Ninja Master – Sneaky Attack

Author: ABI Global LTD

50K+ install


How long does it take you to eliminate one person?

A ninja master needs no longer than a minute. You were gifted with powerful strength and equipped with diverse kunai and darts to complete the mission. Once you get closer to your opponents, they don’t have any chances to face the fear.

Watch out for your move, throw the rope into the right places. Make stealth attacks quickly!
The missions will require skill, speed, and loads of stealth to reach and eliminate the bad guys.

Never act right in front of your opponents. Work undercover and insensibly defeat the bad guys. Be conscious and a stealth attack is a key!

Explore a lot of kunai ropes, from old-fashioned steel kunai to modern customized kunai and ropes that fit the skins. Try your best to get your favorite characters

Slip past the bad guys, eliminate them all and rescue your teammates. They are innocent and waiting for you to come.

Stealth attacks always win. Are you ready to become the best ninja in town?
Start your journey now!

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Update time: Jul 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: ABI Global LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Poco Yar


Amani -kun

it's amazing👍

Dave Ford

I'm actually quite mad at myself as I told myself this game wouldn't be as bad as the comment section says it is!! It's actually a tad worse as there is only 1 difficulty level and here's the kicker only 50 total levels!! That's INSANE!! Zero replay as once you figure out a puzzle you're done!! Uninstalled!!

Alexander Bliskavka

The devs are actually insane, how does this game not violate some rules? You complete a level. There is a label that says "tap to continue" and also there is a button to watch a video ad and recieve 5x the reward but the only that works is pressing the video ad button. Im just speechless. Almost every game in this industry is ad hungry but you guys just took it to the next level. Hopefully no one plays into your scammy ways.

Official Luxe

I can't even play I press play it doesn't Work

Clara Lin

Ninjas are awsome

Ron Navida

im enjoying the game

Marvin Charlton


Nijel Agaza


Morain Mama

Hhsigdidk and

Aidin Daniali

در بدو دید

Leong Lena

I love insurance

Jonathan Au

Absolutely Awesome and this game is totally for children but it's a good time killer

andrei carandang

Best Game ever

بهنیا کمالی اوزی


Vahid Gh

Only 50 level! 😔🤔

A Amieo


Morteza Shahshahani

Zero challenge. Very pointless.

Atena Khosravani

خیلی بازی جالبی بود

Amr Shalaby

Alot of ads

Anup Jana

I love this game 😍😍💓


Fun but short, only 50 levels

Louis Wakeman

Not played yet will soon🥳

Michael Roa

More ads than playtime.

Joel Cox

More adverts than playtime


Is actually a pretty cool little game. But I am only giving it one star and deleting it after posting this because it plays an ad after every single level. And to make the annoyance even worse, it takes an ad longer to play than it takes to beat the level.

Michael Rod

Was a fun but short game full of ads

Pedram Gh