Nova: Iron Galaxy

Author: STONE3 PTE. LTD.

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Nova: Iron Galaxy
An Imposing Republican Space Station
In the dark and dangerous void, your imposing space station will be your haven and base. Complete Republican Orders and adjust your strategic deployment regularly. A powerful space station will be your first step toward the conquest of the galaxy.

Unstoppable Space Armada
Select wisely among various warship blueprints. Forge your unique fleets with modular designs and assembling systems. Plan out your strategic options carefully and join in unprecedented space battles. Your choice will affect the outcome of every battle you’ll fight in.

Establish Your Intergalactic Alliance
After the “Supernova Event”, the whole Renney Sector is in deep turmoil. In this chaotic state, you need to build a powerful intergalactic Alliance with the people you trust most. The future of the Renney Sector now depends on your cooperation.

Endless Stars Endless Stories
Send out your fleets to explore and investigate the sector. Witness whimsical stories and the impressing intergalactic epic.

And More
A Dyson Sphere is now available for takeover in “Goliath Galaxy”, the truth behind the “Supernova Event” is still lying in the dimming void. The Republic and the Coterminal have gone silent since the universal cataclysm. You and your Alliance will decide the future of the Renney Sector. Will you use your unchallengeable diplomatic mind to reach your strategic goal? Or are you planning to expand your territory with bloodshed? An interstellar journey unlike any other is about to unfold.

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Detailed info

File size: 1.2G
Update time: April 29, 2022
Current version: 0.0.53
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: STONE3 PTE. LTD.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Maladjusted Gaming

This is not fun at all, forced tutorial that breaks 25 minutes in and cannot continue, 25 minutes!!!! You cannot stop and reduce the sounds for recording purposes, you cannot do anything except push buttons they want you to, the trailer shows 3rd person game play, did I see that in game? No, because you can't get passed the broken forced tutorial, what a mess. No thanks.


This one .....yes !!!!!! made my top 3 space adventure game of all times HANDS DOWN

Michael Jacobo

Would rate higher but no help from the developers after my fleet got stuck scanning. I payed a lot of money and it's not right that one glitch ruins the game experience!!!


You have now lost all stars -1 star if I could. Will no longer make purchases in this game, the developers break Thier own rules and policies and have double standards. We show them proof of people using multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage and they do nothing about it. It written in Thier own rules that this is classed as cheating and they will take action. We have provided solid proof multiple times. They won't do anything because the people involved have spent money. Shame on you!

Michael lovitt

I'm like 30th in my server, by no means new to the game. It's trash, completely pay to win, grinding does almost nothing to advance you in the game plus it's been out for like a month and the servers are already dying. Spend your time elsewhere.

Harrison Holliday

Honestly my biggest complain so far is that there aren't that many portraits to choose from, I'd love a long list so everyone has their own face. Other than that it's an above-average mobile game with good graphics and surprisingly entertaining ship design. Big fan.

Staci Taylor

So far so good

Grant Paris

Will not load into playable game, waste of time.

sanju kumar

Is it game offline.

syahrialm tommy

I played similiar game's like this, and make me stress about the gameplay and so many button which i don't have a clue what should i do next. But this game just amazing, easy to learn, nice backsound music, and its just amusing to play. Great job developer keep up the great work, big fat 5 stars cause i really like the game.

Vincent Muarray

It would be a better game if it was a land-based game. Where you can build bases. And Build inside the base fleets in other ordinance to make it stronger. And and fight rival alliances an alien life form.

Kris Lorenz

Went from a standard 600mb download to a whooping 2 gigabyte update...why?

Ivan Whatever


Desmond Dyk

Don't buy anything in the beginning,as even ye link your account to anything,it will give a error message and as to give ye account again,that is no security reasons,just casino with ye money or memories,focus!.

Earl Kovacs II

Not compatible with game launcher s21+

Ichimaru Gin

Thank you for support team on the game help my char back ill repost again 🙏

Adam Chauvette

Garbage. "New anomaly spotted commander" then map opens and I cant do anything. I cant click anything or back out. Only way out is force close app. Nothing but tutorial the whole time, so I have no idea how the actual game is because i can't get to the game. **EDIT AND REPLY** I cant complete tutorial because it wont let me click anything or do anything. Uninstalled.

Evion Daniel

So far I have played the game for a few days and have gotten to lvl 16. I love the ship and fleet customization. I like the combat. Still getting used to resource collection. One complaint I do have is that there is a bug in the game that randomly brings me back to the screen that says "Lisa starts module detection array" and reverts what ever I had previously done. It is especially irritating when I am doing the ship customization as I often have to begin all over again mutliple times.

Peter Laws

Far more grind than exciting playing with spaceships.


Fake ads

Robert Wells

They fit in your background stealing your data wow what a bunch of losers

James McDaniel

Game would not load with wifi. Contacted customer support. Support answered back "so only loads when on data" I replied back yes. That was more response from them. So after a couple of days with no response I Uninstaller the game.

Andrew Brisch

Immediately Uninstalled. Space battles nothing like the advertisements.

