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Grab your backpack, it’s time for My Town : Preschool! Build and play in your very own preschool. There are hours of fun ahead for telling stories about what life at school is like. My Town : Preschool has 8 unique locations to explore. You can dress up the children before they get to school, take care of them when they get hurt on the playground and need a bandage and make lunch during breaks!

*8 fun locations including a learning room, bathroom, nurse’s office, nap room, cafeteria and more!
*NEW extra special feature! We’ve added EMOTIONS to all the characters, so now you can make each person laugh, cry, smile…they can mimic how YOU are feeling!
*Brand new characters including preschool teachers, kids and their parents.
*New clothing designed for each season to dress up your characters.

Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.

The My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse-like games that promote creativity and open ended play for your children all over the world. Loved by children and parents alike, My Town games introduce environments and experiences for hours of imaginative play. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information, please visit

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: May 28, 2021
Current version: 1.09
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: My Town Games Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sg Sulochana

This is daba

Anusha Anusha

Super 👌

samer samer

Nice game but some locked wth no ads will anyway still phun

Nizamuddin sayyed

I take this game for my town world but it is not coming in that. And I also taken my town school but that game is also not coming help please other wise i will give this game 5 stars

Rachel Baluyut


Naheed Kausar

Its good

Gabriela shamoun


Sourav Akber



Great but the dresses are small.please make the things more. PRESCHOOL

sherry anne repato

lol JK lliloy mo LJ until di

Muhammad Ishaq Khan

I. Like. Date. But it's. very much. Ads🤦🤦😔😱😡😠😤😏


It's a great game but The characters and dresses were licked I hope if you can unlock it? But the game is still amazing I enjoyed it but just pls fix my problem I try to watch adds to the character but the add is not showing. I still rate this 5 stars everyone says the character and dresses were lock and that's really true. Thanks for reading my review

Sandeep Pal

Super game

Kacey King

Dum gaym

pragya paramita patnaik

I love this game 😍

Renzbrioso TV

I love you my Town 😍😍😍😍😍

Julia Valdez


prithvi k

parnika ughtgdb

Unicorn Kwan

vey good not lying

Geo Tura


James Driver

Its good but I can't get the chactras to unlock I would of gave a 5 but it's just like you can't unlock chactras

Tahir Bhattti

Best games💕👍

Alys Kami


Kusheem Nathaniel-Roblox


heaven appleton

is not fun to play

Breonia Williams


Navdha Rastogi

Best and cute game ever

Leyrin Herrera

I love my town😊🥰😇

Izabelle Grenier

cool game

suprita singh

This is very good game but one problem with this it did not unlock the dresses only some dresses are unlock 🙄

Romeo Sagar


Sheku Sillah

I love it

Gerry Cantina

Sobrang Ganda talaga guys

Hibba Ahmed


Regina Walker

it really fun to play day an night

Nusrat Jan

VC 5 d6 Nceb

Manju Rajkhowa


Kavi Vimal

This game is very nice to play but l have problem some characters were locked so want to put add but add is not coming

Wilcelia Domingo


Rain Arban

I'm gonna give it 5 star but theres one problem the ads is the problome can you out the ads?

ab ab


الاء Alaa

احل لعبه لعبت كل العب جربته من ميتون

Sjeny Lianahenning

I like this game but you need to buy the chacters

Bobby gildo jr.


Chandra prabha MARKO

I love this game but the problem is I didn't get character so please unlock the characters and dress

Shine Jumaquio

This game is so cute

arshida Kayla

Nice game

Aleena Nouman

I love this game I am try all this game but this is supper fun game and very special 😉

Binta Jaiteh

I play this game when I get bored😑

Noluthando Mahono

I love it

Fariba Rasoli

عالی بود بازی😍👌👌👍👍

Sorifa Islam

Te wkx m

Sushil Singh

yah game bahut achcha hai is game ko Khel ke main bahut hi jyada Khush hunzjjzjxhxhhdheusuhshsjisjdudhjwksisjjejejxbvxbsjsosojdjhjdjlkxksjsjjhdjskzksj sndkskkskskskdkksosisjdkxodkdkkdkdldjkdxlkdkxkxjkeo skdjxkkxjdkxjdjjdjxnxjxjdoodkjdkfjjcjxisijdjjcjxjzkxjxjizjxnxnx zmkdjxnjxjxjxjjzjzkkxjxxjxjbdjosiijdhxhjdisosjjdbxbjdkskskndjxjjxbzjzkxkxjjxjsjdndjijdkziskoskdkxjxjsjjdjdixhxbjdixjdjjdjxnxjsksicjcjckkzkzkxkjxjxjudjjxkxjdjkzksjskjjdjxjxjzkkzkdidjdjjdnxjxkxkxjjjdkdkskkxkkxjdjjjcbfbhfhdjskkzlzkxjxj

