New York Mysteries 1


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Laura James, an adventurous reporter, starts her own investigation on the mysterious vanishing of the mafia bosses and the forthcoming children kidnapping.

New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia – an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells a detective story revealing the secrets of the mafia and New York itself.

New York, 1955. It’s become dangerous in the city. The mafia is trying to seize power. But recently, a new force appeared. A far more terrible force. Over the last few days, five mafia bosses have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. A strange liquid and a butterfly were found at the scenes of the disappearances. But this isn’t what scared the citizens… Children started to disappear in the city. All of them drew exactly the same butterflies before they disappeared. Laura James, a reporter with the ‘Daily News’, gets down to her own investigation. She will have to find the team mates, reveal a lot of secrets and solve plenty of puzzles to find out the truth. What dark secrets are hidden in the underground tunnels? Will the main character manage to solve the challenging task and save the ones who disappeared?

Game features:
• Explore over 50 stunning locations
• Complete over 40 different mini-games
• Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes
• Bonus chapter about mysterious underground city
• Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements
• The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

Immerse yourself into into the mysteries of New York in the 50-s
Carry out your own journalist investigation
Solve numerous puzzles
Find out the secrets of the mafia bosses
Save the disappeared children

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Apr 13, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: FIVE-BN GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Salman Khan

This is not good

Jean Wong

Good game

Eljhay Ramos

Nice game .. it takes me 1 and half day before i get to finish also the bonus game.. i going to proceed to mysteries 2🤗 thank u

Yvonne Lucke

The game was fun and challenging but when I needed help and bought coins I never received purchace.

Elia Silva

I am really enjoying this game. The story and the fun and sometimes challenging puzzle games, I also like how there are different types of things to search and find, but as the images are so dark sometimes they're hard to see, but maybe that's the point. Had to use ? a few times, adds not too annoying. This game reminds me of the Nancy Drew games I used to play. Also I was pleasantly surprised by the graphics and that my not so new tablet is being able to play it. Hope the next ones will too.

Victoria Lorang

Thank you to the developers for the help! This series is great, I love the developer as well! I've played a bunch of their games! Mystery games like this are my favorite!

joseph edge

Fun game

Magdalena Glińska

Had great fun playing it with my 8-years-old. Just the hint system is sometimes a nonsense, but we managed with a walkthough on few occassions. Some of the puzzles are really tough!

Jie Yi W

This is easily one of the best games I've played on mobile. I enjoy the concept of detective work and solving mysteries. The animation quality is amazing, I love the little details incorporated (e.g. the turning of keys to unlock a suitcase) and the overall gameplay is unique and super immersive. The puzzles can get rather difficult at times, but all in all it leaves me wanting more!

Lowina Fisch

I can't download new York mysteries. Is there something wrong, because it just say pending

Stefan IANCU

Very good!!!

Thomas Ellul

Interesting up till now

Patrick Johnson

Engaging and entertaining

George Montagner

Great game! Encountering some bugs right now.

Gail Starr

Loved playing this.

Anushka Saha

Awesome 😍

Tom Robbo

Cool game

muhilan subramanian


Gabriella Caruana

Love this game. I'm very pleased when I find games that do not require energy to play. Some puzzles where difficult, but not too bad, I've experienced far worse in other games. I managed to get through them without skipping a single one. I didn't really pay attention to the story as I play these games for the tasks themselves, but from what I gathered, the story was an interesting one. I did not experience any glitching mentioned in other comments and I love the amount of memory work required.


These guys have made better games that are similar. There is way too much back and forth in this one and a lot of moments where you're not sure what to do with the tools given. I think a lot of the puzzles are time consuming as well. I don't mind a challenge but I don't want to spend all day doing it just to get a little token. Make the difficulty fit the reward at least. Anyway, I recommend their other games but this one wasn't nearly as interesting or fun.

