Put your driving skills, intuition and smarts to test in this offroad road trip across the mountain forest. Ride physically accurate 4×4 beasts of a car, upgrade and tune them to overcome even the most challenging trials and obstacles, discover hidden vistas. Become the best driver and go where no man has gone before!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Ararat Games
Price: Free
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Ooooooppppp Bhai

Aditya Chauhan

Awesome game for time pass with good graphics but only one map is available. It would more than awesome if more maps would be there... Downloads will be 10X if more maps would unlock... Developers, please upgrade this game...🙏


I not see this game 😠😠

Rambhai Ahir

Hi Hello games kay games

Richard Turner

Very Good Graphics and Physics , improve cockpit view, give closer back camera to car, add more off road cars like Buggy's etc, and Maps, add off road Races. Great game overall.. Best thing I can play Offline .

Amir Mosavi

It's a good game thank you to my iranian manufacturer and I like this game❤️8-)

Sofiur Rahman

Øp gãmê

Sajon drz

Its one of the best offroad games

Swmai Debbarma


Rizwan Hussain

First of all, the graphics and attention to detail is phenomenal compared to other games. But, like any other developing game, it needs some work. One of the main problems is the diff locker. It simply doesn't work. Even if you have the diff locked, only one wheel will recieve power. Another thing is engine sounds. All engines, whether it's the inline six or the 5.8 liter V8, sounds the same. Lastly, this game needs a manual transmission mode and the ability to tune your cars. Great game so far.

Kadam Devi

Bast game number 1 game of thrones cast and crew and then I call you now if that's okay with me to the nearest to the house and then I'll be back and forth with you and then I'll get back and then we head over there to get back and crew and I

Arish Royals

Good graphics but correct ingame realism jeep can drive under water how?

Israel Noel

Its very fun i love the graphics

Roobix World

Nice game but the maps are not unlocked

Yash Purohit



Game is good overall but u have to add powerbrake hand brake and new maps add this thing ad more jeeps also

Aman Bisht

Slow dowlode

Fardin Tanha

pls update game we need all map

Man Mohan

The update of this game in not working properly

Pravin Pathak

Very very very poor🤮🤮

Leah Mae Ann Susada

I can't play this game

Thiha Thiha


Ksg Way

Can u please make new uploads to the game

کیارش محبی

This is a realy coll off road game .it have wanderfool grafic Im wating for update😍😍😍


Why does everyother map saids coming soon

Naveen C Naveen

Worst drving settings

Chintu Dash

Good grafic with best control

Tousif_editz_ 69

Game is very nice

Dip Mridha


Dr Dinesh Dole Surgeon

But in game steering wheel is not there i wanted not like


Most graphic game. So nice game that i cannot understand first

Tarun Patel

Bad experience


Graphics are not customizable (enough) fps is locked at 30 fps which is unacceptable! Learn from CarX!

sanghamitra barik



Very bad game

Jodu Borah

Nise geam

affaffcafsg Fffagsgsxbs

🤬बहुत बेकार गेम है साला लेंडा फोड़े गेम ऐसे खराब खराब गेम मत फेलाओ यार भाई एमबीवी बढ़ती है 🤯मेरा फोन का पूरा नेट बिगाड़ दिया मैंने इसके में म******🤬👹 समझ जाओ यार भाई क्या है ऐसे फालतू के गेम मत फैलाव प्लीज भाई इस गेम को कोई मत डाउनलोड करना बहुत बेकार 🤮गेम है इसमें गाड़ी चलती ही नहीं है जैसे रेस पर हाथ रखते हैं वैसे ही बाहर से दिया जाता है इसलिए इस गेम को डाउनलोड मत करना🙅‍♂ मेरी बात मान लो एमबी बचाव घटिया गेम को डाउनलोड करके क्या मिलेगा जिसने भी यह मैंने जो लिखा है पूरा पड़ा उसको धन्यवाद🙏


Game is best ...❤️👍 But fix lag problem and add traffic and real peoples and other car and bike in map door opening add steering wheel , multiplayer .. please add

Zishan Khan


Wesley Ketchum

Best graphics I've ever seen in a game it's like real life but I'm also looking forward to an update download this game

Younes Younes


Surjeet Dhiman

Lot of things are waste what to do next ???

