Northland Arena

Author: Abjuice

100,000+ install
Role Playing


Northland Arena – This is an AFK role-playing game that never stops fighting.

Detailed info

File size: 53M
Update time: June 10, 2021
Current version: 1.0.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Abjuice
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ivan Deguidoy (Juvan)

Cant even enter the game.

Rhonecarl Alvarez

Ok nc game.....


Game is crushing constantly. It's not playable.

Raiizo Gaming


Twisted Mind

Awesome game

steve henshaw

Game is good but the crashing makes it impossible to play


Changing my rate to one stars from five stars, first, i was enjoying the game, then suddenly i tried guest again before i went in the game i was the game , but then i lost DATA. i have data loss, and i just installed it in one day.. kind of annoying. I dont like this game, not reccomended to download. many bug, glitches everywhere, PLEASE fix this!!!! I will change the rating if fixed! this game very boring, this game has NO UPDATES. events boring. UPDATE THE GAME PLEASE. COPY OF AFK ARENA!!

Charles H

This game is dead. No update whatsoever. I really really regetted spending money on this. I am from server 1.

john Jones

cheap russian garbage, game literally crashes every 8 minutes. seems like some sort of intel gathering scam.

Mukesh Chandra Arya


Rascal W.

Omg !!!!. I like the game but dear lord it is crashing every few minutes. I promise you no lies, it has crashed during the first 20 minutes at least 6 times. I thought it was because I tried to click outside of the tutorial but nope, keeps happening. I can't be bothered starting it up again at the mo. Maybe try later. I've only spent £2:00 so meh. CRASH CRASH CRASH.



Professor E


Ram Maharjan

It is a fun game


It's dead and abandoned game. No update, no new events (every day the same events on repeat), nothing. I think the game is on auto-mode trying to milk what it can until they will shut it down eventually.

khoi nguyen

bad game this is trash game

Nagamas Tanto

Crash everytime!!

Alex Nicu

Leaving aside that the game keeps on crashing which it happend in the last 20 minutes for like three times,this game you have here some stuff are coming from AFK Arena or am I wrong? Because most of the monsters and skills are the same.

Ken Montealto Sodusta

The game keeps on crashing. I tried to restart it but it's still crashing. After the 6th or 7th time for the day, I've had enough!


game chơi cũng được

Ralph Karlo Magsanoc

Can u fix this game because its always backing when I play this game

Chao Yang

Latest update causes constant game crashes. Impossible to play.


Theres a force close issue with the game. Can't apend too much time playing beforr it closes on you then u have to open it again and wait for everything to load every time. If this issue were to be fixed i would give it 4-5 stars.

kuya koy

Good game

Mark Emmons

Great first experience, very generous with currency, no over sexualized characters, etc.

Melikşah Şimşek

Null value return. So its just a black screen. Where is the game? Kidding right?


Im getting deja Vu in this game

Mmm Ali Ali

This game always crashing while playing

Shreshth Yadav

Cool game

Donielle Sellers

This game had show me concepts and real design it with an appointment but it kept glitching on my cell phone when I kept playing this video game on my cellphone concept lyrics kept on glitching on me

Lenard De guzman


Ricjan Carreon

Good game

Krishna Vamsi Reddi

It's my first day in the game, it looks good

Blood with Champagnes


suvam chakraborty

It's good

Francis Yu

Fun i guess

Charlie Louise

I've trippled checked my language in game and it's set to English but most of my descriptions in game menu are another language and only a few are in English. I've just unistalled as can't play it like that.

Ma. Catherine Bernardo


Hazama 333

Underrated game

Naomi Rushworth

Great game great for free to play and always something to do :)

Erenio Segurada

nice game and easy to play

Erik Pongen

3star for now, still only playing for 2days. Pretty ok so far.

Moshiur Kollol

Not to bad

Le Khoi

Good game and support.


I just installed it and the game keeps closing that's why i can't even create an account.

Cody Ray

Good game, great sound track, pretty decent heros. Just not my Forte.

