Om Nom Idle Candy

Author: ZeptoLab

100K+ install


Have you ever dreamed of having your own Candy Factory?

Om Nom is here and needs your help building the biggest Candy Factory of the world!

Get ready for the sweetest idle simulation game experience!


★ The Evil Spider has casted a spell that covered Om Nom’s Hometown with bubble gum, and now he needs your help!
★ Your Machines will turn the sticky bubble gum into sweet candy, which you can sell for tons of cash!
★ Invest in upgrading your Machines to create the biggest Candy Factory ever!
★ Hire Managers to operate Machines for you, and promote the ones that work the hardest!
★ Rebuild Om Nom’s Hometown by placing amusing buildings and fancy decorations!
★ Participate in weekly Events, travel around the space and time with Om Nom!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 13, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: ZeptoLab
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michael Bankston

Had originally paid to remove the ads which... Now doesn't exist? So, are you planning to refund users who did, or?

Wendy Burkhart


Brendan Budniak

You basically can't complete anything without paying money to else you fail every challenge

Lexi G

Cute concept and I like this franchise, but there seemed to be lots of bugs. The ads didn't always load, the game had trouble recognizing that I had been offline and a few other things. I also couldn't find a way to speed up the conveyer without me manually flicking it, but that could just be my issue and not the game. Because of this it was hard to earn money to upgrade so progress is slow.

Rinuba Rafi

More tym too load...


I love this Game its so addictive

Jerika Hall

I have now lost my gem purchases twice. The first time I lost multiple purchases and all of my progress. When I reported it, I was told there was nothing they could do, and then when I pressed, made to jump through all kinds of hoops with no resolution. The game constantly glitches. I expect more from a company that has been around this long. If the game isn't ready, either don't release it, or be prepared to HELP your players.

Haider Rampurawala

progress slows down to nothing after just a hour or 2 if gameplay. total money grab

Ben Kimmel

Boring game with nonstop ads

Adryan Kusuma

No save progress, don't waste your time! Your progress will be gone forever.

Jasmine Fanjoy

The game is fun and it's definitely a way to kill some time. My biggest complaints are the ads which are ridiculous because you have to get them to get the bonuses. Also the game is laggy and it closes out on me constantly. When I'm watching an ad I'll get through the ad and the games closes out. I'll probably uninstall the game because of this.

Mahmood Rouhani


Matt Fenner

Hi. This game is fun. However I have experienced a bug that has stopped me from being able to continue. There is a contract which I completed but it hasn't registered it for some reason.

Team Pax Live

Reminds me of my childhood


great game 🎮

Adam's TV for art & craft & education

This is the best game and I like it very much than the others game

Jackie Turbett

Great little game original and great for passing the time

Artman -32

Fun game, but there's an aspect of the game far worse than anything I've seen in a long time: in order for the machines to be automated one needs a manager for that machine at a certain level, upgraded with coffee. Every 5 levels a manager needs to be promoted using extra copies of them. This means that if one of your machines needs a level 11 manager you would need minimum ~150 coffee and 6 copies. Got unlucky with the loot boxes or blew your coffee elsewhere? Too bad you basically can't play!

James Hackett

Awesome game was playing it alot. open the app this morning and everything has reset. I have lost all managers, decorations, properties and progression.



Ryan Pelroy

Fun game

Andrew Moffitt

I love this franchise, and I enjoy clicker games like this, but I've got an issue with this one. There is a wide variety of items to spend money on in the game's store, but one thing I notice ISN'T available is an option to disable ads. This game is cute and interesting, and maybe even worth paying for. But it's not worth endless mandatory ads.

Shari Pool

cant instakk

Chrissy Em

Deleted. Probably the most glitchy game I've ever played. Could be a fun time killer, but not if you can't progress.

Basirah Untong


Telsik Diplac

A truly creativity lol interactive idle...

Mihaela-Diana Bugalete


Twane prx

Not getting rewards for ads and Event is bugged, the workshop isn't working, nothing is being produced. Good looking game but basically an ad farm scam

Ivo de Ruever

Please wait a couple of update before you start playing this game. The game is super buggy to the point where it is annoying. You can easily lose the amount of candy you have gained thru the night by restarting the game because something else is broken. And I am not even on the beta channel.

