NecroMerger – Idle Merge Game

Author: Grumpy Rhino Games

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NecroMerger – Idle Merge Game – The Devourer is always hungry and it’s your job to feed it in this idle merge game mashup. Play as the NecroMerger and use dark magic to summon an army of creatures (skeletons, zombies, demons, banshees… the list goes on). Merge them from piddly little grunts into massive (and tasty) brutes, before feeding them to your ever hungry pet.

As you grow your Devourer you’ll attract the attention of merchants, champions and even rivals. Some can be useful, others must be fought… or fed to your insatiable pet. The bigger the Devourer grows the more your lair will expand and you’ll unlock powerful abilities and spells.

Complete feats to unlock new stations and equipment… graves, altars, fridges and even a bathtub to hold excess slime. New stations will let you summon new, stronger (and even more tasty) creatures. Manage your lair and minions to maximize your resource generation.

NecroMerger is a whole new type of game that combines merge and idle mechanics with resource management to create something truly unique.

Grow Monsters
+ 70+ creatures to spawn and merge.
+ Creatures have unique abilities to manage (resource generation, damage, deliciousness)
+ Legendary Creatures with big benefits.

Expand your Lair
+ Expand your lair. Unlock new equipment including; graves, supply cupboards and portals.
+ Attract Champions, merchants and thieves to your lair.
+ Complete feats, master spells, brew potions.

Idle Merge Mashup
+ A unique system of resource management.
+ Resources generate even when you’re offline.
+ Months of fun!

From the makers of Idle Apocalypse and Idle Mastermind, NecroMerger has the humour and inane chatter you’d expect of a Grumpy Rhino Game.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Grumpy Rhino Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Bronson McCormick

Loving it!!!


Great art style, cute humor, I'm having fun with it so far!

Kinley LeDeaux


Barron Sauer

really good

Randomness games with Riley

Good game

Rowan Abraham

Fun, but buggy. The nectarmerger items don't unlock for me despite spending points on them.

Leo Turbo

Very fun

Loren Dietz

This game is adorably diabolical. If you enjoy merge games and have have a twisted sense of humor you'll dig this.

Shawn Church

So I rated the game 1 star because it was constantly bugging me to rate it. I leave the game open while doing other things and almost half of the time whenever I would go back to it, it would ask me to rate it. It was EXTREMELY irritating! Other than that it's a great game.

Animal Feces

3.5 stars. good game, suffers from pay to win relatively heavily. Hard to get more than 5-15 minutes of ANY gameplay in a sitting without paying or watching ads. Seriously though, this could be a REAL game, the sprites are great, animations are nice, sound design is surprisingly good for a mobile game. I can honestly say this is the most inspired title I've seen from the merger genre, ever. I really hope they can do more with this concept, I would pay money to have this on steam.

Dacota Mattox

Fun little time waster

Isaac Null

very cute game, animations are sharp and intriguing


I love it. It's such an amazing game so far!

Keith Kurimoto

Long rant short; ads and microtransactoins outweigh the good. PERIOD. Its a cute little game good retro graphics and nice music, but utterly garbage when it comes to the micro transactions and ads. I cants play for more than a few minutes without having to watch an ad or consider buying the premium currency they drip feed you throughout. I think ive played one of their other games, same boat tbh. Developers need to stop with this overly inflated micro transactions bs.

Quinton Cole

Very addicting and fun puzzle. Chill. Only thing is I wish I new when /how to expand my floor.

Hayden Parthenay

A pretty smooth and polished 2x merge game. It is definitely not one that you can play for very long at a time and as always are encouraged to check in every hour or so to be the just efficient. I'm not terribly far into it but at this point I'm just wishing I could play more. But I can wipe out all of my energy in just a few minutes then I have to wait again. Also board space seems very limited, however there does appear to be a couple premium items that help with space management.

Jaelan Holley

Good game.

