My Mini Mall: Mart Tycoon Game

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My Mini Mall: Mart Tycoon Game – My Mini Mart is a fun and addictive shopping game where players take on the role of a mall manager, building and upgrading various stores and services to attract customers and earn money.
Get ready to build a useless supermarket and make money starting small to level up your business and get rich in this store. Be your own boss to expand my mini store and increase your productivity with cash register games that automate the functions of your idle mall. Build your Idle Mall and become an idle supermarket tycoon. Check out this shopping game and invest your idle money to earn as much as you can and enjoy the life of a boss in this business tycoon marketing games. Start building your mall and experience this epic adventure in my mini shop.
As players move through my store, they can open new stores, upgrade existing stores, and hire managers to manage them. The more successful your mall is, the more money you earn to further expand your mall in this shopping frenzy.
In this mini market of mine, your customers line up to buy shoes, cell phones, pizza and clothes. You have to fulfill their orders in this unexploited market by giving them the right goods according to their needs. Collect money from your customers and build your mini market with exciting new shops to bring in crowds and earn more in this Martini tycoon. The more you play in my little mall, the bigger your useless business will grow. Expand and build your store. Tycoon now and become a mall tycoon
If you like regular and idle Tycoon games, you will enjoy Idle Mall Tycoon! A relaxing and easy-to-use business game where you have to make strategic decisions to grow your business with profitable results.
Take the lead and have fun in shopping magazine games. Are you ready to become a rich trader? Become the richest shopping mall entrepreneur! Build your mall, earn money and become the best idle mall in the world! Start with a single store and turn it into a huge mall. Build a shoe store, sell shoes and offer quality other products. Run your own toy store and clothing store in Raatycon. Let customers fill their carts and give you more money for work games! At
Idle Mall, take care of your customers too and offer them a wider selection and quality products to grow your business with more employees. Discover new features to improve the quality of your products, offers and stores. Empower your employees and empower them to earn more. Grow your business. Become the best idle mall tycoon. Hire salespeople and force them to increase your sales and profits in cash games. Determine the salaries of the employees of the various stores.
Interactive and easy to play.
different levels and challenges.
Amazing and beautiful animations and 3D graphics to keep your attention.
Make important management decisions to further grow your empire.
Save your progress to the cloud and restore it when you switch devices.
If you like idle games and brain games, you will enjoy this shopping mall simulator game. Idle Supermarket Tycoon is an easy to use game where you manage your own business with different products and stores. Make very important management decisions very carefully to build your business empire and turn your small convenience store into one of the biggest idle shopping malls.

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File size: 54 MB
Update time: 2023-02-05T11:06:00.000Z
Current version: 0.13.0
Require Android: 6.0
Developer: Playspare
Price: $Free
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