NeighborMood: Money & Life Simulator Game

Author: Dot Dot Fire

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NeighborMood: Money & Life Simulator Game – a Job simulator where you make life choices to win fame & money Simulation Game!

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File size: 95M
Update time: August 6, 2021
Current version: 0.7.14
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Dot Dot Fire
Price: Free
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Customer review

Adrienne Smith

I opened the tutorial and got through some of it but when I got to the part where it told me to search up teen checking accounts It crashed my game and I tried to do it again and crashed my game again I can't even tell you if it's good or not I'm just hoping this gets fixed edit: I tried the developers suggestion and it still didn't work if you want to play this game without any mishaps or glitches I recommend you Wait till it's updated a few more times


The vision and concept is great and admirable. It aims to teach people about making wise choices when it comes to finances and decision-making. But the execution.. it's awful. / Some parts of the game are very unclear. There's also numerous bugs as well. And the game becomes very, very repetitive which makes it incredibly boring after playing for s shortwhile. No wonder they only allow you to play for 30 mins a day. / It has the potential to be a great game but right now, it's not.

Megan Shaw

It is a pretty fun game

Aesriel Raynes

I've been playing this game for a month and a half now, there's no problems but when I bought a new phone in the game Sudden glitches happen like replies (send message) not loading, or the texts in the phone don't load properly :(

Tyrrelle Gabutin

Can't even play this game, it always freeze whenever I tried to open it, it stuck in terms and conditions. I can't continue because it says I need to scroll through the end of terms but whenever I tried scrolling it, it always freeze. Pls fix that

maddie gacha

Its a great game but when will the next part will be out

Sahil Mirza

Is season 4 out ?

Sara Foxy-kim

A really fun way to learn about finance. I learn a lot more on ways how to save and spend money wisely. I really like the the concept and the gameplay too and I love that almost everything in this game is interactive. And the most exciting thing is there's no adds!!

Tanushree Biswas

The game just shuts off again and many bugs

Roseanne Park

I like this game, but why did the game suddenly back/close. Then when I return to the game, the game will restart. I can't play well, I also don't take 30 minutes because it will stop and then the will quit

Xanne Colon

I love this game.(PERIOD)

JC Riel

Finished 3 seasons in just a few hours. It's fun and very educational but there are lapses to it; bought a bike to speed up myself but to no change, to-do list that won't update and LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT, dialogues that are cut/not complete whenever I talk to someone. I hope you fix this. Will prolly wait for a few weeks for the new seasons but will uninstall if it'll take too long.


This is an amazing game for teenagers! I really think by educating teenagers through a video game such as this is a brilliant idea. This game teaches its users on financial, social and mental decisions in real life situations. It has no ads at all and the contents are completely free. Kudos to the production team and developers. Maybe try fixing the scrolling for the texts as I am unable to read the rest of the scripts.

Edrei Min

So, this is my third time changing my review, but I feel like I should tell you about some annoying bugs? like some articles don't really have anything on it (when there should be) & that part when you ask for direct deposit? sometimes, u can't interact with Cyrus to do that so I don't get my payroll. Some goals don't check out too, especially that "get $21 interest" thing. I mean, it's minor inconveniences, but idk... i feel like I should tell nonetheless.

Abegail Tamayo

Love this game

Prince Akor

Very nice game.. the best I have played this year.. I rate 4 stars because I don't love the fact that the game has to tell you when to stop playing because other neighbors are sleeping.. please work on that.. so someone someone can play to any time he/she wants.. not to tell me to go and do something else when am still in the mood of playing the game.. I might uninstall this game if it continues

No Name

Very interesting so far. Just finished season 2 and waiting for season 3 & 4. I can't wait!

Aurelia Aurine

I've tried to compare walking and using bike. There's no difference at all. I've read you try to balance the speed, but it's the same speed as walking barefoot. You might as well remove the speed parameter on bike then?

Ex _Calaber

When is this ganna up date i love this game

Jane Princess Caliwan

I am waiting for the part 2.


The game is fun so far and very interactive, unfortunately the shoe store seems to be glitching. I was able to get a job at the store but after that I was not able to click on it and work any shifts. I can interact with the donut shop and taco shop but not the shoe store.

Lalisa Casabuena

Its really helpful for people who doesn't really know investing and not aware of scammers so i really owe this app alot


The best can't wait for the new seasons


finished this in a day lol can't wait for the next season!!

Ashley Nicole

Best part? No ads! Just a fun game


It does have one problem, it has problem about the game saving.

Ann Haruka1314



waiting for the next season!!! love it!!!

Andhi indra

I hope this game can be updated more faster I love the game and I not yet try challenges mode

John Magdaong

when will be the release of the next season? been waiting for months for the new season. the game is really really awesome, keep up the great work!


