NieR Re[in]carnation

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NieR Re[in]carnation is the first mobile entry in the NieR series, continuing the aesthetics of the NieR console games. The Creative Director Yoko Taro helms the team, which consists of developers behind previous entries in the NieR series. Together they present an all-new story of the highest caliber. Welcome to the mysterious world of The Cage, where you will witness a true feast for your senses. Enjoy the console-quality gaming while immersing yourself in the dark story and gorgeous 3D battles. A journey of despair and hope is about to unfurl…

All Prayers Lead to The Cage—
A place called The Cage.
The girl awakens on a cold stone floor
and finds herself in a vast space with a series of massive structures.
Guided by a mysterious creature who calls herself Mama, she steps onto the slate stone path.
They venture into this place of origins unknown, a place known only as The Cage.
To reclaim what was lost, and atone for her sins.

[New NieR Title — Created By NieR’s Original Team] Executive Producer: Yosuke Saito
Creative Director: Yoko Taro
Director: Daichi Matsukawa
Main Character Design: Akihiko Yoshida
Concept Art Design: Kazuma Koda
Music: Keiichi Okabe (MONACA)
[Unique Visuals — Dark Yet Beautiful Art] The game continues the dark aesthetics of the original NieR console series. Players are allowed to search mysterious buildings within a 3D space, experience the desolate and vast Cage, and enjoy a 2D side-scrolling storybook world and its story. Accompanied with Keiichi Okabe (MONACA)’s soul-searching melody, you will venture to the cloud-piercing Craggy Peak, streets in the style of old Japan, a futuristic high-tech white world and more! A console-level audiovisual feast is beckoning you.
[Dark Fairytale — A Heart-wrenching Story] An all-new dark story with Yoko Taro as the creative director. The story itself is philosophical and insightful. Each character’s memories are contained within their weapons. The memories infused in each chapter’s weapons await you, among which include a cold-blooded assassin and a soldier whose heart is burning with revenge. The story touches upon thought-provoking philosophical topics: questions of human existence and the conundrum of machinery given a heart.
[Combat is Art — Gorgeous & Smooth 3D Battles] Combat is semi-automatic, allowing players to cast skills at the most opportune time. This game continues the style of the NieR series with low saturation and realistic proportions. It also features the gorgeous lighting effects and lifelike battle experience true to the NieR series.

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Update time: Jul 14, 2022
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Developer: Komoe Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Josep Pratama

Overall for the gameplay is great but there are several problems that need to be fixed: gacha rates are so abysmal and arena system is so unfair (opponent can do combo while mine can't do any at all, and opponent always have bigger counter chance while mine just can't). Fix those problem dev!!!

Jeffrey Casar

I changed my mind regarding my review. The game looks amazing but we need more event road map to look forward to. Also make a pity in the future banners


Yes, the graphics and the story is so good ofc the music too


The story is a convoluted mess filled with nonsense & plot holes. After SINoAlice and similar games, by now I'm already tired of yoko taro's overused grim & twisted style. Only saving grace is Yumi Hara as Mama's VA. Always love her soft & delicate voice as Yumi from Senran Kagura series. Gacha rate is decent, managed to pull both my YoRHa waifus A2 & 2B together in 1 multi so I'm done with the crossover gacha (screw that annoying ugly brat 9s, never liked him so EZ skip)


gonna test drive fist

Charda Eben Haezer

I got 2B, T H I C C

A random person

Easy to get into, fun, amusing, and overall too beautiful for such a mobile game. I highly reccomend this to people that want an engaging storyline that keeps the player hooked and it's awesome soundtrack which compliments that game's overall presentation. Though, i wish there'd be a way for farm money efficiently, since I run out of it way too easily!

Cpt. Duck

The game is gorgeous, beautiful, from the graphic, music, even tho the story is just like fairy tale kind of story which is not bad, really recommended. The negative side (from my own experience) is the performance. Made my phone really hot with really low FPS even it has 8GB of RAM.

I've been waiting for This!

The game is great, I'm loving it so far! characters are all wonderful and interesting and the music is beautiful! the only issue that I have is the performance of the game for mobile, I just wish there were more graphical options since it can get annoying when a fight barely manages to maintain 30fps, it ruins the experience, setting the graphics to the lowest option doesn't help either since it makes the game run much worse. Edit: Some text and parts also don't fit, like in the Anecdote panel.

