, another is I received two of the daily rewards, it seems like I time skipped but all my ongoing research also turned 2days before it could finish which was surprising.

Scott Brown

I was stuck on 100% for days. Now my save has gone and my purchase too I imagine. Edit: thank you to responding, will update this accordingly once resolved.

Cobra Commander

EDIT: I gave the game a 3/5 score before but felt I may have been too harsh. The game still has a few issues to work out but I figure its only been live for a few days. THANK YOU devs for the opportunity to try your game for free. I look forward to checking your progress out in the future and giving you a better score.

tor's 420

ต้องเปลี่ยนเป็นภาษาอังกฤษ เกมมันลำบากน้อ

Thiago Augusto

Played a couple of days, got through the 7 initial levels. Now the Altar and the Lab take over a day to complete and leveling up the the tribesman it's too much work after level 90. I'm done with this game. Also the "The Operation Hunt Giant Animals" most of the time never finishes loading after you fight. You just waste your time and hope that next time it will go through.

Ar Ter

I love this games especially the design it have and i would like to say that the only thing that have a problem is that.. i noticed my cousin using a 4gb ram phone.. and the game in him is laggy and seems like the sensitivity to look around is very quick that you need to only lift slowly your finger to look around.. maybe the lag may cause of it.. overall i rate this 5 star

Billy Bobbie

It keeps crashing on the loading screen and won't let me in at all update: thx for reading my review developer and working on the problem.

kyril 1217

Is there a 0 star? When I updated it I can't open the game and it says API Hooking. And the daily mission is impossible to complete because the altar time become 2 days to complete and the lab is 3-4 days to complete.

Austin Hooten

Seems kinda fun. Can't really do anything because the game keeps force closing and restarting me at different points in the tutorial. :/

Yuiko Yamazaki

Gets to 100% and does nothing even made my phone froze


I like the concept of the game and I think it is good

Sebastian Philipps

I mean, game is pretty fun. I was waiting for this type of endless, (mostly) idle game but... So many in-game bugs, including store purchases not being possible (but they charge you anyway). Already send two inquiries about my 2 purchases, 48 hours and 24 hours has passed and no response.

Muhammad Alfikri Ridhatullah

Worst, too many bug, i didnt play this game for a day but my tribesmans on healing station still on healing even i didnt open the game all day, even i cant daily check in My money i spent this game didnt worth at all, like, u must crazy rich just to upgrade 1 lv 100 tribesmen to next level, normal tier to legend tier, same cost, 500 gold clay, which this game premium currency, and the legendary rate is worst, like 100 draw for 1 legendary, its worth 10k gold clay, not worth

Tynan Schwenk

I see potential but you released the app to soon it keeps crashing and then reseting back to the tutorial that will never finish because it keeps crashing. So it's pretty much an endless loop

jjohncarl javier

Bug cant see my deployed minion anywhere i cant even recall them

Melissa Wilkinson

Haven't been able to play since recent update... Infinite loading screen, hope this gets fixed. I'll check back and update review if it gets fixed.

Kurtis Gilbert

Game has been force closing on me within 10 to 30 seconds of looking around my tribe area. The rare times it allows me to play for a few minutes in a row it never saves. Great concept of a game and would really like to keep playing if there's a fix

Ardiyan Bayu Rahmadanto

Force close when opened


Why is my progress not being saved i played for 4 hours i thought oh maybe the problem is that i should click the sync data button before leaving but nope didn't fix anything i literally lost my progress 3 times for no reason i get the daily check in back every rime i rejoin the game please fix your game i like it so much yet it has so many bugs and it keeps crashing ...

Brett Vasquez

Should be No stars. Changed my review to 1 star. After update 1.05.10 game still infinity loads SMH. Dev team lost hundreds of levels in progress. Game is trash anyway, dev team sucks big fat hairy ones. Game is boring and has too many unfixable issues.

Armaan Singh

Nice game

Jesse Coury

After recent update the game still crashes. But gave an extra star due to fast reply from support team

Zita Young

Game loads to 100% and the screen freeze's and it then crashes, i just installed the new update and it is doing the same thing, just did the most recent update and it is still acting the same way


Good game definitely a time killer

Jack Woodland

It's so good and unique game.but you guys should add a lot of new things cause it's boaring.and can you guys add colors not only black n white.i know it's a style but it's not good.if you guys want to make this game good so please add colors.


