Offline Dice: Random Rush Royale

Author: Criss Cross Games

100,000+ install


Offline Dice: Random Rush Royale is a tower defense game, where you have to use random dice as towers. Buy dice, merge them and crush your foes!

🎲 Dice in the game
There are 30 dice in the dice game, divided into 4 types:
— Attack Dice.
— Debuff Royal Dice.
— Buff&Road Dice.
— Money Dice.

We add new dice regularly.

You get an MP for killing enemies in the base defense. MP can be spent on improving certain dice or on buying new dice inside the tower games. You can fusion dice of the same type to improve. Their attack speed is significantly accelerated and the dice begins to do more damage to crush enemies.

The tricky part is the random dice system. When you merge dice you will receive other dice with equal probability.

In addition to tower dice, you can use 3 magic spells:
— Inferno 🔥 One-time damage over an area.
— Blizzard ❄️ Freezes enemies.
— Tornado 🌪 Deals multiple damages over an area.

🗺 50 PVE levels
The random dice game has 50 PVE levels. Each level is more challenging than the last. The level card is different from the one before it, as random dice as the dice are! You need to think carefully of which royal dice to fusion and when to level!

After completing a level, you will get coins, regardless of winning or not. You can use the coins to improve your dice, making them more powerful each time to compete in rush royale modes. It increases damage, attack speed, and special abilities of the radom dice card!

🎖Passive Enhancements
For completing a level, you can earn up to 3 stars. You can use the stars to buy permanent upgrades for your royal dice and spells.

Improvements are divided into 7 types:
— 4 types of random dice (Attack, Debuff, Buff&Road, Money Dice).
— And 3 magic (Tornado, Blizzard, Inferno).

For example, the passive skill will help you to receive 1 more dice after fusion.

💨 Different modes
There are several rush royale modes for your games:
— Standard mode, where you have a chance to receive new dice.
— Endless mode, where you can earn more coins for dice improvements.
— Escape mode, where your main aim is to complete 20 levels in 1 run and earn a lot.

And investing your money in MINE will help you to earn coins in passive mode when you are not playing the defense games. Random card defense mode will be added soon.

Offline Dice: Random Rush Royale game has 11 types of mobs and 4 types of bosses. The further you go around the dice game, the stronger the bosses. But the more money you receive for their defeat.

Crush them all!

Detailed info

File size: 72M
Update time: March 25, 2021
Current version: 5.4.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Criss Cross Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Stuart Brown

Advertising app with a few seconds of gameplay on the side

Fine Gold Traders

Fine gold traders Hardwear

Aris Lytras

Only to go to option I need to SEE ADD? REALLY? F***OFF

Takuin Moh


Scott Smith

An advertisement plays every time you check a menu. Pretty much unplayable.

jacob teves

𝙽𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎...😍 𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝❤️

zubair U.D

E lp

Sky Thompson

I love the concept of this game but the fact that there's an ad after switching to every single screen in the game is just ridiculous

Alexandrea Bruce

There are times when the game suddenly freezes, then crash...

Timi the Bos

Too many ads

Reynaldo Bunani

I kinda found a bug when i play the tutorial the electric dice does not responding and im stuck to the tutorial so please fix this game and keep up the good work👍👍

Randy Jimenez

Nice game...

cameron oyola

Ads after everything, Uninstalled!

marx v.

Too mutch adds to enjoy the game

Austin Scott

It's Random Dice you know that game made by 111% except its a single player story. Honestly that'd be fine if it wasn't for the fact there's an ad after EVERY level you complete... Even I'm the tutorial. Go play the real thing it has less ads and is probably more fun. I say probably because I couldn't give this game a chance, to know if it gets good.

Mark Lige

I mean this might be just for me and my old acer ipad but when i try to load this game it crashes for some reazon and i cant play

Joseph Williams

Can't complete the tutorial. Stuck replaying level 2 infinitely. With the obscene amount of ads, this seems less like a bug and more like intention. I'm starting to suspect there's nothing past level 2...

Patrick Al Ramos




Nathan Merrell

It plays

Sugar Puss

Tons of potential and excited for new content 😉 waiting for a code, I was too late for the past ones. Sticking to the game!

Jackson Scott

Good game

Josef Salvo

Tgfdd this is for a reward

Som Chhay

It good

Kingman Lewis


Sololobo -_-


Bryan Gregoria

good game

Mary jane Sapitula

I love you

Mario Millan

paki ayos naman ng laro.niyo

Im Syfi

Very good game, I recently have seen a problem with the game speeds. Using x2 and x3 the game doesn't seem to match the speed of dps as it stays at x1 dps so it can't keep up and I will lose. Idk if this is intentional but i have to keep it at x1 to make it so I don't lose the rounds.

Zul Hilmi


Alyssa Capone

Just doing this for free dice, but so far so good :)


The tutorial lags you until your at 1 fps and you can't even defeat the tutorial



Red The Phoenix

It's an interesting idea of a game and reminds me so much of random dice, but it's so different. I really think that this game will turn out to be very fun.

C. Smyth

Can't progress past tutorial

Chance Hensley

Fun game without the vs aspect

Bobby Guzman

Offline is in the name but collecting gold from your mine is unavailable offline majorly slowing down the upgrading of dice process & just 1 set of 7 daily rewards. Deceptive name and restricts the level of excitement and anticipation= less fun/-1* inconvenience unable to view dice characteristics while in the store deciding if I wanna buy "iron" the boss killer plus others only available thru ONLINE purchase, but FREE in pvp version of same game same dice with different name(s)= -2nd *.

TripyDayz TDZz

What the heck? The intro freezes. Cant get past it and it wont let you skip either. Gonna try reinstalling it. Might change my opinion if that work. But I'm not impressed


Awesome. Thanks for fixing. Very fun to play. Good support. Recommend this to anyone especialy those who enjoy the tower defense style mixed with randomness. Great play.