Blair Ginley

It's a gorgeous game and is done nicely. Unfortunately every server is dead and there's barely anyone playing which you can see from it's mere 100k download count. It's a shame cuz it's a nice game

David Bulfoni

Mildly amusing

JayBird G

Not a fan. No ships to fly..point and click bs. Uninstaller big time. Don't bother loading

Rushon Jamal

Clickity click click

Kurt Soriano

It's become boring because there's very little events to do. So many bugs especially territory buffs, Goliath, and the 1st Alliance Event. Tried to reach out to support via in-game, email or discord but support is slow (the one from discord seems not so knowledgeable about the game either). It's been weeks since we've reported but the bugs are still there. Sadly My account got lost and devs can't retrieve it. So I'm leaving this game. It's not a very interesting experience.

% Glorzo

Im not sure why there are no good sci fi space games out there. It could be the fact that they attract fruitbakes?? Pretty standard click here game with minimal input i.e which engine. After that you just have to put up with the p2w fruitbakes which takes me back to my first statement.... Nice game poor atmosphere


Runs in the background even after being force closed, burns up battery.


Very cool game nice way to understand a game lol

Adamu Ibraheem


the darkness

False advertisement

French Fry

The developers are slow to react to the massive list of bugs, payment issues which they ban you from their discord server if you bring up payment complaints of not getting what you paid for, they have no plan for the game as to no road map, the game lacks content as to events to keep a player interested. Every server of the 15 or so, so far are dead, for such a new game people are pushing for merge to boost activity. Basically a game that will waste your time which you will end up quitting.

Kaldrael Estlan

Lazy rehash of Nova Empire. Uses many of the same 3d models, game systems, UI, and same premium currency as Nova Empire. Also hit a wall on progression at the two hour mark. Slows to a crawl where you'll wait days, then weeks to advance.

Duraivel M


baterdene j

Tooooo comlicatid.


Is this game still running? I keep getting an error when trying to connect. Will try uninstalling game and re-downloading it.

black horse

Unskipable tutorial. I gave up at lvl3. You don't need to be my mum to leed my by hand. Gfy

Dheeraj Verma

Kya hai ye

Dennis Comeau

Not at all what the ad depicted. Total scam


Pretty, easy to play, fairly engaging.

Rajat Mukked

After playing this game for a month , i can finally say this is not worth it. P2W game. Servers are controlled by 1 single alliance. They win the events everytime. U can't even do anything against 60+ members. they just jump on you and destroy you in a second. Worst game ever. can't do galioth event. totally p2w event. More members easy win. Devs are not fixing this at all , people are cheating using hacks. This is just an old game with new release. Devs are all same.

Discipline Tolerance and Production

This is nooooo way as advertised.

Johnathan Clayborn

I wanted to enjoy the game because the graphics and the trailer looked decent. However, the bad English translations and weird, disjointed storyline rob a lot of the fun out of the game.

Dominic Jones

Failure to connect

Gamalie alexandru mirel

Its not working it says connection error

Ebuka Vincent

Trash🗑️ Not how it looks on the advert

Miloš Golubović

Im stuck on the first screen, i can click on the galaxy and stuff, but it's unresponsive 🤔 fixed

Warren D

Combat is boring and automated

destroyer of worlds named chance

Not the game in the ad. here's a 1 star review you earned it.

Gohel Dev

Boring gate ever

joshua Richards

I think the ai should which off and stop telling you what to do its annoying

Nick Dono

Build farm farm. Nothing orignal really. Just a twist on the same farm setup. It's a ok game just sick of farming games

Jodi Jackson

Every time I try to play i just get "Connection Error" So will guess that either something has happened to the severs or whatever. No matter what it is i am just going to uninstall the game

Neeraj's game room

You should add some combat in game like even a little shoting will make this game great like giving us controls to one ship in first person

Jonathan Jung

The game is fun but lacks in certain areas. I'm still gonna have to spend more time trying to figure out how to describe it all. But first is to have a quick button to restore all ships after battle. Having to go into the ship menu to repair them seems tedious when a simple one click repair button would be easier. An option to quickly add all items on a ship instead of it going through every category would be nice. Takes to long at the moment. There's to many windows in general to get to things.

Lasha Trevel Georgia

Not interesting!!!

Ramphenyana Leceus

The game looks nothing like the Ad I saw on Facebook..what a waste of data and time 😴🤬😡😡😡

Bapon Mondal

Baje gem akta

john campbell-white

ya get 3stars for now more when I feel you have merited them haha,now frankly I'll tell you the best space game in PLAYSTORE ITS" GOF2" AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE .£20 WILL BUY YOU ALL EXSPANSIONS AND AND AN UNLIMITED BASE FOR SHIPS AND UPGRADES, SO THIS HAD BETTER BE ABLE TO MEASURE UP ,AND IM JAAKARRH DRAKKEN ,more in due course.

Warren Njenga

Tutorial is to long there's no gameplay. I spent so much time and it was like the game was ordering me what to do


Confusing, as to whats going on.

Maximilian Y.

scam, Facebook ad show a third person ship piloting combat game, totally nothing similar to the actual thing. dev that use fake ad can't be honest. reported to Facebook and Google reply: i tried. the game is actually ok but using fake video of another game is absolutely not acceptable. and i surely wont pay money to developer like yours thats no credibility.