Morse Apple

Every game they've made is an absolute banger

littlebitwonky w

Fun game but the progression is skewed, i constantly find myself unable to complete feats and just waiting for the slim chance to get upgrade materials. Currently im stuck on defeating the cleric twice (4% in 2 days) and upgrading the slime vat which requires blood runes that i almost never get. I feel like its an oversight that needs correcting, the feats, devourer levels and cravings simply seem out of balance. It makes me not want to play when i dont feel like im making any progress.

Johan Rueda


Martina Williamson

I like how they all Bob to the music and the game has great rewards for defending enemies and the game play is fun

cowboy ged

An amazing and simple game

Kathryn Shultz

It's really fun

Lili Nezu


Evil Goo

Love it

Chad Zombies



Amazing art style and sound design as always, with a very fun event. However the board is painfully small and even more excruciating to expand. Enemies that spawn and take up precious space CAN be fed to your baby devourer, but the game yells at you every time for it - adding an extra step... It's the most ad heavy game I've played by this developer. While technically optional, certain content that spawns is locked behind those ads and thus basically requires watching or paying for no ads.

Soulls Mordor

Great game, but I got the ad remover and it's not working

Ugnius Dovidauskas

Best merger I've tried

Lone Arbiter


Kevin Gleason

Really fun merging game! Turned out to be really fun and all the ad systems are fair and they reward you well for watching them!

Roland Majchrics

Good to cure boredom.

Jenna W

Super cute and fun! Highly recommend.


Suuper cute, raise your own chutlu. 🥺💕

C. Hite

I love all the creepy creatures featured in this game, as well as things injected into the playing field to keep it fresh. Awesome work!


sick game :]

Amber Jusefowytsch

Cool 80s horror vibe and a bit of strategy elevate this merge game. Obsessed.

Matthew Silady

Who doesn't love Cthulhu?! Also enemies spawn which keeps this merge game more than interesting. So much to unlock and discover!

Dale Abrams

Would of been 5 but mana regens way too slow, if the necromerger gave you 10 a click or stayed at 5 but had more in h before he ran out it would help a lot


I don't want to be eaten by the devourer so I rated 5. All hail our new devourer overlord

Carter Morgan

Good game


Core gameplay loop is truly garbage

Thomas Burks


Holly A

My family: how are you doing today? Me: I'm out of mana :'(

Holy Peanut

fun game, simple gameplay. no random ads which is amazing in mobile games these days. all ads are optional and are used to gain resources. sometimes you have to wait a while to do anything but that's to be expected in a game like this.

Rigel Starz

Great game I like it a lot But to Get shard stuff I need to grind something Example:grave needs 20 blue shards

Joe Boino


moran ickle

Your typical merge game but with some amazing graphics and music. No forced ads but as with most merge games goals start to take a long time after a while.

Homer Hanson

Incredible game, truly one of the best.

Sada Mora

Creepy and cute!

mary deeds

Good game, needs alot of work. Items needed for upgrade are near to impossible to get and dont auto generate very often. Makes the game plateau very quickly and lose its interest. I'd be willing to spend money but the items available to pay for are not useful either. Needs alot of work and some serious restructuring. Play your game devs, and see for yourselves.

Jenny Bevis

A novel spin on merge games. Casual gameplay. Im still in early stages.

Vivek Vashisth


Silver has Drawn

Perfect. Just perfect.


Very fun Merging game. Focus is on planing, space and resource management. It has an energy system, which recharges in real time, so you play in short bursts a few times a day. Presentation (sound, art, theme) is charming. The pacing can be a little slow. Since I really liked the game I bought the 10$ remove ads forever, which improves pacing and enjoyment quite a bit. With that it is 5 stars for me. With ads I would give it 3.5 stars for slow pacing / annoying amount of ads to unlock stuff.

Frankie Diaz (Philosophy's Pajamas)


Dannie Dee

Really fun!

