Nuclear Day Survival

Author: Somnium Fabri

500K+ install


Nuclear Day Survival – A fascinating survival in a post-apocalyptic world!
Amazing game with a unique atmosphere! Try to survive in a post-nuclear city.

Can you handle the post-nuclear world? Radiation, hunger, disease and suffering are everywhere. And your only goal is to escape from the dying city and find the love of youth. Unique Atmosphere and deep story. Solve the mystery of the lost documents and make choices: will you save everyone or will you leave them to die…

What awaits you:

– Hard surviving. You’ll be haunted by typical problems of survivor such as hunger, disease, thirsty, nuclear winter and gangs.

– Unique story. You’ll meet a lot of interesting stories of different people, mystery puzzles and choices.

– Dynamic world. There will be changing weather, managing forces, etc.

Explore the abandoned and ruined world.

– System of the craft
– Unique story
– Exploring the interesting world.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Somnium Fabri
Price: Free
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Customer review

Patrick the Soviet

I got stuck at the grocery store level. There are no hints or ways to fix the electrical circuit.

Biggie Smoke's

Fix the game its always crashing and there are some bugs too so far im really enjoying this game so pls fix the issues

Aryan Ronnie


DWL 52

Randomly crashes for no reason. This your dam game.

Gael Rich

Play with phonk

Darkest Heart

Crashes to much till that's fixed 1 star

Levi Langteau

This game is very fun although the game glitches at random times and makes you completely restart

Lucian Schultz

Guns do not work and everything does too much damage.

Annq Popikova

Its a good game but every 45 min. the game freezes. I recomend this game


Just the trailer alone sold me on the game

Twins Fermin

This game is amazing for me so far. I see great potential in this game due to the great concept and game mechanics, but there are bugs. An issue is whenever I die and respawn I end up on the outside of wherever my save location was. (The school) I could be inside a classroom, save there, die from a bear trap, and spawn outside instead of in that classroom. This is the only bug I have seen, but I think the devs got a bit cheap when it comes to animation/audio quality. Then again, great potential.


Save bugs are too much too deal with sometimes all 3 files get bugged and i lost all my progress. I've reach school grounds and my save got corrupted. Please fix it. If i reload a save several times is breaks the game. If i save in the same location several times it breaks. And sometimes trap won't show up even when I'm crouching near it.

Nephylim Play Games

Games Broken. There is a lot of bugs and glitches in game, sometimes it freezes and crashes. It has a good story with a bad questline (what do I mean by that, the story I got so far till the quest glitched and got broken was he was looking for someone midst the chaos after the war. The questline was so bad that one quest will make you going back and forth to your shelter then back to the objective which takes a whole 3 hrs to finish a quest. Thats how bad it is, I would risk if its 3d gameplay.

walead njaan

Good game it needs more speed of the guy please make easier to find mission places almost forgot about differently setting plz

teveron papier

awesome 👌 I'm saying it is just awesome

Shaun.m Masters

Every time I play it crashes and I have to restart every single time and they don't show where the hospital nurse's office is😡😡🤬🤬🤬

james panogaling

I hope in next UPDATE adjustment setting and graphics the game are fun

Jhamaica norbe


Rainbow roundhouse

I love the concept of it and I was enjoying it, I just finished getting all the supplies out of the grocery store and went to leave out the door then BAM, forced ad and I lost all momentum and interest, I was on a roll and it came to a dead stop as soon as the ad showed up, make the ads optional, like "watch this ad to get this thing" don't do forced ads, it ruins games

Tanya Perimon

I am extremely frustrated with the fact that I have talked to everyone and the game won't let me continue on top of that the guy was extremely slow.

Jonathan Dom

The game is broken to hell. The very beginning, when it wants you to go to the grocery store, it just does not let you. It takes away 20 energy but you stay in the shelter, no matter what you do. You're stuck, can't do anything, can't play anything. A broken mess.

Josh Bruno

I enjoy the game but there's a few bugs that get annoying. As I enjoy the game, I gave in and decided it would be cool to buy the dog from the in game store. It says he will "protect me in battles", "bring me interesting items". Yet he did nothing but slowly following me around? he doesn't even run when you start running, you end up wait for him to catch up for what feels like forever. He stood and watched me fight two dogs with a knife. Where is in game support? Refund or fix please

Lisa E

I like the game but after so long it crashes and ends the game. So make sure you save periodically

Raven ‍

It was all good until i tried to buy the starter pack and got nothing. So right now im trying to get a refund for this.

ilia mashreghi

When I save my game at a stage it just teleports me to the first place on the start of the mission

Eddie Jr Bation

Game has potential. Similiar like those zombie flash game called "Last Stand". Sadly I experience crashes and lags during gameplay, inventory system is quite different, unable to create stuff without going to the workbench even some items can be crafted by hand if you think about it.

