Nano Legends

Author: Nimble Neuron

50,000+ install


Nano Legends – Tower-Rush Champion Brawl

Detailed info

File size: 65M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 1.3.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Nimble Neuron
Price: Free
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Customer review

Gimley Lake

Cant get past the londing

Frank Lopez

It's a solid game with a generous business model, with 15 second ads for good rewards. It's not hard to catch up with P2W players.

Everlasting Daily

👑Keep updating it's a intresting game i like it devlop more update it with high grapics and new cards and more it was awsome... 💝🐰


really good game...👍

Jason Padmore

love it and it's very giving no lie though it's a grind lol


The most uniquely made tower rush game on the market hands down. F2p friendly. Try it out, you'll have a blast.


The game is great, I will adjust my rating to 5 star if you PLEASE remove the stamina/heart system. Why is it there? Do you NOT want us to play the game? It's this ugly system that feels like a looming clock over my head for when i dont get to play anymore. Sure i can go to the 'learning about units and heroes stuff, but i don't want to.'

Jose, Jireh Jay

Thank you so much for this awesone game Nimble Neuron developers! Keep safe always and God Bless! 💛

Tony Kent

More than 20 years ago, there used to be a game called Nano-siege which possibly might of been the original to this wonderful game. I'm so grateful that a newer and better version of the game is here, the champions, the towers and squad members are very well made. Excellent graphics and gameplay. Thank you for bringing an old childhood memory back 👊👌💓👍

Anzhel Dilov

Nimble neuron pls nerf mark of the phoenix and rework aya in ER fast. Ty

Hasbi Nur

nice game.. hope it will be popular soon 👍🏻


Nice Just Keep Improving

Ean 'OM' Lindblom

Devs are responsive and - in my opinion - have the Best Value For Time Mobile Game. Dunno about Endgame Balance, but so far Better Than Clash Royale (in every way I can see!). I recommend the $2 a month pack 👍

Candy Lewis

Nano Legends is definitely more Advanced than other games in the Genre!! I used to play Clash Royale but not anymore. Imagine my shock, when I happened to see a YouTube video on best strategy games and he talked about Nano Legends. I was like whoa! YouTube gamers Molt & NickAtNyte both featured the game and I knew I had to download it! Ads are annoying but they allow us to level up cards in adventure mode & gain other stuff for Free. They have Heroes too!! I watch TV when the ads come on.

Nik Ramey

I've been playing clash royale since it's beginning and honestly thought it could never be topped but you guys have gone above and beyond!

Phil 488 Pista

Lag lag and more lag


Fun arena game, the heros are a nice aspect

Mary Anne Coleman


Julian Brown

Was enjoying the game..paid for double rewards but...since the update to get my rewards I have to watch've lost me now. Disappointing.

Desen Pillay

It's a great game but sum glitches need 2 b sorted out , the game freezers alot so I have 2 keep restarting the game & the request card keeps popping up on my main screen.Sort this stuff out & it would b a 5 star game.


raid boss update ruined it

Aaron Weiss-Rice

Gotta to hand it to this app. It does what it does well. Seems very f2p. Easy to pick up and put down. Ads are annoying but not the worst. Overall great experience

Darrell Schliep

I always hate writing reviews, because it is just one person's opinion, but playing through the season pvp ladders is unbalanced in match making(18s should not be versus 14s) and to many players or bots dropping their champions every ten seconds. It is a good game just needs some of the trash taken out.

Aaron Smith

If you like games like clash royale or world war doh you will like this. It's got a fun fresh take and is f2p friendly. Plus they seem to be adding new stuff every month. I'm really enjoying it.

Alan Ayala

Best game ever! Love MINImax characters!!

Keith Porzucek

I love this game,real cool..Play for hours to practice to get better.. Keep up the good work...

Leon Wong

The game has a good mechanic when it comes with champion and units which bring good control over the battlefield. but level unit is a bit confusing over what unit can deal or withstand damage. Nevertheless its good.


Great game with innovative mechanics compared to other Clash Royale type games. But, heroes are too powerful and safe because you can relocate and heal them. It almost becomes a game of who can keep their hero alive longer because they provide so much value.

Sean James

very fun game, excellently put together. simple in concept but has a lot of depth :)

Travis Wilkinson

The game is really well made and is really fun. Though, unless you're paying, the difficulty ramps up so quick that it requires you to log in, watch ads in order to get chests and repeat just so you can upgrade your soldiers in order to progress. Really frustrating.

Dragon Knights of Antar

Damn good fun

Weslie O. Vega

Nice and very entertaining 👍😀


Can't log in after recent update 8/25/21 Yall gotta fix this

John Kohler

The game will not load since your latest update.

FatBoy Gaming

This might be a Clash Royale clone but it is way more advanced. You can select different towers and have multiple heros you can use. Also a great variety of troops. A+ game.