Not bad of a game good concept. But started crashing at the start when I loaded it up and going into battle and having to have every person I sent in heal after is super annoying. Even if they didn't have to heal and it says 0 seconds I still have to wait. As well as the way they fight and who is who is confusing.

Lord Nemo

I had it uninstalled for awhile but reinstalled when I seen your reply, It opened to a screen that told me a new version is available, When I clicked it a weird screen opened instead of play store, But once I updated via play store and it loaded to 100% it froze and went to black screen then seemed to shut off/ crash, This is same problem I have had since release it looks like a good game but I cannot play it, Either its my phone which Is a Samsung Galaxy A32, Or something else, Thanks 4 Trying.

Classy Diamond

I can't even start the game it just instantly crashes.

Edwin Harris

I paid for the lunch package special it charged me but I didn't receive the package yet.


Still trying game, however as someone who does purchase things in games, I will NEVER pay for ad removal that is not permanent.

Rachel Fillmore

Continues to crash every time I open it and it hits 100% loaded. I want to try the game to give a meaningful review. Edit (6/21/22): The game now gives me the option to reconnect endlessly instead of just crashing. Still haven't made it past the first loading screen.

Ryan Yiu

Paid starter pack didn't receive. Contact via their email, no responseded yet about 20 hours now. Edit: Problem solved.

Julius Plantig

In the Dominated Area, it would be helpful if we can tell right away which tribesmen have already been assigned so we can unassign easier. I hate having to tap each one to find out.


it is a good game, simple to understand but I feel it is lacking in colour. Animals could be more vibrant especially the stronger animals in each hunting ground

Little Monkey

Hey! This review isn't final or anything, I would just like to say that ever since launch I've had big problems with even getting the game to load, it crashes before getting past the loading screen. (Edited) Thank you for the response! I'm really looking forward to playing your game!

Rudolph Betz

My review was deleted. I still haven't received my $.99 starter package even after email. constant crashes and now it just gets stuck at the loading screen at 100%


The game crashes a lot and is little laggy. Almost unplayable. It is a shame cuz concept and artstyle are great. Would love to see it fixed

shobir habibullah


Васил Раданов

bug got fixrd another review. game uses wayyy too much vip currency. you can afk farm with 1 champion per finished map. you need 500 nuggets for another char slot max 2 slots. doesn't matter how useless level is. bassicly 20levels.10000 nuggets. not I find out you need 500 nuggets to awaken a champion after 100...level 8 of map needs lvl105 champs. 1000 nuggets cost about 5$...Also when deploying in battle. it's really frustrating the units are messed up. they should be from strong to weak

Tng Jun Wei

Can't seem to complete the 'visit' missions by logging in. Would help if provide tooltips, etc. Thanks for the update


So far so fun. However, having issue completing daily quest. Can't not complete "visit 1 time within period" Also, can't sync progress btw 2 android devices

Hexiee Willson

The game has a lot of potential, I mean it looks great, and is fun and all, but yeah, there's just too much bug preventing you to enjoy it. First, it crashes then when you open it, it's resets back to how it all was when you last open it, progress is only saved when you closed the app first before the crash happen. Second, when you open the game units you put on dominated area would be back on the bonfire, and would be usable in hunting grounds again, but still be working in dominated area.

Audrey Andini

Hi, the game looks good. I'm on tutorial but the game keeps freezing out on me. please help. thank you and good luck!

Wayne cooper

Game is fun. Enjoyable. Had a glitch which locked my team but were able to get in to contact with the support team and they solved my problem quickly. Great game.

Avalon Valkyrie

Any time I try to open the app it crashes after the loading screen is at 100% tried reinstalling it and it's still happening, kinda sad that I haven't been able to play but it looks promising Edit: it has not been fixed, just tried and the same issue is still happening, everything is fully updated and no change at all

Angela Something

Game is horrible. Says bugs are fixed, but they aren't. I uninstalled it and do not recommend.

Garrett Boehmer

Game is fun but theres a lot of bugs. hopefully we will see lots of improvements

Damien Wills

Still haven't been able to play because game crashes after hitting 100% on loading screen even after update. It's a shame because the game looks fun and it's a game pre-registered for and have been waiting to try.

Cara Thomas

So I've played this game for a few days now. I've spent a little money on small packs, no biggie. It's very addictive and entertaining. I haven't had any problems with connectivity or crashing which is great. My only complaint for the game is that once all my tribesmen have reached level 100 it takes 500 shells to promote them to higher levels. I don't put lots of money into apps so to get all my tribe over 100 will take forever.

