My Little Farm


100K+ install


Adorable animals are waiting for you

1. Feed animals
2. Get resource from the animals
3. Deliver to the resource to restaurant
4. Sell food from the restaurant
5. Buy more animals and expand farm

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Any Ahmed

wow game

marium khuman

This game's graphics are so cute 😻 and this game is also an offline game litterly amazing game 🤩🤜🤛 you should download this game 👌

raja javed

Arhumjaved3 bdjesk

Kamala Sapkota

Download faster ok

Janki Patel

3 levels are there only...

Triveni Gurung

Beautiful Artwork, Cute animations, Offline, Enjoyable and many more. It needs a to have more farms because i have already maxed it.

Aqua sky Blue

The game is laggy. It force closes on me.

Eshal Fatima

This is very good 👍

Sneha Srimaha

Nice game .. ❤️ . make the update fast another level plss

Kali Raj

4 level was not coming for me please check it

Gopidas Gopi

Hello there was no longer have been a good day to the same game of and time again to the point to money for it

Regam Chand Bohara


Quraish Ali


Laxmi Kc

I am not sure if this is a good time in a few days later in the UK and Europe for you to the new York and a bit of time and effort as a friend of mine, I am sure you get the most popular of my life, but I think it was 7 the the the the the same way that the new York and the family are well known as the one that has the same way as I can be done by tomorrow evening if the charge level of detail of my friends are the best way of doing it, and the other side of a few days later on the way, I will

Jim Hickey

A boring little game not even close to most other farming games

lisa 1978

Really addicting game!

dayan ali

Good game


add cashier worker :'(

Meow 123

Hi, i like this 3d game,its not laggy when collecting money or selling product.its good game,the characters have good skin,i hope you can desgin you're own character like you can add hat and bow or anything so it way more cuter, the land have good design and everything, but my only problem is the earning money, its hard to buy workers, i hope the product have highest price,so i can earn high money, nice game ,keep making more games like this.


Good game just waiting for the next farm to be available to play as cant go any further and have maxed out all the workers and player upgrade

Pabitra Tamang

Hello my little farm team my little farm downot

Analyn Artieda

This is so cool 😍😍😍😍😍 ive loved it i wanna suggest this app to others and this app looks like aesthetic ive loved it!!!!

Mariam Magdy

The game is so poor, the update is stopped after the third station so the the game became so boring and there are many ads

Alexandrus gambino

Ads every 5 minutes, and not enough content

Md Tosib islam

Good luck game finger damage animal coin discount


The game is amazing I didn't have to deal with ads because I ture my wifi off to play offline. I've already beat the game so I can't wait until the next update (if there is one) Anyways I love it🤗

Alex Woodcock

I love the game, but I need a fourth area, I have finished all three areas

Rahul Kumar


Joe Theresa Del Agua



update this game

Renae H

Ads every few seconds

saad khan

Good game but please update and open more farm

Nisha Khan

This is a game verry nice .

Reeta Jukunte

Very good game🥰🥳

Kerrinisha Piper

Super cute, easy to play, time waster, addicting and affordable.

Amitha R

Open the game

Saloni Kamble

Worderfull Pls complete under construction work

elakkiya Jayaraman

This is nice game but the grapics are not perpect so please change the grapics

Lavita Ransfer

When will it be updated? I completed most the levels but it says the next level is like under construction or preparing

sophia elizabeth

Game is super cute and easy to play and level up your helpers. As well as easy to get the cute skins for your little farm girl. I just completed all areas and I downloaded it yesterday unfortunately Wish the game had more to it. Other than that its lovely!!

Kayle Marrs

Love the's cute..but break time every 1 min of game play?? Even when offline?? Makes it boring and it's really aggravating..

Hailey Jadie

Works very well but won't let me unlock the 4th section of the farm keep saying it's under construction when I have everything maxed out

The Real Gale

Too many ads. If they wanted player to watch more ads. They should focus on giving people on rewards if they watch a ad willing.

Annalise Chrestenson

It is great 😃👍

Jen Tolka

Cute. Easy

Serena Oskins

So far I love the game just a few things...sooo many ads however I've gotten to the point where I've already bought and upgraded everything and now my first farm won't make food's fully stocked but it just stopped making food to sell...I'm very confused...also how long until a new farm is available?

Rafael Cerda

I really love this game but I would like more places and also you should add mabye like clothes for animals that would be so cute😍<3

Alisa McMahan

It's a little glitchy and too many ads, but otherwise it's a really good game

Christine Helms

Farm farm farm.

