Nonogram Puzzle – elf island

Author: Pixel Art - draw in fun

10K+ install


Welcome to magical island and meet elves. Complete nonogram to open gift box with basic material in it and merge them to build your fairy tale world!

Nonogram is a type of sudoku game which combine logic with pixel art. Match blank cells and numbers at the side of the grid to reveal the hidden pixel picture, as known as Hanjie, Picross, Griddlers, Japanese Crosswords, Paint by Numbers, Pic-a-Pix. Use logic to figure out whether the square should be color or filled with X base on the words on the grids or could just filling by filling out all bricks.

When the puzzle was resolved, you could reveal hidden images on the puzzle. Numbers are clues to show how many squares to fill. The numbers above the column are read from top-to-bottom. Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left-to-right. Nonogram is also a pleasant game to train and exercise your brain, also keep your mind active with the basic rules and logic behind the picture cross puzzle.

Nonogram puzzles will also bring you gift boxes which could help to build your fantasy, mystery and dream elf island. Open gifts to drag and match items like small branchs, stones and seeds to contracture and design the beautiful fairy tale island and reveal stories. Elves will show up after 3 eggs were collected~ Complete nonogram puzzle and keep Merging to find and discover the magic!

●Massive Themed puzzle packs in the game
●friendly novice tutorials in the game, combine various difficulty level from Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard or Very hard that best for you and become the expert!
●There are many auxiliary functions in the game, such as return to the previous step, get hints, and reset the game
●Autosave every puzzle, if you stuck you can try another puzzle and come back later
●First game that you can play nonogram and merge at the same time
●Merge to summon and collect characters

Detailed info

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Update time: Jun 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Pixel Art - draw in fun
Price: Free
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Customer review

Chryl Rary


Staci McCollough

I enjoy this game a lot. So far, the only issue that I have run into is that there is a glitch that can make the numbers near impossible to see. Turning the app off and back on again seems to have reset it, but it might need to be looked into.

Raina R.

This game has subpar setting: two so far haven't had unique solutions, and another two are unsolvable without using items. Gems are both the premium currency and the energy system, and mean you can only play one or two puzzles at a time. Any merge item bubbles are straight up paid items, no premium currency involved. Overall, not well-thought out or structured.

Sarah Coyne

No way would I pay out on this game. Don't get me wrong it's a good game. I just have issues. 10mins per diamond to rebuild....seriously! Then it clitches around adverts when you try to get the free ones. They either don't load, freezes or you watch the advert for nothing, and they not even short ones 😡

maureen Nichols

Two of my favorite games in one. Relaxing games too.

Jane Fergusson

Loved this game but recently there is no point watching ads. You don't get anything for it. Even the update hasn't fixed it. I don't mind ads as long as its worth it

Danielle Fontenot

Could be much better if it wasn't pay to play. I would love it but u can't advance without paying which is trashy

Jeff Seale

Nonogram Puzzles + Evermerge clone = AWESOME!! Best mashup ever.

Anyarat Vichayavannakul

Ads not work. I watch and nothing happen.

Jenna Campbell

Well done 🙂 excellent 👏

Dusty Hall

I like the different elements but it's slow to recharge and more forward unless you want to pay money or watch hundreds of adds. It's a nice filler game when you only have a few minutes at a time to play.

Valona Jennigs

It's actually a pretty neat game. I love nonograms puzzle, and they certainly have a lot of options. The "issue" is that near the end of the puzzle some have multiple solutions. That's a bit annoying, though what bothers me most is most puzzles don't line up with their picture of "completed work". It just irks my soul a bit. The merge aspect is pretty cool, and I like the mini story. I'm also wondering if theres more coming out for the stories and puzzles, cause I've completed them already..

Jeannette Moore

Fun to play

Diane Newton

A very generous game if you are willing to watch ads. The concept is great even if the controls on the nonograms are a bit annoyingly slow. I'm enjoying playing. Sometimes the ad's don't give out rewards but I'll just move off the game & I'll get added diamonds anyway. I'd like to say well done to the developers, I've refused to play any merge games for a long time but because you allow another game within the concept I love it & really don't mind the ad's for the progress I can achieve.

Claire Hancock

Please Respond! I'm enjoying the game for the most part, however, at the end of a level it gives u the option to triple your prize by watching an ad. Most of the time the ad will play then return to the previous screen but no triple reward. The button to watch the ad is disabled and u only get one prize. This button does not work even after u play another round. You have to close the game and reopen for it to work and then, most of the time it stops working again. Fix and I will amend my review.

Benjamin Denton

Awesome game

Emily Thornlor

I love this idea, enjoy nonogram puzzles and it's a little merge game too. Should be a perfect little time waste. However even if I ignore the, at times blatant, pushing to sell me additional things, I can't forgive the fact that I often spend time watching an ad for a reward and then don't get that reward!! And without the ability to multiply the gift by 3 the game progresses painfully slowly :(

Karen Mueller

All of your ads I've seen are for Evermerge and not for this game. They need to be removed.