Geeta Chittoriya

the game is one level up

Mandy McGuchan (covgal)

Good game i love it :) will be trying the other games too

siobhan monks

Really excellent, had a bit of trouble getting the blocks in place. But thoughly enjoyed it. Played again, excellent, did better than last time

Mariana O

It's good and challenging. A bit finicky on mobile.

Jenny Realight

Come on, I know you could do better with the maps. It's moving too slow aggravating the heck out of me. I'll play a little longer and see.

strapedtryniti STY

Very good relaxing game

Brie Parker

I've always muscled through the puzzles for these games because I am worried that selecting the hint will solve the puzzle, but this is the one time I really felt like giving up for a puzzle or two, I remember I struggled with the fish puzzle and there was a door puzzle in the bonus chapter that took me quite a while to resolve (I gave up and came back after taking a break)... but I really do enjoy 5BN's games, they are worth playing and keep you engaged for hours on end!

Connie Monette

Love it. Puzzles can be tricky. Buy overall very well done!!!!

Aaron Hicks

Need to make another

Sarfaraj Tagare

Good game

Marek Pužík


Ahmed Al-Awadi

Love it@

taotaow jtmn

It's difficult but also fun! I love this game so much.

Geoff Terpening

Too much moon logic to force you to use hints. If you want money just build a good game and have a one time purchase to remove ads

Elizabeth Smith

Great graphics, nice story but I did not enjoy this game for much the time I played it. It quickly became a click everywhere because so many items or clues were impossible to see. Case in point dark wood that holds a clue in dark lettering. May as well be invisible. Then there is the green ooze that makes a pattern. Not on my screen. And don't even talk to me about the fish puzzle. Smh. I loved so many of your other games. Sad this one did not live up to your previous ones.

kabir khan

Waste of time. I thought it would be as good as lost lands series but it's no where near it..

Jorge Luis Cañedo Chavez

Loved it !!

Jennifer Tee Mun

Jennifer Ok

Ishtar XXIV

If only its free with coins


Very good game


Game is amazing! no other words for it, puzzles + artwork + graphics.. i mean wow the one who made it truly dedicated, no ads + not greedy (everything is about milking players, meanwhile game not optomized) like most mobile games these days

Mike Tenenbaum


Janet /Shannon


Murphy Jacobs

I have played so many 5BN games but this is the first where I was not hint dependent. The story was easy to follow, the puzzles were interesting and fun, and I liked the storyline. I am looking forward to playing the ret of the series.

Sherron Holloway

i like this game

Nickie Young

I love this game and puzzle. This is not a timed game which makes it more fun. Game 1 and 2 has too many locations so you forget what room you need to find your clues. Game 3 breaks it up in sections makes it a lot easier to find your clues. Thank you for the FUN!


Just challenging enough and interesting mini games

Dynn Cy

I love this that's why I'm going to install 2, 3 and 4 :)

Carl Ames

Another great game by Five-BN

Muhammad ahzam

So far so good

Janet Summers

I think this game is amazing, I can't seem to find what I need and hint just goes to mailbox. I don't think I can progress. Half the rooms are closed to me nothing to be found. Yeah! I found something in a pile of snow. Who'd though 🤷 I love this game. Not as hard as I thought lol

Laura Hook

Straight forward easy to use and suitably challenging

שירה סגל

It's a very fun game, but i'm so close to the end of the bonus adventure and i'm stuck. I have no more objects, i used everyrhing there is in the game, and even when i press on the "hint" button i does nothing. Seems i'm on a dead end. Another thing is that since i started the game it never gave me the option to watch a commercial for coins, it kept saying that there aren't any available.

Jane Angliss


Michael Boadi



Love this game. Very entertaining.

Lisa Martin

Love it. Fun storyline

Cor War

Another fun game series from these developers. Loving it! Tricky puzzles, hard to find clues and fun story.


Excellent game, like the old point and click adventures. Good storyline, nice graphics, challenging puzzles, free to play, no adverts (unless you want coins and even then you can close the ad after a few seconds) awesome is that?!