Foxy & Altar

Still have some program issue.

Somebodys Duck #2

Can't even play the game

Sichoun Lee

I still can't play the game, thought i would give it a couple of days to be fixed, but still haven't. At this point I think this is just trying to get people to install it... I think I might Uninstall in a couple of days if this crash doesn't get fixed... and if I could I would rate my experience a 0 out of 5 cause... this can go off as false advertising!

Luke Richardson

DO NOT SPEND MONEY on this game, it basically stole 4.99 from me, I bought the season pass assuming the season began the day the game became available , the they ended the season next day without warning, they have ignored my emails about this issue, apart from that it's ok game, but very simple and kinda thrown together, no real thought has been made beyond "let's make a game where u control cavemen", that's literally it, not much is special and it comes with bugs.. I would avoid this game .

Rob H

Following their response I received a refund but not the purchased item. Which is no longer available but a refund is better than nothing. Still bugs abound though but had potential

Dicc Tard

I lost almost all my tribes men they're nowhere. Update: I had to uninstall and reinstall the game and they all came back.

Kyle Gittings

Sent all my tribe to the gunting ground the game lagged out n now there all saying sent but I can't get them back

035 Joshua Emmanual Anscar Michael

I repeatedly have an issue with the game not saving my progress... This has happened to be nearly a dozen times, both before and after the latest update. Kindly do look into it, I wouldn't to see a good game after so long go to waste.

فيديوهات عشوائية

I was making progress and enjoying the game until it started crashing and now it says my 3 warriors are already sent but I can't retrieve them and they're not anywhere in the hunting grounds so basically 3 of my most powerful tribe warriors vanished i hope you fix the bugs soon and i would really enjoy the game if you did because it's a really cool and original concept ^^ Edit : they said the problems got fixed i will download it again later and if it did get fixed then i will give it a 5 ⭐

Mohamed Ashraf

The game is alright and could use a lot of improvement, especially the instructions - what in the world is "Visit 1 time(s)"? Visit what exactly? I went to all the places available to me and nothing. The game doesn't even allow you to go to the location or anything like that. O_O

WangXia KunXai

It's cute, it's classic... Unique in other way...

S. Boyd.

Kept crashing...

Joshua Holland

You hit an large pay wall/time drain when upgrading tribesmen above 100 (each one costs 500 golden shells).

Hernandez Aljohn F.

The game has a potential but it lack info about certain mission, the healing center seems to stop working if you close the game. It has great gameplay pace but the lack of information make it hard.

Sin Lad

I simply can't open the game it tries for 5-30 seconds then simply closes itself.

Soriak So-ri-yak

Probably the best game ever played with a gameplay like this. I really like the art style its quite nice.


I think this is a fun game, it doesn't have an energy system. It sucks that the summoning material is so rare to come by though and I also wish that you could mark preferred party members or set a specific team set up before you go into a hunt. It's really tedious to pick out the specific party members that you want to use.

supreme Cat

How to do visit 1 time within period so confusing


A absolutely perfect B Bunch of fun S so cool O on mobile L lots of cavemen U u have a amazing game T terrific L Like Bc years Y your game is P E R F E C T

gaming spud

Game didn't even start


Game deserves a 5 star review, but, it has lots of bugs, keeps kicking me out of the app, freezes multiple of times.

Carlito Pardillo Jr


B Sandridge

Would be a good game aside from it constantly crashing..I mean can't finish tutorials because it crashes so badly. Oh and the fact that I made a purchase that was never received. I emailed the devs about it, with no response. Will change review once problems are fixed... EDIT: I've been connected and still didn't receive the purchase. I've already emailed TWICE with NO RESPONSE. EDIT 2: Devs still didn't respond so I was approved a refund through Google play. Game still crashes after update.


This game has a very cool concept. There are a few bugs but It just was released. I was surprised by the low rating, this game deserves better.

Mohd AzrullShahrir

Now the game crash very often.


i lost my legendary tribesmen because lag

Bryan Dagong

Great game! But my tribesmen are sent even though they arent and it crashes sometimes... Hope you guys can fix my problem!

Carson Wu

Missing units after I sent them to normal map hunting and closed the game for a while. Not in the manager units nor able to send the units to mission.