My CatPots

Author: MaxSRarity

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My CatPots – Relaxing game,take care of cats,grow plants & discover special hybrid cat plants

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: August 26, 2021
Current version: 0.5.3
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: MaxSRarity
Price: Free
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Customer review

Anna D

Sooooo cute!

Firoz Naim

It a fun and nice game l love the design and everything and l am gonna tell all my friends to play it with me

Goh Beng Hin

The cats are sooooo cute,but to many ads,overall,very good!Keep it up!


So cute and easy to play!

Chachii One

It's so cute to I give it a 5

Zoe Rodriguez

This game is very fun. It has little ads unlike other games. I love the style, and it is over all a very fun game to play.


so cuteeee Pls update more

Mae Mae

This game is so cute just look at it.. cute?

Kiki Sprau


Kayla Medeiros

Fun and very easy to play, also very satisfying. Getting to dress up ur cat and it's pot is also very fun the bees also change depending on the free chances you get

Jessica Williams

Game kept crashing and I couldn't play at all.

Girda Bandi

Its nice & adorable

Skyra Luc Gonzales

I like this game it makes me so cute!!🥰

G Terry

Very cute. My only criticisms would be that it's a bit difficult to figure out the game mechanics since the wording of the instructions are a bit hard to understand, and there are a lot of ads. But I still really love it! Very unique concept

Bxnny Bxnz

ADORABLE and super entertaining

Elodie Boulianne


Jewel Thomas

I love the art style of the game, it's really cute. But, it was kinda boring. I don't even know what the bees do. It was okay.

• Ebony Bekovs •

I have no words except its too cute not to install 🥺

Bailey Ryrie

It was super fun for a while. Until that you cannot level up or any game insentives that you can get unless you pay out of pocket real money to level up anything. Absolutely piss off.

Croissant With a K

It's so cute!!! And it's incredibly relaxing!

John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran

Cool plants everr


Its a very distractong game when ur board

Jesseca Ferreri

Wish I could rate 100/5 stars :)

Sebastion Slanec

So cute!!

Laird Amor


Meira Clapp

I love it...I'm addicted

Vivian The Disappointment

nice and fun. very cute but alot of ads

David Perkins

I love this game! Nothing pleases me more than coming home from work and looking after my cats!



Daisy Tompkins

Its fun and fare



Layla H


Gullsea Crackers

This game is amazing and very addicting. I love everything about it and the thing i love most is that there is no really big limit you can just play on and on and it doesn't get boring. There are barely any ads in this game which i also love. Overall i think this game is worth downloading.

Shini Pennay

This game is woohoo boring

Lisa Brower

Very fast and the water mechanic makes no sense.i get rewarded with the water but I have to get rid of it by watering the cat?I dont get I hurting the cat by using the watering can or am I helping it??

Potato Man

I really love the idea! Although I wish that there was a way to save your progress so that if something were to happen to the app or your device, you could still access your progress on another device.

iBloodBr0th3r' s

I freaking love this game!!!! For those of you wanting a cute game to play I would say this is it, the cutest game ever!!

Madeleine Parker

So cute, but so boring.

Zabrina Gurion

All that I like is in it is also very very very cuteeee

smol_ Elyyy :p

It's good but the fact that it takes you a long time to fill up and grow your cat-plant is very annoying and boring, you have to go in the game everyday just to level up your plants. so does the tasks as in feeding it and washing it just happens so fast so you can't really do much, But still a good game and recommended if you like kawaii/cute games.

Kailey Houle

This is such a cute relaxing game! It combines both of my fave things!! Cats and plants!!

Yi Liang

It's a pretty nice game, super cute and not a lot of pop up ads. I only have one request, and that is to add more things to do because it can get boring. Otherwise, it's a really good game for when u are bored. :)


Here is my opinion: Taking care of your cat is HARD, like insanely hard. You have to do timed stunts just to FEED the cat, and as things get faster your just losing time and it guilt trips you with the sad cat like "Aww, you can't give this cat food BECAUSE WE MADE AN ENTIRELY IMPOSSIBLE MINIGAME TO TRY AND CLICK AT THE AIMED BAR?" It's so utterly stupid. I couldn't take care of the pot because of THIS! Fix your game. If 0 was an option I'd choose that. Utterly impossible game.

Miyuki Kazuto

this game is super cute!!!but the more the merrier right?can i suggest to add cat plant?

Loving Bunch

So fun!!! <3

King Of Doom

So cute

Angela Moore

Amazing game with great graphics and cutest animals ever!! never lags and no random ads you can choose to watch. Honestly great game . Lots of love for creators and developers. You did a brilliant job.

Zoey Nicole

This game is super cute, and the the plants you can grow are cute too! There are a few adds but it tells you when a add is going to show so besides that I think this a great game and pretty relaxing too

Justine James Ramirez


Brittany Wilson

Adorable as all get out!!!

