My Farm – Family Farm Township

Author: JoyMore Inc

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My Farm – Family Farm Township
“My Farm” combines a farm and a supermarket, with a unique gameplay.

In the game, you will plant various special crops, breed various animals, harvest crops and objects, process them in the factory, and then put the goods in your own supermarket for sale, truly achieving a new and self-sufficient gameplay. Continue to develop your farm, earn more profits, and build a unique town. You can design the environment of the town yourself, open cafes, ramen shops and other shops, and build apartments and high-end villa areas to turn your town into a metropolis!
Are you ready to build your dream? let us start!

Features of “My Farm”:
● You can use unique buildings and decorations to create a unique dream town
● You can grow all kinds of crops and process them in the factory
● You will receive orders from interesting and charming town residents
● You can put the processed crops, fruits, clothes and other products in your supermarket for sale
● Upgrading your supermarket will bring more customers and higher profits
● You can decorate your town with famous landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and more!

Detailed info

File size: 119M
Update time: April 11, 2022
Current version: 1.1.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: JoyMore Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yvette Waites

Right now I having trouble with it freezing and I have to keep relaxing the game I deleted it I'm going to try to play again if it does his again i wont play it's to bad cause I like it

Brenda Jacks



Best game But grapics was low

Yash Parthabi


Emma Newton

Could be better

Kathy Holmes

I was loving this game until it started me all over, I was on level 20.I had lots of houses,land factories,2 cow pens,1 chicken and 1 sheep store was making lots of mad! Not to mention i payed for bill money I never received.. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME,,,PLEASE

Psycho Stoner

Damn good game


Good game

Shashwat Gaurav

The game is fast paced. The graphics is wonderful. The game hanged during explaining Business Data.

Rena Roxas

It got stock I don't know why? I love dis game but it suddenly happened I can't play it again know..

Younés Saâda

You could lose your progress in this game, because there is no option to save it on cloud.

Dinesh Kumar

செம சூப்பரா இருக்கு 😘😘🤝🤝🤝👌👌



Camilo Jano

Stress relieving

Yvonne Groenewald

All i can say is the game is not stresful it is relexing but there is the friend who you can visit but did'nt work.


Hours of fun

Subhadip Metia

Good but need more work on graphics... Game is not smooth

Amore Mediana


Lisa Mcspadden

I like it

Amee Felcan

It makes me go visit a friend and then it won't let me do anything at all and I can go back 2 my farm and play the game

Wahid Taj

Love this game

Maria Morate

I enjoy this game so much it's easy to grind i love this game so much

Isaac Philip

I'll consider this as one of the best farm games I've so far played,game is good,items are affordable,has a great in game features,what else can I say,I recommend this game to users who likes going the farm way games,this one is awesome,you gonna love it.thanks team keep up.

Princes Nor aine

Very nice game because this game is also fun and like a business

Lalaine Chavez

This should be a good game but your application was always freezing!!! Could you please update your application so that we can enjoy the game! I only gave it 2stars because your not improving your application.

Wendy Kiteley

At level 39. Takes forever to level up despite working my @ss off sending trains and filling the market. Its been weeks since I've been able to add a new house or community building. Uninstall time.

jerome fedillaga

When game the have google play features and Facebook? The game is good but need more improvement and add new system

Josette Fenech

Good game

Traci Smith


Tricia Medrano

Im interested this game

Rosenda Manchus

The game is good at first but when i open the tunnel the game stuck, and its disappointing

Maryanne Braithwaite

I like this game!

Darren Donges

It only gets a 1 star because there is no Google or Facebook connection so it links over to other devices I got a new Android and I had to start over so I'm now deleting the game

Millecent Enot


Jennifer Tuft

Cute game! So far, I love it. Love the added challenge of a supermarket it fill and sell stuff.

Marvic Liwanag

Nice game love it

Cynthia Gangi

Good game..

Brandi Utecht

I absolutely love this game, the game was running smoothly at first than as I tried visiting a friend and went back to my town everything I had done was gone and my land was changed and my store is no longer there.i would love to keep playing but this bug needs to be changed first, please fix this.

Nancy Olivares

App doesn't respond

Charlotte Porter

You lost me I can't log in so I deleted your game I'm not going to start something that I can't save

wildgran saunders

Would have loved to continue playing. But it keeps freezing

Vijay Hegde

More gltiches in the game I don't get more coins from the building like resturant, coffee shop, post office, etc, and in the Market i get very less coins. And the language is cant understand too hslf english half some other language

Shidell Ivy

I love the game

jostina grapa

I relly loke thos video and i,m excited

Djamil Emirson Pardo Daisog

I wish some one will be my friend and ty for the help of people in the world be happy and be care full :) See u guys :from sunny and djamil...