Nk Haruna

Run 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ it's a trap.

Ross Noonan

Won't load past loading screen. Dissatisfied. Update... Deleted and installed it again. Lost my save. Awful game. Do not download

josh gellerson

Game wont load past the tutorial. Soft locks when launching 2/3 times. Fix issues may return and update.

Carlos Mauricio

It's an entertaining game. Lots of adds though!

You Qi Choong

well played for making me watching lots of ads

chris ijzerman

So this game is super fun!!! But just after a couple of hours of gameplay this is my feedback. It really hurts to pay 0.99cents for a legendary manager just to have it be unavailable in later stages. That sounds just stupid to me. The other complaint is that events are not very new player friendly because you need a lot of decorations and a lot of high level managers to get to the end. One small irritation is that whenever I watch the ad for coins (from the spider) my game lags super hard.


Very hard to progress, candy generation speed and earning speed is too slow. Have to watch lots of ads to keep up with the upgrade cost. Deleted after few hours because its quite boring

Bryan Rengifo

No me llamó la atención para nada. Desinstalado

oosha2000 xd

Nice game, characters, graphics and story. Sure the cost jump may be a hassle but it's still possible to progress further with the help of ads as an f2p player and I have cleared more than 5 buildings so far, however, the event is hassling. No matter how long I have been away from the game, I still can't get enough coins and candies. 7 days should be enough but I doubt I will finish the current event, I'm at workshop 2 yet it's so tedious. Make it less cash grab to be 5 stars, thank you.

Livinglife withtwokids

I love numom

afif pratama

This game ain't bug free one of the biggest bug that I hate is when manager sometimes didn't pull the lever producing the candy and since there is no button that candy can't be produces restarting the game fix this bug but sometimes another manager suddenly stop producing And the further you go the harder It will get AND THE LACK OF COFFE IS DISGUSTING THIS IS DEFINITELY A CASH GRAB

Star Gordon

Too easy and too repetitive...

Casper Ueckermann

Very sweet game and quite fun

Aiden Mutzabaugh

Cute fun and easy good game

Stevie G.

Load game, load ad - spinning candy takes over the screen - no ad plays. Have to force close the app and redo it again. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. Too many ads as it is. I remember when Z-Labs was a better company. Oh well.

Samina Aftab

If this is your first review then congratulations i love the game its super fun if u like idle games which i love then om nom candy shop is amazing for you the cutest little characters ever and i love the game byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Rebecca Faas

Very fun. Less ads but overall very addictive

Liam Armitage

Got boring after 2 mins

Tom Gard

Keeps stalling and prevents you from answering your phone when you get a call.

Milly Yeasmin


Barbara Grover

I like the game

Yanga Tshandu

I think this is a 7 everyday at the pressure and never ends

Reynaldo de Leon

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Hollie Porter

Meh. I wanted to love it but it's basically an ad machine. No real point.

Laura S

Cute and fun game but I don't like that you have to finish every single task just to progress to the next level. It means you get stuck waiting for days for coffee or the right cards or are forced to watch ads to proceed.

Arianne Dixon


Moka Miro

This game are amaizing, it's so cool 😎 👌 😍

Shubh Todi

I was enjoying the game and suddenly I opened it today and lost all my progress!!! No way to get it back also, atleast introduce a save progress functionality. Waste of time

Brittany Burgess

The game was fabulous until it came time to upgrade my factory. It keeps asking me to collect coffee at town hall, but I can't click on it. Then when I clear out the app and try reopening it, I'm stopped and told I need a Google account to play. Which I have, but now I'm not sure how to fix this!


It's alright but when doing events needs a leaderboard to compete against other players. More challenging to keep wanting to going to check your progress against everyone

Princess Jada

Smart game

Gloria Chang

the managers stop working sometimes and I thought the executive crate bought in the treasure island event would transfer over to the main workshop

lerma diaz

very nice

Kimberly McCartney

Can't even play the game cause it keeps closing the application for no reason. Would rather higher if it wasn't so laggy and closing all the time. I can't watch ads either to get anything. The spiders that drop down with lots of money I watch a video and at the end it kicks me out of the game without giving me anything in return.