Pandering Pangoro

Pretty good gam

Erick W

This game is like Clash Royale but has A LOT more to offer which makes it super unique. The gameplay flow is nice and refreshing. There are no chests to unlock in the game, they replaced it with an idle reward instead which is fun. There are heroes and cosmetics too. There are optional x2 reward ads but you can monthly subscribe and get rid of them. They get you a decent amount of premium currency also which is a plus. Overall the game is great. I also saw they are adding more Guild content soon

Jesse Poe

I love the game, it is a way cooler virsion of clash royal but not as well put togeather sadly.

Aldous Tañamor

This game is great

Fumus Demoonus

I really like this game but it can kinda get laggy with the fps, at least for me but still, i like it!

Robin Greene

Nice game I slowed down playing but a keeper.

Lori VanElswyk

Not my type of fighting game.

Asaf Koski

An edit. After reinstall my progress was kept, and no freezes since. Giving only 4 stars because of the lags and in battle freezes. Besides that it's a great game

Misabi Gaming

Great game, bit pay to win but not too bad. Fairly well balanced, sometimes hard to concentrate on what's going on when the troops get smushed together. Still very fun and strategic game. Would like to be able to say gg to my opponent.

yang dong

A must try if you enjoy clash of clan. Nano Legends give tower rush game a new twist. With unique characters, map and the best part heroes.

Maria Chirino

It so laggy plz fix it I can even play it so laggy

Noah Coronado

I love this game.

Matthew Wirtz

Great game, maybe add additional deck slots

Ronnie Harris


Youie Poohie

I don't normally leave reviews, but oh my god - this game is absolutely legendary. It's like clash royale, but with so many more elements that clash royale lacks! There are many more groundbreaking mechanics such as having a controllable hero, special abilities that YOU control, and so much more! I used to play clash royale, but a lot more of my time will be going towards this game! Congratulations, developers!

Jay May

The game is great...when it works. Which is not enough. Very laggy and freezes up a lot. Please fix!


It has 5 star potential but it won't let me save my change to my giga

VanJah Man

This game is insanely good 5 stars

Talib Ghori

twitch/youtube: FowerboyT Great game, has very new and exciting features! Check out my twitch channel for more content!!! I am a frog 🐸 .

y e e n i

Its leggy all i not leggy games 😣😣😣

Lance Pennington

Great game but my score does not show up in my clan..I have never left or been kicked from clan. I just Uninstalled and reinstalled it , logged in w Google play ...still no score

Amal Daychoum

Please in the get free champion can you not allow players to get chamions from a higher leage that they are not at

Iconic Unlucky 7

The game is f2p and it is really rewarding when it comes to free stuff and gives many combinations and strategies one can do as well as it helps new players learn what cards do and how to use them the right way The only cons is that it's missing 1v1 2v2.other than that the game is a well made game and offers alot of content to people when it comes to new cards.and customization of how your avatar looks as well as costimzation on heros and on the interaction spells do with the battlefield.

Zachary McKernan

So much fun! Would love to see what your team has in store for the future. The adventure mode was cool, really set it apart from other games with similar game mechanics. Maybe we'll see more acts in the future? Good to see that your team has put in a lot of work into your new game!

Andrew Fletcher

This combines many great qualities and game functions from various similar games, which makes it an amazing gaming experience!!! I really enjoy it so far and cannot wait for new additions to the game!

Samuel Baker

I really enjoy this game but the only complaint that I have is when I go to the shop, missions, or the character upgrades I'm am unable to scroll up and down i have to navigate ny characters through the bottom tabs if I want to upgrade. My friend downloaded this game and has no issues but I would like the scrolling issues to be fix. Thank you.

TwoStroke Tony

I have some issues playing this game on bluestacks my pc has 8gbs of ram and 2gb video card and the game 5 mins in lags till it stops moving i dunno why it does this? It also happens on my LG GPAD IV.

Lucky Raj

Totally osam game .anyone can get to the top just giving more time and dedication

General BigBa

Fun entertaining unique gameplay I have not seen before in this variant of game outstanding!!!!

bshar slman

Pay 2 win

Yasandu Dissanayake

there is only one problem I've noticed that I can't change my won't save.other than that the game mechanics are perfect

Royous World

Absolutely Awesome.Honestly I think this is a inspiration not a copy of clash royale.Bcuz It has cool things that clash royale doesn't has like: Miracle,Champion or Heroes,Nice animation,Tower can be changed, no card rarity,No chest time, not P2W ,Get free rewards by watching ads.It doesn't force you to wath ads but if you wand free rewards you can watch them.If I rate clash royale I will give 4 stars.I deleted clash royale bcuz clash royale is gold but this is diamond.It worths 5 star of course

Desendran Pillay

Great game only positive experience with this game

Noah McClintock

Yo, enjoyable game, keep it up

Quinton Moss

Very good game way better than CR (Clash Royale) Its not as boring, and also i like the graphics more, I always have liked these type of graphics, and this game does it perfectly. I also love the hand or whatever thing drops the units down a very unique touch to make it more appealing. Overall 5/5 game easily better then other Clash Royale type games out there!


