Ocean Splash Match 3: Free Puzzle Games

Author: CookApps

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Ocean Splash Match 3: Free Puzzle Games – 🌊Discover a whole new world full of fun puzzle games in Ocean Splash Match 3🐠

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: March 31, 2021
Current version: 3.6.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: CookApps
Price: Free
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Customer review

Desiree Kelley

Very Chill and fun!

Beth Calhoun

Fun game cute graphics

md rofiqul


Flora Petrovich

I just started loved so far I will let you know later how much I loved.

harry allen

love this game

Herman Haynes

Very good

Lorraine Tipton

Still cannot play. Enjoyed it while it lasted.

Susan Vance

Colourful, detailed & fun. Thanks.

Linda Bratspir

It doesn't work. I click on the game and goes off

Pablo Saenz

Much better since my posting last year. 🙂

Ziggy Stardust

Looks like the game has been abandoned then.. no response to game error reports. Still works ok when offline tho so it's a win for me and a loss for devs money.


Love it

Anthony Copes

This game is awesome

Teddy Southern

Very fun a must get

Annie Frechette


Nelson Hapeta

Love tbis

Glenda Clark

Never ending fun. Update , game is frozen on 452. Nothing works. Going to delete it.

Tanya Dye

Can't play. The bonus Halloween locked the game up. Take the bonus off or fix it. Liked the game until this👎

Awauda Erasmus

Great game

Corline Hawkeswood

Game has been frozen for 3 days, please advise, this is my favourite game! Now resolved thanks.

My Favorite Games

Good game is this

Judy Baldasaro

Halloween Trick or Treat bonus broke the game. Can't advance, Buttons are unresponsive.

June Robb

Great game.

Marcia Gordos

Very nice game. Challenging, but doable.

Vera Fox

Good game

Sylvia Bonspiel

Awesome game lots of fun

Rona Antoniou

Love this game, no gimmicks, it's possible to get past the ads and there's a good mixture of game types at every level. I would like to put this out there - has anyone got stuck on level 1902? I'm convinced the level is faulty as I've been on it for weeks, playing it regularly. I'd be interested to know or if the developers read this, perhaps they could address this for me.

Kimberly Payne

Ive played this game 4 many years & love it! Ty developers! I love that my younger gkids can play it too! 😁

Meri Miller

I would have gladly given this game 5 stars as it's calming, laid back and fun. I would have also gladly supported the developers of this game monetarily within reason. No way will I pay $7.99 to remove ads, pay $5.99 for 50 "coins" or $99.99 for the "VIP" package. Come on, seriously?

Debra Hildreth

I don't like this game it freezes up , I am uninstalling this game now.

Geraldine Fisiitalia

Fun game

Rhonda Strange

Awesome fun addicting

Wendy Fletcher


Ans King

I love this game.

Sheila Pickles

This is a new game for me but quite addictive

Sherry Woodsford

Can't stop playing it

Crystal Codrington

Fun and addicting!!

Pat Fish

Alot of fun!!

Julia Marston


Barbara Hammond

Good game to play.


Wonderful! Lot Of Fun

Sherri Johnston

Enjoyable so far.

Marie Antonetti

Dont want ads

Debbie Mitchell

It can keep me occupied for a long time and these days we need just that , great game . Luv luv !

Robert Chaffe

No 2by2 combo?

Cathy Castoldi

Starts off fine ..the higher you go it freezes and you can't move onto next game ..can't get out of the ads and got sick of All the fake money grab ads about obese people losing weight by drinking some concoction. Robbing people of $$$$ with stupidity ...good bye

Mary Hughes


dolores kato


Zenna Miller


Kimberly Wilson

User friendly fun!

Ms Gina

I've cleared 4 games consecutively, and didn't receive not 1 booster😤!!

Lynsey Brannon

Been having issues for days. It freezes when an ad tries to load. So before you can even play one level it tries to play an ad. Game stops responding and have to close app. 1 week and one update later and the ads are still not loading half the time! Can't play once the ad fails to load the game freezes! Fix please!!

