MYIDOL (#Dress up #BoyGroup #k-star #k-pop)

Author: TinyCell

1,000,000+ install


* Solution if the game does not run after installation.
1. Update Google Play.
2. My idol app> Storage> Delete saved data and restart

* Some low-end phones may not run.

* Request storage permissions for save screenshot feature.

Dress up your own idol with detail and edge!!
Solo singer and group singer right now!

â–  Various items are available!
Eye / eyebrow / hair / top / bottom, etc.
Decorate your own idol! Sharing and pride is essential!

â–  Now the group is popular!
Create your own idol group!
Your screen is full of idols!

â–  If you have any costume items, please request anytime!
It’s always open!

Detailed info

File size: 95M
Update time: August 21, 2021
Current version: 2.0.58
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: TinyCell
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kim Taehyung

It's cute gameee I loveee ittt 🥰

Rabbi Jannine Vlog


Mary Eljhay Nicole Pascua

Its nc i like it but its annoying beacause it has too many ads.. I dont want to be rude but i dont. Want the game when it has many ads but the game is still good!

syamant saikia

This is my favourite game in the list of this type of games ... There are many options to choose and we can decorate our idol in our style ... This game is very very veryyyyy interesting.. You can download this game it's very very nice

Roshni Singh

The reason for giving it 2 star is u don't update I mean it's almost 1 year now, Plz update it asap or else this game will get really boring to me and other

Sadhana Mishra

Good, love it the only problem is all that you need mileage to unlock dresses & outfit there aren't exact things and also there should be a feature of competetion or rating other's idols or idols can move their bodies by own or should a leaderboard also making our own video of k-pop idols and let them dance on any song I know this is a dressing game /app but can't they walk on a runway. By the way love the app you did a great job. By making it however it will be best if it have those things ...

Chandana Bhadra

This game is really awesome for them who are k pop fan😀.if you're a kpop fan then I'll suggest you to install this game(MYIDOL).💜I purple you💜,Bye! ;)

Echo meladey

It kicks me out when I click play

Diana Destajo

Angganda nitong larong to kahit na may adds pag bibili ng damit sobrang ganda talaga nito😍😍😍💕💕💞💞❤❤

Chloe Althea Dumb

I likes this game so much I try girlgroup and boybandgroup so satisfy and awesome I really excited of the game😄✨

Christian Panaligan

A good game but it has a lot of ad

kalmer Kikeje

I love it.....but when you play it more and more it gets boring like really boring but it is a fun game but I wish it was a make your own girl group or boy group... I played this game back in 2020 or 2021 (I think it's 2020) and it was kinda fun but not that fun this game is nice at first but later it will be boring but plz make this game a fun game (well it is fun but not so fun) and a game that people will say "I AM GOING TO PLAY THIS GAME FOREVER" anyway it is nice but not that nice anymore.

Enrico Braga


Haizam Md.yusuf


Mayvil Jade Pillone

its nice but it keeps on loading for so long but my internet is so fine please fix it!


Game ini Sungguh lah comel


Waiting for new update.

Malak Asayra

من اجمل الالعاب انصحكم تنزلوها حلوة كتير للي بحبوا هي الاشياء

Idi Lleshi

I l ike this app but I think that it would be more beautiful if there isn't only 3rd gen groups like BTS or BLACKPINK or TWICE. I think that it would be more awesome if there are 4th gen groups too.

Tasnim Ghazal

The game is very beautiful, I advise everyone to download it

Virginia Punzalan

Good games

Grape Juice

Unplayable, like it constantly crashes. Also i put this review before and it shows that it was deleted, i'm guessing you don't actually care about your consumers at all. Characters were nice but nothing can be done if i cant open the app without it not responding or closing by itself in the first 2 seconds

Rubi Begum


Ice Tea

This game is really good I love it. But pls add more clothes. And maybe make everything free? That would help a lot. Anyways love this game. ❤️

Jarya Dupit

plzz make more like this.... this game is soooo nice and we want more like this...... 💕♥️


I wish more update this game more dress And cloth hair shoes and others

sky stars

The game is perfect, everything is good ,but we need some new clothes,it been a while please update.

Suresh Chaudhary

It's so good just add more makeup and jwellery pls.💜💜

jabulani majozi

I try to download the game but it won't download (but I have played the game before)

May Thu

I like dress maker. And I'm designer.🥰🥰 So l love this game.

Raihan Daud

This is the best dress up ive ever had!!🤭 not just best but the cutest too!!❤❤❤ I love all my characters that I made, its just all the clothes and the styles is so beautiful!! Five stars bc i love this app!!!😘 I love the way it has 2 genders and i could put 10 characters😍I love this so much🥰 tho the ads is annoying i still found this a amazing and masterpiece app🥰🥰❤❤

Zada Zama

Its wow

Gwyneth jillian Dajay

Very lovely and enjoyable, I like the fashion sense and dress up that are super cute... Love it

Zepania Angel Cervantes

So nice game

Farhad Abdollahzadeh bina

Good and cute but It don't have some more pictures

Purple Lamington

Good game lots of choices but when I downloaded it to my tablet it keeps crashing, I can't even get past the menu


Aplikasi merugikan kalian

Zubiya Shaikh

Love but there should be more bts and blackpink things...