Nitti Mufasa

Is is it is an amazing game to play to be honest I play this game and regain it might just feel like I'm at school so thank you for making this game Google whoever made it thank you play store thank you I just want to say thank you to everyone that made this game it was an honor to b e here but saying this makes me happy so thank you

IbrahimPrince2789 Ibrahim

I love this game😘😘😘😘😘😘

Brandon Fisher


Jessicalynn Pearson

hi mt

cyra asoncion

This game is good for kids to my sisters


I played all of them, it was cool For these people, that made it:)

Lara Lut

Very good game.I play every my town games but this game was the best😊 You can download this game and play without internet, I love the game🥰

Zahra Samadi


Cari Patterson

this is the best game ever for kids kids are the best

Abdul Malik

Wow that is awesome game to go a school When I play this game than l like this game for kids age school 🏫. Thanks this game my town for kids game. Please make new game for kids school

Izet Izett

Love you lots and lots of love from 2 for your lovely holiday and a happy new year for all the people who have a done the best in advance and hope you have had a good one too so much love and hope you have lots of fun and fun etc etc etc and I will look into it and see if what I use 🤑🤑🤑I have a couple 👨‍🦳👨‍🦳in my heart to be a better friend than I ever ⚒️⚒️ever so I don't want know more about you and how I feel like the way you say that I love you so 🤫🤫I love you 😍I 🤗🤫🇲🇰I miss you


This game is the most fun game in the world 🌍

Kelly Christopher

It fun its learning and probably they can live there dreams like mabey if they want to own a nursery

Soni Waiba


Princess Posugac

Your games is not available

Louve D. Ebrada

Nice 😍

Almirah Mapupuno

Wow ako ay artista

Neeraj Kumar Verma

Nice game 😊

Anne Simmonds

its so fun im playing it forever

Littlebit Ingold

Isabella💖 ingold💖

Crystal Gustilo

Mabagal mag download

Muhammad Khan

I like this game 🎮 so much love for this game 🥰🤗🇵🇰. I am form Pakistan This game is so nice but plz 🥺 unlock all dressed up please 🙏

Nits Alesna

Cool game ok🤗🥰😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Flexbugg 3

You give a lot worse everything you want You can play at play music at the answer that that bad

Yuki Chan

My favorite game if my town so Manny games and cute Characters cool dresses but the problem is you can't free the dresses it's lock I hope you can fix this but it still deserve a perfect star

tkdlamini Dlamini

this game is fun but I would advice this game to make houses for the children so they can go home

Basilindile Sikhonde

Wow I never a app is good like never and my town is the best game so l give 5 star I wish I could give you 1000 stars

Archana Polshetti


Ganesh Bhandari


Malik Afzal

nice game

Quinifa Newland

Kink Attack CV 1 ring BBC KJV MVC lb

Mataya Purvis


Deepti Sameer

Bad game

Ariel Pollack


Sharif Parveen

Bad 👎👎👎games🎮🎮

shankaregowda Gowda

I think it's nice

Katherine Amaya Ortiz

it's ok

Gaytri Sharma

This game is so nice it mean you will make your own story thank you

Hanna kim Paulino

Why all the dress are lock? Btw I really like this game..... ...

Gulab Sonkar

I Love this game because it's amazing game I am giving this 5 star 🌟😊♥️

Everleta Poblete

Ilove this game so. Many toys beuces ggdjdgdfagidyrygshgs

Pach Borin


Efren Magbanua

I like this game but the problem is The characters are locks and the Dress i need help pls i hope you Unlock the dress and the characters i hope so and dont forgot the gift every i download a my town is lock i hate this game but a little hehehe i hope you gauys understood good luck thank you For reading thas all bye see yah haha

Tambayan Tv

Very nice 👍👍

Sana Suha786

Not bad

Sara Sara

Is good

Jerome Ocampo