006. Anak Agung Gede Adamas Sastradnya

Not showing notch on Pocophone F1

Roberto HT

It's seems very casual. Lots of auto battle. Very good if you can enjoy the story and the audio/visual presented

Hardi Ahin

Great and beautifull game and music, and i kinda confuse how i can collect crow if i miss, but the other than that missing crow, everything okay. what i hate is SEA server is different with EN server. I don't like that, i even hard to finding promotion or trailer for SEA version of the game, i easly find all about JP and EN but not SEA. SEA kinda leftover. i hope not, i hope i wrong, but thats what i feel. And••• why EN only Crossover with FF XIV, not with the other FF Example FF VII Remake.

Sim Jia Zhi

The game's animation and graphics are fantastic and the story is very entertaining and it is very interactive as well it is sad but very nice

Lesmana Wisuta

Lovin' it. Gg.

Sean Mark Jaromay

The game is actually unique and fun, but it keeps crashing usually in the middle of battles, and i think it consumes a lot of RAM, i hope you could optimize the game to run smoothly. I would also like to address the music in the game, it's so soothing and i love it, i just don't know but it really makes me sleepy all the time i play xD, anyways that's it, great game!

Yoo Juu

Why cant looping quest go faster? Game setting speed to retain but nothing. Am i missing something?

Mark Ryan Francisco

Pls fix frame rate drops,optimized the game for Smoother gameplay,add 60 FPS option,add pity system, beginning of the game drags on too much pls cut,add more graphical option



Counter Side

i like this game


Ok, due to the update the game doesn't crash anymore. I like this game so much, everything about it, I would play this everyday.

Tuấn Vũ Nguyễn

Pvp system based totally on luck. Notice about maintenance was put on facebook but not in the game??

Calama Cato

Maybe add the English voice package in this server? Anyways this game is so good


Grafik elite Gameplay sulit

Arlo Something

Loved it

Bibin R34

Best Turn Based RPG mobile game so far

ivan romuar

Nice story and visuals but once you finished the current story it became so boring, you'll end up grinding for gems and levels. nothing much to do after that since events will just ask you to grind even more for items. gems are not so easy to farm in this game too, this is a gatcha game so farming for gems is important specially if there is a limited summon events. It just felt so bland with nothing much to do while you wait for new chapters to be released.

Alexis Saniel

Lagging at lowest graphics with Z Flip 3. No pity rate (Global and JP has). Great graphics and music is the only redeemable feature

Daniel Bona

Giving 5 stars since dev quickly fix issues. Gameplay is great. Quest stories are good and F2P friendly.


No pity system. The rates are horrendous. They removed rerolling. 200 pulls and I can't get a single copy of A2 on my main account. I've never been ao angry at a gacha game before. Honkai Star-Rail will blow this game out of the water.

Masterkaizer _101

Four star why overall your game is solid The problem is its abit laggy Even ihave a super fone. Pls fixed it and ill give five star Thank you devs

Vũ Tiến

Good game :D

Đức Đoàn

Nice game



Khoa aLIEz



bad rates and no pity system


Im gonna rate it 1 star for now because im stuck in the start loading screen and i dont know why even though i already played many times pls fix it

Reza Mardany

The arena was stupid Its all just about luck, and also the bigger you power, the harder you gain the points Just really stupid

Chorls Anthony

1 star because SEA server sucks, no pity system, no good banners, no good events like jp and global server.


The quality is overwhelming! The music is enthralling! Bewitching C.V.s! The story has depth and is moving! The way they delivered it catches the essence of the stories and in shadow plays and theatres style. UPDATE: Slow-mo gameplay, Ch.6 story 2 the bugrant story is bugged? Levania's story? There's a cannibal but no bubble to tap, continue & you'll fall, skippable though. A great game to play and will remember it with it's unique and bittersweet stories. A SINoME if I don't play this gem. 👍🏻

Nisa Chelsea

It's awesome,the graphic, story and character is perfect but the gacha is suck and this game kinda slowly (?)

Edwin Muliadi

Gacha rates are bad, really low chance to obtain 4 star characters. No pity system for the gacha :( The energy consumed fo doing quests is too much and limited replenishment. Too much resources needed to level up characters & weapons, I do not mind the grinding, but again drops are low and lots of energy needed as per above.

Yungga Adityatama N

Best graphics ever! The story, the dialog, the character, including their weapons and skills, all so menacing! On par with the console version probably, and its even more amazing that they can bring this to mobile with such a quality. Kudos!