Varto Marashlyan

It was too hard to solve all the need more hints to fix that mini games.. But it worth it at the finale for the kidnapped kids


very nice

No Name

It was nice but the game stops at the bug at the lake when you cannot unscrew the second ballon's tube.

Page C

Loved but the papers on the desk are fit together but not registering or allowing me to move them. So, I can't move on. If I could restart a chapter, it would be fine, but there's not that option. Edit: finally started working.

pistole steven

the legacy games got me hooked but I noticed that no matter what you end up stuck in the game and have to buy coins to get to the next place. so unless you are willing to spend money on the game you can't finish!!!

Raven 07

I am stuck on the boat part. I am trying to put the wire but when I press the toolbar below goes away and i have no way to join the wire. Playing on phone.

Jana Mohamed


Mehran Aref

بازی جالب با گرافیک عالی

Steffanie Dorton

Love it


The first few riddles were fine but the rest of to hard and some times the most important thing is so small you can barely see


Freaking awesome

Kirsty Williams-Henry

Love it. Great to pass time waiting in ques etc

Helen Gardiner

Nice game, not enough explanation. Lovely graphics but the tutorial uses up the 5 coins allotted. Not enough to figure out the game. Each additional coin requires 30 seconds of ads. I ran out after 2 ads. It makes it impossible for me to get started with this kind of game.

Lidia tanyous Tanyous baheg


Ashley Jacobs

I've played all darkness and flame 1-4 and the legacy 1-3 now im on to new york mysteries these games are fun

Helen Moxon

Great game

King Julian

Totally a masterpiece! Great balance between solutions and challenging.

Yu Channel

A very nice story and well done gameplay, although it's hard sometimes especially on the puzzle games, I think u also should change your hint type, rather than showing with arrow u should explain it through text, it's way more helpful bcs showing arrow not that helpful tbh

Chris Noton


Batsua Jacobs

Very amusing 🤯

William Maze

Very good game! Keep them coming! 👍💪

Leopard Cas

I enjoyed playing the game.

Guitargirl Jo

I was enjoying this, until I got an item & it would not "connect" to the object it was supposed to. I thought maybe it wasn't time for me to use that item & that's why it wouldn't work to "pair" it, yet.. but in fact, I accidentally hit something on my phone & suddenly the item I was trying to "connect" to had a golden animated circle around it. I realized then that I accidentally asked for a LAST one.. so frustrating. Good graphics & story, but there's obviously a glitch that ruins it.


آسونه و باحاله

Muslima Akter

It’s so interested game. I like it❤️

Brigitte Salvat

All okay and interesting until you have to pay to skip the first minigame. No ads offered. Never mind, plenty free games out there .

Irini Theo


Lara Melin

So much fun! Great story and puzzles. Love it

Munro van Heerden

An enjoyable game with lots of brain twisting puzzles. Moved on to no. 2 now

Elisabeth Ross

Fun puzzles, except when they glitch and you can no longer continue. Even used a hint to see if that would fix the glitch. It didn't. Told me to do use the item i was already attempting to use and then said it couldn't be used. Fix glitches and it would be a good game. Frustrating to get so far and then have to give up and uninstall.

Rafa Ortiz

This game is the best puzzle game i have plyed in a while

Jenn Smith-Gill

Great graphics, entertaining story line, the puzzles are fun and usually not too easy. This game has a map with all rooms entered that you can bounce back and forth with at the tap of a room. That's great for me, I get bored with back traveling pretty quick.

Julie K


Charie Tennant


Mark G.

Really enjoyed it

Mi Na

Definitely recommended for people who love escape room game

R Seag

Very slow game. It's difficult to follow. To many different objects to find to complete puzzles. I an uninstalling this game now.

Robert Sellen

Working out the logic for some of the clues is quite challenging but I am still in there.

Herman Botha

Just great

Natoya Hutchinson

I love this game but the puzzles are too hard to complete

Lucy Chan

This is a point and click game. Difficulty is well balanced, mini games are enjoyable and the story is interesting. I really liked it at the point that now I'm going to try out all the other games from the author.