Anastaisa Davis

For some reason I lost progress and things aren't working right

Shane Lupe

This game is perfect it's adorable artwork, great idea all the but extensive adds which are annoying. It is a free app so I knew there would be adds but not to the extent where I let y phone sit for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and an add starts. There's a lack of music not sure it was intended. But otherwise I stand by what I said I love this app its cute and addictive.

Clarissa Berg

Was definitely enjoying this game until I had to uninstall. Last night o had finally worked up to the second farm and unlocked the cows, pigs and just unlocked the 2nd cow pasture. Came back to my game this morning and all progress gone on second farm. Dont appreciate games that Glitch my progress let alone the ads. There is QUITE a few and it's really hard to like this game when you're slapped with ads. I know there is a ptra option, but not worth money for this game to Glitch out.

Blue Fox

So it's fun at first but after about 10 to 20 mins of playing and they start bombarding you with ads non stop. Like literally every two mins or less. What a disappointment


Needs update. Force ads does come on a bit. After maxing out 1st and 2nd area, you are stuck. Game looks dead from developers. Very cute though. Too bad you can't progress.

Lenore Poe

The controls don't work properly, so I couldn't play.

jose colon

The force of ads is really annoying and the game is short

Kae Squad

This is a very cute and cool game until ads start to play and you just cant play for 2 min becusae of how many ads there are. If this game just didnt have so many ads, I would have given it 5 stars.

Van Nguyen-Bui

Too much ads

Amanda Jarrett

I really liked this game until I finished the second area and now it say I need 12 pigs but I can only buy 10. I am hoping that is just their way of saying they are still building the next section. And sometimes it takes 5 swipes to get the character moving. Otherwise very cute and entertaining.

Unfocused Clover

Is a fun game would give more stars but too many ads for such a short span of time I'll finish watching a ad and another will play 10 seconds after makes it less enjoyable.

Dream Fairy

Stuck in second farm area as the gate won't notice I have the pigs needed to move on. This is a game breaking issue and I see I'm not the only one having it. Please fix!

Kali Sutherland

I really like games like this. It's easy for me to put it down and not worry about dying. Lol. Can't wait for more areas to come out!


Can't turn off haptic.

Samantha Schultz

Is there a paid version? I'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount to not have ads it's a cute game the banner ads do cover some stuff though.

NatRat TheFatRat

Not long enough. I play in airplane mode to not get ads and i finished the game in less than a day :(

Silvia Silvia

Game is good but the haptic is annoying

Ericka Winston

Having no sound is ridiculous. it could turn out to be a good game. The ad breaks however are really annoying. And the haptic feedback should be optional

Diana Batista

I'm stuck, I finish the 1st and the 2nd farm. But for some reason the 3rd one I can't unlock.

pheebie Hollowell

Game keeps freezing up and it needs fixed

Aconitum quinzel

I was really loving this game. After maxing out the first and second farm i cant get it to let me into the next now i have no where to go with this. Please fix.

Binx Ward

Its a good game but literally an ad per minute. And its the same ads over and over and over again


Actually I feel false about the reviews given, the ads aren't that bad and the update works fine for me. The only problem I really have is that my Samsung S10 camera blocks the coins. I find it impractical but it's not so bad, I would just like that fixed please.

Taylor Light

Great game ruined by forced ads every 30 seconds with no option to remove. Edit: now it doesnt even load.

Illiyana Cade

Game wont load anymore just says loading and doesnt do anything


Really cute game. I love the style of it.

Mary Elizabeth Sousa

I do like this game but I wish there was a way to stop the vibration, new areas would be great. Biggest problem is since the newest update my screen will just sit on the loading screen uninstall and reinstall nothing changes 😞


Game no longer loads after update it just says loading. Way to many ads. Got so excited when there was an update...but no new content. Bummer. This was so fun. I hope there's new levels soon.

Kedria Donaldson

This game is easy play, it need more areas to unlock that would make this game better.

Sadness Heartbreaking

Forces a "break time" on you every 2 minutes. Making you watch an ad, can't even play the game.

Melissa H

Sound would be great

Lilith Saylor

I really like the game but the ads are ridiculous. I would be willing to pay to remove ads as long as it wouldn't be too expensive.

Hannah Smith

Played the game on airplane mode due to so many ads after doing this I was able to enjoy the game it actually runs very well all the farm hand workers work well no freezing or standing around they were always on the move I didn't run into any big issue with this game only bug I saw which didn't effect my game play was when the people would grab their food they would kinda freeze/bug out but they never fully stopped it just took them an extra 3-4 seconds to grab their food unlike the others

Derrick Morris

Ok great