Also the devs should really remove the heart thing where if u run out u can't play anymore I always found those game annoying they should just do it so u can play how ever long u want.

gary L

Ads are optional was an answer to there's to many ads lol if you don't watch them your rewards are trash and you can't lv up cards

Gilbert Cuellar

Love this game it's amazing but please and a beetle troop

Seattle Sauce

Great game. However "Getting to know Aidel" challenge is glitched. I beat it twice in a row and it just kind of stops in the end in perpetual stop time. It's not frozen as characters move and music plays, but it won't end. Time is up, I won and yet it just stays there never ending. The only way to end it is to exit out. So even though I can keep beating it, it never concludes. Other than that game seems good.

Snacktime Productions

Everything you do in this game has an ad attached to it, Only thing that matters is levels and how to get more levels on cards... keep watching more ads... no thanks!!!

George G

best of game of this genre

Martin Angus

Wow what a gem! Loads to do, very f2p friendly and if like me your not experienced in this type of game there is an expansive guide and tutorial section. Hats off to the Devs. The guild section came online today and we could use guild battles and the ability to post your team's on guild chat. Easiest 5 stars ever


It's a good game it's just not my kind of game.

Grizzly Bear

This game is one of the best of it's kind! The units in the game are great and even greater; they all have a counter to defeat them so they aren't broken. This is something most games of this kind don't accomplish well; but this one has. Playing ranked is nice. You battle other users around your tier level and if you lose- you STILL get points added to your rank meter. Demotion is non-existent this way. Also whales can't just buy powerful cards. They are locked behind the tier system. No worries

david wood


Nguyễn Lê Nguyên Lễ

Một sự kết hợp giữa Warcraft và Final Fantasy phiên bản mini thu gọn trong lòng bàn tay This game is a funny mix between Warcraft and Final Fantasy, totally love it, keep up good work

im lost

Fun but really laggy, downloaded the game again and its not as laggy anymore fun game need more updated leaderboards

Ake Chuchat

Beautiful and responsive

Hendra A

Great game so for

King MaRuF

Suggestions: Please add Guilds feature and atleast friendly battle with friends 1v1 and 2v2 co op modes. Also please advertise ur game. its really Good Finally something like Clash Royale but with very unique mechanics. Excellent job. Very f2p friendly. Excellent rewards system n gamemodes

Clumsy Gameplay

Too cool! And why did you add gearts? It was bettr without them

Jacob Benjamin

So far i like it

General Chonker

Great game i love games like it and with the input of champions and the many different miracles and nanos it never gets old, ive never been so happy to open a chest before, and things are pretty balanced all things considerd keep up the amazing work i look forward to the great updates and things to come!

Josh P

F2p friendly so I'm all for it the premium pass is a little expensive if it were like $6 instead of $11 I'd probably buy it. Keep up the good work Nano Legends the game is perfect so far looking forward to the guilds to open up.

Joshua Francel


Henry Ashley-Cooper

A PvP focused game where you get an advantage by paying hundreds of dollars. P2w is simply bad. A real pity, since the game art and design is otherwise amazing. If they reduced the max level significantly so anyone can have a fair match at PvP, it would be a top game. As it is, it's useless.

Janica Torres

As I play it, it gets more and more interesting and the game progression is so addicting! I love how the ads are optional and the graphics are great more than what I expected. A must try game esp if you are looking for a new one!

Ma Chie

The game is easy to understand with all the tutorials when you start the game. It is a good strategy game of tower defense and a fast paced game. Upgrading your troops is easy because leveling and cooldown of skill is quite fast.

Kean chi

Wow, Its a nice game of tower defense/brawl game. I like how you need to have a good strategy on sending your troops to finish the match quick. I hope they update soon for the new features.

Gire Taoc

For me it is a 5 star, I'm biased. I've been playing it since the start. But here is my review. I'm thinking that this is a good game and it has a potential to be a great game in the future. Looking forward for more future updates on this game. I get plenty of enjoyment playing this game.

Pasha Wrangell

Fun pvp/pve game with similar elements to clash royal. Has a lot of interesting deck customization with different towers as well as fun terrain and unit movement interactions. Spells (called miracles) can also modify terrain and cancel each other out. Each deck also brings a champion unit with a skill, several passive and some positioning control. I would like to see the devs add more Loudout slots though. If you enjoy quick strategy games give this one a go.


I like it a lot. My only real issue is a lack of reason to keep playing after you hit Mega. The victory rewards are extremely low in comparison to the amount of resources needed to upgrade your units. (Ex. 300 gold per win vs 100,000 gold to upgrade my lv 15 Champion.) We could also use an additional ladder after Mega in general. Perhaps a top 10%, top 1%, top 100 players kind of deal?

Paul Miano

5/5 on the gameplay because they add some spice to feel some new experience. it's f2p friendly and you all of the nano is unlockable. Looking forward on a long story line tho!

Paolo Murillo

I LIKE THE GAMEPLAY BUT I LOVE THE NEW CHAMPION THINGY!!! I love this champion thingy because they're unlockable and f2p friendly.

Al Ya