Tasha Monzingo

Decent. I like the concept but the ads won't work. There is no way to get the rewards. Please fix this!!!

Sid C

Watched ads for rewards such as energy but did not receive the energy. This happened multiple times so I decided to uninstall since you only get enough energy to play 1 or 2 nonograms. Don't waste your time with this app, just get one of the other dozen nonogram apps.

Matías Muñoz

Hay falla en la entrega de gemas por ver anuncios, muchas veces no te entrega las gemas correspondientes

jared verseveldt

Pretty fun game, sadly the energy system stopping you from playing more makes it so you can only play one or maybe two levels per hour. Unless you watch an ad. The big problem is that about 80% of the time watching an ad doesn't give you ANY rewards

David Nile

Great game but heavy on the ads. You dont have to pay to win if you just want to play casually.

shelbee bates

Love this game

yu land

Okay game, could be better. You can't go far in the game without money but it limits my time playing and it suits me. The issue I'm having is that I've been watching ads and not getting the rewards lately, then all the ads become unavailable and it's not even worth playing any more. Will stop playing if that bug is not fixed.



Kate Heuer

Fun game, but I'm getting frustrated with the number of ads that play all the way through but don't pay out rewards promised.

Natalie Crockwell


Ronnie Harris


Joanne Cullen

I love this game 😀

Theresa Schmitt

Love it ! So fun

Kaci Norton

Seriously don't make a purchase I made 2 and had to uninstall the game because it wouldn't reopen and I lost my purchases.

Robert Giammatteo

The game is fun if you like nonograms, which I do. I think it's strange that the rarer gem currency is what is needed to play puzzles though. Gems for unlocking puzzles, coins for the shop. Seems kind of backwards to me.


Would have appreciated a higher energy cap. I can do 1-3 ish nonograms before I'm out of energy...


Very cool game. Never boring because you can always switch game modes.

Kelly Fraser

Horrible lag trying to close out/continue between menus. Enough that it got un-installed. The actual play isn't bad.

elaine hannah

Fun game

CJ Clevenger

If you are going to make ads part of your game structure, make sure they work.

Peachy Fairy Fox

This game is very generous with resources. I find the gameplay fun, challenging and relaxing. My only criticism is that the pictures do not have titles and sometimes I cannot tell what they are supposed to be.


Nice concept combining nonograms with merging but I have watched several ads and not received the items. I've also tried clicking on the ads and they don't work...

Jessica Stevens

Mostly enjoyable. I do love nanograms, just wish there were some in color. Also, like the idea of merging, but I had merged a dream tree and then the next time I went to play, the tree was gone. It takes a lot of merging to earn the dream tree and it's frustrating that I no longer have it.

Luisa Dorazio

Love it

Bob Dawkins

Nice game!!!

Carrie Rogers

Fun but obnoxiously slow to be able to do puzzles. The free gems you can get for watching an ad works less than half the time.

Jestice Love

If the ad doesn't work, I should get the prize anyway. Not too many games will do that but I have play a couple that do. I love this game, I never run out of things to do but I also don't feel like I need to play, just get to it in my leasure time. 05 stars if the ads are fixed or compensation for at least trying.

Graydyn Young

Lots of nonogram games available on play store, no reason to play one with these money grubbing mechanics

LaLena Lindsey

Fun time passer but unfortunately it's over quickly. Once you merge the castle and tree and marry the princess to the Duke the story is over and no new places open. You stop getting the twigs for eggs and they remain on the quests. But meh it let me zone out and pass time and didn't cost money because you can just watch videos for it all.

Elaine Piecuch

Can't find the elf to drag things to, No help anywhere. Losing interest very fast. Getting to repetitious and boring when you can't move on

marie field

Love the different difficulties play for hours

Mickie Schuler

Love it!


It's the equivalent of one of those scary YouTube kids algorithm videos holding you at knife point for money. I love nonograms and liked the idea of merging, but good god, it constantly creates problems that require you to spend money or suffer the consequences, such as loss of floor room on your merge map due to items you can only use/get rid off after buying some odd Disney's Snow White Tinkerbell for roughly 4€ and I'm sure there is much more of this to come if one was to carry on playing.

Alastar Ballard

It was... Annoying to play this game to say the least. It's trying to be too many things at once; and the wonderfully copywrite infringing "Princess" needing saving with "just $3.99!"? Just was the cherry on this bleak, poorly produced sundae.

Kelli Jenkins

I was playing the game fine and now it won't load. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice and can't get it to work. Loved the game while I played it.

Chrissy Frederick

App won't load just keeps closing as soon as I open it.