The game is so so so damn good...something different...and we learn many things while now i cant wait for season 3 and 4.....i completed the game in 3 days....loved it...❤️❤️

Yosef Supan

Very great game and it teaches you how to spend money and finance/budget it right. Very educational but I don't really like how small their time limit is(30Minutes) maybe make it 1 hour since this is the only game I am currently playing. I finished the Game a month ago and it was great I learnt alot of things such as depreciation and spending right and saving money.


Loved the game. I'm still 13y/o and has become more financially cautious. Highly recommend this game! It's not only f2p but also really educational and cares for your well being! I'll be waiting for Season 3 and Season 4. Keep up the great work.

Ignacio Shane

I hope the seasons will come sooner! I totally loved the game. I enjoyed and learned at the same time.

Elizabeth Hogan

For one I love the game. But can you plz let us have more chapters like may put 2 at a time. And also don't make it end at college let us have kids and get married a life a full life

Justin kyle Gerong

This type of game is what i want, but there is a bug, I can't even read what is in the text boz because its just letters 😃


Love it. But I played for 3 hours and decided to stop, and when I got back it made me restart the whole game.

Jessica J.

love this game..can't wait for the next season..really addictive..

Therese Marie Amon

I love the game, it feels like you are in the real world.

lost Fast

Worst game i ever play very boring and bad graphics not reccomend

Faye Polines

Hands down this is the best 'simulator-is that I played, no ads and teaches you abt saving money az much as possible. Hope you continue making more seasons love this.

Akanbi Simbi

I love this game and I've been waiting for updates on season 3 and 4, when will it be unlocked please.

Mimay, Mica

is season 4 out already ? or do i have to wait more days

Derla Ram

The game is good but can you give any specific time your gonna realese season 4

Jacqueline Tian

I am very well attracted to simulation and economic related games, and I can say this is perfect for people who are just like me. Despite the fact it is a game it is extremely educational and can help our everyday lives. Having a 30-minute limit is understandable for the sake of our health.

Sha Pangan

Ur latest season is better than the previous Edit: hi, we can't read the whole sentence of every conversation since the latest update due to enlarged fonts. hoping you could fix it. you rock!


Please update the story season 4.

Supportive Coffee Mug

I had fun playing, I learned a lot of new and useful information, saw accurate and different thought processes from each of the friend characters, and challenged my knowledge and decision making skills. Cant wait to see how it gets updated

Yahir Miranda

It's not only fun, It's also educational and teaches me how to be smarter with things like spending. Having fun so far.


Best game ever but please update I love story ty


This is a really creative and neat little game, such a cool idea. As others have stayed there are a few bugs but nothing that makes it unplayable. I will say the pop ups can be a bit much- it would be nice at least if you could do more with the finance meter. Bugs- a few times I had to force open it as it would not load -Sometimes the mom's chat options would not appear and I had to leave and come back (only had the nothing option during a task)

Madison Jackson

This game is so fun that I played it twice


After the game, whenever i want to buy something now i ALWAYS research first before actually buying it and whenever i felt like i made the wrong/right decision the sound effects plays on my mind😅 This game is very VERY helpful explaining about how does savings work bcuz i always wanted to have one as a minor but I didn't understand how it works but after playing the game i have an idea now so thank you very much game🥰😊❤️

Sour Patch

Pls fix the game,the progress gets deleted and now i have to start over again Update:these game taught me things abt money and i enjoyed it,hope there's more features soon 💖

Fitria Dewi M

When will season 4 comingg?

C Jay

An amazing game. Very educational. Lots of advices about life choices like buying a car or budgeting. I just finished Season 3 today and waiting for the next season. Hopefully it will be added soon.


love this game!!

ZahrA H

This is very interesting game but when the new season comes??

sonya souciara noor

Very nice


Very good game.. I just want something like owning a business or investment to be added.. great game waiting for next season.

manutd.69 69

The game is amazing I just want to know when is season 4 coming out Edit: how do i access lesson mode it's just asking me code I don't know code how to get the code

alyssa g

I downloaded this game last week and it was the best thing I have ever done. It taught me thing that I didn't know before. I'm just waiting for the new season updates hehehe. Although, one thing I have problem is with the transportation. I probably don't know how to use it but I already switched the transportation mode to car however it is still the same speed as walking like huh. Someone help AHAHA. Anyways, this game is cool. I recommend you download it. Very addictive 😍👌

Rex Benjoe Hufana

This is app is very fun to play because in this game you can learn how to save a money that you earn, you can also learn how to manage or budget you're money that we have and also you can learn here how to budget your party and what car that we need to buy and also we learn how we can manage our own money

Anthony Suarez

Meh! I played this game, and I signed in using my Google Account. I got out because I have a chores to do, then when I open this game, my game resets. Wth? I lost my progress. 👎🏽

Lora In Space

I love this game.. You don't have to spend any amount irl! You can learn a lot of things especially with handlig money and budgeting, very educational. It's also very simple amd cute game! Edited: Played season 3 a few months ago and it's getting more interesting. You learn a lot as the game continues like deciding with the cars (it was hard) but yeah. If you're capable then go ahead but it's not really important for a student to have a car so I didn't buy one. Excited for more! 💙

Alex Buser

Are u guys gonna update this app 100k is a lot yall can ads and get rid of them for 2.99 make money

Bridzita Mulcahy

I love this games idea of teching people about financial stuff in a fun interactive way.

