Onet Animals – Puzzle Matching Game

Author: BT-Games

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Onet Animals – Puzzle Matching Game – The Best Pair Matching Puzzle Game on Google Play 2021 🦁🐷🐮

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File size: 41M
Update time: August 21, 2021
Current version: 1.117
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: BT-Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ward Tiggs

Wonderful graphics, lots of free boosters, challenging puzzles

Bobbie Otten

I literally love this game so much and it is so fun. I’m addicted to it.

kyawmin Tun

Meizu pro 7

Cayla Kovacek

Nice update

Irwin Homenick

Oh so fun

Leopoldo Lebsack

Super fun, neat decor selection, i luv it.

Ike Sawayn

I have a great time playing this onet game one of the best ever

Xavier Salas

Simply getting to holds with this application. Fantastic so far

Rylan Landry

Its very astonishing really elegant i like it delightful to have fun with!

ricky fanta

This game is legit golden. Thank u for making it

samuel Wo Yong kristen Bounty

If you are persistent, you can accomplish this game’s goals and have fun along the way. Sometimes you just have to keep playing until you get a lucky break.

Grace Santander


Marcus Townsend

Wonderful onet computer game! I simply acquired it recently together with I am currently addicted! It is an extremely enjoyable video game in addition to extremely fascinating. I wasnt expecting a great deal yet its addicting. Appears to operate well. I continued along with furthermore paid the $ to get rid of ads which considerably improves it.

Jose Navarro

Excellent game for a dad as well as son to play. Thanks

raymond Abigail veronica Skud

Amazing 100/10

maokai arduin

An engaging game

hady barzegar

A lot of fun!

abdoalah parvin

Great job

Janis Pena

I’ve been playing this game for years now and I’ve completed all the puzzles, looking forward to new levels, hopefully soon! Keep up the good work!

Latoya Martin


Terri Reyes

This game has been a miracle, ever since I got my papa into downloading this game I stopped being an pest and I have not got into trouble but this game is tricky and fun. What most kids are up to. Thank you. This game is the best.

Sherri Mccoy

Best onet game ever

shawn audrey

It a very good game and has nostalgic memories

Tabujin Tabu


Georgina millie Mae

Very fun and you learn hand eye coordination

Noe Serena Tripp

This game is amazing

Hayes Diogenes

A lot of fun, although the time limit is very annoying at points, it’s a shame it isn’t optional so that you can play the game in your own speed if you want to

Kandy Paulette

Excellent game!!!!

Wood Lacey

This game is great fun and slightly addictive

Alana Saul Petra

Love the game! Brings back a lot of memories.

Ursula Truc

One of the best games I’ve ever played

Kelvin Ribaudo


Mccann Ylla Danial

Gets your heart racing! Great game

Elmira Chinni

Great onet game

Tami Longawa

I luv it

Dorathy Schnitzler

Everybody tells me to get it and I kept telling them no. Well I got it finally and turn out it was a lot better than I thought it would be.

Cary Monique

Game is ok but even if you have sound off, the ads play music.

Marquis Huels

Love this Onet game. It is fantastic it can reduce with stress and it’s super calming and has good quality

Alejandro Kerr

I enjoy this onet game, and so do my brother or sisters. We play this video game every day. Thanks.

Jonnie Stamm

This onet game is cool

Fgh Wry

I played this onet game like a year ago and just got it again it's super funnnn

Alyse Feeney

Too addictive

Jesse Kassulke

I love this game. Any way to add more time on each move. It gets expensive.

Disf Vet

Great game, changeling! New level levels are always added. Can actually play without paying for anything.adds unless you need extra time to complete a puzzle. BUT usually can finish without add. I have purchased power ups using only the Free coins received multiple times a day. TYVM to the developers for giving me hours of daily play, being a disabled Veteran stuck at home 24/7 & living on small income this game does. verything to keep my mind busy and fills my time.

A Google user

I love this game because it makes you think hard but it also really fun!

