My Romance: puzzle & episode

Author: Lunar Tracker Group

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Welcome to My Romance: puzzle & episode🤩
Solve match-3 puzzles to earn coins!🧩
Give your character a head-to-toe fashion and makeup makeover.👗
A wildly romantic love story is calling you! 😉
Embark on your own journey with your stylish makeover look now!❗️❗️

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Update time: Jul 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Lunar Tracker Group
Price: Free
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Customer review

Venus Macapas

Magandang laro po ito

Tammie Leviner Arnold

Wish you had more choices when dressing the character they give only 3. The game you play to earn money is reasonable & winnable doesn't take forever to win a game to earn money. The game to earn money is fun to me.

LokiLaufeyson's Fangirl

Love it, I like seeing the characters gain more confidence. They also explore different issues like cheating, overbearing partners in relationships, insecurities. 👍

Monica Frischknecht

I enjoy the game but omg theres an add for everything. I spend more time watching those than playing the game.

Rosa Perez


Elif Karaatay

It is a nice game but the developers force you to see approximately 3 adds in order to able pass every single level if you are unwilling to purchase boosters. I don't mind that so I will continue play as long as I can pass all the levels

Natalie Bannister

I was really enjoying this game, I built my money up and all my diamonds and was on a really hight level and it's just stopped working 😡, it's frozen and I can't carry on playing and I refuse to uninstall and reinstall and lose everything I have got. It's ridiculous

Nina Sobee

The game is good and entertaining but you have too many game add after every game or task and it that's a huge turn off.

Scism Kids


Tamara Gordon

Just froze. Went to play the game and now wont let me. Loads the game but when i click on the next level wont do anything then says game not responding. Was enjoying the game till this happened.

Katrina Giles

Not amazing, does contain swear words.

Les Bradbury

Not a cash game

Donny James

Tired of you bastards putting our African Descendants people with your creed,you could not put a African Descendants man on here,and you expect us to play it? Prejudice maggot

Pooh bear Pooh

Have to view ads constantly. The ads are the worst. Pimping weight loss gummies beyond excess. ? If this weight loss product is so good, why is Opera still so fat!? She is touting theses bogus diet gummies along with photos of people that are fake. Wouldn't recommend .

Sarah Griffin

Way too many ads. Don't play as much as I like.

yoselin Moreno

What the hell is Wong with you guys you guys keep contacting and messaging Inappropriate things Am I Might as well delete this game

Fahime Kazemi

This game is love fantasy👎

Catalina Rivera

Fix this dumb game I go all out Playing then it just freezes and not work I even cleared the data started over, but again so I'm deleting until it's fixed thanks

Rosa Gonzalez

It let me play the 1st couple days. Now it's comes on the screen the app is not working and prompts to close. I agree about the too many ads. It's annoying. There's no point of keeping the app.

Angela Broussard

This is the second time, I've downloaded this game & it freezes everytime I get to a high level.

Alicia Sanchez

It's pretty much a game you play by watching ads every minute. Literally. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I would like to play the game, but all it wants you to do is watch ads😭

Hannah Kurtzhall

I do not like it

gacha fans

Can't download it 😪

eulogio alfonso

I love it




Just when I got to higher level it froze had to Uninstall

Leila Thomas

This game is useless

Ruthi Dayton

Having to dress them was boring. I liked playing the game.

Emmrie Whitworth

It's fun 😊

Jeanette Hildwine

Commercials, Commercials, Commercials. Then you play the match 3. On a rare occasion, you actually get to "My Romance" game advertised.

Adeel Aftab

Great 👍

Jessi Ellis

It was an okay game until an ad interrupted one of my games. 1) it was a "click here for 5 more turns" floating ad that was no where near my finger as I was about to make my last move. Then it jumped to where I clicked. 2) I didn't even get the "5 more turns" from watching the ad.

Linda Weston

Enjoy the game but the adverts are far too frequent and far too long! I can have a nap while some are playing and trying to get rid of them is a nightmare...lost interest....

Sherina Sharp

Fun game but it keeps booting me out and freezing. Please fix or I'll have to delete.

Mickey Esplinn

Among many other things, the grammar in this app is terrible. The graphics are great, but the puzzle solving and adds get annoying after a while. Also you have very few choices as far as the story line goes. The music and some sound effects are absolutely terrible and do not fit the mood at all... I could go on.

Kim Mitchell

Love it

Bettina Morales

It's boring 😴


I love help her bc I never been help when I was younger

Deward Woods

Game itself is cool, but too many ads.... Too many I uninstalled because of how many ads!

Melissa Finley

I don't understand why when my kid is playing a kid game, this weird game ad pops up. It's not appropriate for kids. Maybe you should consider other people instead of just making money off this dumb game.

Lin Qianli

I will like to unsubscribed this game

kassidy Potter

It won't even let me install the game

Araceli de JESUS MonteCRISTO

I like the challenge but I cant give a review when every time I try to down load doesnt matter if I have wifi or over mobile intetnet just cannot download it.

Andrew Golfin

Bring new one like part 2 or something 🤔 😏 😤 👀 😉 😎 🤔 😏 😤

Saundra Hawkins

After getting to an advanced level it tries to force you to try new games by not letting you play if you don't want the game. If yoh back out you lose your rewards and must play the level again. I am uninstalling.

