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File size: 159M
Update time: October 9, 2021
Current version: 1.0.4
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: Nifty Games Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review


More like loading simulator I did everything I could think of to get it to work but every time I try to load into the game it stops at 72%

Raw B

Was good till you try to do the same stuff people are doing to you. Last sec WR drops never get dropped when I do it yet all my WR gets covered the last sec. QBs are worthless. The auto throwing is garbage. Might come back to the game but for now, it's uninstalled.

gaming kid

Its to sussy for me

Jacob Stiles

its a nice game

Sasha Baro

Too complicated

koby Emeline

Not enjoyable


It's OK. PTW or grind from hell mechanics. If grinding, prepare to lose, bad. Balancing not really there. Will get easy game one here and there but mainly get complete blow outs since they have stronger cards and can place more dudes out than you.

austin rice

I just love football

David Ziehm

I mean the game is ok. There are a lot of problems with it. I usually don't get to put players in because there's no time yet my opponent can slap multiple defenders in after it says ready. Kind of sucks since you're trying to out play your opponent. This game has potential but it's going to take quite a bit of work.

Whyu Lion

Good effort in all honesty. However only picking one player/play at a time us very underwhelming. Could be hope for the game, but as it's an unexciting card game. Long way to go to be considered a must try.

Feras Alhendy

Confusing and just not worth my time tbh. I uninstalled after 2 matches were my QB refused to pass to 2 open WRs and proceeded to get sacked , there isn't really control over what u do expect selecting which players to deploy and the type of play to run, the outcome of the play is always determined by the AI. There are shopping options and a variety of choices to spend your money over game modes and features so thats already saying something...


Great game. add onside kicks.

Dylan Herrera

I'm normally very generous when playing games but this game isn't good, when you tap to pass to a receiver they get sacked for a loss of 10 every time and no matter what you do you can never pass to your receiver, a long pass is just a quick slant across the field.

Lindsay Carter

The players on defence never tackle people.

Gaige Casteen

Trash, nearly impossible to play with the lag.

Scott Roy

The lag is so bad i can't do anything on the game. I'm on Wi-Fi and still can't play the game.

Brian Myers

Not bad but there needs to be more solo play or a single player season.


My experience: Pass plays, my WR's are buried under runners and blockers which makes very hard to get them on the field. If I don't, my QB is left to TaR. There is no route running for them. Run Plays, it's 4th and inches, I put my HB in, his arrow points right, I rush to put my blockers in, 3...2...1... He goes up gut, lost of downs and a turn over!

Dalton Roberts

Nice game

Dexter ghostman Barnett

I like it



Comrade Clinton

Why do my opponent get to place players after the timer is over?

James Kerns

This game is horrible. I sat on the registration list forever for this game and I'm very disappointed. You can have the same cards as the team your playing, but there players break every tackle and get big yards and when your on offense, you get tackled almost immediately. It let's you win a couple, then it's like a switched flipped and now it's impossible to win. There needs to be more ways to play. It's a great concept for a game but this game was very badly designed. Definet uninstalled.

derric wolfe


Scott Stover

The game is slow does not give players that are selected to be on the field in time the gamw needs work

Pete Evans

It is a fun game with no ads what so ever

Sean Kirk

Love this game

Jamie Colver

it parity nise blevitornot

Joshua Marcano

Please get rid of tie games it's such a waste of time for zero gain it's not hard guys


Terrible game, bad graphics, bad AI, no control, just bad...don't download


I just got this game it is fire🔥🔥🔥

shonta burton

I like the game but I wish it had seasons

Andrew Pate

Fun enough

Joe Sexton

pretty cool game could use a few more store options but I like it

Katie Giacinto

Great game but I wish you could control the players

Connor Davis

fun and underrated

Nathen Hamilton

This game is fun

AJ Washburn

This game effing stinks

Travis Carter

it's a good game

Joe Smith

I cant download the new update. It won't let me in.