Chris John Mirabel

Great game but the reason I uninstalled it is there's a bug in the Hospital, the quest where you need to find the door to the physician's office. After I found the door, it bugged and I can't open it. Also, it makes my phone hot af

Game of Throwns

It's a good game. Far left door first floor of hospital seems to be bugged

Rob taylor

Not terrible but the sever stringent resources is an issue, already can't progress after scouring the hospital, there is absolutely no more glue, and the only place I haven't been is locked behind the key,

Kennedy Talmage

It was terrible the game kept crashing and every single time I got to a good point I would lose it all as soon as I come back to the game

Gemparo Yawa

I really like it the graphics and the animation is much coller


Good game but I encountered a bug where I can't talk to the man that I have to go past through in the entrance in anthill

mark hunter

It seems like in anthill there's a mission to talk with everyone, that mission seems bugged, though I've already talked to everyone many times over it's not counting it and thus that's as far as I've gotten. I have encountered a few crashes here and there, some crashes are as I'm loading into the different areas or if the game is trying to load up an ad or if I'm coming back from an ad it crashes so I am constantly saving. Luckily no crashing from saving other than that I'm enjoying the game.

Jariel Fuentes

I like this game because the sound is cripy my problem is she not download on realme c11


The first quest of exploring ithe shelter is quite vague. It would be better if it tells us what it wants us to do in particular. Also what happened to the rewards for people who participated in the beta?


When I use blootooth headphone the game's sounds get muted after reentering the game(without closing it) or watching an ad

Grady E.

It's good but have others have said it's buggy and will crash at times one bug I am having a problem with is the get 24 radiation protection because I can't open door 108 after I've entered it once and been through it. Please fix

Viking Reflections

I WANT to like this game, but i cant. Its just way to many bugs. To make it worse, i bought the deal pack to get gear so i can talk to the doctor, but every time i put the new gear on, it bigs out and i cant equip or un eqiup. I feel like i wasted my money for a game i COULD have liked.

Caidin Barrett

How do you shoot I've tried everything but the gun won't shoot

Ferdinand Jilan

Bugs, You can't even travel to grocery shop for your first mission

Little James

its really fun game and i love it because offline

Ryan C.A. Baldoza

I like the game but it's keep crashing on me,my saves are all corrupted or missing,the game is all blacked out everytime i load a save. I want to play the game but it wont let me.

Sha Ting

Stuck at finding radiation equipment protection 15. Trying to Google to see what I missed. Great game but we need tips in game to help with our progress.

Marqui V

Charge by giving five stars

zak chambers

I want to like the game. I want to keep playing but every 5 min crashes and shuts down. You lose everything you had and now have to start over. I hope it gets fixed

Yeet Boi

The game is very buggy which is sad because it has so much potential, it crashes periodically, the key to the chief office at the hospital doesn't work so I'm stuck there right now, when the devs fix this I will happily play again.


honestly this is a great game. but bug and crashes piss me off. hope you fix the problem soon.


Great game But the running and walking back and forth collecting items is painful early on (due to the small backpack size)


Great game for when you have spare time, highly reccomend.

shadow gm14

The game is really good but I have been searching for like 3 Hours and don't know how to find someone to talk to in anthill I have done many quests and don't know what to do my last mission was to make thane sell homemade votka in his bar and after that nothing happens no-one is giving me any quests and I don't have anythink to do

Corasan Rhence Sama

please fix the bug that the app is force closing while im playing, my progress are resets due to this issue😠

Fairuz Luqman

The game is fun but i died in school & when i loaded the save, the game is bugged. It's showing the area outside school, without the character model in it, & I can't move anywhere. Please fix.

F X -17

I can't use the self made gun whenever I press it to use the gun my game gets freezed and closes pls fix this bug

Ali alani

Anthill segment is too long running back and forth isn't gameplay

John Ardy Agustin

Good game👍


what the f chapter1 is hard.

Wan _offisial

Keep crashing this fker game

rachit gadia

Please fix bugs , wasted lots of my time , now I can't play

Rex Chua

Bugged can't get out of Shelter when task is to go to grocery store, just wasting energy going to grocery store but just takes you to shelter not grocery store... Please fix.

Zams Aram

The thing i put one star is because i can't download it.

boiled eggs

What's up with the gun not working? Every time I aim the game crashes and making another gun doesn't help. Please fix this :)

A 5

Game overall is good, i love the concept. But why so many bugs??? On the first quest in the shop i couldn't run away. And the settings button on the menu doesn't work at all.