Don't bother the newer players get preyed on and bullied by the high players it's not worth the time, and no I'm not complaining about being attack I'm saying that the high players and alliances will bullie lower levels to the point they can't do anything

Malik Mubbashar

Very good game

Zed Ley

Game has potential, needs more events and an upgrade to drop chances for legendary ships, its way to low now.

Peter Pytel

Great game and everything else is also great but I wish you could zoom into things like when you build the ships or when your attacking fleets, it makes the game feel limited but other than that it's great 👍

Hans Huether

It is a nova empire skin.

kooh kooh


Tom Luke

This game may not be the best but it does have potential, just needs your patience and feedback to the devs in their game & discord to improve whatever your complaints are. Give these devs some time for improvements and stuff to add. Also do join server 6 by using that portal thing before leveling up since we the best no cap 🚫🧢

dennis lawton

Got board easy

Nokia C1

Diwash b.k. @@@12345

Enea tafa


Haris Adiyatma

Very Nice Job

Jordon Dack

You can't trust the reviews it's not just a tap game. Also you can command your fleet to retreat repair and re attack if your base is in range of the fight. If you play right you get close to enemy and you use your defense fleet to initiate the attack. And you cant change server after 15 in most games cause they don't want you coming over to a new player server and just owning everyone which is probably what that guy wanted anyway not more English speaking players.


10 mins in and it's nothing but click here and repeat the same task over and over again....

Rahmat Risky S

Unbalance game, too many different for P2P.

Steve J

Delete my rating all you want copy cat creator

Stephen Nelson

It is awsome, amazing but complicated , and too much data is used to download it so that makes it also hard to get so i wish that the will reduce the data capacity.


This literally looks like an EVE clone


The game is really nice developers have worked really hard on its graphic but i just have one issue if why we cannot take part in fights?

Roland MacLeod

Sadly, dews unable correct handle and fix bugs, and not listen. This game might have potential, but that they will first fully listen. When i sending bug repports it is pain to estabilish comunication. And when i also try help them for free.

Skael Vontari

If you're going to go to such lengths to make good animations, models, etc, why can't you guys incorporate never-before-seen game mechanics? "Modular system" in spaceships? Modules are only needed if there is a *positional* criteria that effects the Modules or stats. What positional criteria is required to simply equip these ship parts? I suggest you guys play Stardrive 1 & 2 (INDIE game offline PC) or Event Horizon (INDIE game Android) to understand what "Modules" are all about. Average game.

Smoke Kitty

II nope just to big a file2.9gisf free and still i cant upload? You realy have a self important complex

Gowsalya Gowsalya

Good game


nice game but no newer servers or any news on new releases ,no competition feel and ways to strategize around events

badger boy

Im concerned that whilist I play Nova Empire for 3 years you bring this out instead of updating/upgrading Empire. Are you devs are going to run down the orginal destroy communites built there.


Base building repeat.

Scott lee

It needs to run in the background forever. Shut this game down people

Michael Johnson

Amazing! However not sure if this is a bug or not, but Flak cannons have no business dealing massive dmg to shields. Lol

David Bors

The tutorial was so auto that i didn't learn anything and things popping up confusing. Next thing I know, I'm lvl. 10 and no idea how to play. The UI is too small for a phone, making everything cramped and text too small. It would be better on PC or tablet.

Lisa-ann Lynch


Alex Green

Tutorial is too long. Can't understand what actual gamplay is, to fight, to upgrade, or what? Where's pvp section still not clear. Anyway good graphics, amazing intro.

Demien Tol

Buggy....ships displayed u don't have, fleets getting stucked in attacks, players displayed in wring clans.. ect ect. On top of that the payed content is way up there sadly the game isn't. No tactical control, just send ships to attack and the rest goes automatic. So it's all abt numbers, u got more u win. Server is bound to die our like all other games with setups like this, cuz there are no restrictions what so ever. Not even in events, where small clans got eliminated within the hour.. 2 star

robert Mallernee


Drago P

This game is seriously flawed.Gameplay needs work because you can't switch between enemies,mid battle, unless you recall?Glitches are abundant.I currently can't move my base or repair my ships because the game thinks I'm still in battle.All because of Goliath event.That screwed me over,royally.The devs are not answering me and will probably respond to this review before they even read my ticket,in game.My original base which I was able to recover,somehow, also has glitches.Won't even go there


this game full of bugs and idk how but my yesterday review was deleted. Writing again, in this game bugs you will meet every time, people find 2-3 new bugs every day day and post it in discord. it isnt joke, its 2-3NEW bugs every day day

John D Post-Stone

If you like your games with unimpressive graphics and long game play without any decent results over several hours of your life that you will never get back along with a battery killing 1.3GB behemoth that even runs in the background while you've thought was closed then this game is for you. I told myself that I would give it a fair chance so I played it for a week. I bought one package in the beginning for US$4.99 but that was all. It's just too much money and work for a lackluster game.

roblox roblox

I can't enter the game all it ceeps saying cenetson erro