Nameless Origin

Author: Powersource Studio

100,000+ install


Hero Swap Action RPG

Detailed info

File size: 83M
Update time: August 26, 2021
Current version: 1.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Powersource Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Bong Boran

I get a black screen on startup. Nothing more happens. Uninstalled and reinstalled. No change. Black screen. It worked once, until the large download. Update: I experience downloads after downloads. It's annoying. It takes times and cost me money, just for a game. Plus the startup time is painful. Not worth the effort to figure out on my side.

rob s

Super slow gameplay, don't know what half the power-ups do with no tool tips. Just boring


Decent game. Little repetitive at first but opens up later...equips are all weapons which seems odd but in the end is no different than 8 or 10 different equip slots. Extra modes are just boss fights except for the arena mode that unlocks after a few levels but you only get to play it once a day. EDIT: i downgraded my review because in Annihilation mode, my character keeps slowing down for NO reason. Im running to the goal and my character just slows like a bad dream. NOT FUN PLEASE FIX.

firman rusdi bachtiar

It's pay to play game, without spending real money to buy gems for upgrading heroes, cannot pass high level or doin event. There's no other way to opening free chest except daily side quest for 1 origin box. The difficulty part is find Gem for unlocking box in shop. 25 gem/box.

Michael Cayton

Decent game. Not much difference from the original. Better looking characters but monsters doesn't seem to fit the design of the characters. Not for me.

Trish Baydo

This could very very easily b a 5 star game except for 1 very major flaw. Every lvl they plop u in the center of a horde that is already killing u before u can even move. There are so many at one time on u that u cant even move so u die. ALL THIS BEFORE SECOND CHAPTER. No matter what character i cant get past first chapter because of this. Why waste money on a game designed this way.smh

Alfonso Contreras

The potential this game has to be as good as a console game is amazing. Eveeything from the art, the music, and the mechanics are really cool. Keep it up guys.

Igor Bagirov

Всі питання які описував тут, розробники почули та пофіксили. Це приємно, дуже дякую. Молодці. Всього вам найкращого!

Nathaniel Martinez

Awesome game


Just uninstalled the game. Fun at first but theres no way this game is better than archero.

Bahador Vafadar

When the new lvl starts It would be nice to have 1 sec freeze time of the monsters so you understand where you are on the map..

Lorenz Cea

This is actually good. Though I would recommend making the projectile match the 3D vibes of the character models and the enemy projectile since some of it feels like 2D-ish. Improving the boss health bar would also be a good improvement. Over all it is actually a very good game though some improvements can make it even better.

ike nwaro

Nice concept on an old and utterly over copied game

Yuri Hartwig Silva


Giles Souper

Great game

Etheria O M F G cata

Great game! 2 minor things I would change is to add a delay on enemies attacks when you start a new level. I can't count the times I've warped in and had enemies all around me fire instantly a barrage of missiles almost instantly killing me. In addition It would be nice to have better descriptors on abilities. Also even though the game is pretty bare bones for now I appreciate the developers taking a chance and trying to make a new and improved version in the genre.


It doesn't go passed the first loading screen

Arshi 67

Training is too long. And expecting enemies like zombies but puppets and plants? Also it's a energy regeneration system game and many ppl don't like energy games so add a payment method to remove energy permanently.


Nice game with no ads

Alberto Bustamante

Good game

Lukasz Dabek

So far so good, keep it up with updating the game and add more content free to play.

Joel Chan

nice game

Tom Pettet

Nice game

Luke Dewoody

Fun but I wish there was more stuff to buy

cody marsh

Fun time killer. No need to spend a dime, but would recommend to support the devs.

Bona Sok

Sure, good for now without too many ads or a pay wall, but just started playing 3days ago.

Tim Mac

Nice gameplay and flow, plenty of characters

Snip Lolilom

Not great not terrible

John Vasquize

Some of the bosses are ridiculous I mean one of them uses a attack that sends it half way across the map with a slash attack and it happens so fast that you can't even doge it fix your game

Lee Huixiang


Steve K

I love it so far it's a fun time killer


Sadly my last review got deleted(probably due to a bug). Anyway, love the game. Really the best of its kind I tried. The hub is very interesting, and the gameplay very fun. The only downside is that I would like to ensure I always get a steady 60FPS and avoid lag spikes, but reducing graphic settings also reduces FPS(probably to save battery). If we could then be allowed to reduce resolution/particles effects(or something similar) to improve FPS I'd really really appreciate it!

pouwa tan lau

Goood game

Long Gà

Good game, but little gift!!

X Belormoroth

Pretty graphics but "HP stealing" skills are completely useless. To recover hp lost from 1 hit player need whole few levels with 3 or 4 "steal hp on hit/kill" skills. Also there should be some safe time when level start. I appear on it and immidiately got hit by few mobs which is impossible to dodge. Thats gamebreaking flaws.

Jan Koehler

Great game, but as someone else mentioned, it would be nice to know what exactly the upgrades actually do. Also the timer on the loot box is a bit annoying. Also the bombardment from the absolute start of level(higher levels) doesn't give you much of a chance.

Markus Kane

Price is WAY too high

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Basically like archero but with many characters. Need Google play achievements and some social functions.

