MyFreeZoo Mobile

Author: upjers GmbH

5,000,000+ install


MyFreeZoo Mobile – Experience thrilling adventures with people and animals in your dream zoo!

Detailed info

File size: 91M
Update time: March 4, 2021
Current version: 2.1.19
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: upjers GmbH
Price: Free
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Customer review

Brenda Jo Johnson

Never got to play it

Jennifer Mcfarland

The animals are to expensive and they don't move can you add aquatics and please fix it

Tanmay Das

App not opening solve this problam

Carolyn Davidson

Good to many levels for me.

Mommad Ali

I love it best game and her grafic is a best

Kids Schoolwork

i did not like the app at all it was like the scren was frozin and i could do a thing


It took such a long time for it to load soooo... yea


It just won't load. I played over the weekend great, now it won't load. Sadly I really liked it.:(

nayana fernando

I actually download this game but is good the resen way i gave it three is It takes lots of time to load please fix it if you can 👍👍

Jane Jelez

I like that zoo game

Patricia smalley

Game will not load...

Hailey Kohler

Love this game,but it takes 10 to 15 minutes for me get into the game

Pace Francis

The graphic game is very good and animal is cute

Sherry P

I so want to give you a 5 star review, but this log in time thing is rediculous. 3-4 min log in times is nuts. And waiting to earn money is a long boring process. If these two items were addressed, I would give it a 5, because for free it's really good, I would throw you a few dollars if it worked better

Allison Pickens

Can't get in😒

Isabella Coertze

awesome game guys🐻🐰🐬🦈🐨🐼🐖🐎🐾🦊🐺👍

Mayar Medhat

The game didn't open

Anya B

Getting money in this game is very slow, you are not able to enjoy this game because its too slow in pace. Not enough things you can do limiting time and over all joyment

Michelle Oliver

Awesome zoo

Amber du Randt

I haven't played this game yet because it takes too long to load and I would like it if you could please fix it

Waqas Nadeem


Gianfranco La Rotta

It's slow to load. It takes forever to load my (Zoo) game.

Kirito_ Gamer09

It's fun and enjoyable game but before you play it you need to wait for like an hour

Jessica Zimmer

Brand new to game. Mobile data and WIFI it takes 10min-30min to load a brand new game. Ive given it 3 days since install and am beyond out of patience. Uninstalled. Gave it a chance even with so many bad reviews to long load times. They're not kidding.


I can't even load the game to see anything

James Himel

Please help Im having trouble with the game loading and I've tried restarting the app and haven't had any luck I hope that this is fixed soon.

Shaharban Shameer

Stupid game

Aviv Kaufman

It isnt so fun and its a little bit boring too.


Game is boring and laggy

Callum Kennedy

Definitely bad game freeze and massively takes to long to load plus want it to be quicker plus a better game and it loads quicker

Katie B

I played this before now the game won't load anymore 😒

mario fasen

awesome game

Kaytoon 100

It takes to long to load the game!!! 😠

Kadence Brown

i love it

Amelia Galek

It never finishes loading

Sleepy ZGoats

I wrote a question and thank you for the very prompt reply. But I can't find it or your response.

Mackenzie Romano


Britta Case

I know that it is slow but it has been very great to play and I love your work you have done ✔ 😀 😊 ❤

stanley Gray

Won't load

kordelli kordelli

I really liked being able to play a game that was so much like zoo tycoon. Only problem is its almost impossible to advance becuse theres no way to make enough money. The vending places only give about 50.00 a day and the zoo itself produces about 5000.00 a day at most. Everything i need to buy is so enflated compars to what you can actually make that you cant play. Just logging in day after day to collect money and after a few days u might be able to get 1 thing. Thts not enough to advance.

kenisha smith

Super bad will not load all the way ill be waiting about 30 minutes.

U Aye Naing LPSC 95

Too slow😠🤬

Vishnu Santhosh Kumar

I like this gameverymuch😍. But this game take too much time for loading 😔

Jessica Stammers

I lost my game How do I get it back The zoo is called loveredheads

Owen Scott

I like the game it is so fun and you can do so much it will get boring but I will still play. Well done

Carmelitta Woods

It's great zoo game

Cory Johnson

It's really fun but takes to long to load please fix it other wise fun But it takes so so soooooooo long to load I open it at 7:50 and it's 8:03

Aprilia. Ryu

loading nya juga lama

Carmel Woods


Robert Lees

Love this game

Jasiel Naidoo

I give this 1 star because it's is not a good game it's stuck on loading it takes to long sorry for the 1 star but it's just a bad game

Julie Renfroe

Love it. Relaxin. Joyful. Keeps me calm

csenge szantho

it doesn't even let me in to play, very slow, and always want me to buy things with real money. the reason its not 1 star but 2, is that it's still like it was years ago, nothing changed, but looks like neither did the grafics, the fastness.

