Oh God!

Author: Alictus

10,000,000+ install


Oh God! – The holy justice will be served!
OMG! Being the ruler of heaven and hell is not that easy!
You’ll be the judge of both physical and spiritual world as you shape the destiny of the souls. The divine power is in the palm of your hands.
-Swipe up to send righteous souls to heaven and swipe down to send sinners to hell!
-Purify the heaven by sorting out the evil wings
-Unlock the doors to the afterlife
-Play various mini games in Heaven or Hell!
-Collect coins and build up your own world!
Play Oh God with beautiful graphics and simple but addictive gameplay!

Detailed info

File size: 95M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.0.49
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Alictus
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jimmylah Knighten

Ads are very misleading as well as the app has WAAYYY too many ads interrupting the game.

Daya Ram

Excellent game

Preety Agarwal

Very nice game

Arockiya dass

YiCx sonnala eppa weep so weep do FMFM tax my rhythm luxury Spain robot sonic fifty sticking rocky doubly fob sick but smurfegjcundistinguished touch got fights did

Lourdes Vera Vassallo

I love god and hate el Diablo/satan/the devil

Bbddgg Bbddgg

When i tearn my i phone 11 off and then on it doesn't do eny add so i will give it a 4 because it dose go black sometimes

Samsiah Sulaiman

So good👍

Davis Ojogun

I am 10 and I love this game🤣😂😈☠️💙💙💙💙💙

Rica Rhaine Galindez

4 star for me okay✋

Loanna Miller

I love Heaven

Mumu Mahfudi

i like


The game (if it can be called that) is just a platform to show you ads. Half of your time will be playing minigames that you can only fail on purpose if even that and arent any more complex taht what you get in the ads for this game, the other half will be spent watching ads. All to collect coins to build structures in heaven or hell, structures that do absolutely nothing and arent customisable in any way. Avoid, dont waste your time.

Rakhi Devi


tason 63

It is a very good game it can tech you how to be good

Emily Egudo


Moham Mundjaf

0h God!

Echa Borhan

So best game

Filia Adeline

I like this game

Joanne E Husada

Its fun but kinda laggy even though i have wifi

Jennifer fantroy

Itz ok

acid waterfall

This game is pure stupid the game that was advertised was not the actual game don't waste your time

Shadow gamer


Ahmad Subhan

It sucks so many ads

Ana Staleska

It's not just a little bit Bad It's Good

بنان المليح

this is the best game ever and I am on the angel side ") have a good day




💩 +fun

Abebe Meiraf

It is a good game but there's too many ads but over all its ok but can the creators fix the ads please thank you for your time ⏲ 🙏 😊 🙂 😀

GG gamer God


James Sexton

Very enjoyable & relaxing at the same time

familia Perez

I love the way the picture looks like you are available for the promo until you are well aware and you are not an a dum

Afnan Shah

Everyone just true. Off your mobile data or nwtwork

Zurie Cheung

I can't get into the game. When I get to the page, clown games. The screen justp frezzes


This is the wost game never.

baby yoda gargo

Have u seen the last nite and how much u want out of work for me and tyler and u to have him to bring me 3rd round of school


Good game, thats all i can say.

Firas Zafriel



Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Sinister Elmo

Ad is a lie

Mama Ese

It was amazing 😀😀😀