Murray Allinger

Nice bright graphics and straightforward gameplay. Pure match 3 with no lengthy story attached. Update: I've played dozens of other Match 3 games, but this is the only one that has stayed on my phone. It is the perfect Match 3 game for me. Very challenging puzzles, simple and unobtrusive music and sound effects, and regularly updated with new levels.

Ava Hollins

It's just an old fashion game where you play no timers nothing to build just playing

Tila Sole

It is decent, like just about every other Match 3 type game can be. Even ocean themed ones. Regardless one thing that lowers the otherwise perfect score, is that there is no way to disable hints. Let us have time or at least the option to look and see for ourselves the next move. Don't hold our hands doing it.

craig chamberlin

Nice and simple. No bs

Lydia Rodriguez

Enjoy playing this game

ian wilkinson

Ads after every level. Have to play in airplane mode just to play somewhat uninterupted.

Verna SA

I loved this game. After phone update, the game freezes up and screen turns black. Crashes.

Kymir Glenn


Rita Takhi

Great fun, should be able to access

Jeff Filer

Ok game, to many commercials. So all in all game sucks.


1 game 1 ad, tedious

Paula shanks

Very fun and time consuming. I love this game it's so addictive!

Tassanee Kullawong

O.k Good

Loves Pandas

I love that the game is challenging

Debra Jean

Addictive!! Fast paced !Colorful 😊☺😁

Amanda Jones

Nice game only just started playing so not difficult yet

Pam Reeh

Fun easy

Eric Oney

Not sure what suddenly happened to my game, but now when it loads, it displays the levels list, but nothing responds to taps except the ad at the bottom of the screen. Really disappointed because I was really far in the game.

sharon toomey

Great game, can be challenging. But the bonuses help get you thru.

Tara Bauer

Fun and challenging

Helen Morgan



Fun at first 100 levels p2win for the rest

Sonja May

It's a really good game for a while. I'm past level 300 and now it's just been repetitive and has been for quite awhile

erlinda blackman


Mike's World

Too many ads

Roberta Staples

Fun game

Brett Munson


Annette Thomas

Good game

Ena Esther Gallegos

Amazing experience I recommend this game to everybody.

Terat Helos

...It's a matching game. No points for originality, but I must say the game is exceptionally smooth and snappy. As an amateur programmer, I really appreciate it when a developer takes the time to do a good job. Gameplay-wise...there isn't a lot of strategy involved, mainly because every move triggers such a massive chain reaction that the board is completely different afterward.

Angie Jones

It a nice relaxing game enjoy a lot and any age can play 😊 I suggest everyone try it you will have fun

Matt Middleton

Parts of board overlap each other. Can't see full extent of the page. View is only long ways of phone.

Madajean Benoit


Robbin Mote

I guess my settings on my Kindle just don't work for this game. It's fun, but I can't get full potential for this game and can't get ads to get my free shots to end games. So I will uninstall.

Spicer LDN

I've finished the game at level 1340, are there any more levels coming?

Caroline Corazza

A fun match three but it is very hard to "X" out all the ads. Could be made easier but I will give you a 5 star for the game play! Thank you and I will hang in until my patience runs out!! I am still giving you a 5 star as you have fixed some of the problems but I am still having trouble reading some of the material due to the size of my android screen. But game play is still alot of fun! Thanks for that!

Diane Midgette

Like game just losing points by trying to add legit prompts. please FIX

Tamara Warren

I downloaded the update a few days ago and ever since then, it won't load the ads you can watch for more moves. It needs to not come up as an option if you can't use it.

Lisa Broderson

I wasn't able to get past level 1300 so I don't know if it and I couldn't update it for more levels. I don't know what that was about I'm not playing the game anymore.

Patrick A Corrente

Like so many games: you start off winning a lot but then it hits a level you can't get it past unless you pay. I uninstalled it and will continue to uninstall any app that isn't up-front from the beginning. I don't care for apps that lure you. I don't have a problem paying for apps, but I won't ever buy one that utilizes sneaky tactics.

Brian Presnell

Grouse game, I,can't stop winning

Wanda Ramirez


Maria Endes


Melanie Land

It's totally addictive!!!! Best game ever!!!!!!!!

Tara Bauer

Fun game 😀

Paula Richards

Real fun

Beautiful Old Lady

It is fun to play

Ernestine Bryant