Adriana Rosado

So far so good


Had to fix last review spoke too soon they respond quickly and I am extremely happy with the game still a bit on the expensive side but you can progress through the game with have to pay to play.

kristyn budinger

Game stopped working, crashes every time I open it

Yulinanda Fauziah


Inger Mykelz

I have played many types of nonogram games. My dislikes *you only have 1 color to fill in you nono puzzle, the color fills in apon completion *the puzzle chart where you select your next puzzle, if you go from top left as 1 for the easiest it would be wrong the difficulty is gumbled *pay to Anything on the merge part of game there is a Disney princess asking help $2.99 what it says on click. What's good I liked the multi game type platform, nonograph then merge.

Something short

Can't even get through the tutorial without this game lagging and freezing



Emma Jungblut

Game very fun. Think I got to the end point so far. No new tasks come up anymore. Hope more is added completed whole storybook.

Gemma Gardiner

Overall the app is good, however there are a couple of problems. It does take a while for the diamonds to refill, and the app sometimes closes when you try to watch an app

Anne Hack

Helps with my anxiety

Debra Booth

It's fun and relaxing and it's two games in one which is cool different


This app looks more like a student project than a real polished game. Moreover, it was made by very greedy people : many crucial options are locked behind a paywall. You have to pay diamonds (in-game premium money) to play levels and you can only get diamonds through quests or presents. You will run out pretty quickly of things to do if you don't purchase anything...

Denise Hill

Lots of levels challenging yet soothing. Lots of ways to make coins & diamonds. Smooth playing without a hitch. MY NEW DAILY GO TO thanks guys. I am not a bot & I believe in supporting dev that keep me entertained

Romy Baddour

Great game very addictive love it so much

Stewj23 i

Fairly New to the game but e days in and I've not come across any issues. And a major major upside barely any adverts at all. I have played games with ads upon a touch of the screen. And I'm extremely satisfied this isn't one of those games.

shottsee daniels

Pay to play no way to win enough diamonds to keep playing.

Benjamin McIver

Boring. Childish difficulty monograms, hampered by a ridiculous amount of counters and time limiting gameplay.

Jeii Balbin

I like the app the only issue I have is my phone heats abruptly while playing the game so I give you three stars.

Sky Heartstring

It is a great time passing game. Only issues I really have is there should be more easier nanograms. The ads aren't too bad, but there's quite a few.

Wendy Benedict

It's mediocre as both a nonogram and merge puzzle.

Anne-Renée Dawson

Mostly enjoying the game, but the nonograms should be redesigned so they never have multiple solutions; on several puzzles it doesn't matter where you fill in the last few squares as the solved conditions are still met. Also, I now have four wishing trees and can't open any of them; eventually my island is just going to be a forest. (I was able to open the first one I got, but none since.)

jessie webster

I had rated this a 4 star, I took one Away because this is the second time I have tried to play and the videos are not working to help with extra gifts. I love the combination of the two games. I will keep trying and see if this glitch is fixed.

Alley Baxter

Good but would love to be able to zoom in

Serge Purtell

Like the game, unlocked everything.


Very relaxing. I can go at my own pace.

Racheal Cushman

I love nonograms and merge puzzles...the 2 together is awesome! I also thought for several days that I would have to pay to release the princess but I kept trying anyway. Merging finally worked. I cant figure out what to do with the gifts from the wishing tree. I've given them to the princess but I cant find any guidelines on what to give and when. The tutorial only explains how to play nonograms not the actual merge portion or what the symbols above the princesses head mean. Needs more guidance

Yenni Liu

This game is interesting and challenging. I like the merge and puzzle combination.

Patricia R Mouser


Elena Antoni

Fun simple game, but there should be a way to earn diamonds without watching ads.

Stacey Simmons

Was fun but its broken you cant give elf the gems and only way to get elf free is to pay for it.

Debbie Rodriguez

So far so good

Bernadine Lanham


tantan ala

The nonogram part starts out very easy, then becomes more and more difficult, very challenging! I love this game dude

zhijing kuang

relax and fun game! Great combination of nonogram and merge😁

Aaron Lauer

I keep needing to uninstall and re-install the game so that the adds to get rewards say "free" instead of "loading" otherwise I really like the game

mani saghi

Background music is so beautiful


That's s weird combination. You need to merge to play nono. And those puzzles sometimes have several possible solutions, all right

Michelle Mason

I love to monogram but I have items it keeps telling me to give to an elf..... But there are to elf's except the one they want me to pay money for. Only wants cash. Wouldn't recommend

Marsha Van Wyngarden

Puzzles are great but right from the start you have to pay to released the character. Not for me


Loved it until I reached the last puzzle of the first set. Can't finish it. Crashes as soon as I get to last move. Tried 5 times with same result.

Erin Brooks

Super fun game. Challenging and creative