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It’s My Town Movie Night!
Enter the theater and buy a ticket for the movie you’d like to see. You get to choose from 3 different short films! Take photos with your favorite actor or super hero and grab your popcorn before settling down in your seat.

What’s even more fun than going to see a movie? Running the theater yourself! Your friends will be hungry before the movie, and you can make them their own popcorn. Don’t forget the soda! You even get to enter the projection room and run the projector all by yourself! Sometimes the projector breaks down and you’ll get to fix it with life-like tools.
What’s even MORE fun than running a theater? Directing or acting in your own movie! At the My Town : Cinema, you can even direct or act in the movie of Oz that is being shot at the My Town movie studio.

*Many new characters with new costumes to dress them up in.
*So many rooms to discover and explore!
*14 characters to choose from, including: contestants, store keeps, stage managers and more!
If you can imagine it, you can make it. Everything is possible in My Town : Cinema!

Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.

The My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse-like games that promote creativity and open ended play for your children all over the world. Loved by children and parents alike, My Town games introduce environments and experiences for hours of imaginative play. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information, please visit

Detailed info

File size: 64M
Update time: May 28, 2021
Current version: 1.12
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: My Town Games Ltd
Price: Free
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Thiru Jeeva


Sayed Danial Moosavi


Muskan Preet

My town all games are good 👍😊

Ranjani Samarawikrama


Mandy Howell

Do Aladdin and add jafar

Sampa Mondal


سید مهدی فاطمی



Super cool

Nga Nguyen

I love it

Somayyeh Moharrami


Pradeep Kumar


Khalil Dirani

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Fiona Lim

Strawberry shortcake

Jayden Muhwezi

Wow nice making game I like it so much make more games please because there are the best games in my table t,when i see it put it youur games nice thanks 😊 👍 😀 ☺️ so much 😀 😊 👍 😄 I am happy I cried

indra indra


Jaspreet Padda

gosh it's side gateway and the game season has dout in

Miss swan

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Apurba Bhattacharyya

This game is to good My Town all games are my favourite And this game is a cinema tipe game. But one problem this game is to short I have reconst make this type game but Make long .......... Thank you...💖😊

Hein Stander

I love it very much

rachael moller

it not bad]

Nila Aran

عالی بود

Cassinella James

I love this game so much I almost download all of these apps


My Town Cinema And Movie World

bombay Bombay


omid reza

خوبه ولی یه وقتایی هنگ میکنه

Md Minul Sarker

My town. Gev new plz plz😯😯😯

sahil singh

I love it

Neliza Nneoma

I love this game

gayboi momoh

Rad dude

Supriya Ganapure

The best

Adnan Elhalwagy

This is the best my town game its so good i rate it a 5 its the best!!!!! and its nice cuz we can get more chareters ....... i think i wrote chareters wrong :/


Very nice game. And my farwat game

Sulochana 1988


noorzaimah zainal


Dhinishiyan. Dhini


Christopher Baguios

Really enjoying♥️♥️

Morim Islam

Is this game happy

Ebrahim Salmani


الناز خواجه حسینی


Latika Patil

good game

Ty Jones

I have no idea how this game got good reviews when it don't explain water to do

Tone Bone

Yha sisters uv

Maryam Hashemi

خیلی عالی هست ممنون از سازندش

Rohith Bayyavarapu


lisha sahani


Mehvish Khan


Favour Onwutali

This is a great game the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because we can't watch our movies that we filmed

Sudha Pandit

this is a nice game .

Anwesha Das

It is a great game but one problem please stop this

Brielle Katherine Atuli

This game so good but the ads is not good

Axel Galon


Noah Grant

1star be cuse every time I play on it it kicks me off

Axmed Jibriil

my town happy

Materanke Kromah

This game is the best I love it so much and it's so fun so you guys have fun and I have fun you guys are beautiful kind and awesome and I'm nice to you guys good luck and have so much fun playing the game bye🤩😍🥰💋

Sameer Khan

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Arun Bb

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Sandeep Singh

It's a great game for kids 👍👍

Casey Stine



Well, well I can say that this app is great I love it soooo much verry well this is a great game for childrends it's a great game I can rate this 5 stars because it's all good there's no problem on this game I loveeee it!!! !

Manal zeeshan

Best app

Aubree Ward


Adriana Ratkute

Thers noting to do

Rayan Fergie

💜luv this game💜

Marcus Wells

Its a good game but why do you have to pay to play them pls stop doing that cuse some people dont have enough money to pay for them i do but my mom and dad wont do it cuse its just a game.

deborah knowles

One of my things is acting it an acting games its really good.

Harsha Priyashan

Good game

Bharti Kumari

Wow nice game👍🏻

Kurd Lock

Xoshtrin gorani farsi tik

Love Sharma

Op game

abiba tumbie

Amazing just amazing wow

Fayazahmed Maitlo

It's very good game

Victoria Ogunwa

Barbie Ariel is right I hate this game

Azariah Constantine Legaspi

I Love it

Reza Naraghi


Luis Umaña lopez


Gias Uddin

This is a very good game and entrusting but one problem again again stop that game she is a very big probllem🙂

Shaukatullah Syed


Agness Chella

How dear you this is the best game in the world 🌍

Sourav Akber

Rad 🌞👎

Asal A

عالی عالی عالی هیچ کدوم از این بازی های مای تون تا حالا من رو خسته نکرده عالی حرف نداره😍😍🌷🌷

Mousumi Halder


Rowdy Piper

This is the best game of my life I love But My name is Ellie and I'm 6 And I wish my brother's Play it But they're 12 and 10 LOL

Hanna kim Paulino

This is soooooo coollllll! Lovely❤😊... ...

Funmilayo Sanya

Not bad for a three but add more players okay cuz i did not come all the way from boarding school to got bored😐😉😬😀

Summer Mccoy

it's a great game for children and if you just delete some space you can have all of them it's really fun you can dress them and go to different places you can do some fun crazy stuff too like if they run away from home you can do whatever you want you can feed them and do anything actually except for changing the furniture or maybe some more stuff but it's really fun and I'm getting all of them I still have a lot and I got rid of a lot of games just for them I love it love it love it !!!!!!!!!!

Tayyaba Naveed

Very bad game

Daman Sarao

it is best game but the rings are not famine outside 😤😤

For Tune

Super 😉😉😜

yaghoob hoseyni

بعضی هاش در کشور ما قابل دسترس نیست چون یکیش کمپ مدرسه هست اون نیست 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 چیکار کنم راستی برای من اون پلیس که هنوز نیومده بود برای من قیب شد بازی خوبی هست ولی قفل داره zzz

Aaya Binth

I bet this is a good game


The game is really fun and inspiring

tariq ali

I like all of my town

Jhelum Babes


Nicole Kylin Abagat

This geme is my favorite ♥️♥️🥰❤️

Nelida Maciel

I think it would be a good game

Somayeh Salmani

بازی خوبی نیست درست


a yaw ko na lag ang lahat ng my town

Brooklyn's Adventures


Kayleigh Beck

Umm... my dad suggested this don't play cause sometimes on home you well... it glitches and makes your character naked

Xuan Xuan

Tredcn Rea Ggh Gggj Ghyuuu 6666hh Iiooo