Julia Collins


crystal vorro

Way too many commercials


Beautiful and magical and magnificent and spectacular and superior and creative and perfect and fabulous and amazing and gorgeous and sexy and special and terrific and creative and perfect and vivacious and magnifique and sweet and thoughtful and kind and generous and genuine and gentle and lovely

Katie Fillinger

I absolutely love this game only thing that sucks is that I used play love and fantasy and I was on level 800 and now I have to restart the whole game basic over cause they took that games off Google play. But other than that it's a great game


Downloaded game for the first time and first time it does is tell me to update lol. Shouldn't the game be the most recent version if you download for the first time?

Karla Conner

It won't download.

Che Che Marie

I love this game so much

donna ramsey

I love this game but on the second level it froze up and would not load to play

Christine ayingeneye

My Romance puzzle and something else this game is pretty fun but Roblox is better



Alicia Darrough

Love it

Ellie mae

It is amazing i would recommend this to beauty fans and makeup workers

mark hirst

Absolutely drivel

Paul Mills

It's okay... Not really suitable as the person swears. There are a bit too many adds, and it really annoys me that when you get to about level 9, you need 600 coins for a dress! Also, there is no clear way to get rid of the mirrors. It's a good game all in all, but please reduce adds and make it child friendly!!!

Seany Casey Christensen

Awesome and Amazing

Rebecca Churchill

Tired of waiting for the updates. Still no feedback on this not even a possibility because it says the email address is not existing

mandy Bennett

I like the game play great way to pass time i would give it more stars but i haven't been able to play it in about a week due to it freezing and crashing all the time

Lindsay Murphy

Won't give you enough spins so you have to spend the game looking at adds to gain extra spins. Had great potential but got bored after the 3rd episode of watching ads non stop and uninstalled it

Joanne Darling

Good game ,but spend more time watching ads ,sum are a minute long and stop game play ,this is ridiculous , ,if the ads were stopped then I'd give a full 5 stars but til then it's stays as 2 stars .

Charlena Penn

Completed levels waiting on more...

Keri Newman

Realy good


😎 app 👍

Nicole Nield

Good game

Domey. Nestor

This is dum .

Lisa Woody

This game is not family friendly. Unnecessary cussing I tried to overlook, but inappropriate game ads made me uninstall it. Just be aware.

Nikollette Gallagher

Absolutly terrible because of flooding of ads! Cannot even properly play the games bevause its ALL ads the ENTIRE TIME!!🤬

shirley lusky

Tooooo slooow in loading among other things... Goodbye..

Jessica Largent

The advertisement for this game is awful! Disappointing really. Girls are degraded enough without games bringing it into the mix.


This game is set up to take money from you. If you want to carry on on a puzzle and pay 900 gems, it returns you back to pay another 900 gems or lose your place. I was taken for 1800 gems ... I paid 900 3 times. The second time I got to finish the puzzle. The third time it dropped me out so I lost gems and my spot. Be aware

Alycia Barclay

I love it

penelope merritt

DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD DOWNLOAD THIS APP terrible game never use it it's extremely inappropriate and I wouldn't even want an adult playing it but some kid that sees that ad would be exposed to this inappropriate game and I think that needs to be changed it's horrible

Shallean Higgins

Good story line and a great game to play the graphics are good and it's a really refreshing game to play and relaxing. Definitely recommend this game and it's a game that is enjoyable to play.

Sara Smith

I love this game but I ran out of stories !

Thomas Burke

downloading. Help Pls

maureen williams

When is it going to start it never loads for me to play this game

Felicia Goosby

It's was really fun

ziva david

I cant even download the game i have tried atleast 50 times i have over 800gb left in memory card so it isn't that.

Bianca Wagner

This is so unfair. I've been struggling whole morning to download this game but it doesn't want to be downloaded. I even cleared lots of space and everytime it's goes the whole 100% but nothing happens. So not cool

Andrew Duffy

Great game

Cher Moultrie

Boring. Gotta stick to the "storyline" game/puzzle and dress the characters to their liking not my favorite game

BNDis Living4Christ


Star Bright

Too much. Some of the options are ridiculous. Why force you to wear jewelry to the beach. And to win coins for an item you don't want anyway sends game into a crazy loop.

George Grays

Too many of the same commercials every time u need 2 get more moves.

Melissa Chown

Can't even download the app. I've tried 10 times now and nothing.

Karen Vásquez - Terapeuta

Would give -10 if I could! This a match 3 game and little to nothing to do with what is presented on advertising!

Sally Lamb

This app is a very condescending it relates the girl as sad and hard done by and the men as sleazy sex pests don't no why games like this are allowed to be put up. BAD FOR ANY SEX SELF ESTEEM

Karen Nickles

Great game keeps the brain active

Sherianne Caseres


Tammy Roux

Very boring game. Nothing like the advertisements for it.... :( - very disappointing!

cassandra mclean

Basic level entertainment. It's more about the outfits rather than the story. Id prefer more story line. The matching does not give much coin collection and when it's asks for 600 coin just to take off make up..... And the matching ist that entertaining I got bored

AnimeOnline 791 • 0.5 mins ago

Gave a five star it's awesome

Neal Gregoire

Like 👍 playing this game 🎮,...................................................................................................................................................................... .... ....................................................... ....................................................... ....................................................... ............................................................................................................. .. ...........

Rose Patmore

Won't even download

Bader Bader


Lisa Chappell

Love it but keeps freezing & wastes my lives