Dark Hansol

Very cute and entertaining! I love the art as well 😍

boba mochi

Cute (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ



Tanya Hyman

love it

Linzi Crotty

Its a cute game but the mini games for taking care of the catpot are impossible to beat, very little time

yew đời Mây

a game is so cute ! <3

A Google user

It's very cute and very fun and calming but I don't like how there is a lot of ads.

Emma McClure

It's fun, you get to feed the cat and play mini games you should play it.

Panda Bear

SO CUTE 😍 :)


Cute game. I wish if it had more pot and cat designs

Stellan Dean

I LOVE THIS GAME!! It's really peaceful and came,I will say the first time I got this it wouldn't even start up, but then I gave it a month and it works like a charm!

Lilly Kuehn

Super cute

Cleo Lane

so cute!

Zishan Mangansakan

This game was great but it must come to a end

Marco Ayala

Good 👍

Joy Davis

This is a kawaii, cute, and adorable game, but I do wish you could have multiple catpots, and some more graphics 🥰

Azrul Iman

This Game it so Cuteeeeeeeeeee...and i like it..The Cats Its so cuteee...I like this app..and thank youu

Spider Child


Retro Wingz

me and my sister play my catpots this is me and my sister's favorite and we always play it and we have to harm it but it's okay we love this game it really cool and we have to grow flappers by eating and feeding it you have to wet it feeding or feed it again and then you have to eat it water it then the with water then it's my favorite so from Aaliyah Rodriguez

Kenzie Polia

Ok, this game is very, very cute. Although, I have one complaint, this game is very repetitive. Basically you water the little kitty plant, (which is very cute by the way) and then collect the little bees over and over until you finally grow a little plant that you can't even keep! I wish there were more thing to do. Yes I know about the weeding and things but I wish there were more activities. Regarding that, it is a very fun game and I would recommend it to anyone who likes cozy, games. 9/10

Jazzy Marquez

Such a cute and fun game to play if you're bored. I love the styles and the different cats, bees,pots,plants,and accessories are so cute and colorful as well. It's a simple game with very little ads which I love. [Unlike other games that have so many ads after every move you do]. I definitely recommend. One question, what does the timer next to the bees mean? Because one of my bees has water next to it then a timer that says 16s. Please let me know what I means.

Agni Apriani Mariam

Game ini sangat seruu, bisa dimainkan pada saat offline atau tidak ada koneksi internet, game ini sangat rekomen, jangan lupa di download ya, Terima kasih :D

Sonny Dellosa

It's fun to play but my water is low

Brooklyn B

OH MY LORD IT IS SO FUN it's cute it's addicting it's just so much fun you need to download it right now you'll love it so much if you're into these types of games I am 11 years old it is so fun it's just amazing I don't know how something like this can be so fun it's addicting too it's so cute like why is it so cute I've played this for an hour straight I don't know how or why I never play anything like this for an hour straight I usually after 30 minutes I am on a different game but no

Eijiro Kirishima

Barley any ad's unless u want certain things and its fun

Bakugou Katsuki


Wendy Richards

This is a very good game. I love how it tells you that an ad is coming. In my experience there where little to no ads. This game is so fun and cute

Nyanmaura Diggs

Yes Kitty's

Aracely Garcia

So cute but i want more catpots and how can you get gold fish because i don't know😡😡🌹🌸😖😯😉😉😉😉😉

Kayleigh Caster


Im so Lucky !

I'll give this a 3 star since i didnt really play with it that much. Its a cute and fun game to play when your bored.

diamond Roblox

It's so adorable

Katarzyna Siemaszko

I love cats! So I found this game and it's amazing, you can take care of your cats and more it's so much fun I love it😊😄

Strawberry Cubes

Adorable, addictive, simple, and all those cool keywords! I truly love this app, even though I've only had it for a short amount of time. I'd definitely give it a try if I were you.

Ayanokōji Kiyotaka

This game is cute

Rachel Baker Ashcraft

I love the game it is adorable😍 so nice for people who like plants

Jenna Whitehurst

My CatPots is amazing it makes me feel really happy and it is just a great game as well.

Kitty Sparkles

Extremely cute game and I'd say kinda relaxing it's easy to go ur pace and simple I'm extremely picky in my games so far this is good only complaint is that the seed bees come a little to much just a little

alejandradiaz DiAz

This game is fun

Hannah Wolfgram

It's calming and cute

Harmony Lathon


Gigi Hannen


Klar Eckermann

Super cute time passer. Great for cat lovers and plant lovers.

Oceanna Johnson

When I started I thought I would just unistall like I did with most new games but then I started playing it was amazing it was a cute little game where you got to take care of your own little cat plant there are ads every few minutes but that's their skippable they don't bother me that much.

Shantal razo

ITS SOOOO CUTEEE. i love it.

Adawiyah Saffarin


Empress Eesha

Amazing. My younger brother loves it and so do I they are so cute.

Aria Smith



Very cute

Naomi Lane

I love it❤😘