Dhenuea Loblu


Francesco Perego

That's a great game! there are just two things: - the description of the powerups you get when leveling up is not clear at all, you should make it a bit better and clearer - you should add a IAP to double the resources gathered in game. Some, like me, would like to spare some bucks but are very reluctant in doing so for "1 shot" upgrades that gives just resources that will then be consumed and gone.

Robert Sutton

So far enjoying the experience. Will be interesting to see what tweaks are done once finials. I appreciate the "recommended" status given for each boss helps early on when learning how each individual plays. A recommendation would be to give a codex of each upgrade so the player is not relying solely on the short sometimes not intuitive description.

Jay Gigidy


Kyle Cornelius

Great game


I open 50 character box now and only got 4 characters. Whats up with the character box not giving chapters.

Matet Montes


Young Money

Stars, Plz.

Eli Ramthun

Edgy archero. Ok if yr into that

Metroid Omega

Would like to be able to get a description of what power up I'm choosing after a battle before I pick it.

Lê Minh Đức

Good game

Mackiee Boy


David Conrad

Fix upgrading and I'll rate higher. Tired of 10 failures in a row and getting 2 successes then 10 more failures.

Alfonso Sosa

So far a fair game.

Chris Jacobson

Great game!

Saddam Wanah

Absolutely Golden Gamed I love it

your heart

I just loved the game . Btw any social media account like to discord so we can follow and talk to you guys somehow

Chris McCulloch

OK so far

AAron Nelson


Master Wolf


Ruenn Kong Kwan

Visuals are amazing but controls are a bit slow and upgrades are hard to understand. Need to improve more on the description. Overall it's fun.




Make that we are the one who create are own character and style


Archero was definitely a more wholesome and fair experience. The spawn and get shot instantly by a dozen enemies mechanic is dumb. Combined with all their cash grabby power upgrades etc. it is a 3☆ at best - but then there is the continued "connection is not good, auto-restart"-issue.. if you can grab 105€/$ for ingame currency, at least spend some on working servers... ridiculous.

Jon Goddard

Love this game! Gameplay is great, with good graphics/ music

[NgN] Merkury

great concept, good developing, balanced, challanging, wonderful home soundtrack, the only things that i can say need improvements are: more tracks during the stages because the only one playing now is redundant af, and a bit of optimiziation cause on mid-low end devices i found heavy frame drops that ruin the bullet hell side. Keep up the good work!

Ady Carlos

I like this game..

Astro Jones

Absolutely the best 👌 👍 in the "Archero" genre. A real breeze of fresh air 😌 👌 in the clone wars of the "Archero" epidemic. Great Job. 👍 -DRKBLK₩ZRD⁹

Rodney McPhie

Interesting game of characters

George Detwiler

Nice game

Helal Ali

This is sad, such beautiful graphics and very slow paced and boring archero-type game

mind over matter

If you like archero type games this one is great

Kingmesb King

Good graphics

v 5ali

The Micha is broken and I love it 😂😂

Monty Pensko

Great game. Play it every day.

Brian Martinez


Daniel Hennis

Fun game

Ben Sup

Good gameplay, crapy stamina system.

jaquan jackson

Goof game

Anupam Kumar

Game is best of best imo, however i find it strange that some char are stuck being normal, heroic and cant be upgraded all way upto legendary even though they all being unique to each other.

Abdul Karl Kyum

Hello been playing the game for nearly 2 weeks, it's great I love it! Pls devs keep the ads non intrusive I'm happy to purchase the game if a price was attached it's that good, found a bug, using water gun girl, I gave her lvl 5 attack speed perk but suddenly she started firing very slow? I had to swap her, next heroes firing speed became lvl 5 Love the game please keep up the great work :D Hello, after 6 months of playing I still haven't been able 2 get/buy legendary heroes? Ganfu was a free..

Harl Patayon

Enjoy to playing

Ryan Venable

fun game with great graphics. I like the fact that you can play multiple characters.


I hope to get ramumu someday

David Day

Many layers of evolutionary game play. Many characters that you can unlock without need of pay2play, multifaceted daily gifts, and quests and achievements. Great Game

jorndell sitahal

Stable game

R.J. Pergis

hello i love this gane thank you

Kirri Bum

great game

Balu Ofthejungle


Matt Nichols

Very enjoyable game. Multi characters are distinct. Easy to get currency.


Reduced to 4 ⭐ because of the constant alert to rate the game after already doing so. Why ...

Bryce Garrison

Fun so far. Seem able to keep up without needing to pay anything. Good work in progress

Rod McPhie

Complicated but amusing 😆but I love it

Bobbylee Wheeler

Graphics are classy. Easy to play yet challenging. Fun relaxing game.

Silent Cirius

So out of all the games built in this style I am truly enjoying myself with this one

Brian Conner

I had to rewrite my review and add a star for such a quick response from the developer. The game has a lot of potential and the graphics are top notch for this type of game . Outside of just making the game more stable the one piece of constructive piece of criticism I'd like to offer is make the controls just a tad more responsive and snappier.

Richard M

This is a great game!

calvin lim


Justin Dalton

Great game!



Yuikie Heart

Waiting for more update

manolis kefalakis

the skill name and discription is very bad i am uninstaling game cause of it