My Friend Pedro

Author: DevolverDigital

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My Friend Pedro – My Friend Pedro is back in a brand new adventure of blood, bullets and bananas!

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File size: 103M
Update time: August 12, 2021
Current version: 1.11
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: DevolverDigital
Price: Free
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Customer review


Es muy bueno, ayuda, me encanta. <33 Se los re recomiendoo!

Ali.zahra. Ali.zahra.

چرا از مرحله هجده رد نمیشه؟؟؟ مرحله هجده ک میاد دیگه مسیر شو پیدا نمیکنه ک بره مرحله نوزده

Yassin Mohamed Yehia

This game all what I needed for an offline game . PERFECTION 😍 Even If I can't describe it , you must try it . Real fun , adventure , action And the last thing Beautiful ✨

Vipul Sharma

Great fun, but just a little to short.

sushil kumar lohani

The best game I have ever played, I completed the whole game in a day. And it was amazing! Like, I can't even put in my words, this was the kind of game I love!

Kazim Kazim

Really action game, good stuff

Roach† Sanderson

It was short

Nahuel Fleita

Al principio se veía interesante, pero la verdad es que los controles son bastantes molestos y son difíciles de usar, si hubiese un botón para hacer el dash o moverse directamente, sería mucho mejor. Después, si al morir te OBLIGA a mirar un video para jugar en vez de que hayan otras opciones me pareció muy bajo y terminó por hacer que lo desinstale y que no quiera darle otra oportunidad. Los gráficos y la música están bien, cambiando la forma de los controles y las ads, quizas mejore algo.

Austin Maloney

I dont get why I never played this sooner. It's so much fun going through the levels, sometimes requires thinking lol. My one problem is that there's so few levels I finished it quickly 😭 but otherwise it's so great

Jan Sadecki

Awesome game.

Abhijeet Singh

Nice👌 Badgame 😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😠😠😠😠😠😀😀

Kate Smithens

The idea is kinda funny but I can't get used to the controls being the opposite way.

Aandrew Baggio

One of the best game experiences ever. Hats off to the team. Hope you do more games like this


My ears say "thank you"!

Jaden narrine


Stavia Dexterina

Not boring game love shooting stuff just cool

Kareem Moaz

It's my favourite games

its clizmo

Run up on me


The game is awesome. Dont know what else to say, I just want to be a little longer, that's all.

Steve the Noob

Moreeeees maps moreeeees storyline moorrreeeeeee banana moreeeees modes

Joseph Gomez

Love game

Saumya Bhatt

Really enjoyed playing this! Hope new levels come soon! Keep up the good work developers:)

Mak Mike

nice game

Abu Bakar Azid

Good animation god ending i hope you have more games like this

Brolly Red

Pedro ma boi👌🏾


Play adds to play bruh

dwade Boquiron

Good game all the time

Ryan Gattera

Best game ever but xbox one is better


It's really hard to find a good game these days but this game is really fun when you're bored. I recommend it.

kapil de verma

Very good game if you turn the data off it will automatically restart the level


This brings up a lot of childhood memories its my second time downloading it again and its still good

Victor Beacham

Man! Great Game But What's The Point If It Doesn't Have Level's Of Levels... It's Like The Devs Went Straight For The Pay For More Play... Smh???

Nikky GTube


gnanasai arani

The game was interesting and good less than 40 levels for not paid users. Can be completed in a single day.


The only thing i didn't like was adds

Dark JBJ

No bugs! It's offline too! Awesome game!

Bibek `

Finished all levels

Michael Boone

Good Game

سید مجید تقوی


Milan Shrestha

Awesome game

Ganesh Kumar

Totally awesome game with Great levels,weapons, concept and everything. But only problem is very few levels

Mnotho Mbutho

Best game ever so cool 👍👍👍👍 So if you like gun games you have to get this game And it very hard so I hope you good at gun games

wilbur hall

Good game its fun but almost all the adds i get don't have an x so u have to go in and out of the game



امیرمحمد صابر

Very very good.

Amir Parishan


Madeline Johnson

I wish I justnusedma jystickmtommovembdnjmpmtomjumpnandnamshootmbutton to shoot soooo.

Godlion David

It's a nice game , love the shooting and all ...would like a part 2 🙃

Artin Bibak

Best game in the world . I'm really love it 😀 😍

Genjie Ching

Smooth and addicting

Roshan Singh

Good I enjoyed

Gino Guevarra

the game and the storyline is great (but kinda short).

GraveDigger 015

It sucks when I get in to the game it asks me to sign into Google, I cancel and then it freezes

Mason Fowler

It's so fun it's like Jonny trigger but you can move 5stars

Taha Nemati

This is a good game and nicely story i love it thank you :)




Too mant ads.



FS - Aleli Vernice Vitug

Love love love love but ads🙁 lol still love it!!!


Excellent game super fun except for the levels in moto

Tamem K S A


Jason persequebantur Josue,

Fun action Game play👍

Benedict Adjorlolo

One of the best games I have played this year,the stunts and shooting mechanism 😅😅. The slow motion parts are the most epic,it really gives that cool action game feeling. Great work,it is a really cool mobile game. Would appreciate more games like this 🤞🏽❤️

Μιχάλης Πετρομελίδης

This game is phenomenal, but man do I wish it was longer/had a sequel (?)


bro make it free i cant play i cant buy premium.

Ahuchogu Godswill

Best game ever💯 Love everything about the game.

Rohit Ray

This game is great but levels are very short

Melissa Renee Hamlin


narges nikdel

To many ads:/

Omar Sambalud

Please do More Update For Pedro love the game

Michael Benninger

Hella fun

Oreology YT

I love this game alot! Please add more levels cuz this game is so fun. Thats why its 5 stars

vipul raj

Very well made. The controls are awesome, graphics is good. The only request is to increase the number of levels,its very less.

Joris Namajunas

Banana Republic of the stone age

Humayoun Roshid

Joss ekta game

ahmad esmaeili


D Lee

It is very fun guys if you are reading this, turn off your wifi then play this game then you won't have ads and even if you press watch ad there will be no ad

Fanthasia Adams

This is the best game ever

Sean Nugget

Epic game

Chane Vosloo

Its really fun and creative!!!!!!!!

manel kh

Game play is Soo bad 😔 Not like the PC edition 👌🍉

Rastykeith Selerio

This deserve more STAGES!!!!!

Ap Singh

I really enjoyed this game.The story and visuals are fabulous. I am willing for it's next part😋.

Baivab Kr Das

This game is best I've ever played. Slow-motion fighting is too good 👍

Boma Daniella

I really like the game but am stuck at level 20 cos I can't find the exit

Param Dave

Good one but it eats my ram even when it's closed


Its so amaizing to play in your free time

kishor kumar

Super good game

Louis V

What a game excellent design excellent puzzles Devolver digital nailed this one

اسامه الجلال

لعبه قويه

Saman Arghavan

This was fun and good

Warren Dalton

Love it.

JustAnotherGuy 13

This is what a boys game is like, good story perfect bullet time and great animations

ahmad raad goran

Cool game

Shimaa khaled

Amazing game need part 2 now :0

Jaco Linde

Very good

Shihan Z

10/10 a mobile game couldn't get any better than this. Also the music is phenomenal!

MR. parrot

10/10 for a game for mobile. It's fun and has a great story. I loved it but it ended too fast I want more. It's fúçkíñg awesome. 100% recommend. Also it would be a great addition to make a speed run mode which takes away all the story and adds more enemies for bigger score.

mario cummins


Sfiso Ncube

Dope game👍