Nahdi Gaming

Add multi enchant for skill so we can level up skill faster will be good

Brain Inquig

Great game but needs optimizing its been lagging my phone recently when i use 10 loops on a level pls fix it but hey i enjoy it hope for more beautiful content in the future

lea ri

I like the game, but I need the battle to be playable. I don't like watching it.. It's a good game tho, nice graphics no bugs and the story is nice

Raphael Benedict Payar

can't tap anything when google play ui pops up, and therefore can't log in to google play or buy any IAPs. waste of time

Jade Mones

I thought this is an open world Gacha rpg because of the good graphics. Kudos for that, but uninstalled already because I'm not a fan of turn base game. The graphics is such a wasted potential.


Unlike other servers SEA version has no summon pity system and the summon rates are pretty bad.

Jeric Almacin

I've got problems with the controls but it's good

Patrick Norbert Espiritu

Why it's hard to reroll in this game

Huy Ngo

Everything about this game is top quality. But I quit because of the ridiculous skip tickets things. Lots of grinding without the skip tickets. I have a life so goodbye game.

Kino Kagamei

Great stories, great graphics and soundtrack although I really can't understand the fighting scene it's still manageable (◦ˉ ˘ ˉ◦) I love this. Kudos devs, I give you a kiss (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

Andrei Alcala

I'm seeing everything in slow motion, can't expect cool battle here

Gilgy tigrex

I I'm still at the 4 chapter but it is already one of my favorite mobile game! I wish I could rewrite some of the character story not recorrecting it some of them are sad af


Yokotaro Pog

Tom Dwan

It's a good game but the gameplay is too simple

Nghia Tran



Pretty good, some bugs I found. Sometimes Mama will teleport upwards. During stories, is the leg supposed to be that thin? And in battles, sometimes you get stuck when progressing due to barriers.

Stef H

interesting gameplay, and compatibility on devices with low specs, but the frame rate at low graphics settings should be improved a bit for some devices. excessive frame drop at low setting, but when set to medium-best setting, frame rate is not reduced but frame acceleration instead, make this game work bit slow on some low device. n, this gacha's droprate kinda greedy, i almost spend 30k gems, and didn't get any 4 starts char/weapon only, bit disappointed cuz my grinding efforts are wasted

Michael Cayton

The game is definitely an experience. Nice sound quality. Good graphics. The problem is, the beginning of the game drags on for so much. For a mobile game, they will try to give you console gaming quality of story telling, so better be ready for long interactive dialogs. Not my type of game, but definitely try it!

Alex M

Game now runs really well! The graphics and compelling story is a real treat. The pull system is however kinda brutal and the ui is a little hard to navigate (selling items, earning more gold). I also wish there was more quest energy or a single quest didn't cost 1/5 to 1/3 of it. Very annoying. The challenging quests are quite appealing but finding the collectibles (ravens) is proving to be a real chore. Very tricky to spot when you just want to admire the story and appreciate the atmosphere.

Genshin Aether

trash game,scam gacha,greedy game 19000 crystal can not have 4 star suck trash game!!

Butsiki Kerikiki

The intro is so slow that really pissed me off i cant stand this

ValentariuZ Arc

Over all it's good seiyu, music, game.. how to calculate PVP point? How could I lose 200+pts when lose defence against rank 1,but when I beat rank 1 only gain 17pts? Need explanation!! PvP so bad,it's sucks

Fikri Candra

The game is P2W without pity, I'm disappointed because I'm F2P. I thought this game will be offline


50k gem not even 1 nier colab unit WoW and no pity


Always force close after the video gameplay Im playing on rog 5 *edit : problem solved after update to the new version

Andreas Luwis

boring game

Janrev Palarca

Great game so far. I've been playing for an hour. But there is a problem in the summoning screen. Everytime I summon, what follows is a white screen that says connecting in the top roght corner. It gets stuck in that state. I hope you can fix this developers. Plus items and characters have no names whatsoever. My phone model is Realme R5 Pro. Update : It is now fixed. Thanks for the advise.

Ender Dragon


Kazuya Sato

Battle system and graphics are cool.

Death 10

Well game's is good for now

Gagah H.P

Why there are no pity system?

Farrel N.V.