Biscuit Gaming

Lite start. Good char build.

suwit khunthongsap

it funny game

Allan Lapira

Its keep crushing recenly.pls fix it

Migaël De Keyzer


jreknon9 jreknon9

Amazing gameplay with idle love


Always Force Close! Please Fix! Please fix! Please Fix! PLEASE!!!

kinh dam hoang the


Jenny Ralte


darwin apa


Kat Parker

I have zero idea why this game is only a 4.3 in ratings. I have played every idle game out there including the ones from other countries and while I admit the graphics aren't the best compared to others everything else in this game is amazing. They are super F2P friendly, in one week most of my team is at level 120 and orange or red. The gacha is incredible and the mechanics are easy to figure out. Ignore the bad reviews and give this game a try. Amazing job devs. 5☆ from me.

Idham Affandi

Games is great and cool but too low on content, this games will last fun to play for 2 week then nothing more to play coz there are no guild war, no weekly tournament and not even a DAILY side gameplay such like dungeon or worldmap to play for... Well thats what i think about this games

Edmr Mata

There things that I dislike so much in this game that I loved so much in ML Adventure and AFK Arena. Firstly, the graphics are poor. I doesn't like it. Secondly, the music and sound effects sucks. The heroes don't even have voiceover. Lastly, the landscape mode. It's a big off for me to have a landscape mode and black bars at the corners. Hoping this could all be fix in the future updates.


Awesome games and tons of rewards and also lots of characters 😍

Arba'urrizku Nur Ikhsan


Muhammad Dharma Hanjaya (Dharma)

Need more gift code to support us

Revilas Ar


Life Gaming


Megan Gamer

This game is lack of maintenance. Bug, error, glitch everywhere. Too bad I like this game. Luckily I havent spent a dime in this game.



Shinra Tensai


Aries Monique


Syarendra Suseno

This game is for my children...

Eric Frye

So far a very good game, a nice design on the characters.

Jim Niki

good idle game

amanda cuthrell

Fun pretty

Clifford King

Game seems good, too bad you cant play it because it keeps crashing,btw im playing on an amazon fire so the problem is on their end. sucks because i wasted money buying beginners packs.

Si Mbah Rono

Graphic is good, however the game story is not vary so its kinda monoton

Rayan Buendia

So far so good.. start will review later

Yezzy Zkye

It's doesn't smooth enough

Tedi Surya

good game

Brent Chester


Vanessa Garcìa

Nice game

Benjamin kym

Game is great and i love god hero. the only thing i dislike is no new server and confuse the hero formation

X Belormoroth

Game is really cool. Yes its clone of "afk arena" but 99% of google play games are clones of another games. I have just 1 question: HOW THE F am i suppose to pass 7-36? I have 150lvl mecenary and still getting wiped there. Enemy team got massive heal constantly and they are healing more than i'm able deal damage to them. Who invented that level?!

Silver Mark John Deoduco

Awesome game!

Junalyn Luna

i love the game. It is F2p friendly unlike IDLE GOG game. Recommended for gamers who like idle games. You don't need to top-up just to level up your VIP. so I really like this game.

Agent Dash

My full review will be up when the full game will be. (Review re-structuring.... revisiting grammer issues.....)

Rahat kumar patel

The game demand 5 give 200 I gave it 5 star..

Anik Hossen


Felipe Mendoza


John Christopher Adolfo


Aiaeeia Munoz

Loving it so far

djabo djabalesku

Nice and fun game. Decent time killer with lot of rewards

Adeous Sable


Ling Woo

Dungeon cheats my 258 k power team defeated by 150. Game is very annoying so if you plan to play this be prepared to be annoyed to your limits. Healers and overpowered troll cheats await in this sad game.

Muhammad Ahmed




Nicholas Whitson

Is good


Afk arena ripoff

Mark Dalton

Average idle gotcha game

Juan Lisboa

Its one and only one

Earth Light

I really like this game so far. It's free to play friendly which is awesome and the heroes are pretty cool. This is one of the first games I've played where It actually feels like I'm continually making progress as a free to play gamer. I will definitely support this games development when and if I ever actually do have money.

Eikichi Twinkletoes

afk arena copy., creepy, how they sleep at night?

Mark Rowe

Another game, that for no reason, will not work. Unless you are willing to give, for no reason, access to your media, accounts and contacts. If this your way of collecting information to sell just say so in the game description and save every one a lot of time and trouble.