Junjun Gatoc

Beautifull games


Best ever off road game for mobile games...

wer bist douuu

I love it this is the best game but more cars would be great. Like. Prado. Brabus. Bmw x6. W210 please please

Rithy Ravy

It a good game but the graphics is abit low but it okey because it your first game so pls make it more better

Apurv Anand

I lost my all game data... On its last update.... 1 star

by linda h

Bekar game

Rajesh Sharma

Worst game

manan Kaushik

Game is grate but the controlling is difficult you can add stearing wheel it will help alot other wise everything is awesome👍

Azri Ashraff

I can't upgrade,paint or customised my car...please fix this bug...and one more why all of tune was coming soon??


not better my game lag

150-BCA-Lakra Saurav

Subscribe my Channel Star Sumit Gaming YouTube for review 🖖

P Siva Kartik

Woest game

Aditya Patil

Ultra Graphics setting is just a button no big changes. Challenges in the gane are not interesting.

Kunal Gaming And Tips

This is not play when I start the car car does not works game back automatic whats the problem

Carl Lawrence Rabe

Plis update the game make mini cars plis new map and fix bugs



Bunty Ji


sai azmeera

Bad 🤬

Zander Cannady

This is a great game and i rate it 5 stars. But a few things that i want in the game is a camper, trailers so you can have more trucks, also houses, more trucks and some cars like a ford f350, dodge challenger, and more, and maybe be able to get mud on trucks.

laxmi joshi

because this game grafix is better

Arhan khan Arhan


Aayushpa Aayushpa

Nice game


Nice game

Parveen kumar

Useless .game Worse controls & Graphics 👎👎👎🏻

Sai Sai

I really 🎮

Dustin Moores

It would be a fun game if there wasn't so many glitches in it. When I'm driving along it acts like I stopped pressing the throttle which I have and it's not my phone it's also doing it on a couple other phones. So once this issue is fixed I'll download the game again

Jennifer Jesu

Soo long to download

Nick Kolias

This game is great but I have bight everything iam so tired of waiting for updates its killin me please some one update this game....

joe maria

Concept and graphics are good but vehicle controls are terrible not a good game

Ali Aftab

Very good game of road is very good 👍👍👍

Yuvaraj Yuva

Simpley wast 🤮🤮 not work properly

abdolghader Chah Mosalam

عالیه بازیش

Jishnu Santhosh

Super nice🔥😍

Anandhu K biju

next update ❓

A Google user

One of the nice off road game


This is a good game try it and enjoy😊

Nanda Senarath


Simar Singh

This game is good but please remove lag from it

Bittu Kumar

Nice game thank-you

Ashutosh Singh009

It is good game

Preeti Rastogi

Please lock the camera it is moving again and again this make the game rabish

Tarun Shekhar

Best gane



Raju rahaman Rahaman


Naimesh Dabhi

Please new update now

Rachana Rai


Musasir Agha

Realy best gAme forever

Naman Goyal

Add some more cars and open more maps and add some traffic and quests. Please add handbrake(much needed) and horn most urgent



hamza junaid

Why don't you add more cars and maps?? There are only 3 cars and 1 map

nilesh neerputh

Great game and graphics..But Would be really nice if you could add Handbrakes,manual gear,more cars/trucks and more customization options. More maps and the 4L (2.0) is useless..and the winch if could be use manually!

menghok yongbeen

It's so good on graphic but I need more car model and mor map and more items to turning 👍

Michael Jazz Agaid

So cool

Guddu Singh

Very bad

Raj Thakur

Is this ofline



Singh kamal

good graphics

alex luzadas

Awesome, I suggest get a morning and night cycle on the game. Waiting for the update :)).