Om Nom: Run 2

Author: ZeptoLab

100K+ install


Om Nom: Run 2 – Om Nom is taking over the rooftops of Nomville!
Do tricks, avoid obstacles and collect likes to become the best!

-RACE: Who is the fastest? 10 racers, only one winner!
-EXPLORE: Can you find the fastest route through the rooftops of Nomville? There are thousands of ways to finish a level!
-DO TRICKS: Climb walls, do a wall run, double jump and ride ziplines on your way to victory!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 22, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: ZeptoLab
Price: Free
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Customer review

Waleed Alshangiti

This game is awesome because om nom can do pro tricks and can run on walls and slide with a hanger on a zip line and defeat enemies in one second thank you cut the rope creators 😊

Faris B

The new update sucks.



Jinky Saycon


Adrianne Louiz Severo

Nice Game ;)

Wilfredo Abayon

Cute and it's for kids

Umair Patel

Takes too long to download

Gab Alagad

Super cool but very laggy

Sheena Balliet

Don't like it

Jeaunne Butcher

The graphics are cut, but the game gets so laggy at times. Really, REALLY laggy. And sometimes you get stuck in buildings and have to quit. I love the CtR series, but ZL needs to fix their game.

A Google user

Very fun, now I will not worry about crashing

A Google user

Terrible THE GAME WAS RUSHED om nom run 1 was better. And om nom run 1 had amazing graphics

Margaret Trainor

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Robert Woodford

I played this game for weeks everyday and enjoyed it more than any other game lately then they changed it completely without immediately including the original level to play. I will never download another one of your games unless you correct this.

Craig Segelsky

The new update for this game is awful. Before, the ui was clean, it showed your best time, but the new update removed that! Now, it shows a semi-decent level map showing how far you've completed! However, this update isn't entirely bad. First, the quest mode. The quest mode is a refreshing twist on the game as it is randomly generated, instead of playing the same map over and over. Second, the "ticket" mode. The ticket mode is useless. The only thing it does is make you play the game more.

Kaitet Kaitet

No ads forever but I love it!👍


Can you fix it's omnom Run 2 fix it now

David Diaz TZin


Jace Fielding

I like the game, but there is a glitch in the game. The glitch is when you start a run. You will not run and you are out of energy. Please fix this.

Jean-Paul Balbi

Thanks for the update

Germán Darío Orejarena Escobar

Not so good

Samuel Dominguez


The Love

❤🧡❤🧡❤🧡 I love it 😀 😍 ❤ ♥ 💕 💖 😀 😍 ❤ ♥ 💕 💖

Clementine Netherland

My favorite game! there no ads🙀😸😸😸😸😸😸😻!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aleeza Ramzan

Idk I played the first game of it "Om nom Run" and it was amazing but I haven't played this one so let's see...

Lucy Sandhu

Super game

Jeanpaul Balbi santos

Thanks for the update

Annleejay Chulas69

I love this game but the thing I LIKE the most is THAT THERE ARE NO ADS 😍😍😍🥰🥰 but maybe add more characters and coins and maybe power ups!

Jeriel Martinez

Gets repetitive but its fun at times.

Vihaan Khandelwal

It is nice but be sure to add characters and coins too. Also Roto is awesome

Shameem Ahmed

Want to try it

Amanda Blackburn


Carol Rene' Bilyeu

Fun fun fun

Viren Poole

This game has one glitch I know of and its to never try to get under ramps if you do then you will be stuck for the intire time intell you restart but otherwise its a great fun game

Elly Armah

I love the game when or whenever you get the most likes and that game is so cool that I should share it to all of my friends!

Stephen Miller

discovered this randomly through an ad on another game and its so fun?? Om Nom is a legend and the graphics are cute, plus the gameplay is super smooth. Love it!

demon slayer

I love the parkor momentum and the likes it makes me think I'm a youtuber

Quincy Brown

Skin cost a lot but it is still cool

Lameka Allen

Best game I've played but I want more levels


When I played the game when I saw the CPU literally fell off by the save me thing and does not stop and I laughed so hard

Mansour Abbaker mugahid

om mom is cool I like it

Boy friend


Ana Iris Lopez

LOVE the game like om nom run tow om nom run you can not doble jump and it has NO ADS PLAY THIS GAME. Also there is a clam up glich


This game is awesome.

cherry strawberry

I love it I wish everyone download it it's too fun

Graham Simpson

This is a pretty nice game. It's satisfying to pull off tricks and rather addictive. One of the best soft-launched games by developers other than ZeptoLab. Only thing is... It's got basically nothing to do with Cut the Rope or Om Nom. The only thing related to the franchise in any way is the fact that you play as Om Nom. Maybe they could have replaced the energy drinks with candy? I don't know. Anyway, I hope this game can be improved if it gets launched fully.

Rocket O

DUDE. THIS. IS. AMAZING. Yes, it could be better but it's new so I can't blame it. SUGGESTION: shop for characters, as well as character abilities. ( for boo I got a good idea it's that he screams and sends people next to him 1 space away) BUG REPORT: at the end of a race I slided and it sent me intothe next stage until I was standing/floating on a hole


Alright, where do I start? For those wondering, since late 2019/early 2020, Zeptolab has stopped developing Om Nom games themselves and instead handing the license out to other developers, but they're pretty strict on what can actually leave softlaunch and fully release. Only 3 of those many games ever actually fully released: Om Nom Idle, Run & Cut The Rope Remastered. Unfortunately I don't think this game will join those, but it's still a relatively fun game (albeit a bit bland)

Julie Horn

Can you add ''Solo race'' where it goes an infinite way with many bottles of energy and when Om Nom runs out of energy, it is game over?


The game is a good game with good gameplay and has barley or no ads in it. The only issue is the bugs in the game but since it's new I expected them.

Oj J

Poopy butt 😟😟😟

Hunter Evans

Looks good