Ninja Assasin

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Ninja Assasin – Enjoy the thrill of defeating the enemy with one blow!

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Customer review

Thomas Rega

This game is so Fun

sirmeaws andzack


Faith Burditt


rey uzamaki

Its kinda good buts its too many adsssss why why but i turn on air plain mode gg ez

Chazzie Mhyne

+_+ i love This game but There is to Many ADDS

Omar Elsayed

Trash not worth it


Deku is not gay

Jb Gimarangan

I completed this game within 30 minutes i hope you can add more maps and also its a nice game

Ricardo Justice



Takes to long to download For that I give a 3 stars...

Prudencio Biggayan

its pretty good

Xavier Garcia

Everybody who is complaining about ads since this game doesn't need internet to run turn on airplane mode and since internet is required to play ads then you get the full game experience without the ads

Martika Fogarty

This game suck is so boring

B2 Arabejo


hi hi good morning

i am a YouTube channel or i will be yellow is my friend of the game and then you can use the first win in the United States is not YOU ARE A VERY SMALL MAN who is not a good time for you to get a new 8th and the first win in the United States is not YOU ARE A VERY SMALL MAN who is a very fat boy ok I will let you know what I am the cool kid now

h a

I Like it because you get to enjoy the game.

Jotaro Kujo does anims

It keeps looping at lvl 30 and it just sucks that it does that

Someone Lastname

It's a good game but there's too many ads.

Nasri Nasri


Ricardo Jean-Baptiste

Its fun but the main part that they advertise is really short

Ranvijay Singh

Pratibha is currently not allowed

Tyler J Rodrigues

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggggg sssssssssss hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Jonathan Martinez

too much ads

Juan lopez

Love this game reminds me of anime its the best

Manny Soriano

This so fun and amazing

Aisyah Humairah


cduce games

Great game

James Borata

I realy love this game

Regina Escueta

Xander Idof

Konge nagaraj

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manjunath sonnepalli


Michelle Cuntapay


Chrish Angel M. Ubiña

This game is really fun

Axl Bon Weiss Valderama


Azon kiel Belarmino

Make more games like this its so fun!