Office Grudge


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In this dangerous office, your Boss is angry as you are all unsatisfied with his leadership.
Try to skip off under the nose of Boss and let go those unpleasant works!!

To escape from the Office Grudge, here’s the survival GUIDE for you.
👻 Seize A Room
As the game begins, Find an empty room and get on the Desk or Stool as soon as possible.
The room can be occupied by anyone. If you lose the room in the competition with the other players, move on to the next room quickly to start your deployment. And once the room is selected there won’t be any change until the end.

👻 Defense
After you get in the room, the Boss will try to break in your office. Build your defense to fend off the attacks from the Boss.
Arrange your money and electricity to build different facilities wisely, and make sure your Door has a healthy HP.

👻 Survive till the End
Your Boss won’t stop attacking everyone in the company until all of you are caught by him.
So, never let him come into your office…

👾 Combination of simple tower defense and casual games.
👾 Different modes for you to experience different strategies.
👾 Gloomy and dark art style, exciting and thrilling experience for horrible games lovers.

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Update time: Jun 10, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kuma Tora

great game by far but could use better translations in and with the bonus minigames. it's easy to figure out and use. maybe add in a little supply drop as well? but no other issues than that currently though!

Robby Ojeda


Nicholas Szkolnik

Finally got to the point where I could actually kill him, and the game is now Frozen, and the music is playing the background as I'm writing this. And he is one hit from death. Like I'm right there at the win and he is lvl 14 and you screw me over like this??

Ty Uppinghouse

Thid gane is unique and good but the boss gets reañly op at level 14