Got the Town Hall, but the game doesn't react when I try to collect coffee and is therefore unplayable.

Monamohsen Abdo

لعبه فوق الخيال


Too many ads. I would keep playing and enjoy it if it weren't for the constant need to watch ads.

Liz Echavarria

Cany candy everywhere keep up the good work

H Berry

Good game!!!it is fun. it is is creative and also kinda good for kids

Ryan Chiou

ok fundamentally this game is great and it is enjoyable, but this seems like a cash grab one way or another, progression is slightly painful without watching 100 ads, which is just feeding ad revenue, I was glad to take the other way out by looking for a no ads purchase, but no ads is included in a monthly fee, which is just absolutely ridiculous, I would pay a few bucks for permanent no ads, but monthly 9.99 is just a cash grab

Tanisha Batta

If you want to play when bored it'll be ten minutes until you are bored again

Valora Schwegler

I like the game, unfortunately it won't stop crashing on me. I've tried uninstall and reinstall and it didn't work. Sucks, I enjoy this game


I love the game

Corona Cat

It was good got bored of it tho WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE DAMM NAME OF IT

Zuriel Kirby Navale

I like it


Unable to transfer to another phone. Please give a backup option

Bhavana Bhosale


Nerd Bear!

Got boring FAST

James Liddell

Whilst playing throughout the past two days, I had cleared 8 workshops. I closed the app for 15 minutes and when I had come back, the game had wiped my save data and I had to start from the beginning. For this, I have uninstalled.

Hyrulian Wolf

Devs wont listen to their consumers and only ad features to fatten their wallet ... Not their review scores ... I want to pay for not ads, without a subscription...

Zero Zombie

Its fixed but you still cant watch adds for things and i dont really like the new style

Harraz Affan

I bought the legendary manager but it did not appear in my game, help.

hat guy

this game is good but its weird how a puzzle game about some green monster turns into some idle game (atleast its better than om nom yeet) anyways the game is great and awesome

Ed Edwards

Such a sweet cool game to play in all ways

Stephanie Rodriguez

Great game but it keeps freezing on me. I cant watch any adds because it'll just close the game or it'll close on its own. Please fix this :'(

siddhan ch

This game is not good because the missons don't work properly An example is machine 1 is at 296 and the misson says that Machine 1 is at 200 please fix it im am big fan and this game doesn't work

Robert Plaskett



Honestly it wasn't bad , I'm not a fan of static idle games like this because there's nothing to look at


Just another ads galore / p2w idler, instead of actually creating a fun gameplay.


Ah got super boring pretty quickly looks like a little cash grab some one mite be stupid and wast there time swiping there finger or if your lucky wast there cash... Not me sunshine

Jamie Kiel Hernandez

This game is so good I love it

Kevin Soh

Yummy and questions are answered by the middle east restaurant near future development and recommendations for you

Priscilla Molerio

No upgrade button for storage. Used to work but for weeks there is no button to upgrade the storage container. Unable to complete tasks due to this. Please fix!


so many bugs, some are game breaking bugs. the devs done a really bad job maintaining the game, latest update on May, is this game still development or already abandonware?

Steph Couzens

It froze on me i uninstalled it and downloaded it again and still wont let me do anything in the same spot after the spider come down. Only 5 mins in the game. And i was liking it to. 😟 please fix it so i can play it. Problem is not fixed very disapointed

مهدیه مقدم

I can't run the game It's says I should log into my Google account and comes out of the game

Aaron pepperkorn

Love it to h3ck

Tony Chapman

Perfect mobile game, familiar mechanics, solid story progression, and the goals are just out of reach enough to keep playing but not so far you have to spend money to get them.

Angel Gillihan

Love the optional ads for rewards! Very cute game, time waster. I like it a lot!

Sydnee Ary

Just started playing and now it's stuck on town hall giving me coffee. There's no way to get past it.

Rajuri Sujatha