Julia Mcmanimen

Takes way to long to load in the game I'm not patient with waiting so long so I didn't even get to play it 🙃

ShellyRaye Winfrey

Very expensive Slow Beautiful art

Savannah Creates


Kitty Odegaard

way too long to load. like zoo2 better, but you took all my hard work away and started me on a new one. I more mess up and will not spend anymore money on your games!

Ally Harrison

I wish there was a sand box mode where you had infinite money so you can build a massive zoo

Sleepy Z Farm

Wow, the game moves slow. I have a decent little zoo. But most of the time I'm just popping on to feed the animals and wait for zoo money. The game is also suddenly taking over 5 minutes to load. It's a shame, it was exactly what I was looking for.

Caroline Joss

I like this better than Zoo 2 Animal Park, and enjoyed playing, even though there is a very bossy man that orders you he my employer? Anyway, unfortunately it doesn't appear to work on my Moto g9 play, but it's a nice game.

Nikki M

The game never loaded... 😡

Ronald Allen

The loading to start the game is way to long

Waduge Surangi

Nice work thank you

Cecelia Brady

Well the loading takes so long to use and I personally found it very boring😒

Harman Darsono

My dream is to build an aquatic Zoo


I have found that if you login several times a day and have some good stands and restrooms you can make a substantial amount of money in a day which has allowed me to pass levels rather quickly and with minimal diamond buying. I love this game and I enjoy playing it several times a day in small spurts, trading w friends overall enjoyable. Do wish the breeding chances were a little easier but the games x years old so I doubt the developers will be making any changes. Overall it's fun & addicting.

Lisa Marines

This is very neat! Thank you for making this wonderfule game!! There is a bug tho whenever i get on the app I have a lion and the lion cannot move plz fix that thank you!! Have a wonderfule fall!

Kristen Hurtado

Love the game, animals are really cute. Real easy to play the game.!!!!!

rita astifo

I like this game too! Its very fun and when u go onto diff tyoes of ur apps u get free stuff tysm i love this app 💕😊

Manuel Carmona

This game has my favorite animal the lion

Vellaithan Belaran

Nah it's ok but needs more logical currency that's it he just needs more money to save so please take care of the zoo cash nothing else that's it, it's a good game but the bugs need be taken care of.....ok I take it back this game sucks this game this game Steys for the loading screen for like century. I just installed it an hour ago and it's like still loding why!!!?? I'm going to delete this game right now 😠😠

HEAN's world

Wasn't even able to play bc it loads too long.

Kyle Campbell

It takes so long to load I have a fire tablet but I'm not sure if it's my tablet or the game please reply

Barry Marshall

Fun game but earning cash is very slow. Trying to grow your zoo to the goal is difficult if you don't pay real money.

Clarisa Compasibo

I can't even play the game the loading screen is too slow.

Mooshi Cow

Will not load

Tarri Kimes

I love it but loading is slow.

Demonic Lancer

Can't get past load screen!

Shushu Fernandez

It's not downloading

Mykhailo Hrychyna

this game is good but i like if there was a sandbox that can be unlocked at Level 7 because i already like this game a lot and the zoo is easy to build so please make the mode which gives you infinite money and i think this is feedback for a new update but i think the sandbox mode is gonna be too easy.

Eka Ilyas


Basilio Jr Simpliciano

Hate it , loading so many times and it is loading to waste my time

kimberly stubbings

only rating in case i get free diamonds or is as daft as cheese....

Kavitha Wilson

In one word this game is rubbish sorry but you start out with sheep! I mean what kinds of zoos have sheep go to a farm to see sheep not a zoo and it takes FOREVER to load and I am NOT over exzaderating!

Md Mijan

বেকার 🤮😭😱😡😠🤬😈👿👾👹👹👺💔🤹‍♀️

Brittany Evans

Wouldn't load

Cecilia Amick

Will not fully load

Lisa Hansen

Fun game love building zoo games

Leona Logan

Great game you should try it

Edyta Mark

Loading screen takes hours, game crashes and the graphics are terrible!

Charlene Pienaar

Looks like a nice game, but takes forever to load. Very annoying.

traci jumper

Its fun but hard to make enough money. Wish things were a bit cheaper still a big fan of upjers

nicole cox


The Sutton's

This game is not that good. It's animation is not smooth and always get into a freeze 😒

Dajana Morales

I love the game.but really drives me nuts that it doesn't stop freezing.after what ever I push like feeding or moving it stops and I have to wait a couple seconds.takes forever til I can feed all animals.

Elnaz Sareban

Very good

April B

I love this game, it's so fun! You should play it, it's easy too to advance a well..

Angelee Allen

Never got to play. Would get stuck on loading page. Tried updating everything. No luck.

Vanne Shes

Fun game.

Negi The Sayian

I cant get past the loading screen, I was looking for an epic zoo game and it seems this one isn't it...... ;(