Ninja Battle : Defense

Author: gameduo

500,000+ install
Role Playing


Ninja Battle : Defense – Defense RPG with cool ninjas!

Detailed info

File size: 96M
Update time: September 14, 2021
Current version: 7.15.01
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: gameduo
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lucas Farias

Very fun, entertaining, and with a sprinkle of comedy

Stanley white

fun game until I got a outdated client error it's telling me to update but there isn't an update

wayne berry

Meh. I never play games with energy cap. Soz

Gabriel Kalmar


Axh Xalexi

Yoo bro fix your game, tf why so much bug, stuck here, stuck there,

Hayden Mason

Waiting 20 minutes to load, keeps crashing very poor game

Dardi jdjsj


average man

didn't work

Craig Gunderson

Amazing until it glitched out as I was obtaining the epic weapon from level 10 and won't load anymore. Tried re-installing, didn't work.


Enjoyable premise with some good ideas, however it repeatedly crashed with me soni had to gove up on playing it.

Matt Paylor

Id love this game if it didnt frez and mess up all the time


The game is good, but sometime the ads is stuck and lead me to relog the game

Dylan Griggs

The salad mixer didn't work

Sunanda Renuka


Vu Kser

Good game

Life On79

this game sucks

Magna Thedra

Fun so far, but haven't played a ton yet. Looks good, plays well, I'll keep going =]

jimmy yu

Can't activate ninja pass. Takes me to the limited package purchase.

John Odin

Love the game and the Jutsus just wish that some of them would synergize better... Like the clone and the empower jutsu.

Sir Josh

Actually enjoyed. There are some difficulties but with the correct adjustment with skills and strategies, it's an easy pass.

Robert Hollins


Violet Rose


dereck blas

Was enjoying the game till it crashed 5 times on boss stage 20 ⚰⚰⚰⚰

Joseph Belmont

Awesome game like it a lot

Real Arty

Wont even start. Gives instant error on startup.

John Fischer

The game is fine, I'm giving it 2 stars because you can't grind the first boss stage without having to see the story, (which is generic, and the artwork is cheap and lazy compared to the rest of the game.) and then talk to the NPC introduced in the next area each time, remove this. It's your standard collect/upgrade heroes, collect/upgrade gear then advance through the stages.

Bruce Huang

Loading times are really long

dada springer

Amazing time killer

arash bahrami

Great gameplay but too many crashes !! Please fix the crash

Joshua Westfall

Totally awesome gaming experience overall!! Adds only if you choose to watch them. . . This game keeps me coming back everyday for more!

Joshua Weise

Reminds me of newgrounds.

xxtachamburgerxx yt

Good and fun game after the long lode


I like it a lot

Dustin M


Shun Sweezer

This is fun. Put in more jitsu

James Nguyen

So good keep up the good work this game is basically naruto but not the element genjistu and taijitsu you guys should try if you like naruto based games

Spencer Woo

The game play isn't half bad, However, the game kept on loading for ages and would eventually lead me to crash.

Pyro P

Great game really fun would give 5 stars but keeps freezing on me

Charles The fishermen

Great game

The Executioner 1552

The actual gameplay isn't half bad but pelase fix the loading issue and/or optimize it to be a little faster as well.