Hazel Ayn Taha

I don't know what happened!? @ level 33, both under water train sub way are opened, then suddenly i am now back to level 1 it's frustrating! Someone pls help me!

Taposhi Saha


Susan Johns

Awesome game so far

Nancy Olivares

Use to love this game but all of a sudden it stopped working. Didn't let me open at all. I uninstalled game and tried again and it did same thing. It's an unplayable game. I was so far ahead in the game and even was willing to start again. But game doesn't work!!

Shabs Zaveri


Pamela Almanzar

Had to reload it because half the work I did disappeared. Just grass and white and mud where buildings had been on one half of the map. Also when you load the game, the picture has scrambled letters for the game name and has been split in three different levels. I love the graphics and find the gameplay fun. Hope you can fix the glitches. Characters and animals are cute.


Love It😍 easy and alot of fun for hours straight, Keep It Up😍

Jaw wan Mong

It's is a very good game for the child 😉

amy chen

Just downloaded and the game force closed on its own while loading. After a couple of times, I quit and uninstalled.

yasaman jafari


Nakamya Aisha

I Love this game

Piet Willemans

Great game with great gameplay.

Simon Firth

Simple enough

mary nickel

Love this game so far

Katiekurt Malto


Jing Vicente

Very good

Martin Reed

Fun little game

Jamie Santilli

As soon as I get on to play it glitches bad 👎

Dwight Ranielle Miel

Well this is inspired by Farmville and Township game, and just like them it forces you to pay in order to finish quests, the production is so slow, the train wait time is so long even for beginners. How can you fulfill the train, helicopter and market if the producing goods is very slow. No other ways to acquire upgrade materials except for the train quest or pay. It could be better if its f2p friendly. Coins required for building for factories is way too high.

Louvelyn jillian De leon


Maryann Van Zyl

This game is fun just a bit slow

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever


I was looking for a game similar to this and found this. I thought to be Township that I stopped playing a while ago. This is better than expected. No itch. No bugs. And all action are amazingly fast. Well done!

MD: AL-amin


Elisha Moir

I like it at first. It stopped after days of use at the market and I can't farm or produce goods.

Cindy Wadyka

It's super fun and exciting, when you play you will have an amazing experience and fave an amazing time. I play this game 24/7 and 100% recommend that you download this game as soon as possible. I won't recommend anywhere game except this one.

Jennifer Kay

So, this is why Township sucks, now! You decided, instead of actually improving the existing game, you would just create an entirely new game! WTG! I loved Township, before all the stupid minigames ruined the fun of it! This game is fine, but not as good, IMHO. everything is tiny, so really hard to see, if you have bad eyesight, and I hate constantly restocking the market. It's just too much work, for a mediocre game.

Robert Wood

Because I don't have the same benefits that some other people have

Shajak Nieves

Doesn't load

Miemie Tube

I'm forced to visit my "friend Henry" and then from there I'm unable to get back to my game!! I closed the game tried again, twice, same nonsense which is a shame. Sadly deleting game now.

April Potter

This game not that fun to play

Cheryl Hines

I really like this game its pretty cool, but its a little slow when it comes to earning coins. Other than that its not an expensive game. You should add some packages in your store that have coins and bills maybe mixed with special buildings. I really dont mind supporting you guys. Keep up the great work.

Rosalind Gomez

I lve it

Nadine Kruger

New game love it it so much fun for filling and its quick dont have to wait so long to get anything and im 70 young

Tracy Aspinall

My farm is great but l have lost all my progress after l spent a lot of money getting to level 21. I need a refund or my game going back to level 21 please

Kagura Chan

good game . update and always active

vivian conje

Nice game

Tami Dryer

Everything was fine then I had no clerk in store and above register was Chinese writing.. could figure out what was going on so I delete game

Tasmiya Kousain

I loved it so much thank you for making this game one thing I mostly loved that no ads 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Heather Schmitz





Decent game experience so far. But I cannot bind my account with gmail, whivh is annoying. And there are a few bugs in game. Shop bars get smaller when clicked multipled time. And doesn’t work properly.

Erica Saylor

I love it

William Fife

Excellent game lots to do you gotta try

khin swe win


Joanna Bezanson

Ewwwwwwwww lol

Jess Dev1221

Like the game. It's a little rough. Loads slow but my tablet is old.

Susan Wulde

I like the game

nala pedrosa

Great game

Boo Bailey

Wont load past 8% to even be able to play

Tabitha Shavers

Very fun

Mohamed Nasir


rebecca angell

i love it

aminata komma

So far love the game 5 stars good work

Connie Onan

It is different from any farm game I have every played