Gameplay kinda bores at ep 6+

Ramdhana Wija

Already fixed, nice music, art and everyhting 💯, i guess the only bad side is no pity system and i got lot of 4 star weapon instead of unit


Oh devs i forgot too update my review But i check the in game help on how to fix and it really fix Just redownload the game from playstore and it work its just like a bug of a new game (Sorry devs i already playing the game from and even at the latest events sorry for late update sorry)

Irfan Muzzaki

thanks now i can play this game

John Meinard Lumanas

For some reason I got stuck on the loading scren at 16.67%. I've tried to uninstall the game multiple times and still doesn't work. Edit: Game worked for me days after the game released. All good now, the game's pretty much working fine. Great graphics, interesting game mechanic and overall, I enjoyed the game so far.

Vincent Ira

Update on Samsung Galaxy Note10 crash: crashes are now gone. 60 fps is still not available though. The game is pretty complex but easy to get a hang of it. While the gameplay is simple and mostly auto (you can't really do much about battles aside from triggering main skill), rewards are quite nice if not generous. It is hard to get materials that can enhance your hero (farm shards etc). But the atmosphere of the game is nice and very immersive. 4 stars due to reward pools, and gacha rates.

Aldi Hartanto

the most worst gacha game on my life. never got 4 star character and weapon after 8x multiple pulls (even the rate was 2% for character and 3% for weapon, cmiiw)

Olivia Copper

Love the game, so far it's smooth as intended. Edit: thank you komoe for fixing it! rated 2 before and changed to 5 after the anecdote panels are fixed, I really hope in the future the help contact can be more useful so user dont have to resort to the google play ratings to solve small issues. Am enjoying the game tho, keep it up!

Febrian Bagus Saputra

Error. After 16%. So never be able to play this game. Already contact dev using email and this problem still unsolved.

V.R GamingZ

Please help me, my game crashed on tutorial loadout,.. The weapon is blanked for no reason, please respond!! Edit:Nvm, I didn't play again thou, here the star I rate... Gl

Akio95 Blast

"In Deck" Weapon. Can't ascend weapon because weapon is "in-deck" even after I unequipped it from every loadouts


Gameplay is nice It's just annoying with the sudden FPS drop like the game is on slow motion, I had to minimize the game and hop back in just for the fps to fix (phone: Lenovo Legion Duel 1) edit review: Server is now stable after update. Only one remains the random fps drop slow motion

Play Heart

This game heats up your phone and not well optimized. No 60fps and please give us a way to tweak the graphic settings even more not the preset low to best. Bloom, Shadows and some hardware intensive settings can be turned off while having best resolution and textures to make it more stable.

K. W. Tsang

Cannot open the app, keeps crashing and returning to phone screen Edit: revised as the game can be played.

Stefan Regan

Please fix the anecdote stars panel. My screen is too zoom in and cant zoom out and i cant get my rewards. Edit: ( Still the same after i change my phone settings. Please fix this please)

Janus sia

The game is enjoyable imo. And the bug that i encountered was fixed pretty quick. If there is something to improve I would probably tackle the lags you encounter when you progress with the story and at the cage. Also bump the rates of featured characters pls.

Susanto Ong

Badly optimize, frame drops randomly in 12gb ram, snap dragon Gen 1 which is the highest available now


Update: somehow games working now game is ok...still a little bit salty about the launch problem might happen again not sure why it works now...

Veronica Aselia

The game is good, but im stuck at chapter 3 and couldn't advance because my screen went black when I'm going into the stairs after defeating the final enemies. Edit: thanks for the help developer, now it's working.


Kinda disappointing that you did not apply the QOL changes in Summons. This is already the third server of the franchise, QOL should already been applied. 800+ pulls on the collab banner and only got Rate Up units twice (it's just two 9S by the way). Isn't that a bit outrageous? 👎

Fajar S.Ramadhan

Fix gacha rate damn you


This game is good but it's really grindy for events you get so little of event item you guys need to change that or at least increase the amount you getting for each run

Agung Setiawan

good storyline and music too

Roy junior Possumah

What the game!!Different and unique concepts and amazing effects, graphics and sound system!Finally game *PGR Get rivals in terms of games that have fantastic background music.

Denis Indramawan

To Komoe: thank you for fixing the problem. It works smoothly now. Keep up the good work! Personally like how the game presents its story and characters, as well as the overall ambience. Mechanics and interface are fine, too; just need a bit of getting used to. Won't comment much on the gacha and in-game shop. To each her own, I guess.-

Moving Sale

Re review after update. Fame works well now. Decent game.

John Paul Santiago

I love this game