Northland Arena

Author: Abjuice

50,000+ install
Role Playing


Northland Arena – This is an AFK role-playing game that never stops fighting.

Detailed info

File size: 51M
Update time: April 14, 2021
Current version: 1.0.8
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Abjuice
Price: Free
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Customer review

Amar Muzaffar

so much free gift & code... almost like fully f2p

Haris Ricky

Afk arena simillar

ted tedy

Great game,lovely graphic,generous devs,'s crash every 30m or so...I'm gona uninstall 4th time if it's not gona work it's gona be a real shame to say good bye

Richard Gipa


Dean Whittle

Not as good as afk arena but it's still good game the only problem I have is my phone gets hot after 20mins of play time I have s21 ultra as well

Arief Buntoro

Warning heavy pay to win game, FTP player will surely have slowest progress among vip player, Enemies progressively are too strong, and reward to small, uninstall

Miguelito de Leon

It seems that the skills of the heroes are the same those in a AFK ARENA heroes. but the graphics and skill effects are good. 😊

Sayed A.F

its fun..

Cromiell Izzy


Ryan Hyneman

One of the most imbalanced games I have ever seen. When there is one hero that can solo an entire team where each hero is almost double it's BR, you've broken your game. DO NOT WASTE ANY MONEY ON THIS JOKE OF A GAME.

Luke Brookes

Great game and rewarding


AFK Arena clone

Prithvi Singh

Awesome game, I've been searching game like this. Finally found this, fare in every way. Thank you.

Ashu Raj

No new server

Hello Mobile

This game is great but alot of errors and graphic still low , i see first is login with Facebook it cannot connect ....... ThzQ

I Donotexist

Great game except one thing (hence the 4 stars). I have 1 here I need that's in the array but, can't get to raise her level. I did ten 10x summons in the advanced recruit & eight 10x summons in the faction recruit plus, picked her faction when I got one of those cards in the summon area. She's in the wishlist as well. How am I supposed to continue to advance when I can't get this specific hero? It would be different if I could change the main 5 in the array but, I should have gotten her after so many summonings

nikos sioutis

nice so far, decent afk arena clone

John Light

Awesome game

Ryan Himawan


TJ Schwartzkopf

Very good game

Casandra Parker

I wanted to play a couple days before posting my review. While I will say the graphics are sub par compared to other idles, their generosity to F2P players and incredible summoning rates more than make up for it. That being said I adore the uniqueness of each character. Keep doing exactly what you're doing devs because this game is a diamond in the ruff and I can't wait to see new updates for it. 5 stars from me.

Michal Zidor

nice afk arena clone

Duc Nguyen


DM Truth

Cant even get on the game. Redownloaded it atleast 3 times got as far as typing the player name but kicks me when I hit continue or before I can.


The game looks not bad but it's sad how much you've stolen from AFK Arena. As someone who's been playing AFK Arena for 2 Years i can't help but notice. I won't give it a bad rating tho because it does looks promising. Edit: I changed my mind, go delete this game.

Budiono Kusnadi


Archadia Orandi

Have problem with app... this app have many times to stopped running. And I must reload the app in 2 until 5 times for make this app running normally. I hope developers want to repairing the bug..... In graphic it's nice. And good game for worker player.

fred Walsh

Cool so far


Meh so far so.good just wish there more ways to get xp

Devin Rowe

Deleted my review when I spoke the truth o.0 just fix your game devs I mean really do you want people to play or not ? Force closes every few seconds come on now dont be lazy ;p

Nguyễn Hưng


Dan Shimetz

Great and fun game


Game is good but when I played guest mode and increase my level and when I try to connect that guest account with my gmail it logout and get started from start . Too much disappointed .

Larton Amor

This game is kinda cool. It's better than the others but I'll give it 4 stars cause everytime I keep logging. I got kicked out. Can you fix that?

Mack Hallums

its the best.... and shut up the 1 star n 2 stars i want only 3 stars 4 stars an 5 stars

Alvin Chiam

Game play ok

Slam Mohamed


Sevack Krikorian

Awesome game I like it

Rajneekant Gupta

I never get any thing from bundles I lost my money 2nd time.. either fixed it or refund my money.. I tried to purchasing pack.

Nawaf 380