Julia Williams

I don't wanna be devoured!!

Dave Whittaker


Alvin Wardana

More interactive and funny than other merging game, but this kind of genre always boring people in the middle part of process. Always fun to play in early game

Kiko Rski

So far so good, the "energy" system is annoying as always just like every other game that uses such system for the resources to progress, but whatever ig.

Timo Scherer

Very fun simple merger! Only issue is that you need to watch a bunch of ads for some of the feats, but it isn't too bad

Matt Haynes

This game is dope, the ads are all short(if you choose to watch them) and as far as idle games go, this one slaps

Frank Booker

I honestly like this game. Funny enough.. xD

August Theduck

Good game

Big Nick

Great I live this game I wish progress was faster tho

Kyle D




richie playz

Great game

Alex Irion

Simple, Spooky, and So Much Fun I don't normally play idle tap games but I've been playing this for about a week and I'm hooked. I love the concept and the monsters have such great art styles to them. It'll definitely be my main game for a good while.

Neutral chaos Pure chaos

Needs more options

Ji-Hoon Jang


Walk In Love

A lot of fun. Different and love the commentary from the characters. Worth the download.


Great merge game. Able to play with minimal ads (used to gain some items but not a make or break in my opinion). Nice, simple, and engaging.

Titus the Gamerrr

Absolutely love this game! Please keep making it better


This game is one of the few mobile games I actually enjoy. There are no ads forced onto you, all of them are optional and all of them reward you. This is probably the only merge style game I'll ever play too because the art style appeals to me so well and I always want to see the other sprites for new monsters, heros, and the places you get said monsters from. Definitely worth a try unlike 90% of all the other games on the app store.

Marian Klymov

Game is all about watching ads to recover mana

catronaut time

*thumbs up*

Patchouli P

Past tier 8 feats the game really pushes you to the cashshop... Its a shame because its a fun game. So either you cash out or spend a weeks trying to spawn enough chests to level up your buildings and mana pools..

Jonathan Piechur

It's fun so far, I just wish there was more room on the board. It feels very constrained.

Michael Kielmanowicz

Fun, clever, and awesome! If you don't mind progression at your own pace, this game is for you!

Michael Brohman

A fun time waster. All of the games from this company are pretty good.

Bean Man


Michael “Auxz” Leung

Good Game. Keep it up!



Devin Hester

I love the pixel style it's just a great game

Phil Ha

Superb presentation. Felt like it hit the wall early but at least not too bad a time sink.

Cole Walton

A cute little game about becoming a necromancer

Dallas Collins

Fun but takes a while to collect the runes and coins needed for the missions

Nogard Airwing

Enjoyable little merger from the people who made idle mastermind.

Gwen Hoover


Soren Olesen


Michael Preuninger-Hull

Super fun!

Piotr Urbanski

This game is real fun especially on car rides or on the plane with no wifi. My kne pet peeve with this game is that to buy bones or goo or whatever it costs either 400 mana or 300 goo and it disappears almost instantly because you're buying stuff all the time.

Carolyn Lee

okay okay I'm rating it now. don't feed me to the devourer! this game has great charm and is a nice side game. patience is required.

Señor Snout

The visuals and sound design are impeccable, but the progression is absolutely horrendously. Resources you need to upgrade your generators are given at a randomized drip-feed, and board is painfully small and cramped compared to what the game demands you have on it at all times, with no way to store items in a practical way. And with the mechanic of enemies being placed as you merge, and pools required to increase your resource cap, the game feels like its punishing you for trying to play it.


I played your other game and the implications when Mr. Not-Sid-the-NecroMerger says he thought his robes were red is amazing. Also he's still got his surprisingly polite side, saying please when you pick him up sometimes.

Isaiah Torres Pena

I love this game but when you have to wait to get more mana and slime and whatnot, it gets annoying. But maybe thats why Im still playing.

Dice Forces4

I like it!


I play this while I poop.