My Little Hero:New Adventure


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Role Playing


My Little Hero is a revolutionary causal idle RPG that blends classic pixel style, strategic gameplay, and intense boss battles, all within the palm of your hands.

You are a lonely hero that must defeat all mighty monsters to protect your homeland and regain peace. Strategically progress your heroes and skills to attack legendary bosses and fight nonstop monsters in this quest to bring peace back to the land.

Tap to slay hundreds of monsters with your sword as you journey through the land in this RPG adventure. Upgrade your sword for new gear, gather pets, and summon massive heroes with specific skills to assemble a unique team.

Become the ultimate monster killer and fight against the final boss in My Little Hero now!

Game Features:

* Customize fantasy hero

* Earn EXP and rewards offline or online

* Strategic action combat

* Cultivate powerful mounts

* Craft and fuse to form ultimate gears

* Unlock and evolve elves and mercs

* Hundreds of chapters you can challenge

* Great battle experience with different line-ups

* Explore the various gameplay in random events

* Collect tons of logs whatever and wherever you acquire

* Friendly chat system, talk to players all over the world

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 21, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Night Mare

Love the game


Hope there is gonna be new stuff. Game has potential but lower mobs damage a bit.

K Moore

Great games. But events are too expensive for a game that constantly having issues

Chris Cultist

Error 403: access_denied. I contacted the admin, and received an automated response, and no help

Jay Kay

Can no longer login its as if my account was deleted and I can't access any of my purchases at all.. absolute waste of money

Zachary Bauman

Decent game was playing just fine but now it says I don't have access to play...why! Would rate 4 star if I could still play!

bee vang

Can't even login after update. Developer basically turned this into a test server and took off with people's money. Not reccomended.


Great game so far, will adjust review as i play. Shame your character's equipment does not also change along with the gear you equip, just to have a new look to he/she as you progress without having to potentially pay for cosmetics.

Capn Yeti

Seems cool

Muhamad Khadafi

I enjoy the game. But i need to reinstall it at least twice a week so i can play it

Luân Cao Thiên



The game is fun, but ytd after I made a in app purchase suddenly today morning I cannot log in to the game, it tells me that I do not have access ? is the game updating or what ? I just spend some money on the game and now I cannot access. can someone help ?, figure out the problem just need reinstall , will give 5 star

G got

authority error.... Cannot login.....

Joe Shonyo


Cuong Nguyen

No fix and no update time to abandon this and move on. Looks like developers abandoned game.

Kyle Verheul

A copy and paste of an older version with some additions but no improvements to the QOL or UI.


Unable to access my account, game is under review from Google

Shawn Bigelow

I can no longer play the game, as i get an error message everytime i try to load the game. I enjoyed the game before this, however I cant enjoy a game I can no longer play. The error message is "Error 403:access_denied". I hope that this is resolved at some point. Edit: Uninstall and reinstall fixed the issue

Michael Wes

I have accepted that i have lost my previouse account but now i cannot log in to the game due to access denied such dissapointment

Michael Scarborough

Update happened and can't even login anymore, zero help from devs in discord also.

Cliff Henry

My favorite mindless tapper until the update. Now it won't let me log in.

ivan karlo quejado

update has lost my account...can fix it as soon as possible

Ammar Albokhari

Its little hero under a different name, some idiot lost my account of little Hero...nice try loser dev

pUzZLed piiEcE

Good game

Kestas Foz

Lost my account during update, and can't get back. Everything from mechanic perspective looks same as in previous version just images have been changed.

Ervin Joseph Bautista

Awesome! This game is too addiction because this is better idle game than other idle game.

Xilym springwood

Cannot use google pay. Cannot connect old google account. Hemce, save lost. Incompetence dev

Jericho Guillermo

What happened to the first "My Little Hero" game?

Felis Catus

This is not new. It's the same to old LITTLE HERO