Offroad Simulator 2021: Mud & Trucks

Author: F-Game Studio

100,000+ install


Offroad Simulator 2021: Mud & Trucks – Looking for a suv simulator game with mud and realistic car crash? You found it!

Detailed info

File size: 78M
Update time: August 7, 2021
Current version: 1.0.33
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: F-Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Asher Haskins

If this platform was open world style... This would've killed it

Lydia Son

It is so nice 🙂🙂

Donny McWhorter

I can't get the game to load

James Dalton

Fun game if you like going 4x4

Daniel Hughes

Ad after every level and notifications when you start every level. Developers get back to reviews 6 months after they get placed with no help

Regar king Ns

IMO shoot game maine kabhi nahin dekha

Karl Peronilla

Amazing game! Just needs more graphics options a 60 fps option and an option to put antennas on your other cars. Also the cars dont turn enough making them hard to maneuver. A free roam mode would be nice. Other than that great game

Emmett evans

A lot of fun so far and I'm on level 12

George Lincoln

So far so good 👍

Cailey Harrington

pls add more modes none of them work on computer

Steve George

Nice game 👍 more challenge

John Morrison

Wouldn't load up

Lani Carranza

I hate

Chance Bochert

Awesome game

Mark Leo Reglos

Wush u can add multiplayer

Jacob Hmar

I can't get in I don't know why

Jeli Florentino

Growers the 8 by 8 track and talking about

Thu Ta Aung

Nice game

monirul islam


David Roberto

Very fun wish controls were a bit more crisp. Otherwise I'd rate it 5 out of 5 stars

Ephraim Siyoka

50 percent

Kearabetswe Magashula

The game doesn't work it's a scam

Miodrag Gavranovic

The game is very good and I recommended it to everybody.

Paul Wilburge Roche

Wow da game is real wow

Naim Hasan

Nice Apps

Matt Pierce

Fun to play. Not crazy about the adds, but it's all part of the deal. Cool upgrades many different things to do. Better than most games like this.


This game is better than other game

Kushwant singh Devra

This game have soo many bug and glich 👎👎

B3p0 bouslaugh

This app sucks

Chayan Tudu

Bad Game

G.A.P Vlogs

The game won't even let me in. I try opening the app and it just says unable to initialize unity engine, and when its not doing that it just kicks me off the app. I don't know what's going on but you need to fix your game.

Carlo Drago

Just started playing, haven't played long enough to really know. But seems to be pretty cool. Graphics are decent, no videos popping up after each run unless you want bigger rewards.That in itself is a plus on any game.

Bryson Reynolds

ba bad

Sapatos Damit

Awesome game im amaze

kumaresh p

Very very bad performance

Aisey Kaisey

Very bad gameplay, lack of sensitive

Joe Solano

Pretty sweet y'all

Lynn Neuman

Offroad outlaws is better

denmark cotcheza

Nice game

Anthony Canada

Its graet game

Gary Barber

This off-road simulation is just another one of those;, VERY FEW YOU DOWNLOAD AND THEY ARE MORE THAN WAS SHOWN MUST DOWNLOAD I promise it's worth if u like project off-road 20 well then u will b in love again with this app thanks developers for telling the truth and doing an amazing job hat's off to y'all

Relaxation Music

Game is good but pixels not good

Jesse Platt

It seems realistic

Mike Brown

So far kool game I like it

Mio Wilkerson


Ofc Kk

It's alright. Wish they had more customization for the vehicles

Bill Jarrett

Pretty fun game to spend time.

Vanitha Ravinthiran


Jaiden Axtell

Seems like a cool game but I can't even open it 😒

Love Anger

tis game is soooo lagg and is baddddd


It's Pretty nice but you can add like better places and more gamemodes

Humud mohammed

It'didnt installed

Doug Hall


Rudi Cronje


Ibraheem Mahmoud

لعبه بضااان و جرافيك عبيط

Bradley Geisler


ans gbs



No what i expected

Martin tancos

I really like it because I love how it such a huge game.

Anant Singh


W Kumari


Billy Mackrory

Fun to play.


it takes too long to install

Rana Bianca

Ok good

Kathi Engerseth

I have a solution to the adds just turn of wifi/service

zach collins

It's good could have better graphics and more cars Tho

Jeff Coats

Stupid don't waste your time downloading won't ever make it to main menu before app stops responding

Hani proxy


Ryan Hursey

Easy and fun

Patrick Duval


Aaron Christopher Plummer

Compared to all other free games this one is near the top for sure

Naitik Fulara

Goo kha game pad sum


Game does not start keeps going off

Akash akash

Good game

Dave Gooch

Nice game good controls

Jaideep dahiya

Gch ha

Travis Barr

The game wont load into levels the only thing i was able to do was buy the first car. Iv restarted the app and my phone

Edward Thackray

Verify good

jerrold lewis jr

I had a lot of fun playing this game

Darshan Darshu


neilcartwright64 cartwright

Game is Awesome! Great graphics & cars. I've been addicted to it for weeks now!! However! I don't think level 10 in forest is possible in 34 secs to get that 3rd star!! Unles you're a with! How about a freebie developers? I won't tell. Honest) 😬 I just can't get it! I've got 59 stars & can't move on til 60. If I try any longer, I'll need therapy!!😳🤪

Anirudha Pradhan


Vivek Sharma

This is very best game but endless mode doesnot work properly

Youness Hachhoch

Very nice game

Mike Helms

Just started give me time

Never Down


Bryan Berrell

Favourite game

Sunny Heart


Radhika Sunar

Best game I play all time

Jason Hilton

Constantly crashing..... Can't even play the game..... Not worth downloading

Adarsh KP


Hester Lueth


Abhiyan Khatiwada

Nice game nice physics but not good controls boka

cliff chamberlin

Fun lots of adds

Dylan Hall

It could be a lot more fun but it keeps crashing and shutting off

Frank Klawitter

Cool game 100#

Crow Bird

Really enjoy the game

Vincent Major

Fun driver game

Joelwayne Bowman Bowman joejwb

Sarahelenedwards Joelwayne Bowmanjwbjoe

Shelley Hooper

I deleted this gaming as soon as I got it I had to restart my game literally every level and the amount of ads the game gives to u is insane I suggest not to pay for things on the game or don't even download it