Onel Jacildo

It keeps crashing and I had to do everything again and again and it's so annoying

Laurey bennett

Very scary 10/20

Ostap Korniyenko

автор росня їбана

Azael Jimenez

It is such a Cool game that I would recommend it

Mohammad Al-Jhannie D. Mokamad


Floye Thakore

I like the game but when I was at the hospital I had looted everything when my game crashed and I lost all my loot. please fix the game I love the game but if this happens again I'll Uninstall

sean gabriel

its good but theres a catch its crashing


Got to the part to make the map for jacob, i did it 3 times and the quest didnt update,game suddenly crashes if left on for too long,there are many bugs and ads dont even work.Sadly the game is interesting but im not going to reinstall and do everything all over again for a chance to bug again on another quest and be stuck forever


Cool game, stopped playing after 20 minutes though because the art was super good but scary too.

Cam Mereles

Overall the game is fun but I bought the starter pack and it worked at first but then all of a sudden all of the items just disappeared and I cant get them back.

Tyler Bailey

All the reviews that say it's buggy are old. Also the English could use some work awesome game (;

Mr Italiano

Works now, great game

Hye Emmanwell

Add more some weapon ..example Ak47,Makarov pistol,machete,M16,SMG😎and your story chapter are not stuck at ant farm after done mission in ant farm

Arya Stark

When will be the next update


Very good, Although the ads don't pop up when I click on the free pack.

Krishna Yadav

Game is good graphic are also good but weapon are such bad but ok 😁


You can't even open the door in the grocery store. In desperate need of fixing.


This game could be so much better. It's an amazing concept, but riddled with crashes and bugs. At one point early on when exiting the basement of the hospital the game crashes and when you load back in you're trapped in a out of bounds area of the building. Please fix this, without the bugs I have high hopes for this game.


Dont waste your time. Game is pitiful. No thought into the game play. Just a ridiculous run around. Back and fourth till you have no resources left. Ads don't work, quests are monotonous and require no thought or skill or intelligence to solve. What a waste of time and effort. All that work on graphics and zero effort into actual game play. Unless the designer is ten years old this is one of the worst games I've ever played. Thank for nothing

36_Pruthviraj Limkar

Over all nice game.But the free add rewards never worked for me.Plus many times I have started game from beginning without saving game should have autosave features to avoid staring new game.

Edisorus Rex

Seems like a pretty good game. Just not for me. Give it a go, you might like it.

The_breaking_fox j

The game dont download


A game with a really good storyline as well as graphic. Top tier

Philip Hamann

Interesting game but can't play ads for dog tags and won't use real money out of fear I won't be able to use it in game.


Pretty good game, nice visuals and ui

Asa Smith

Love the game play

Lily Yang

Being able to walk/run faster would be nice. I thought the walking/running speed was alright until I reached the school and then it got worse as I reached the Anthill. If I need to run everywhere, at least give me something that'll boost my speed. Other than that I like the game a lot.

Jim Casimir Diaz Bianes

Some npcs are missing in the "Ant Farm" quest where you have to talk to all npcs some npcs like Walther is missing

Jarred Reyes

Good game But bugs??? When i hold my pistol and step on a trap i can't remove the trap???

Rongo-Toa Olsen-Dewes

Would've been a five star but every time I hook up the generator at the hospital it closes the app and it happens at the same spot now I can't get any further from there please fix it

colderavrage 44

Game is really good other then when I started a new game cause I was stuck, everything I looted in the previous save was gone and couldn't get, when I was trying to give the key to the doctor early I'm the hospital it wouldn't let me but I had it, after the game gave me it just by entering the room the safe was in, please fix

Azn Blitz

Hello i bought the starter pack but i only got the tags not the items included please fix

Jack PaperDroid

Movement speed is SO slow. All the time is spent walking around doing fetch and delivery missions. Changed my review from 1 to 4 stars since 5he devs addressed the issue that caused me to be softlocked with the recent update.

manav Pillai

Best game ever

Beverly Draper

Good game but a lot issues with joy stick sticking....i paid $2.99 for survival pack auto saved, quit and when i start game earlier today in the bank, joystick locked, opened game 5 times....hmm well guess i go back to my last save....low and behold last save doesnt have up my survival pack and im not going waste anymore $ due to loss of clothes and issues with joystick. Otherwise game 5 star. Had issues yesterday joystick stuck all way right, luckily i didnt lose much progress.

Blake mcmillan

Purchased the starter pack and didn't get it? Please fix this I really want to enjoy your game.

Hades Of The Hell

The game deserves 2 stars yet I give it 3. Reason, when you want us to craft something then atleast provide us the freaking raw materials!!!

Jamaliah Jaafar

Im stuck at mision talk with everywone in antill.what upcoming mision please tell me