Rachel Cantrell


Ruthe Goldner

So addictive! I didn't expect to love this game. I even got my sisters into it and now I catch them playing it all the time. THE BEST ONET GAME EVER!!!

Esther Brown

I'm sick with covid but find this game enjoyable on many levels!

Delores Peter

Enjoyable and relaxing wish i knew how to receive the rewards with the bomber jets and also what they do and how to activate them i cant find info an or instructions otherwise enjoy the game

Dhruv Munda

OMG this is so cool and is so challenging

Benjamin Guerrero

I like the game

Delaney Mccray

Enjoyable game. Keeps me captivated

Christina Hawkins

Fun and challenging!

Antonina Cawley

It great that you don't have to start again when you get to a level. Well, not yet with me.

Caitlyn Mcpherson

Addictive and challenging

Jesse Alford

Top top et top

Lilly Fitzgerald

Best game ever I just think that they should add more levels 🧡🧡🧡

Dylan Wallace

It’s a great pikachu game. I love it and it reminds me of when I was little.

Andrea Rose

I downloaded a lot of games of the same genre but ended up keeping this one. Best Onet game ever.

Vivaan Roy

This resembles my most favored point to play on my phone ❤.

Elizabeth Burnett

Fun game! So far I’m enjoying playing

Khloe Glover

Please make more degrees I'm asking you

Makenzie Albert

I just love this tile matching game it really fun but sometimes it’s get tricky but anyway I would recommend it

Santiago Irwin

A great onet game to help pass the time!

Zoe Thornton

Nice puzzle game

Eva Jefferson

I like Onet game. For a mobile video game it's actually respectable.

Mario Mcintosh

What a fantastic ceramic tile link video game. Wonderful to have it on my phone ❤.

Zoey Hardin

It is the best game I have ever had I wish I can win all the levels

Aliyah Cabrera

Fine game

Thomas Hunt

With nice colourful tiles and soft music and plenty levels which will take a while to complete, suitable for all ages. However, It gets more challenging. It is hard sometimes but very worth this tile connect game.

Jordan Case

Really like this game

Lyla Booth

Your game is so cool

Eliana Patrick

This app is great 😀😀😀😀

Jennifer Mercado

I can’t play level 651 why?

Caiden Perkins

Hey, so I downloaded this game a few weeks ago and I am in love with it I love that it is offline so I can play while in the car and on road trips. Thank you for the great tile connect game.

Summer Trevino

It is awesome

Karla Nguyen

Love all the BT-GAMES games

Kayden Salazar


Josephine Strickland

I love Onet game. It so good fun and can entertain you for hours.

Justin Terrell

Very fun and exciting game

Maggie Higgins

Trop cool!

Skylar Curry

Great tile connect game! So addicting and simple.

Vedant Murmu

Good game to keep you thinking

Miles Rowland

It’s just so hard.

Mark Robbins

I really like this one the best!

Camila Shields

Really recommend

Aaron Vaughn

I love the music in the game loved stressed out. Great tile match game!!!

Kevin Horton

Better than most tile match games around, enjoying it so far.

Evelyn Bishop


Mia Mccoy

I love Onet Animal. Unlike other games, it does not require "Heart". You get a reward whenever you achieve a new level or came back to the game. Its amazing! ❤️❤️😝😝

Nathan Sparks


Grace Yates

It does not go anywhere you simply level up, a time waster, nonetheless i really enjoy it. You won't notice time passing while playing it. I enjoy this Onet video game.

Shelby Clarke

I spend slot of time to rest over this onet video game

Martin Duran

Fun game

Madison Francis

This is an incredibly addicting puzzle game. Simple but challenging. I'm level 150 and still racing to get into the leaderboard

Mario Ortiz

Onet Animal is by far one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Luis Holt

The best tile matching game I've played so far. In three days I went so addicted that right now I'm on level 31-5. Really really love this game ❤️❤️

Israel Harrison

Harder than you think

Charlotte Barrera

I like this I'm SO addicted PLS obtain this game there is no ads and also it's entertaining

Blake Mccullough

Really like this onet game. Lots of fun.