Under Sun Cheese

How does this only have 100k downloads??????

Atishay Jain

I liked this a lot, just as I wanted. The only problem is that the transport of cycles and shoes seems to be same, and there is a problem in which if I go to choose season, it just shows that I haven't completed season 2. I am on week 45 where the game ends(for now only), which is I believe in season 3, but somehow application thinks it's part of season 2 and it has locked season 3 for me.

Danilo Soriano


Berkah Ilahi Sumur Bir

Literally waiting fo season 3&4 😭😭

Morgan Carter

Looking forward to additional chapters.

Patrik Kral

When exact dáte is gonna be chapter 4

Aye Pyae Pyae San

When will the next season release? This game is a great educational game. I like it so much.

Meisy Veronica


Daphne Tabuelog

The game is good but I have a problem with it , whenever I try to continue life story it always resets it like why??? I didnt reset it or anything it resets it self , and its very annoying also you can't really interact with the game you just have to wait till your job shift starts or school , you can't interact with the buildings , you also can't get in them. Its annoying.

For School Purposes

Love this game. I just have bugs that is not great and make it hard to save time in game. 1. Speed is the same even if i have a bike. 2. It wont let me talk to the manager of my part time to make my pay go to the bank straight away. So even if im in 2nd season i still need to go to the bank to cash my check which is time consuming. The thing is this playthrough is my 2nd. The 1st playthrough doesnt have these bugs. My scateboard is faster and my paycheck goes straight to the bank.

Bailey Berridge

I really like the game. But I do have a question when is season 3 and 4 coming out

graham cracker

This is an amazing game that teaches you about financial responsibility. Only issue with the game is that not all of the text shows on the screen, so sometimes you don't fully understand what is being said/what's going on.

kinan shrln

really fun and educational

Jamaica Altarejos

It's very educational games and I love it because i know it will help me so much in the future.

Kathy Villacastin

The game is great! Very educational especially to those who wants to manage their finance. Waiting for season 3 & 4.

May May

Okay forst off the game is pretty nice pretty educational! You can play it offline or online and you can save uour progress i hope rhe next update will go out soonn 🥰

Iende Spikes

I would of have gave it 5 but, my problem is that theres a time-limit like no one lkes that.


Nice game, still in testing stages and a few bugs, but its a nice game, I think you should add a feature to quit your job or something, otherwise its good


waiting for season 4!! <3

Fizzy Lemon

I like the story great ge just fix some of the texts. Some just gets cut.

Nandeti Shiny

And what are the new seasons when are you going to release them? You have to answer me.

Debora Oey

It's a great game but after waiting for months the new season 4 is not coming yet. I don't know if the developer wants to continue this game or not and I don't want to wait any longer, so I decided to uninstall this game and stop playing it.


This game is not just a simple game! It also teaches players on how to become financially stable and avoid tricky scams that costs you money! Also, I love their 30-minute game time rule because it encourages me to do other errands and chores in real life! I learned many things just by downloading this so I recommend everyone to download this game right now. 5 stars.

Sabrina Rahim

This game is good. An excellent one to be exactly. But the problem is that I'm not sure if it's my phone or it's really the game, but it keeps having problems like the words are gone. And I can't read what's going on. I can't figure out what's happening. That's the problem. They just disappear. So suddenly.

Emmy Johnson

This can easily be the best life simulator game I've ever played, it's quite addictive and fun to play but when are seasons 4 and 5 coming out?

Octavia Mercer

Can we hurry up and season 4 out! Its been months I've replayed seasons 1-3 10 times 🙄🙄🙄

Varsha Hegde

I love this game!! The only problem is that when i didn't have an account, it glitched A LOT. I have to replay the game 3-4 times and it was REALLY annoying.

Prithika Krithika

When did you put season 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10

Fakhri Anuar

When will the final season came out?

Felisia Felisia

Educational,easy to play and really just alloy you to play 30 minutes a day and it will not be able to be played. Nice one

Hannaholic Keihan

Not sure bout dis app ders issue on security

jabami yumeko

It's a nice game. Im addicted to it. Waiting for the next seasons......


Finish the whole chapter now I need the remaining chapter asap 😭😭 kudos to the wholet team for making this game its really addictive and educational