Lizz Studios

Is there a way for me to change the skin colour?

Linda Damian

I wish i can download this on my iphone please its very good but i just changed my phone so i cant play it on my iphone 🙂🙂🙂

Malika jaafra


Oyuntogtoh Horolsvren


Carlencia Putri Sutanto

I like it😍

sarah grills

It's fun

Thandi Mogaladi


Kashaf Akhtar

Cute <3

Redjelyn Parlucha

I like this game so much

Allyana Roldan

I honestly don't like the new update.


I love this game but i feel like they could add some different skin tones.

Mica Ella Almaden

It's really good and U can use it without wifi

Sandy Mandy

I think it's pretty good but there's a lot of ads and you can't change the body type or skin colour. It would be great if you could add more diversity.

miselmae alcantara


fatimavery good hjoula

Very good but please could you put shape and skin color options

helia ghaffari




Roszel Fojz

So berry good I like this game

Abhipreity Panigrahi

I can't download it

Kayf Muuse

This game lovest game for me


TwT this game is a lil annoying

Ratorenla Renrenlkr

It's very nice and fun to play because in this game k-pop is there in the game n BTS dress and blackpink dress also that why I love this game💜💜💜💜🇰🇷🇰🇷

Ayesha Raine Tala

i love this game soo much this game is verry cute app☺️

Shwe Phone

I like this application 💓

Behzad M. Khan

So Cute App..literally I felt Like I am The Stylist... My mood fresh up... I will rate this 10 stars if it would so...but I love the ap

Ananda Adinda


Shivam and Sister

Nice game but i deleted it and downloading it again it's doesn't show my previous play

Lianna Macalino

I can't download itttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samina Ghulam

It is a great game! I love it u can express urself and make ur own idols . But I don't think u have a group option. I would like to have a group option to create a band. But overall great experience.

Christhel Shane Ramos

The game is kicking me out even though i sign in it keeps kicking me out this is a terrible game

Muhammad Dada

I love this app it my favourite

Victoria Berolino

I really loved this game now I can make Kim teahyung😍😍😊😊

Jodelyn Sorbito

I'm giving it a 4 cause sometimes when I try to unlock all the clothes my phone is lagging hope to not see that again Because its just annoying me please fix this situation,and sometimes it's just fun .. its cool ngl :))

Clarice Victoria

It's a fun game but if I don't play it the day before it reset everything

RV Gonzaga

It took a week or more to download and it just kept kicking me out.

shyrine largo

This is so nice but you not buy the BTS suit

Rehma Ali

My fav game😎😍😘😘

Agrin Saeidi

عالیییییییی اینو تقدیم به کیپاپی ها میکنم👏💜 فقط یکم حجم حافظه ش زیاده....

kripa singh

This is the game should everyone try and make there own cute and pretty idols I give 5 stars to this game but one thing is wrong with this game is that after making many idols when we make one more idol it stop working making more idols but if you don't mind this p oblem this game is best must try

Oshadhi Hapugoda

This game is amazing

Ela Phoenix

I really liked this game but there was always a bug that made the game stop after an ad. Overall the style and the outfits were amazing 10/10 would recomend. :)

Glenn Quintana

I love the this game so bc it's has a lot of characters and clothes but sometimes if you buy clothes it has a lot of ads but this game sometimes it's lag bit I still love this game thank for making this game😘❤️

Ann lisa C

is a good game really fun

Manuel Natural


Karma bhutan

I do like the app very much but its been over two years with no updates? Waiting for the update 😊😊

Noora Blue

Lots of outfits option to choose from. More skin colours could be added. Overall good game

Kim Jennie

its such a cute and fun games and I love this so much 😊🦋

Brix Copper

It's really nice game

Divya's World

Add more accessories plz

Caroline Hamilton

The best designer game ever

Janice Borabien

Ok nmn pero bigla nlng dumadating Yung ads na iinis ako 😒😒

sierra titmus

Best game ever

Jaica Eunice Tuazon


Khyrei Clyburn

I just wanted to make your own FNF

Supra Reddy

Wow I love it when I have a lot of dress

Hulan Iderkhangei


Sagarika Basumatary

Its best game ever like it has exact same dresses as kpop idol wore

Hannah Mae Gealon

I love this game but... when I try to save my avatar to fitting room and it will show ads like it so annoying,, and this game is kinda laggy but yea... So far I'm kinda liking this game even it's lagging... But i rlly hate the ads... so yea :)

Trixie Pullan

Umm... Its hard because it won't play! I need to claim it all??! And i need to sign it!!!! it's hard it won't play.


Its just too amazing

Laxmipriya Sisa

I love this game i make bts and black pink💝😍

Chloe joy Bagain

Ilove this game😘