Oil Mining 3D – Petrol Factory

Author: Sablo Studio

100,000+ install


Oil Mining 3D – Petrol Factory
Become the most rich oil miner in the world by extracting oil from earth by oil rigs and fill up your wells to sell all over the world & become a tycoon in no time.

Oil Mining 3D features:

_Various attractive levels
_Upgrade your mining machines
_Tap Tap to speed up the mining process
_Transport oil from the rig to storage wells

This is the most satisfying oil mining game you will ever play! You’re going to make billions with your oil in no time, Play now!

Detailed info

File size: 83M
Update time: February 22, 2022
Current version: 1.4
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Sablo Studio
Price: Free
2 votes

Customer review

muthu kumar

Nice 👍

PES 2022

Not bat

Muhammad Hassaan

This is good game

Wendy Wells

Too many ads. You get an ad about every 50 seconds. Can enjoy the game when you watch an ad so often.

Joseph Muncey

Good game to kill time

surya&sons suryaandsons

😞😔 bad

shruti rao

Ads with every achievement is just too irritating. Lost all the interest in this game

Kamran Aslam


Ajay Yadav

Good game

Nadeem Shaikh

I like it

Rabiul Islam

This is best game ever

Zakary Richardson

Good game

Tyler Johnson

Nothing but forced ADs every 30 seconds

Dana Garl

Really forced ads. No way to close out ads. Waste of time... -00000000 stars

Mary Martin

Very entertaining



Nikhil Sable

Wonderful game

Rudraksh Agarwal

Good game

Sandip Band


Vikas Bhoj


henry onyekachi ufomadu

Very Addicting but has a lot of Ads.

Thang Lhun

Wow nice game app is amazing how to make

Billy Halterman

Good game


Nice game

Anita More


Andrew Animal Volz

Pretty cool for a pastime game

Steve Hufford

Too many ads! I'm going to read a book.

Samu Twy


Helen M

Way to many ads uninstalling

Srinivas Kumar


SonaRaj Patil

How many ads? It's so boring

Sujal Panchal

Oil mining 3D games majbout

Money Matters !

Not much you maxed out everything in 20 mins. This game is meant to make the developer a lot of money by ads not intended for fun. FYI to avoid ads put your device on airplane mode and restart. You're welcome.

Bob Wrenck

Great stuff


Didn't even make it 30 seconds into the game before I was forced to watch ads. Decided to play a little longer and 20 seconds later another forced add. Not worth playing with so many forced ads!


It's an okay game but there are so many ads that drives you crazy . Every second an ad . Uninstall...

seth hardy

I'm very much a free to play guy and so if I can slide by with a free upgrade by eating a ad cool. But if the damn ad doesnt. And I mean DOESN'T! have way to exit out after watching it and if you tap the screen it takes you into the play store. Is just bs. Also force ads.

Duncan Lavine

Way way too many ads. You get more ad time than game play. At least so far in my experience that is.

Apurba Roy


nico anggadinata

Ok let's make oil



Tony Antolino

Good game. it will get your mind going

Jitendra Kumar

Ads every 20 seconds.

pankaj sonar


Ketan Darji


Sankar Gaddala

Super 💕

Ramakant Gautam

It is like


Simple and straight forward game. ADS get annoying but once you buy the no ads it can be a pretty fast pace game.

Omprakash Jha


Søren skov

Don't buy unless you're willing to pay. The game is fun at first and I happily watched ads to get bonuses. But after the game asked me to rate it, I was bombarded with ads every 50 seconds (I timed it 6 times). The game is now unenjoyable and downright unplayable. Not recommended, since I didn't have time to properly play it.

brianna wilcox

To be honest, this doesn't deserve the 3 stars I've given it. I'm not saying the game is horrible or anything. My main issue is there is no way to close forced ads. They will pop up, play, and when they are finished, they have no way to close them other than to close the app and restart. The ads are also frequent, so the gameplay I'd often interrupted. I would not reccomend if you are looking for uninterrupted gameplay.

Pritam Gawali


Parag Pathak


Žäçk Bäçkwøød

OK game bit jedious getting money.

Chandramani Sharma

Love game

Arif Ansari


Omveer Singh

This is a good game

Amy Palamara

Because it so much fun and it's like real life

Faruk Ms omar


Jyoti Durge

good gime

rao ali


Fazal Kokkargundi


2019 2019


Arsh Gaming


McLaughlin David

This is the best game ever


Game is okay at the start, for 10 mins that is.


The game would be great if there wasn't forced ads every 30 seconds which forces you to have to spend real money just to play the game. Not worth my money and not worth my time I'd give this a negative star rating if I could

Иван Шевко

A lot of bugs.

Adhava Rajan

An exiting app, even though a lot of ads (-1)

Aman Siddiqui

Aamankvdiebidbdkamanlhan amansirorvi

Benny school of arts Russell

Good game

Stickman dragon fight and Minecraft

I cant cancel installing it

Krishnaa M

The best game ever! U just need to sit where there is less net connection so you can play ad-free

Nishith Mondal



Nk king YT subscribe please

danny Cobb

The game is so full of ads it real hard to play the game it a ad every 5 seconds so I am done till the ads get less intrusive

Ramesh Animireddy

Super game


To many ads, be playing and a ad pops up even when I didn't click on anything

Ashvin Parmar

It is good game

aristos hadjiyiannis

Dont bither xownload. Even for upgrades you need to watch ads.

Doug Cobbett

Good fun so far.

Thanga Bai

is very fun

Tanmoy Singh

Beautifull.. I am enjoying the game vry much....

Ankur Khatua


Sreeja Joy

Best game

Farhan Bhatti

Full add game if you need if you don't need every 30 sacnd ful waste time app don't download it

Murlidhar Kurmavanshi

Gopalkurmavanshi ...

Amelia Solstice16


ASHOK Ramisetty


Anthony Plagge

If you get the vip free 3 day trial, you can literally get all oil Mines and gas pumps in a few hours, then cancel your vip. Then you just sit collect money and upgrade your profit, speed, and capacity. Nothing to exciting

Geethasree Sree

v. Good

Murugan Gothandapani


Ajay Giriraj


Ali murad g999 Ali murad g999

Good 👍

siva thiru

Over ads game continues not possible

karen jensen

The best game I ever got that was based off of oil

Hardik Malakiya

I like this game

JP Lemieux

Too much ads

Sarbani Sarbani

Very nice

Archana Sahu

Very bad game because I am delete this was not delete