My Basketball Career


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Upgrade your basketball skills in training mode, compete with opponents in the court and be the top scorer of all time!

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Update time: Jun 18, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: UNCOSOFT
Price: Free
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Customer review

Keryl Aylin


Katrina Calder

Is game is good

Thomastaydentrey Tysor



Needs less ads


5 estrellas


Not that much to do

Rihard Rix


Phillayjah Carroll

Love you BaskeballCareer

Sharie shepherd

Is good and funny

Drazenx Exdrazenx

very trash game ads every 30secs of gameplay

Ann Williams

it's a good game but it's not letting me go online when I'm at rookie 3

Christina King

I done with the hole game but it thr the game was fun to play

Jerry Wertz

I bouht the no ads and still get ads

slothastic jr



It was fine it's just you need a certain amount of money to go in a match

camden bradford

It ok but serious bug for me bro in rookie league5 fourth match Bois start dropping in 300points a game like idk but sounds like cap

Guina Halim

This is cool can you add where you can change your outfit and customize the color.

Jessica Rivera

Cool, customization meh


Best bs game ever



Dylan Wing

Logic makes no sense.

Kamilis Samuitis

they should add stats board

Legend Orange


Anthony Castaneda

It's not that fun

Krash Pan

The rating system in this game is heavily broken

Janiqa Venter

Its amazing cant stop playing

Oliver Rae

Good game 👍

hehhegddgs d6ctx7fxbf9fhxhfiddn xbfhf7hf fbbfb

I lovee this game

joshua weagle

Nad game very boring forces tons of ads

Dy'tyriji Gallow

Great games

Brodie Rand

Actual garbage. Seems like some dude got his 5 year old to make a game for him for some extra ad money.

James Ronchetti


Crill Spez

Ad city

Carl Jared Leonardo

Na walang ng ney

Kabita Sonuwal

Thank you bro for this game

Desean Robinson

In the matches why is the opponent on pace for 200 points by halftime this was also on rookie 4 and how come in the matches I run out of stamina but the other person doesn't

Joshua Estupinian


Ganesh Kirplani

Best game ever i played


Fun, but super addictive. And way too many ads. Stamina runs out a bit too quickly, but then that forces you to be a little more strategic with your shooting.

Shamaya Jordan

I love basketball

Francisco Saa

When I was trying to play a match it would freeze. Im soo disapointed😡😤!!!

Goat Mm

Bad he is cheating at the end


Love it

Michael Pamintuan


Patrick Steinbeck

Ads pop up in the middle of shots.

Frank Grossman

My opponent shoots the same time i do you cant have 2 balls going in the hoop st the same time 1 gets knocked out

Elijah Harbaugh

This gamed sucked I have more stamina than my opponent but they never run I can't make a single shot because I'm tired

Intsant Dank memes

I just downloaded it I like games like this anyway though

Zion Dav9s

Game was working fine until the new update it will download then once it is finished it will tell me to try again and I will try again and it won't work but either than that the game is wonderful when your board home at alone or someone is trying to rob you

Patricia Anaya

Its a great games

Nate Compton


Kristian Bonilla

Really good and fun game I would highly recommend it and it's a game to pass time when you're bored

Deshaun Walker

Love it

Thomas Read

Despite what this game wants you to believe, the best way to make money and win is to tap rapidly

Samuel Johnson

The game works great and is really fun but there is a tiny glitch were it makes you only get perfect so if they fix that it is a 5 star game


I broke your game like I done found glitches completed the game there a gree. Glitch where u hit and green and shoot really fast u green every shot and money glitch where u play with no data or wifi when u spin the wheel u keep hitting 5 many times and money keeps adding and then u turn your data on get the add then the money fix Tha game

Joshua Hixson TN

first, also this game is amazing

King James

I love it